Party Down
Rating: PG
Authors Note: comment

Henry wakes up with a gasp when he feels cold feet against his legs. He grinds his teeth, tries not to wake Uda up as he moves away, and shudders in disgust. He knows it is not her fault, she is too small there is not enough blood to circulate around, that is bullshit but he ignores it and tries to go back to sleep.

"We should do it" Uda mumbles, Henry's eyes pop open in surprise

"uh..." he turns to face Uda, her back is to him and she is breathing slowly, her long blonde hair is splayed out over her face and shoulders. He has not thought about sleeping with her, does not know how to start it. His hand hovers over her shoulder in mid-decision. Flip her over and make out? Or wake her up because she may be sleep talking. "Your kid may hear us...;" she does not say anything.

After a few minutes of her not saying anything he notes it as sleep talking and tries to fall asleep for a second time.

"Don't be nervous, it will be great," Henry decides to go for it, he clamps his hand over her shoulder and flips her over, and looks at her. Uda's eyes are wide and her hand is on the button of her little annoying blue tooth. She looks at him as if he has grown a second head. "Tomorrow brings in your homemade drink, I have tasted it, they will love it... No! Remember, we are professionals and we cannot afford to have our guests staring at that hideous haircut of yours, get it trimmed." Oh...Henry sighs, turns, and lies on his back. Uda turns her blue

tooth off and turns to him, looks him up and down. "What did you want Honey?" It feels awkward when she calls him honey, does not feel right coming from her, he suddenly thinks of Cassie but he is not sure why. He snaps back into reality when he sees Uda snap her fingers across his face.

"Nothing, I just thought...I thought you were talking to me" he flinches, expecting her to laugh and make fun of him. Of course, she does.

"Ha! Don't be stupid Henry, my kid is sleeping in the other room, I don't want him getting some messed up image of us you understand?" He sighs again and turns to face the wall.

"Yes Uda, I understand" Henry closes his eyes trying to ignore the blush creeping on his face from his embarrassment, he tries to fall asleep a third time. Just when he felt the edges of sleep coming he feels Uda's icy cold hands on his shoulders, she kisses him on the neck and falls asleep, her tiny, cold body curled against his. He feels chilled and wishes it were Cassie who was curled up beside him. Uda cares for him, in a strange, cold way. However, he wants Cassie's warm body against him and her sarcastic jokes instead of bitchy comments. Henry cannot sleep for the rest of the night.