It was a beautiful crisp autumn day as Canye stood upon her balcony, eyes closed. All around her birds chirped and fluttered about getting ready for the coming winter. Squirrels could be seen gathering nuts to hoard in their homes and everything seemed to be at peace. Everything that is, except her insides.

Inside she was a bundle of nerves all on edge, for today was the day. She opened her eyes and looked to the delicate silver ring that sat upon her right hand. Today she would be giving that ring back to Legolas and his to her in exchange for gold ones. In just a few hours their wedding ceremony would begin.

Today was the day she had dreamed of for so long, and now it would finally come true, she smiled to herself. Even though her nerves were pure from joy and excitement she tried to push them away, she wanted to be alert, focused and ready. She wanted everything to be perfect, to be perfect for him.

The sound of a door opening caused her to look away from her view, to see her mother striding in, only she would fail to knock, a habit that greatly irritated Canye, yet today she could not find it in her to reprimand her mother yet again, instead she smile and went to embrace the Maiar.

"Has everything been prepared?" she asked as she pulled away from Ilmarë.

"Hush, hush now child. That is not for you to worry about; however, everything has been set up just to the specifications set by Legolas and you. Some will still not be happy."

Of course canye did not care. The blessing that would be given to them from her mother and Legolas' father had never been heard by mortal ears, and present today for their ceremony were plenty. Many of the more traditional elves found it preposterous and against their customs, especially as a dwarf was among one of the mortals. However, theirs was no ordinary wedding either.

Faramir his wife Éowyn, Aragorn and Arwen, Gimli, and Gandalf had all been invited, all had come, and all were given seats of honor. They had been adamant on those points, and as it was there day, their parents could not refuse them.

"Come now let us get you ready." She chattered, ushering her daughter into the bath.

As she descended the steps to the great hall, canye for the first time felt as beautiful as she truly was. Her dress had been a gift from Varda herself, made from the light of the stars she loves. Every inch of it made her radiate its glow. Its scooped neckline ended just before her shoulders, were the material wrapped around her upper arm. From there layers of sheer fabric hung loose around her arm and hand, pooling gently on the floor. Upon the bodice were intricate designs of silver stitching that reached to a point where a satin ivory belt hung low on her hips. The skirt of the dress was also made of the finest silk, and it was able to flow freely around her and was covered with the sheerest lace, that seemed to be embroidered with the stars of Valinor itself. It was truly a sight to behold.

The circlet that was upon her head, her mother had made for her, to both represent Calithil and Mirkwood. It was made of mithril. Silver ivy leaves adorned the sides, interwoven into the elvish designs. At the front it met to hold a crescent moon. Below the designs continued and came to a point between her eyebrows, holding a tiny pearl.

Other than her silver ring, she wore no other jewelry. Only her hair was done, fixed it loose flowing curls down her back, and creamy white flats were on her feet.

They continued to the bottom were Legolas and his father stood waiting. Everyone's gasp at her appearance was audible and Canye had to smile. The look of admiration and love on her betrothed face would be one that stayed with her a life time.

"You are the most beautiful creature I have ever beheld." He told her, pulling her close and planting a soft kiss upon her lips. It sent a jolt through them both, as if fire was spreading through their bodies, but it was a welcoming feeling, a good feeling.

Canye had little time to take in his appearance as they were quickly being ushered to the garden for the celebratory feast. He was dressed in the traditional Mirkwood colors of green and browns— His own attire also a gift from Varda. The very stitching seemed to be of silver, and one could see it shine whenever light touched it.

Once to the archway that was covered in a veil of flowers, their parents went through first. They waited until they heard their names announced before gliding hand and hand through the arch. The guest gathered all stood up and offered cheers and praise. At the head of the middle table they show who they most wanted to see, they saw their friends and hurriedly made over to them. They all greeted one another with giant hugs and handshakes. And so the feast began.

When most of the food had been eaten, and most of the guest were talking jovially and sipping on the wine, Ilmare and Thranduil stood and walked to the end of the tables, where a small platform had been set up.

"Legolas, Canye, please come forth." They said in unison, each extended an arm out for their children.

Legolas stood first, turning to help Canye rise from her own seat, and linked arms as they ascended the small steps. Around them hung fine ivory lace, entwined with leaves and flowers of all kinds and small columns holding candles were placed strategically around them.

Thranduil stepped out to Canye, holding his jewel out towards her. "To you Canye, I present this gem." It hung upon a small silver chain, and from it dangled a green gemstone carved into three leaves that overlapped one another.

"Thank you," she told him quietly.

"And to you Legolas, I present this gem." Ilmare spoke as she too stepped forward. In her hands she held a gem also attached to a small silver chain, however, dangling from it hung dark sapphire, cut into the shape of a crescent moon and stars.

"Thank you."

"Now you each have a piece of the others home." Thranduil said, "You may exchange your rings."

Turning to face one another, both with smiles on their faces, they each removed the silver rings they had worn for the past year and handed them back to the other. Then they each produced a new ring, made of gold, and slide it on the forefinger of their hand. Holding hands they returned to facing the elves in front of them.

It was Ilmare who spoke first, "May Varda Star-kindler hear Canye and Legolas' calls, and may Eru the Father of All bless them."

Then followed Thranduil, giving his own blessing, "May Manwë Lord of Wind watch over Legolas and Canye, and may Eru the Father of All bless them."

The next few minutes passed in a blur, and try and she might Canye could not remember much of what transpired after the blessing and the departure of the guest. She just remembered person after person offering their congratulations, talking with her friends, and then she was here. She was here being carried through the door to her new room. No, she had to remind herself, their new room—hers and Legolas'. The ideas sent chills up her spine, causing a slight shiver in her body.

She noticed then Legolas looking down at her, "You look beautiful my love." He told her caressing her cheek with his fingers. She sucked in a deep breath, her heart skipping a beat at his touch, even though it was no more than a touch of a feather. She closed her eyes. She could hear the beating of their hearts in sync with one another, she could smell his earthy aroma, feel his hot breath on her skin.

Opening her eyes again, she found herself starring into his bright blue orbs darkened with love, passion, and desires, and she could not look away. Inside she could feel her own emotions rising up to join his, mimicking them.

"My king," She said in a husky voice, full of more emotions than she could count. For he was her king, her husband, her best and closest confidant, he was her everything. A smile played across her rosy lips, "I am yours now and forever."

She gave a gasp as she felt her body lifted from the ground. She felt Legolas's strong arms gripping her hips and back, his warmth spreading through her like fire as it did every time she felt his touch. This time however, it was different. It was more intense, more rapid, consuming her body and soul.

He twirled her around as he had the day of their reunion and she could help the laugh that escaped her lips. She felt like a child again, so happy, so in love, so carefree. "Aye," he said. "And you are my queen in this life and the next." She felt his breath hot on her neck as he nuzzled his face into her shoulder and she laid her head a top his for a brief second. His breath sent more jolts through her body.

Slowly she lifted her head and looked down, "Legolas," she whispered quiet as a mouse, and watched as he lifted his head to look at her once more.

This time she kissed him. She pressed her lips to his, feeling the passion and desire flow from them as they eagerly parted to move in connection with her own. She could feel her mind cloud with only thoughts of him; nothing else mattered at that moment but him.

She did not know when he placed her on the bed, it did not matter. She could feel his hands moving along her body, leaving a trail of fire as they went. Her whole body felt alive with it. She took one last look into his eyes before she lost herself in him. The night was theirs.

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