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Chapter 1

Thanks to Dream OfStories and DarkLadyIreth

"I can't believe we are doing this," Rosalie said with a sneer as they stepped out of the train and looked around. Using their vampire senses, they were able to see clearly even though it was dark.

The train they had gotten off was an old train with passenger carts attached to it that seemed to go on forever. It had bright red paint with the appropriate parts painted black and yellow. At the front of the train where the name was written it said:

The Hogwarts Express

"Now dear," Carlisle said with a warning look at his 'daughter', "Don't be like that, these are a different type of humans."

Rosalie glared as they waited for their luggage. "Humans are humans, and they're all horrid little creatures."

"Ah come on love it'll be fun," Emmett said with a grin, "Just think they've probably got a new fashion for you to look into."

Alice let out a scream of delight, "He's so cute!"

"What's cute dear?" Esme asked in a motherly way.

Before anyone could do anything a popping sound was heard and a small creature with two large eyes the size of tennis balls and large bat ears appeared before them wearing what looked like a tea cover.

"Dobby is here to tell you that all students are asleep so not many humans being around," Dobby said as he bobbed his head up and down and made Alice giggle quietly. It seem as if he was going to fly with how his ears were flapping around.

"Thank you…Dobby," Carlisle said with a polite smile making the small creature go off into a rant.

"Dobby is ever so happy to meet someone as kind as Lord Cullen! Only Master Harry Potter be so nice to Dobby who is a mere House Elf. Lord Cullen is so kind and nice to Dobby…" Dobby said which he continued on in a similar way for a few minutes until he was interrupted.

"Our luggage?" Edward asked with a flinch at the thoughts he was picking up from the small creature. He could also see that Jasper was finding it hard not to show the same emotions as the house elf. Dobby immediately paused in his ranting of how similar the kind and nice Lord Cullen was to 'Harry James Potter' and his ears drooped a little.

"Cullen family's luggage is already waiting for them in their room. Dobby is here to guide Cullen family to their rooms."

"Lead the way then squirt," Emmett said as he looked at his brothers, he wasn't sure how the two of them would fair around this 'Dobby'.

Dobby nodded his head and walked away a few steps, "Then you will follow Dobby and Dobby will lead you to your rooms."

Sharing a quick look with his wife, Carlisle nodded and took the first step forward. His family followed and soon enough they was on their way to the school.

"Nice place," Jasper said as they were led through a village.

"I believe that the village is called Hogsmead and that the students of the school come here on some weekends and set days… if they are of age or have their parents' permission." Carlisle said as he remembered what he had read earlier from his research.

Alice let out an excited yell as they came to what appeared to be a clothes shop.

"Look Rosalie! They have clothes just like in the fairy tales," Alice said excitedly as she latched onto her husband's, Jasper's, arm.

Rosalie gave the robes a quick look, "Well at least they have some type of clothing store, though I don't understand just why we have to come to this school full of humans."

Carlisle let out an amused sigh, "I've already told you Rosalie, an old friend asked me to come to the school and stay a while to promote the knowledge and understanding of different species."

"Still don't know why we had to do it for," Rosalie said as they came to the end of the village and onto what seemed to be an empty cobble road that lead up to a castle.

"Cause they couldn't very well send someone like Aro to the school could they?" Alice said as she paused in her quiet talk with Jasper about the small 'house elf' and if it was related to, or knew of, pixies.

"It'd serve as an interesting sight at least and teach those humans a lesson," Rosalie said with her head held high.

"Enough Rosalie," Carlisle said causing Rosalie to become silent, "We are here to see about helping an old friend of mine and maybe even make things better for vampires so please do not mess this up."

"Edward dear?" Esme asked as she gave the silent Edward a worried look, "You're being very quiet, are you alright?"

"Forget about her," Emmett said with a frown, "If she wanted you then she wouldn't of gone off with some mangy wolf would she?"

Edward gave a stressed sigh, "I know but her blood sang to me."

Carlisle gave his eldest a pitying look, "Was it just her blood that called you to her with a bit of wishful thinking on your part, or was it that you both was mates?"

They walked the last few miles to the castle in silence and it was Dobby who finally broke it.

"Cullen family we are here," Dobby said breaking them out of their thoughts as they found themselves walking towards a stone gate.

"Amazing," Esme whispered in awe as they went through the gate and looked up at the sight that met them.

In front of them was a huge castle that looked like something out of a fairy tale. To the side was a giant forest with what the Cullens could sense to be filled with animals, both magical and non magical. To the other side there was a large lake that seemed to be linked to a moat and in the large lake was a giant squid.

"I can't wait to see more of this place," Alice said in excitement with the rest of her family nodding their heads in agreement, "I wonder if there are any unicorns in the forest."

"Dobby knows there are unicorns and much more in the forest," Dobby said as they walked past what seemed to be a hut of sorts with a large dog sleeping in the door way, "You should ask Master Harry James Potter! He's been in there lots of times and he is so kind and helpful too!"

"We'll see about doing that," Carlisle said to humour the house elf.

"Almost there," Dobby said as they entered the castle itself.

"Amazing," Esme gasped, as she started to plan out how she was going to use some of these styles in the next house she was going to work on.

Dobby gave them a happy smile as he led them through the entrance hall and past four giant egg timers with a different animal on top of each egg timer, each one filled with one kind of gem, rubies, emeralds, topazes, and sapphires.

"Careful," Dobby said as they came to some stairs, "Stairs move and like to play games with people who walk on them."

As if to prove Dobby's point, the stairs began to move until they led to different areas of the castle then before.

"Follow Dobby! Dobby knows where to go and he'll make sure that nothing goes bad." Dobby said as he began to walk up the stairs with the Cullen's not far behind.

"Woooh, it's like one of those funfair rides," Emmett said with a huge grin on his face as the stairs moved again.

Once the stairs had stopped moving, Dobby continued on his way up to the seventh floor.

"We arrived," Dobby said as he bounced on the balls of his feet, "Follow Dobby and he show you to your rooms!"

"Seems our rooms are on the seventh floor then," Esme said, amused by the strange little creature.

They followed Dobby for a few minutes, passing many different paintings although one of them seemed to stand out for Dobby.

"This is where you can find Master Harry James Potter!" Dobby said as he pointed to a picture of a fat lady wearing a pink dress, "You say password and enter to get to the common room! There are four and this one is Master Harry James Potter's house."

"Ah," Carlisle said, as he understood. The others looked slightly confused and so he explained it to the rest of his family. "Remember those books we read before coming here? I believe that Dobby is talking about the four houses of the school and this 'Master Potter's' house's common room is behind that portrait."

The rest of the Cullen's nodded in understanding, the school had sent some books to them to explain a lot of things although they were still trying to piece together bits and pieces to get a better understanding.

"We here!" Dobby's voice called out to them, only a few feet away from where they stood.

Walking over to where Dobby stood, the Cullen's found themselves in front of a portrait of a pale woman sitting on a swing which had blood red roses climbing up it. The pale skinned woman had on black lacy sandals with a white frilly dress and had a long straight black hair that came to a stop just before the floor with some of her hair flowing over her shoulders. What happened next surprised the Cullen's.

The woman moved so she now had her legs crossed by the ankles and she was looking at them.

"Password," the woman said revealing a set of pointed fangs.

"What the hell!" Emmett said in surprise as his instincts took over and he pushed Rosalie behind him with Jasper and Carlisle doing the same with their mates.

"Very well," the now female vampire said with a nod, "Would you like your password to be 'what the hell'?"

"No," Carlisle said shooting Emmett a look which the bear-like vampire returned with a sheepish grin, "Our password shall be…'animal blood'."

"Very well," the female vampire said in the picture as she moved aside to reveal an entrance to what seemed like a common room, "I have been told your names so do not worry about introducing yourself. You may call me Victoria."

"Thank you my lady," Carlisle said with a charming smile which caused his children to try and hide their laughter as his smile had no effect on Victoria.

"Dobby be leaving now to do important jobs!" Dobby said with a very low bow and with a pop he was gone.

"Well then let's explore our new living quarters," Carlisle said with a smile as they entered the rooms with Victoria closing her portrait behind them.

As the Cullen's looked around they found that there was one large room, which they were standing in, with lots of different rooms leading off from it. Each room had a 'theme'.

The bathroom was given an 'under the sea' theme, Edward's room was given a musical theme, Carlisle and Esme's room was given an elegant yet warm and friendly theme, while Emmett and Rosalie room was a mixture of video games and a fashion theme, Jasper's and Alice's room was made to look like a soldier's room with a few crystal balls and fortune telling things lying around. There was also a kitchen which wasn't very big or stylish but that was ok. They would be having their meals either in the Great Hall with a spell on it to look like normal human food or hunting in the forest they had seen as they walked up to the castle.

"This place is amazing!" Alice said happily as they meet up with what now seemed to be called 'the living room'.

"I have to admit they've done a good job for humans," Rosalie said as she sat on the sofa with her mate.

"What should we do while we wait for everyone to wake up?" Jasper asked.

Suddenly a knocking sound came from the door.

"It seems that your question has been answered," Carlisle said as he got up and opened the door/portrait.

"I hope everything is to your liking, everyone should be waking up soon as it's almost breakfast time," Albus Dumbledore said with a smile as he stepped through the entrance, "But first I have some important news to tell you…"

To Be Continued…

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