The Invitation

Part 1

by Trycee

MSR Romance, Suitable for Most Ages.

Time Frame: After All Things, Season 7, but before Requiem

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the X-Files, it is owned by Chris Carter and Fox. I wrote this story for fun not profit.

She was very nervous, there hadn't been too many occasions when she introduced her family to a man in her life, let alone one her brother hated. She was afraid they'd take one look at her and know what they were both trying to hide...that they were more than partners now. They're been rumors for years about them through the FBI halls, she would always ignore them as did he. She knew from the minute she laid eyes on him that first day when she entered his office that she was attracted to him and she believed deep down that he felt the same way. She didn't want to fall for someone from work again. She'd done that many times and she wanted to be taken seriously in her position. She wanted to be seen as a hard working scientist and not get tangled up in something messy. In her past, she had become involved with her instructors, or co-workers and they're relationships had always ended badly. This time she wanted to make sure she earned her reputation as an FBI agent through her own merits.

It hadn't been easy working with Mulder throughout the years, hiding how she felt from him, herself and her family. She knew Mulder's feelings about her, he had made it known several times but she always tried to shrug it off, ignore his comments, his come-ons; though, she secretly enjoyed them. Scully knew that he understood her need to be taken seriously and so he stepped back and waited for her. "He waited for me", the realization struck her. Her hands tingled as she thought about how long she knew she was in fact in love with him. He'd told her that he knew all along. Probably everyone knew or at least suspected, it was obvious. People were always assuming they were a couple and she in fact had always felt like his better half, her role as Mrs. Spooky one she never questioned. How many times had people at work whispered about them behind their backs though they hadn't done anything then. They were just very good friends then, friends that held each other in ways partners typically didn't. They were very intimate without taking that final step then. But that line had finally been crossed. 'Finally!', she smiled. But despite being involved with Mulder, her partner and superior, she still needed to be taken seriously. They both knew the trouble they could get in if they're relationship ever came to light. Rumors were one thing but if the FBI did find out, they could lose their jobs or be split up.

With her family, she wasn't ready to tell them yet. Scully was sure though that one look from her mother and their secret would be revealed. Her mother, she thought, could look in her eyes and see instantly how she felt about Mulder. She knew from the past times, the way her mother had given her the 'eye' that she knew she was in love with him. Margaret Scully was concerned about her safety and about her relationship with Mulder. She wanted her to be with Mulder but she would never push or say anything. Her brother Bill on the other hand was a different story. Bill knew she loved Mulder too but he was worried that Mulder's quest put her in danger. He was her older brother and Head of the Family and he was very concerned about her.

But Bill didn't know what Mulder did to her, he didn't know how his touch almost took her breathe away or how he looked at her with such love. Scully knew that Mulder would die rather than let anything happen to her. That train of thought reminded her of what she knew was coming soon between them. She knew that Mulder was afraid for her safety especially after they became intimate and she knew it was a matter of time before Mulder would want her to stop putting herself in harms way. He would demand it and she knew she wouldn't fight him on that. Mulder had mentioned it when they'd talked about having a baby with the failed invitro attempt and he'd mentioned it again a few times. She knew that Mulder would win in the end and it had always been her plan to become a practicing doctor. The only thing she'd hoped for though was that he too would finally be ready to settle down with her and let go of the X-Files. But Scully would never tell him that she wanted him to walk away from his life in the X-files, she could never ask him that.

She glanced over to him driving to her mother's house, she could tell he was very nervous. His mother had just died and this was his first holiday without her, though he never really spent his holidays with anyone. She smiled again, thinking of how he'd call her up pretending to be busy, she knew all along that he was just missing her. A smile crossed her face and Mulder noticed. "Are you enjoying my nervousness Scully?"

"I can't believe your nervous Mulder..."

Mulder looked over to her, slipping her hand in his. "I'm terrified."

"Bill has good intentions, Mulder. He means well."

"I'll try to remember that, Scully, when he's stabbing me, " he smiled, feeling a little edgy. He tried to avoid Bill at all costs and now he had to spend an entire evening in his presence.

They pulled up in front of Scully's mother's home, Mulder jumped out and opened the door for her. He helped her out of the car and they walked up to the door. "remember, she thought to herself...'we're just partners."

"Dana," her mother said as she opened the door, "Fox, so glad you could come, " she said shooting a look at her daughter who dropped her eyes avoiding her mother's gaze. She knew her mother knew her feelings for him. Dana knew the reason her mother asked her to invite Mulder to Thanksgiving. It was rare that her mother interfered with her love life but she knew that if Mulder were here Dana would have no excuse to take off during family dinners and she would finally get to spend some quality time with her daughter.

Mulder walked in, his hand resting on Scully's back, they hung up their coats and sat down on the couch, sitting a little apart. Bill was not pleased with the sight of Mulder. Mulder nodded to Bill and Bill returned the nod but tried to keep his eyes on his sister. He worried about her. He knew her job was extremely dangerous and that her job was not what kept her in danger, she stayed because she was in love with Mulder and that knowledge irritated him greatly. He knew Mulder's ridiculous quest for aliens had endangered her life and had cost them their sister, Melissa's life. Tara, Bills wife offered the partners wine and they both took the glasses. She looked at the distance between Scully and Mulder seated on the couch. She could tell they wanted to sit closer but were obviously trying desperately not too. She figured it probably because of her husband. Bill wasn't the most understanding man.

"Fox," Mrs. Scully said, interrupting the silence. "Glad you were able to come to Thanksgiving with us."

Mulder glanced over to Scully, who was beaming, "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Well, if you don't mind, I'd like to borrow Dana and Tara. Girls, I need help in the kitchen."

Mulder rose as Scully got up to follow her mother and sister-n-law into the kitchen. He sat back down looking over at Bill, who didn't seem too eager to converse with him. Instead Bill sipped on his wine, wishing it was something stronger, and stared with pure hatred toward Mulder, the man he felt got his sister Melissa killed, whom now was sitting in his mother's living room. Tara quickly turned on the football game to cut through the silence. She then joined the rest of the women in the kitchen.

Mrs. Scully stood at the counter, chopping up a few carrots and onions. She handed Dana a few vegetables to chop, as Tara tried entertaining baby Matthew at the table. "So Dana, " Mrs Scully said turning toward her daughter. "Whats going on between the two of you?"

Shocked, Scully looked for help in the eyes of her sister-n-law who just smiled back. "Mom, what do you mean?"

"Dana, don't you know what I mean. Its rather obvious between you two."

"Mulder is my partner."

"Dana, I expect the truth", her mother said.

Scully dropped her eyes in her mother's presence..."Okay, okay...its been years and things just happened..." her voice trailed off.

"AH-HA!", Tara squealed. "I knew it."

Scully looked in her mother's eyes." I've known for some time that you both loved each other, I never said he the one, Dana?"

"Mom..." Scully nearly whispered. Her mother waited for an answer.

Scully rolled her eyes, "Yes, he's the one..."

"Its about time", Mrs. Scully replied.


"Its about time. "

"We're still partners at work. We still have to be professional."

"Yes, but you don't have to hide it with us, right?"

"Right...well, there's Bill, " Scully said turning to her sister-n-law.

"Don't worry about Bill, " Tara said, "I'll talk to him."

Mrs. Scully turned to her daughter, "Well, shoo...don't keep him waiting."

Scully smiled and kissed her mom on the cheek. She knew that her mom out of everyone knew what kind of man Mulder was. She knew her mom knew he protected her, he was there for her and that he loved her. She knew her mother understood powerful men and their passions...they were alike in that way. Scully sat back down on the couch very close to Mulder who sat straight up glancing over to Bill. Scully grabbed Mulder's hand and saw the look of alarm in Mulder's eyes. She said, "Its okay..."

"It is...", Mulder replied, giving Bill a quick glance. Scully smiled, "Its fine..."

Bill grabbed his empty wine glass, disgusted he retreated into the kitchen where his wife, child and mother were. His face was fire red. He knew his sister loved Mulder but to see it with his own eyes was another story. His wife quickly filled his glass with Irish whiskey instead of wine. "Bill...calm down. She's a grown woman and you've known a long time they loved each other..."

Mrs. Scully turned to her eldest son, "Bill, if you ask me, they've loved each other from day one."

"Mom, she fell in love with her partner. She's gonna mess up her career! Its already in the toilet because of him!"

"Thats her choice, " his wife consoled.

"Bill, I've never ever stepped into any of my children's relationships, Melissa and her boyfriends, Charles and his wife or you and Tara. Your sister has supported all of you in your relationships, I expect the same for her. I've been there with him when she's been in the hospital, Bill, and he would rather die than let anything happen to her."

"Things happen because she's with him though", Bill fumed.

"Bill, he makes her happy, he makes her smile., " Mrs. Scully continued. " She loves him and he loves her. What more can a mother ask for?"

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