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Red begins to come to her senses, but is too drained to even open her eyes. Tiny fragments of memory slowly wade their way into her sub-conscious mind of the storm. The log that had collided her to separate her from her beloved pack was the only thing that kept her alive as she grasped it with her claws and remaining strength It seemed to last forever, as she remembers the sun and moon to rise and fall numerous times.

The sudden thought of many passing days without food causes an earthquake in her stomach. No food and no water, she wonders how she managed to live. But now, she's completely immobile. The only thing Red's even capable of is taste the disgusting sea-salt sand and feel the mud and debris of her terror latch itself to her soaked skin.

She decides it's no use and tries to go to sleep again. Maybe never wake up. Her family is gone anyway. The storm was so brutal that they must be miles apart. She can't even identify the scent of the environment she's in right now, other than being a beach shore.

The Utahraptor has just about given up all hope when a familiar smell drifts to her nostrils, a scent able to open her eyes.

A huge dead fish lies two feet from her head. Her mouth waters at the thought of having food in her gullet, but obviously it's fishy. And not just the smell of it, but something definitely isn't right. The meal looks about an hour old and there isn't a fly or scavenger beetle in sight. What kind of place is this?

A quick glance around and she sees no one around. In fact, not a single bird chirp and it's already midday. Well not best to let it go to waste. She snatches the meal with her jaws and swallows it whole. A strange taste indeed. But it makes her feel quite better.

But that feeling is interrupted when a snap comes from the edge of the trees. Frozen, she slowly moves her eyes up a bit and sees a strange creature staring at her. A carnivore that looks pretty tall to her. And a smear of blood covering it's extremely long and elongated jaws become more visible as it approaches in slow strides.

Well if i'm to die, it's to help another fill it's belly. She closes her eyes tight and waits to be killed by the blood stained snout nearing her. She can feel the breathing of the predator and she squeezes her eyes so tight she feels tears come out. Any second...

Red can smell the odor of the dinosaur's rancid stench of decaying fish flow over her nostrils. Her olfactory glands go crazy with the urge to rip open this predator's belly and retreat, but she's too helpless now.

A minute has passed and she's still not harmed. Confused and curious, she slightly lifts an eyelid and gets a glimpse of the beast towering above her. The jaws are so long, it's head looks far away. The monstrous jaws open a little and the creature gives off a growling hiss. A light drool drips on her muzzle.

I'm not going to hurt you. The growl forms into speech in Red's mind and she opens her eyes fully to look at this creature. A closer look at it and she sees it has another fish in it's hands, which has a large claw resembling the killing claw of the raptors. But this thing has it on it's hands. Strange indeed.

The creature drops the fish onto the ground and eyes her. She sees it's stare and cautiously picks up the fish, unable to resist. After she swallows it, the creature ceases staring with a suspicious gaze and 'sits' on the sand.

Baryonyx, a phiscivorous dinosaur only a little bit larger than Utahraptor. Red, having some energy now, stands up, ignoring the pain in her legs, and slowly circles the Baryonyx. To show no threat, she hides her hand claws and keeps her mouth closed in a non-hostile posture. She sees it id definitely bigger than her. It sits upright like a raptor, but puts it's arms on the ground, too, for support. A few deep whiffs tell her that it's an adult male, maybe a year and a half older than her.

She decides to give him a little name for the time being. The first thing that comes to her mind is 'Stripe' because of the black line marking over it's eyes on the green-blue skin. Stripe notices her observing him and starts to get up and head for the trees.

Red herself follows. She knows it might be dangerous, but she guesses she can at least trust the new creature if it hasn't killed her yet, and actually fed her. Plus being lonely in a new place after just losing her family would be too traumatic all at one time. Following him is probably the best option. And even if he tries to attack her, he doesn't look very fast and there's a lot of trees for cover.

Why not? Red walks a safe distance away from Stripe while still staying near him. The Baryonyx looks back at her and grunts in annoyance. Not that he doesn't enjoy her company, but at least she's quiet. He continues down the trees till he come to a clearing with a stream going through, and a large rocky cave-shelter. At first glance it seems like a normal part of the forest with water running in, but it seems this must be Stripe's permanent home.

Before long, she rushes to the stream of fresh water and laps it up to over quench her thirst. Now up to 30% of health, a nice meal and long nap should have her going in no time. Looking at her companion, he sees him staring motionless in the water. Before she can figure out what he's doing...


She covers her eyes to avoid flying liquid getting in them and sees a large, wriggling fish in his two deadly hand claws. Then he bites it down till it moves no more, and begins to eat.

Red has now about figured he isn't exactly a meat eater judging by the many fish bones lying around thickly covering the stream side. So then the claws on his hands shouldn't be that much of a weapon either, but she doesn't want to find that out herself. Eating just fish isn't exactly her idea of a meal, so she tries sniffing, hearing, whatever she can to find another food source. Her attention is brought to the right where a scuffling is heard and leaves fall from bushes.

Stalking the growth, she moves towards it and catches a glimpse of another animal looking her in the eyes. Red attacks, too quick for the animal to get away, and is killed instantly when she bites it's windpipe. A young, Iguanodon-ish dinosaur lies dead at her feet. It bears a striking resemblance to the Iguanodons she grew to hunt, but with minor differences.

This is a Dollodon. A juvenile less than half her size. But big enough for her belly. She savagely rips it open, spilling entrails and pools of blood. Feasting upon this animal is already warming her tummy and satisfying her tastebuds. She looks over at Stripe to see if he wants any. But all she sees is a terrified Baryonyx, staring at her with wide eyes. His gaze is uncomfortable and strange to see him look like that. She feels uneasy and lifts an organ with hand claws and walks to him.

Red offers the meat to Stripe, and his stare goes from frightened to suspicious with dilated pupils. She tries caringly nudging it closer onto his snout, and he slowly takes it before swallowing whole. His uneasy gaze is gone and she feels better. She goes back to the carcass and eats again. At the corner of her eye, she can still see him staring at her, with a timid look. Not as much as first, but noticeable.

Night falls and Red yawns while staring at the stars. She sits in the clearing above the stream while Stripe lies in the rock shelter. Strange way of sleeping. No leaves or soft under growth. Just sand and stones with a stony structure. Feeling tired, she stands and goes to the edge of the trees to gather large leaves and place them neatly two yards from Stripe's shelter.

After enough soft plants cover the hardy surface, Red lies on the nest she has made and curls to sleep. It's just a tad uncomfy, but not that much of a bother. She can hear Stripe's light snoring from the shelter. It reminds her of Speed.

Speed. The name of her injured brother brings back thoughts of her family again. Were they allright? Are they separated from each other too? Are they alive? All of sudden, Red starts to feel shaky and she can even make out a warm tear drop roll down her cheek, onto her claws. Tremors go through her body as images of her siblings pass in her mind. A rumbling in her stomach, either hunger or uneasiness.

Curling tighter to help the pain, she tries to lull herself to sleep. Chills go down her spine and she realizes how cold she is. The breeze has picked up and chill factor rises faster. Red almost thinks she's gonna freeze to death, when a heavy, large object covers her body. Opening her eyes, she can't believe what she is seeing.

Stripe lies ontop of her, his head silhouetted by the moon. He must have thought she was cold and saw the danger of her health and decided to be a blanket. His warmth is already spreading throughout her body and she can feel the breathing that reminds her of an injured brother. Looking at his eyes, he can see a glint of compassion looking down at her, before closing and fully asleep. Feeling a sense of safety and glee, she herself dozes and waits for sleep to take her in.


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