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Artha and his friends decide have a meeting with the crews to discuss about Voltox and Thorox and theorized that Khatah's dragon, Shock Ra, might be the vessel of Thorox, the good Warrior Dragon. However, will Khatah accept this fate?

Volts and Lightning Part I

After witnessing and learning about the Good Warrior Dragons, the dragon crews; Penn Racing Crew, The Inner Order, Dragon Flares and Grip of the Dragon, are planning to have a meeting at the Fire Cave of the Dragon Flare during nighttime. The Dragon Fish and Army of the Dragon were at their own locations to be sure nothing else dangerous would interfere with them while Chute's crew; The Dragon Wind, were staying at their place since Chute and her dragon went back to the Academy. The Dragon Eye, well...

Two members of Dragon Eye crew; Rancid and Edwin, were on patrol on their dragons down the streets to see if they can find anything for Moordryd.

((A/N: In case you guys forgot, Edwin is the guy who was snorted at by Beau during the episode Jousting for the Truth and his dragon is dark blue with green racing stripes on his head and back))

Rancid then sighs out loud, "Why are we doing this again? Shouldn't this be Swaay's job?"

Wile, Rancid's dragon, snorted out some air, agreeing with his rider.

"She did it last time, Rancid." Edwin responded, muttering with annoyances. "So it's our turn."

"Correction, it's yours. I'm just here 'cause our leader believes you won't handle patrolling alone." Rancid smirked, teasing Edwin.

Edwin glares at Rancid, "Hey! I was in the face of Dragon Booster's dragon! You would've freak out too if that happen..."

Wile glances at Yang, Edwin's dragon, and spoke, {Your rider a bit of coward.}

Yang groans a bit, {At least my rider doesn't complain.}

Wile just responded by snorting a bit, looking back ahead.

"Okay, I get it." Rancid replied. "I just don't see why we're doing this anyway. I mean, aren't we supposed to do some crime things and stuff?"

"Not so sure myself, but I think it has something to with the warriors dragons." Edwin said.

"Again with the warrior dragons..." Rancid sighed. "What do we have to with them now anyway? I mean, yeah. We did had that Swaay being control by it, but I couldn't help to think that Moordryd is doing something we don't know."

Edwin shook his head. "Man, are you an idiot..." He muttered out loud, making his dragon snicker a bit.

Rancid looked insulted, exclaiming at Edwin, "Hey! What does that mean?"

"You didn't notice the change in Moordryd after what happened to that Michelle girl? He seem to avoid doing anything that has something to with her..." Edwin explained. "I think our leader has feelings for her."

Rancid, along with his dragon, almost choke up as it causes Wile to stop walking. "Wh-what?" He shouted as Wile snorted with shock.

Edwin stops Yang and looks back at Rancid. "You really didn't notice it, huh?"

"W-well, no!" Rancid responded. "How could Moordryd have feeling for her? She's part of crew of the Stable Brats!"

Before Edwin could respond back, Yang and Wile suddenly perk up their heads when they've senses something around the block as if something was coming their way.

"Huh? What's wrong, Yang?" Edwin asked, looking down at his dragon.

"Yeah, what's up?" Rancid asked Wile.

Wile looked at Yang, {Did you sense that?} He asked.

{You mean like someone or something coming? Then yes.} Yang replied and the dragons suddenly took themselves and their riders to the alley to hide before they were spotted.

"H-Hey!" Rancid exclaimed when the dragons took them to the alley. "What's wrong with you-" His mouth was covered by Edwin. Rancid glared at Edwin with a question on his face as if he's asking why Edwin is covering his mouth.

Edwin shushed him while he and Yang took a peek from the alley. He and Yang saw a pink haired girl with red markings in her hair and has magenta eyes. She was wearing a red racing uniform with pink fingerless gloves. The girl was on a female red bipedal Magma Class dragon and she has pink markings on her, having green eyes.

Edwin has feeling he has seen the girl's face and the dragon from somewhere. /Huh? Where have I seen that girl's face? And that dragon... It seems familiar to me as well.../ He thought.

Rancid and Wile took a peek as well seeing the girl and Magma Class dragon as well. Rancid quietly spoke to Edwin, asking, "Uh... Who's that?"

"Don't know, but I think I've seen that face from somewhere..." Edwin whispered, trying to remember. "...I remember now!" He'd quietly exclaimed.

"Do tell..." Rancid quietly muttered, wanting to know who the girl is.

"That is Etna. She's part of Pyrrah's crew, the Dragon Flares and is one great racer. Which is how she got into the Academy dubbed as the Academy Princess. That dragon she's on is named Solria and that dragon is very skilled and disciplined. Qualities that are usually found in blue dragons. Etna is also the younger sister of Malva and Courtney." Edwin explained.

Both Wile and Yang looked each other when they remember hearing Solria a bit.

"Who are they again?" Rancid wondered about Malva and Courtney, glancing up as he tries to remember. He doesn't always remember every rider.

Yang quietly groans at Rancid's memories to Wile, {Your rider doesn't have a good memory, does he?}

{Hey! It's hard to remember every face, you know.} Wile quietly chattered, trying to defend his rider.

Edwin stares at Rancid with a 'Are you kidding me?' look and whispers, "Malva, who's the oldest, is part of the Elite Class Racing circuit and Courtney is the Gear Specialist and Mechanic of the Dragon Flares Crew. Their dragons... Pachira which is Malva's dragon and Courtney's dragon is Kagari. Some say Malva knows a few riders from Elite Class Racing circuit Siebold and Shauntal."

Before Rancid could ask he then spotted something in Etna's right arm... a metal cube with black markings on it. Rancid quietly spoke to Edwin, grabbing Edwin's head to look at what he's staring at, "Hey! Do you see what I see?"

Edwin looked annoy at first until he saw the cube and gap with shock. "...Is that...?" He quietly gasped.

Yang looks at Wile, {That must be one of those metal boxes that holds a map or a bonemark.}

{Seriously?} Wile responded, looking back at the box. {Why would a rider of a red draconium dragon be holding that?}

Yang just shrugged, not knowing the answer to that question.

"That Etna girl has the box." Rancid whispered. "Let's jump her and snatch it away from her." He smirked.

However, Edwin quickly responds, "No way, you idiot! That dragon of hers is no pushover..."

Rancid glare at Edwin for calling him an idiot and demanded an answer, "And why is that bad?"

Edwin pretends to think, "Maybe it's because... Solria is protective of Etna and is related to Pyrrah's dragon and her little brat bother's dragon?"

Rancid had a surprise then quietly chuckles with nervousness in his voice, "Heh... On second thought... How about we just head back and tell Moordryd about this?"

"Good idea." Edwin replied as he took out a camera and took a silent snapshot of the cube.

Wile blinks, looking at Yang, {Related? Solria is related to Phorrj and Ferno?}

{Cousins, Wile. Solria is the cousin of Phorrj and Ferno.} Yang explained.

{Oh... Then there's no way I'm ambushing Solria and her rider!} Wile grunted, looking nervous.

Rancid and Edwin then slowly and quietly made their dragons move back further into the alley and then quickly took off fast before Etna and Solria heard them.

To Etna, she'd heard a noise from the alley, "Huh? What was that?"

Solria also heard the noise, looking back at the alley as she snarls, {It came from the alley...}

The two waited for a few seconds to see if anything will come out, but nothing.

Etna hums a bit, raising her eyebrow, "Hmm... Maybe it was nothing. Come on, girl." She pats on her dragon's head to calm down. "We've got gears and this box to deliver for Chute."

Solria begins to calm down, {Alright...} She groaned then moves on ahead.

Meanwhile, at the Fire Cave of the Dragon Flare crew...

((Michelle's POV))

It was already getting close to nighttime and it was the time to have a meeting, but instead of at the Down City Crews Council of Twelve, we're doing the meeting in the Dragon Flare's location; the Fire Cave. Not sure how or who'd decide that, but I guess it was like this...

/Flash Back/

About two days ago, me, Artha, Lance and our dragons return back to Dragon Temple after our 'fun' adventure at the Shadow Track and told Mortis and the rest about what just happened...

"I can't believe you guys manages to escape that place!" Kitt exclaimed, looking almost disbelief about our story.

"What I can't believe you guys just went in without telling us!" Parmon said with concerns in voice. I couldn't blame him since the Shadow Track is one of the places that is very hard to escape or ever coming back from.

"We're fine, Parm." Artha reassured my brother. "We're just glad we're out of that place." He smiled at me and Lance.

Our dragons does the same thing.

Then Mortis spoke to us, "Still... I am still concern about what happened after you all mention about everyone else who also trapped there are free as well." He walks pass us, almost sound like he was worry about something.

"What do you mean?" Lance asked.

Mortis turns towards us, "Shadow Track wasn't only for passing the test, it was also a prison."

We suddenly felt worry. "Um... A prison you say?" Parmon spoke, feeling very afraid. "As in for who?"

"That I am not sure, but praying it wasn't for someone who would dare to cause chaos to us all." Mortis replied. I could've sworn I heard a hint fear in his voice.

Leapdra looks at Beau, {I hope that dreaded feeling we'd felt wasn't from someone who could be that kind of person...}

Beau nodded at her. {Same...}

{What do you two mean?} Wyldfyr asked.

Beau explains to the red dragon, {I can't explain it, but... just as soon the other riders and dragons has escape, we all felt a cold and dark feeling as if something was also released. What was it? ...I don't know.} He groaned, frowning with concerns.

Cyrano gulps down his fear, {I hope it was a cold chill in the air.}

{Me too...} Fracshun whimpered.

Mortis then spoke, "At any rate, we'll worry about that after we discuss about Thorox and Voltox. And suggest there should be a meeting about it."

"We're going to have meeting?" Lance muttered. "Where? The Down City Council?"

"I don't think that should be a good idea." Parmon said. "We should have a meeting at a compound owned only by those who know about Artha's secret."

"How about Pyrrah's place?" Kitt suggested.

"That sounds perfect, Kitt." Artha spoke, nodding. "We'll have to contact Pyrrah and tell her we'll discuss about the two warrior dragons at the Fire Cave."

I then spoke, "Since Thorox and Voltox are connected to the Inner Order, we should get them to come over so we can tell and warn them what lies ahead. The Inner Order crew and the Grip of the Dragon crew."

"What about the other crews?" Lance asked.

"I think it's best the rest should be on guard in case Word will try anything while the rest of you are having this meeting." Mortis suggested.

Artha hums a bit and responds, "He's right... Besides, I don't think Wulph and Marianis are ready to know about me being the Dragon Booster just yet."

"True." I nodded. "And Chute is heading back to the Academy, so the Dragon Wind won't be there for now."

"Let's contact Pyrrah, Khatah and Phistus about the meeting and find out which day would be good to have this meeting." Parmon told us.

Then I've remember something and spoke out, "Wait! What about Moordryd and his crew?"

Everyone looks at me like I had grew two heads. "Michelle, no!" Parmon exclaimed. "You know those guys are bad news."

"Even though they have helped us?" I pointed out.

Artha sighs, shaking his head, "Michelle... I get what you're saying, but... We can't trust Moordryd or anyone from his crew. Even though they have helped us sometimes, but... who knows when they'll turn against us."

Kitt frowned, folded her arms as she looks at me, "Artha's right, Michelle. I mean, yeah, they did help us, but what if it's all an act? They did kidnap me during that time..."

"And me." Parmon added, pointing at himself.

"And let's not forget about what happened to dad." Artha reminded me, frowning a bit with sadness.

Lance frowns as well, looking down.

I took a moment then sighs, "I know... These guys are not easy to trust after what happened to us all." /But... why do I think that the Dragon Eye crew should be part of this as well?/ I thought.

/Flash Back End/

...Now, after two days have passed and we're in the Cave of the Dragon Flares, waiting for the Inner Order crew to arrive. I was sitting near the dragons as I watch my brother tinkering and fixing the Red Thruster Gear and the Heat Armor that Pyrrah and Phorrj had used in a race earlier that day. Usually this would've gone to the gear specialist of the Dragon Flares, but they said their mechanic and gear specialist was busy at the moment

After fixing the Gears of Pyrrah, Parmon switches to Jason's Level Six Tandem Gears as he technobabbled about the parts and where they should go to.

"It's time like this is wish Courtney was here..." sighed Jason to the Dragon Flares, "I can't understand a single word Parmon is saying. Thank goodness Courtney doesn't use technobabble."

{That makes two of us} Cynder barked to the Dragons of the Dragon Flares, {How do the Dragons of the Penn Racing Crew understand that? At least Kagari's rider uses normal speak when fixing our gear.}

I then replies to Cynder, "I can translate Parmon's smart language to much simpler words so everyone could understand him."

{Wow! You must be smart as Parmon.} Ferno chattered, looking amaze.

I shrugs, "Not really... I just understand him better than anything else could. I mean, he is my brother."

The Dragon Flares understood as Leapdra just snicker at my comment, making me glances up at her, smiling.

Lance then groans with impatient, "How long will this takes?"

"Lance, it's only been 3 minutes since we've got here." Kitt told Lance, rolling her eyes.

"I know, but it's hard to wait and to ignore Parm's technobabble..." Lance muttered, leaning against the rocky wall, sighing.

Parmon looks up from his work, looking at Lance, "What was that, Lance?"

Lance just smile, "Nothing, Parm!"

"Khatah did just told me he and Sarjo will be arriving at any moment." Phistus spoke.

Right on cue, Khatah and Sarjo arrive on their dragons.

"Nice timing guys," Zuko said, "Any trouble?"

"Not really, but we did see somebody leaving the Dragon Winds crew Compound." Khatah said as he jumps off Shock Ra.

"What did they look like?" Kimiko asked.

"Well..." Sarjo spoke as he jumps off of Static. "...There was a pink haired girl with red markings in her hair and she had magenta eyes, I think. She was wearing a red racing uniform with pink fingerless gloves. Oh! She also had a Dragon Flare's emblem on the dress and she was riding a Red Bipedal Magma Class dragon with pink markings."

"She was also carrying a metal box with black markings on it." Khatah added.

The Dragon Flare crew members, plus their dragons suddenly looked very surprised. Pyrrah finally spoke out, "Why that's... Etna, our best racer!"

Everyone looks at her with shock.

{And that dragon is our cousin, Solria!} Phorrj barked.

"Wait! Etna, the Academy Princess? One of the fastest and most skilled racers from your crew? That Etna?" Parmon exclaimed.

{Along with her fierce and speedy red dragon?} Cyrano grunted.

"That would be the one." Kimiko responded to Parmon. "And she's Courtney's younger sister."

{And her Dragon is Solria} Ember replied to Cyrano, {The fastest Red Dragon among the Dragon Flares.}

Michelle went into thought, remembering encountering Etna and Courtney during her first visit at the Academy. /Oh yeah... I remember them./ She thought. /I think their older sister is also at the Academy... Um... Malva, I think./

Even Leapdra remembers meeting Solria and Courtney's dragon, Kagari, along with another dragon that is Malva's dragon; Pachira.

Then Artha spoke out, "Wait! Khatah, did you said something about a metal box?"

"With black markings on it?" Kitt added.

Khatah just nodded. "Yes, however-"

"And you didn't stop her?" Parmon shouted with panic on his face. "This is horrible! The high risk of another bonemark dragon-"

I've gotten up right when Parm started to talk and went into technobabble mode. I then stop right next to him and jabbed his right side, exclaiming, "Parmon Sean!"

"OW!" He cried out in pain and began to rub his upper right side, slightly glaring at me. "Lil' Sis, that hurt!"

I sighs, "Sorry, but I had to stop you from going into that again... Besides, you didn't let Khatah finish!"

Khatah slightly nodded at me as a thank you, "Thank you. As I was saying... However, you all don't need to worry about this rider named Etna. Me and Sarjo had spoken with her and warned her about the metal box."

"She'd told us that Chute's crew somehow stumbled across it when Chute went back to the Academy." Sarjo spoke. "And since Etna was out at the moment to deliver some gear, Chute asked Etna to get the metal box while gathering some gear and bring it to the Academy. That way, no one will ever try to take it from there."

{Through it wasn't easy as first since Solria, Etna's dragon was being hostile towards us.} Static groaned, shaking his head. {Her glares intimidated me.}

Shock Ra sort of smile, {She's just protecting her rider, Static. You can't blame her for that with everything going at night.}

"But is it safe for her to be out on her own?" Kitt asked, looking worry.

"Etna and her dragon may not seem much, they're a lot tougher than they look." Zuko responded.

{Even Solria won't let anyone mess Etna.} Cynder added.

Beau blinks three times, looking impress, {Wow, this Solria must be really tough.}

{That's the truth. I'll never forget how she was still being hostile towards me for being part Psi-Class dragon.} Leapdra chattered, glancing up as she remembered the first encounter.

Fracshun looked up at her, {Wait! You've met her?}

Leapdra looked down at Fracshun, {It was during Michelle's first visit at the Academy before we entered the races here, Fracshun.}

{How come you didn't mention this to us earlier?} Wyldfyr asked.

Leapdra just smirks, {You didn't ask.} Wyldfyr just rolls his eyes while Beau and Fracshun snickered a bit.

I looked at Kitt, "Zuko is right about Etna and Solria being tough. Those two are no pushovers."

"How do you know?" Artha asked.

I look at Artha, "Because I've already met Etna, along with her sisters. Well, actually I met Courtney. I'd only spotted Malva doing some training for the races with the Elite Circuit Racers." I shrugged.

"You actually met Etna and her sisters? As in Malva and Courtney?" Lance asked, looking up at me.

"It was during my visit at the Academy that time. Etna is one brave and tough girl. I doubt anyone would dare try anything on her and her dragon." I told Lance then mutter to myself, "...I hope."

"I remember Courtney." Khatah spoke, folding his arms. "I had met her during my time in the Academy. Like me, she's also a graduate of the Racing Academy."

Phistus then said, "Let's just focus on our meeting! If I've remember correctly..." He looks at Artha. "...You've told us you want us all to discuss about something important."

Artha nods, speaking to everyone, "Yes... It's about two more warrior dragons, Voltox and Thorox."

This was the first time for Khatah, Sarjo and their dragons to heard about Thorox and Voltox as they looked surprise. "More warrior dragons?" Khatah responded.

"Isn't that what Pyrrah mention me about after you guys had face Zamparox?" Phistus asked.

"Yes, we've just learned about them during when Wulph was controlled by Zamparox's Bonemark." Artha told him and explains what happened during the Zamparox event which causes Khatah and Sarjo, along with their Dragons Shock Ra and Static, to feel greatly shocked to hear that.

"We don't know when they'll appear." Parmon spoke, stepping forward. "...But we are certain these two warrior dragons are connected to the Blue Draconium Empire..." He looks at Khatah. "...Your crew, Khatah."

Khatah took a few moment to calm down. "What can we do?"

"Well..." Parmon begins to explain, "...As we all know, Voltox is the apprentice of Samurox. And from what we had heard from Tetsu, Voltox, like Furox, believed that the dragons should rule and tried to defeat the original Dragon Booster, but fell in the process. His bonemark was sealed away in a metal cube upon being turned back to his gold draconium self and hidden away in a temple much like the Scale Citadel."

Kimiko steps in, explaining, "Luckily, we also found out that we'll gain another warrior dragon, a good one called Thorox. You see, once Voltox is awakened, so will Thorox, the good warrior dragon. Just like Blazox, Vulcanox and Tritox, Thorox has also helped the Original Dragon Booster. And we've just learn that his bonemark is hidden somewhere in the location of the compound of where your crew is, Khatah."

I saw how Khatah's eyes went wide and big fear was starting set in.

Zuko then said, "Since Thorox is in compound of the Inner Order crew, maybe Shock Ra is the vessel for Thorox."

This causes Shock Ra to jerk his head back, feeling unease about being a vessel of a warrior dragon.

"Then let's find the bonemark of Thorox and-" Before Phistus could finish, Khatah suddenly yells out, "NO! I refuse to be part of this!"

We all stares at Khatah with surprise looks on their faces.

"Wh-what do you mean you won't be part of this?" Pyrrah asked.

Khatah had a disprove look on his face, looking at Pyrrah, "I will not allow my dragon to the vessel of a warrior dragon! These dragons are monsters!"

Kitt then exclaims, "Are you kidding us? Didn't you see how Tritox fought against Hydrox? Some of these warrior dragons are on our sides to stop a second dragon-human war!"

"And Blazox and Vulcanox has help us defeat Oceanox!" Sparkk added. "They even help defeat Zamparox!"

"They are right, Khatah." Phistus said. "If Thorox is a good warrior dragon, we should find it's bonemark so your dragon can absorb it in order to defeat Voltox."

Khatah tightens his fists, frowning, "...No... I will not go through that again!"

Shock Ra barks, {I'm with Khatah! There is no way I'm going to be a vessel of a warrior dragon!}

The dragons looks at Shock Ra.

{But Shock Ra, these warrior dragons are on our side!} Beau barked.

{Yeah! Don't you remember when Tritox face against Hydrox? Poseidos was fine afterward!} Wyldfyr chattered.

{Shock Ra, it's not as bad as you think.} Phorjj groaned. {The bonemarks of the good warrior dragons and it won't be like the ones we had face against from before.}

{Yeah, these warrior dragons are our side and we'll need Thorox's help to defeat Voltox.} Ferno chattered.

Shock Ra just growled, looking away.

{Shock Ra, this might be the only way to defeat Voltox.} Brutaris groaned.

"Come on, Khatah! We need to find Thorox's bonemark and use it to stop Voltox in case someone finds it." Artha tries to reason with Khatah. "Your dragon might be the vessel of Thorox."

"Yeah! So stop being so stubborn and help us out here!" Kitt exclaimed.

Khatah then screams out loud, "I WAS ALMOST KILLED BY ONE!"

Just when Khatah scream, Shock Ra roars out, {KHATAH WAS ALMOST KILLED BY MY OWN ANCESTOR!}

This causes all of us to be quiet with stun looks on our faces.

"You all can do whatever you want with these bonemarks, but I, Khatah, will not!" Khatah shouted, swinging his right at the last sentence.

"Khatah is right. How could we trust these dragons? How do we even know they won't turn on us?" Sarjo spoke, frowning.

Static growls, {Yeah! These so called good warrior dragon are probably tricking us!}

"Khatah, please! These warrior dragons are no threat to us!" Artha exclaimed.

{They don't have the dangerous vibes like the ones Flarox, Hydrox or any of the Ancient Warrior Dragons have! The Good Warrior Dragons are our allies!} Beau barked.

I then spoke out, "Khatah, please help us! We don't blame you guys for feeling this way, but we're saying about Thorox is true! At least find the bonemark of Thorox before Word does!"

{Yes, you guys! Help us before Voltox is reawaken!} Leapdra pleaded.

Khatah stares at everyone then turns back towards them all, "...Sarjo... let's leave."

"Yes sir." Sarjo nodded.

Shock Ra and Static mags on their riders.

"Khatah! Don't be a fool!" Phisyus shouted.

{You guys are making a mistake!} Brutaris barked.

However, the Inner Order crew already left the cave, speeding off.

We all try to call out to them, but they were already too far away to hear us.

Kitt then exclaims with anger, "I can't believe those guys!"

"You think they would at least try to help." Parmon humped, folding his arms.

I sighs, "Guys, please... We can't fully blame them for reacting this way. It's understandable for them to refuse to find the bonemark of Thorox after seeing how the warrior dragons are."

"So what can we do now?" Jason sighed, frowning.

Lance frowns with concern then looked determine. "I'll go after them!" He shouted and rushes over to Fracshun.

"Wait... What?" Artha shouted, looking at his brother, "Lance, no! You can't go after them on your own! It's too dangerous!"

Lance stops next to his dragon and looks back Artha, "But Artha! We have to get them to help us! And besides..."

Fracshun mags him on.

"...I'm not on my own. I got Fracshun here to protect me." Lance told Artha, putting his helmet on.

{Yeah! I won't let anything happen to Lance!} Fracshun barked.

{Fracshun, it's dangerous!} Beau told him.

Before anyone could stop them, Lance drove Fracshun out of the cave and went after Khatah, Sarjo and their dragons.

"LANCE!" We all yelled out to our youngest friend to stop. But Lance and Fracshun already went far ahead to hear us and keeps on going.

((Normal POV))

Right when Khatah, Sarjo and their dragons head off and left the compound of the Inner Order crew, the rest of the crew members stay behind. Zilias was at the stable with her dragon, Swyft, grooming his scales.

"There you go, boy." Zilias softly said, brushing Swyft's side.

Swyft was purring with delight as his tail wags. {Ah~ A little more to the right!} He grinned.

Then a blond spike hair with blue streaks male rider walks over with a blue Energy-class dragon with yellow and light blue markings shape like lightning bolts on the legs by his side. "Zilias?" The rider spoke.

Zilias looks back to see the rider. "Hm? Oh, Volkner." She said, putting down the brush. "What's up?"

"Do you know where Khatah and Sarjo went?" Volkner asked.

Zilias turns around to face him, "Khatah and Sarjo left to have a meeting at the Dragon Flare's compound."

Volkner's dragon, Bolt, tilted his head and chatter to Swyft, {A meeting at the Dragon Flare's compound? Why there?}

{Something important since the Penn Racing crew are also going to be at the meeting as well.} Swyft responded.

"They're heading to Pyrrah's compound?" Volkner said. "Is that the meeting Khatah had mentioned earlier to discuss more about of those bonemarks?"

"...Yeah." Zilias muttered, sounded kind of guilty. She still felt horrible about what happened during the time when Samurox had taken control of her and Swyft. Even through it was Samurox's doing, she still took in the power and was bent on getting revenge on Khatah that time.

Even Swyft, who had his head down, feeling bad about hurting his friend, Shock Ra. He could've stop his rider, but instead he let his anger control him.

Volkner and Bolt could sense the vibe of guilt from Zilias and Swyft. Volkner gently lays his hand on Zilias' shoulder, "Hey... Stop thinking about what happened."

{Yeah. You guys never meant for it to happen. You two were just angry.} Bolt groaned to Swyft.

Zilias then sighs, "I know, but-"

"Excuse me!"

A cloud of dust suddenly came in, making Zilias and Volkner cough, along with their dragons. "Ack! What the hey?" Zilias coughed, trying to see.

"Oh! Sorry about that..."

Zilias and Volkner looks over to see a young blond rider with some small parts from some gears and wearing glasses was holding a broom. He sheepishly chuckles, "I guess I got carry away on the cleaning..."

Zilias coughs again and begins to dust herself off, "No kidding, Clemont."

"Couldn't you do this later or tomorrow?" Volkner muttered, slightly glaring at Clemont.

Clemont is the Mechanic of the Inner Order crew and a guy who likes to keep things tidy and clean for some reasons.

Clemont thinks for a few seconds and responds, "Well... no. I have make sure the compound is nice and clean. You never know when someone important might wanna see our compound."

This causes both Zilias and Volkner to roll their eyes at Clemont.

Clemont's blue dragon with white back legs and yellow front legs, Quintessa, walks over to him, holding a trash can with her fangs. {Ugh... So much trash around here. Why must the stables be so messy?} Quintessa groaned.

{It's not that messy...} Bolt muttered to Swyft.

Swyft just responded by shrugging.

Clemont then asks Zilias and Volkner, "By the way, have you guys seen Bonnie? She and her dragon were supposed to help me and Quintessa clean up the place."

"My guess, they're hiding." Volkner responded as Zilias grabs the brush again to continue to groom Swyft.

Clemont groans, "Ugh! She always hides from me when I ask her to help me clean. I don't even know how she does it, especially with her dragon."

"She is an expert of finding a hiding place..." Zilias muttered, not looking at Clemont.

Somewhere in the compound, a little blond hair two ponytails girl and a small blue dragon with dark blue tail and yellow streaks on the face to the neck were hiding at the deepest part of the compound.

The little girl, Bonnie was peeking out around the corner to see if Clemont, who happened to be her older brother, is around. She then sighs with relief, "Whew... We've got away, Tesla..."

{Thank goodness...} Tesla chattered, who was behind Bonnie. {I can't stand of dust.}

Bonnie leans against the wall, closing her eyes. "I don't understand why Clemont always asks me to help when I don't like to do chores. Bah!" She cried with disgust. "I hate doing chores..."

{Me too...} Tesla groaned. Suddenly, the young blue dragon senses something deep within the compound. Tesla perk her head up, looking around, {Hm? That's odd... I thought I felt something...} Tesla walks out a bit, looking around to see what she just sensed.

Bonnie notices how odd her dragon is acting, "Huh? Tesla? What's wrong?"

Tesla looks towards the deepest part of the compound, feeling some sort of vibes. {I can sense something coming from that way, but... what is it?} Tesla chattered, walking towards where the vibes are.

"Oh! Tesla!" Bonnie gasped, going after Tesla. "Wait up!"

Tesla stops walking, looking back at Bonnie, remembering that the girl isn't on her. {Oh! Right!} Tesla chattered and mags Bonnie onto her.

"Thanks, Tesla..." Bonnie said. "Now what's wrong? You're acting funny..."

Tesla just responded by shrugging and went back to walking to where she sensed the vibe from.

Bonnie sighs a bit, "Okay... You can take me instead. As long it keeps us from doing chores."

It only took a few more steps from Tesla and the blue dragon suddenly steps on unique stone pad on the floor. Then with seconds, a secret door slides down on the wall right next to Tesla and Bonnie, revealing a secret room.

"Whoa!" Bonnie gasped. "Where did this come from?"

Tesla also feel surprised to see an unknown room. {Where indeed... But it looks so old.} She chattered to Bonnie, even though the girl couldn't understand her.

The two stared at the room then at each other. "...Uh... I guess it's alright to check and see what kind of room this is, right?" Bonnie spoke, feeling unsure yet curious about the room.

Tesla just groans a bit and walks in the room. Both Bonnie and Tesla looked around the room, seeing blue colored ancient writing and blue dragons on the walls and ceiling. Then they see something ahead, a blue metallic box floating on a flat rock.

Bonnie looks at it with curiosity in her eyes, "A box? That's it? Why is there a box in this room?"

Tesla also stares at the box, feeling something calm coming from within the box. {I can sense it... It's coming from that box. But...what's in it?} Tesla groaned and walks closer to the box.

"Huh? Tesla! Hold on!" Bonnie exclaimed when Tesla walks over to the metal box. "I didn't tell you to go, you silly dragon!"

Tesla ignores her rider as she went over to the box, stopping right in front of it. {...Something is in that box and it doesn't feel dangerous.} Tesla grunted and mags the box in, handing it to Bonnie to take it.

"Huh? Why are you holding this close to me?" Bonnie asked, looking down at her dragon. "Do you want me to take it?"

Tesla nodded.

Bonnie looks at the box, shrugs and takes it. Bonnie moves the box around, examining it. "Hmm... I wonder what's in it? It looks old..."

{Really old.} Tesla added.

"Maybe Clemont will know what this is. He is smart." Bonnie said, holding the box. "Come on, girl! We've gotta show this to everyone!"

Tesla nodded and speeds out of the room, not knowing they have found the bonemark of an ally... Thorox.

Meanwhile with Lance...

Lance and Fracshun were running down streets, trying to find the Inner Order crew. "Ugh! Where are they?" Lance groaned, searching around as Fracshun took a sharp turn to the left at the next block.

{Just how far did they went?} Fracshun panted, stilling running.

Once they turn, they've spotted Khatah, Sarjo and their dragons were just up ahead, walking instead of running.

"There they are! Khatah!" Lance called out. "Wait!"

Luckily, Khatah heard someone calling his name and looks back to see Lance rushing over on Fracshun, "Huh? Artha's younger brother?" He muttered.

Sarjo looks back as well. "I believe his name is Lance."

The two stop their dragons and wait for Lance and Fracshun to come over to them.

Once Fracshun skids to a stop right near the blue dragon, Khatah turn Shock Ra around to face Lance. "What are you doing out here on your own?" He asked.

Lance looks at Khatah, saying, "Khatah, please don't go! We need your help!" He pleaded.

Khatah sighs, looking away, "Lance... Please, return to your crew."

"No way! I'm not leaving until you guys agree to help us!" Lance stubbornly said, folding his arms.

Sarjo spoke to Lance, "Lance, we want to help, but to find a bonemark to be the vessel of Shock Ra? It's too risky..."

"Guys please! We really need your help us to find the bonemark of Thorox! If Voltox gets reawakened without Thorox around, we might not be able to defeat it without Throrox there to help!" Lance exclaimed, trying to reason with them.

Fracshun barks at Shock Ra and Static, {Lance is right! Even with Beau and Artha as the Dragon Booster, defeat Voltox seems kinda slim! Please help us by finding Thorox's bonemark!}

Shock Ra sighs, groaning, {Fracshun... I can't... It's too dangerous. After seeing how Khatah was almost killed by one and even seeing those who can help us, I don't trust them.}

{And what are the chances that Thorox might be one of...them?} Static chattered, glancing away from Fracshun.

"Lance, I understand how bad things are, but... I can't take that risk." Khatah told Lance, frowning.

Lance had an understanding look on his face. He knows Khatah is scared after what happened, but he needed to get the Inner Order crew to help him and his friends. He then spoke to Khatah, "...Khatah, I'm sorry for what happened to you, but think about it... Yes, it may not be easy, but if using the bonemark is so dangerous, why would Artha even suggest to you to use a bonemark if it would take control of you, Khatah?"

What Lance said made Khatah and Sarjo, along with their dragons, wondering about it.

Lance continues, "I know my brother, and he wouldn't give you and Sarjo bad advice. Don't you guys see? Thorox is a Good Warrior Dragon and Khatah, remember how Marianis' dragon took the bonemark? She wasn't control by it and her dragon went back normal afterwards. I know this seem dangerous, but Artha trust and believes in you guys... All we ask for you guys to trust and believe in us."

{Yeah... We won't able stop the second war from coming without your help. Please help us, trust us.} Fracshun begged.

Khatah and Sarjo looked at each other, wondering what they should do and thought about what Lance had said as Shock Ra and Static do the same thing.

Suddenly, the dragons felt something dreadful in the air and snarl in different directions.

Their riders looks down at their dragons. "Fracshun, what is it, boy?" Lance asked.

Khatah shushes Lance to be quiet, whispering, "Be quiet..." He was glaring around. "We're not alone..."

Sarjo was slowly reaching for his Blocking Staff, waiting for something to strike.

Right then and there, six two legged Wraith Dragons suddenly made themselves visible, showing themselves on top of the buildings. The Wraith Dragons jump down from the buildings and landed in the streets, growling as they surrounded Lance, Khatah, Sarjo and their dragons.

"Oh no..." Lance whimpered.

"Word must've been watching us." Sarjo spoke, not taking his eyes off of the Wraith Dragons as they crept closer to them.

"And he's planning to one of us to lure us to Voltox..." Khatah responded, glaring at the Wraith Dragons.

From his Citadel, Word was watching the surveillance camera, watching his Wraith Dragons closing in on Khatah, Sarjo, Lance and their dragons.

Word chuckles evilly, "...You're correct Khatah... And your dragon will be the perfect vessel for Voltox with you as his rider..."

Sparklie-the-Tiger: There! Part 1 done... Part 2 will take a while as well since I'll be off somewhere in a few days. Not sure when I'll be gone, but I know I'll be gone for two to three days.