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PAIRINGS! Emmett/Rosalie, Jasper/Alice, Carlisle/Esme, Edward/None, Harry/None

Chapter 7

"Now then," Alice said a few days later with an evil grin on her face as they stood in a muggle clothes shop, "Pick!"

Harry let out a groan as Alice gave him a choice between one fashionable new wardrobe of clothes and another. It had been a few days since Remus' death, they had officially adopted Harry and they had taken part in a couple of the family activities that Hogwarts was doing. They was currently taking part in another activity, exploring Hogsmade with the other families and students.

"Why are you asking him for Alice?" Emmett said from his spot with his arm draped over Rosalie's shoulders, "You do know what his going to pick anyway."

"Good point," Alice said after a few thoughtful minutes, "Our new little brother will have BOTH wardrobes!"

"You got out of that one easily," Edward said with a smirk as his new little brother gave a bright blush that seemed to reach the tips of his pointed ears.

Harry allowed his newly grown black shoulder length hair to hide his face; they had grown it out while waiting for the custody forms on Harry to go through. Having long hair would help Harry to hide his new pointed ears, plus it showed a few red highlights, the same red as his mother's hair had, when the sun shinned on it.

"Don't worry," Jasper said as he comforted Harry, "Only a few more days left of us having to be here then we can go back to our home in America, Forks."

"Is it nice there?" Harry asked shyly.

"It sure is," Jasper said with a smile as he sent calming waves to Harry, "Don't worry, we won't get board of you or think you're a burden, nor will any of us go attack you. You don't smell like food, even to me."

"Ahh, poor baby Harry," Emmett said as he made a dramatic pose, "If he can't find someone to eat him how will he grow up?"

Harry went bright red as Rosalie hit Emmett over the head.

"Stop being such a pervert or you'll be sleeping on the sofa tonight," Rosalie said with a glare as her mate rubbed the back of his sore head.

"But Rosie," Emmett wined as they all followed Alice to the check out to buy the clothes, "You know you love me! And it's the truth!"

Rosalie gave a huff, "Harry is too young for that type of thing, he'll not even hear of just things until his at least several centuries old."

Esme gave her husband a smile, "Seems like our family is complete with Harry."

"I know what you mean," Carlisle said with his own smile as he watched Alice pay for the clothes, "Ah Alice? Do you have a plan of were where all going next?"

Alice gave her family a knowing smirk causing them all to shudder, "Oh I've got an idea where to take us next."

The family followed Alice out of the clothes shopping, Edward, Jasper and Emmett carrying the many bags of clothes, they followed Alice as she walked through the busy streets filled with the students and their families.

"Why do I feel like this will only bring trouble?" Edward muttered to Harry causing the young elf to giggle.

"I don't know but from the grin Alice gave us and where she seems to be leading us to I have a feeling that you're right," Harry said with a playful grin at his new big brother.

"Oh? You know where she's leading us?" Edward asked as he tried to get information, "Alice is singing 'this old man' over and over in her head, I can't read it."

Harry laughed at Edward, "Don't worry, it's more for me then you...unless she's going to see what vampires are like when they're on a sugar high."

"What!" Jasper cried out with wide eyes as he rushed after Alice, "Alice dear, how about we just go hunting instead?"

Emmett gave a booming laugh, "Can you Rosalie picture it? Alice on a sugar high? I mean normally she's hyper but becoming more hyper?"

Everyone shuddered at the thought.

"You've got a point there," Carlisle said as they rushed to find Jasper and Alice, "If they have any of that food for vampires like they had at Hogwarts then we better be quick."

And with that they were off, no one wanted to see if it was possible for Alice to become sugar high.

As they ran through the streets, at human speed, Harry found himself laughing and smiling, never had he felt so free and happy before. He had mourned the passing of Remus and understood that it wasn't his fault thanks to his new family. Life was great and there was only one problem left for Harry…Voldermort.

"But Jasper!" Alice's voice came to their ears as they found Alice and Jasper standing in front of what seemed to be an old fashioned ice-cream pallor, "I want to treat Harry!"

Jasper rubbed his forehead, "Alice, Harry couldn't possible eat three scoops of every single flavour. For crying out loud they have two thousand different flavours! That's like 600 big scoops! Think of the amount of sugar!"

"That's the whole point," Alice muttered with a cute pout.

"Seems someone thinks it's time for you to have a sugar high," Rosalie said with a smirk on her face as Harry gave a moan into his hands.

"Alice," Harry began with a sigh, "It's not that I'm grateful for everything you and your family has done for me but I'm afraid that I can't eat all of that ice-cream alone…I want to save room for Esme's lovely apple pie she promised to make for me."

"That's right!" Jasper cried out in agreement causing the other's to laugh, "You wouldn't want to hurt Esme's feelings would you?"

"No I wouldn't but-"Alice began only to find herself stopping mid sentence as a vision suddenly hit her.

The others watched as Alice shown the signs of having a vision and waited for the vision to end, knowing from past experience that was all they could do.

A few seconds later Alice let out a dark growl followed by the words, "I won't let you do that."

"Alice dear?" Esme asked, worried for her daughter, "What's wrong? Are you alright? Who are you talking about?"

Alice gave a dark growl, ignoring everyone.

"Don't ask me," Edward said as he held up his hands in defence, "All I can see is a snake."

"I feel only anger and the need to protect Harry," Jasper said as the Cullen's turned their looks on him.

"Alice, what did you see?" Carlisle asked stepping forwards.

"I've got to go," Alice said without looking at any of her family, "I've got a Dark Lord to kill."

Before anyone could question Alice further she left in a burst of vampire speed.

Harry blinked a few times before Alice's words hit him like a ton of bricks, "Did Alice just say she was going to kill Voldermort?"

"Poor guy," Jasper said dramatically, "He won't know what hit him."

"Shouldn't we go and help?" Harry asked as he looked in the direction Alice had disappeared in.

"Your right my dear," Esme said with a kind smile, "We better go and save them before anything too bad happens."

"Don't you mean save Alice?" Harry asked as they stepped aside to allow the other Hogwarts students and their families to have their ice-creams.

"Nope," Emmett said with a smirk as Edward picked Harry up, "We're going to save the bad guys…or what's left of them anyway."

With that the Cullen's and Harry disappeared in a burst of Vampire speed. It seemed that Voldermort's end was closer then Harry had originally thought.

Catching up with Alice seemed to take no time at all thanks to Vampire speed and instance. It seemed that Alice had left in a hurry, not bothering to cover her tracks. They soon found themselves outside of an old looking mansion; they didn't bother to take the mansion or its surroundings in as they were too worried about Alice.

"This is where the trail leads to," Edward said as he placed Harry down on the ground, "If I'm right she should be inside."

"I just hope that she's not done anything yet," Jasper moaned as they began to walk towards the old mansion.

Before they could get to close to the mansion's main door Alice came tumbling out of the mansion like a drunk.

"Hey everyone!" Alice said with a happy giggle, "Look! I made a new friend!"

Harry could only look on with wide eyes as Alice held the lifeless body of Lord Voldermort.

"Where are the Death Eaters?" Harry asked as he looked around, "Shouldn't it be…I don't know harder to kill Voldermort?"

"I think I scared them away," Alice said with a pout much to Harry's shock and the other's amusement, "Who knew that Death Eaters had a fear of watching Waltz Disney Films."

Harry let out a groan as he looked to the others for help through they only sent Alice indulgent looks. Harry knew one thing for sure; his new family wasn't going to be normal…

…and he loved it.

'Bring it on' Harry thought to himself as they began to clean up the 'mess' Alice had made, 'Bring the next adventure on, I can take it. After all I've got my family now.'

The End!

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