Another year, another fanfic chapter - I mentioned romance and here it is, vague, quick but there all the same. A lot of things are left unsaid at the end, this is me filling in blanks. EnjoyThe children shuffled back into the caboose and grabbed whatever they could to arm themselves Savannah arrived just in time to see the bandits smash through the glass. Startled, she pinned the group against the wall, she could hear noises coming from above.

"Fuck it just once I want an easy day….Captain, they're on the roof!" The tribeswoman cried Baz started to poke the invaders with his spear hoping they would lose their balance. Some didn't but the others hung on and snarled at him.

Suddenly, bulging arm smash through the side window and made a grab for Master, The children squealed as the guy had enough strength to raise the poor midget in mid-air, the group frantically tried to pull him down. Max burst into the wagon and tore Master from the enemy's grasp before whacking the brutes away with a frying pan. Cusha was bemused by this strange item and was gleeful when Max offered for the boy to continue what he started, he did with much gusto. Savannah punched and slapped as many bandits as she could and watched Max fight for their freedom. Her heart leapt in her mouth as he jumped aboard then commandeered the nearest racer: Proceeding to collide with as many go-carts and jeeps as possible, she was furious when she realized Cusha had copied him and he didn't even know how to drive.

"Everyone get to the driver's car, move! You're coming with little man" The leader ordered before ushering the intellect out. She had only just noticed his strange clothes and a bag of trinkets that she couldn't remember the names of. The children bustled on top of the roof, along the door, anywhere there was room.

Poor Trick was in a panic as he felt cowardly just sitting there driving when he knew all that was moving them on was the engine, where could he steer to anyway? On hearing the manic Black finger call his name he turned just in time to see the harpoon launch through the air, punching through the door and skewering his left leg. His body's reactions confused him, Nausea came before any pain, before any sound of screaming and he felt like fainting. The children gawped in shock, Savannah searched for Max in the bustle only to find Black finger with his stupid feathered hat climbing aboard the train. Luckily for them a pole broke away and left him dangling above a ravine. The children realized they were crossing a bridge; their surroundings were still so barren and dead. It was slowly sinking in that maybe Tomorrow-morrow land didn't exist.

Black Finger wailed as he narrowly missed the old postal pillars that lined the railway, smugly he congratulated himself. But alas too soon as he heard the rusty squeaking of a saw, sure enough there was Baz cutting frantically, determined to be rid of such bad company. The villain fell down the hills unto the dead earth, never to be seen again.

Savannah was gently helping Little Man along the deck when she was confronted by a wild-looking woman, her hair billowing like sails. She looked angry and Savannah was slightly frightened, the girl jumped onto the driving car but Little Man was held back by Aunt Entity, Savannah lost her grip.

Tank, pull the pin!" The mercenary mistress yelled out, Savannah was helpless as she watched a giant of a man pull the iron lock that hooked the wagons together. The train jolted and the children and the man with all the knowing began to separate.

"It's okay, it's okay Master, we've got you, we're taking yo-" Entity was cut off by frantic hands reaching down and grabbing the midget away. He seemed relieved with the rescue, without a moment the shadow jumped from one car to the other; right next to Savannah….It was Max.

Savannah briefly hugged him from behind, Max held her gaze long enough for them both to brave the question if not the answer.

Could life begin again? Could Love?

"You lot alright?" He wheezed while facing the midget first but then looked back at Savannah again, wondering how obvious he was being.

"We are…now" Savannah nodded looking him up and down with relief and awe, this was it she thought, this is what a hero was supposed to be. She felt such gladness and joy in her heart that she quite possibly never had before.

"Gratitude forever for what you did, you could have left me – Good man you are, good, good man" Gushed Arty Timmons, once upon a time he was an accountant, then Bartertown's big joke and now he was free.

"One condition for busting you out, you teach them, they learn, they need to learn.

"Learn what, I was master but no school master" Arty croaked

Their thinking is screwy, it needs sorting will you do it?" Max said softly and he bent down.

"Children seem fine to me but if you say so, I'll teach good things" The accountant nodded

"Only what they need to reading, writing, the real history of what was understand?"

"…For the price of freedom? Is a good, fair price" He agreed and the matter was settled. Max wondered of the silence behind him, the children all looked sheepish as Max caught sight of the bloodied spear sticking out of the door. A sickly pale Trick leaned against the window, he couldn't talk.

Max grimaced then took the door, looking over at Rabbit as she sat beside the injured driver.

"Bandage it up as quick as you can, no stalling, got it?"

"Gotcha Captain" Ruthie pulled down scarves that were handed to her by the tribe; Max took some himself and looked dubiously at Trick.

"We go after 3" Max took hold of the handle and grabbed a pipe so as not to lose balance, Trick nodded in a daze

"ONE….!" Max yanked the door away along with the spear, abruptly withdrawing from the wound: Trick was incredulous, incredulous and doubled over in agony.

"What happened to two?" He squeaked like a child, Max started to bandage his leg as tight as he could. Hoping he'd live, he's might lose the leg or just die of gangrene. It was a shame, Max like him.

Savannah patted Max on the shoulder, to his horror he saw the line's end, buffered by a mound of Earth and what appeared to be a lone boy.

"Great another orphan, just what I need" Max grumbled as he lurched through the window and found the brake, the train halted with a loud grinding of wheels that vibrated the whole deck.

Young Jebediah Jackson was the son of an engineer, inventor and part-time pilot. He had been in his dad's workshop when the 'big boom' came' His mum Lorraine and his dog Kit were smashed a buried underneath a house that lay like firewood – so his Dad says, not that a father would ever tell his own son that story. No he heard that by pretending to be asleep or out of the way as his Dad robbed people blind. Never in a million years did he expect to meet their last victim in such a frenzied fashion.

He was quaking in his boots, of course he was – he saw the trains in depots, safely rusting away. He never wanted to see one thunder towards him but then he was great a bluffing….

"This is a stick-up, anybody move and their dead meat…!" He yelled, the group looked stunned, Max mused at the boy that looked like he was stuck at a safari try to hold him to ransom. Max just raised an eyebrow and heard the roar of the motorbikes far behind him, the children followed, JJ peeked at the menacing dust-cloud that was moving towards them.

"Ooh I think we're all dead meat!" He quivered and ran into the rocks, Max was even more confused there was nothing out there and nowhere to run to so where was he going? Max and Savannah ran after him, Baz helped Little Man off the train and everyone else followed on.

At the bottom of a hill they found the boy climbing into a hollowed boot of a Volkswagen Beetle.

Max was chuckling at the absurdity of ingenuity before heaving up the boot to find the lad scoot down a rope ladder into a tunnel.

"Survival…it's a barmy business! Ladies first, I'll help trick down, quick as you can, they're coming.

One by one they climbed into the labyrinth of stone and ran after the boy, J.J raced into the cove which had been his home for less than a year. It had been refuge for many and they were it's latest residents but not for long….

"Dad, Dad we're dead meat, we're dead meat!" J.J yelled darting for his rucksack he shoved all his worldly possessions and raced for the Bi-plane. His father was reading a copy of Variety magazine with an interview on Steven Spielberg and his latest film. Close Encounters of the third Kind. One of the last entertainment pieces before the world went well and truly cock-eyed! He wasn't paying attention but that was until he heard voices.

"I warned ya Dad!" J.J flew out the door and raced outside, Jed Snr shot up from the chair to be greeted by a ghost Jed was dumbstruck. Max stared rueful and wide-eyed at that man who stole his car and horse.

"You" Max pointed

Me?" Jed bleated

"This is your lucky day" Max growled

"It is?"

"You have a plane!"

"I have?" Just then another engine roared into life

"It might just save your life" Max sneered, sweat dripping from his face.

"It will?" Jed stammered

"Uh huh" Max concluded.

Discussion over with the pilot raced with his passengers and climbed into the cockpit, leaving the tribe, Trick, Savannah and Max to squeeze into to cargo hold. Throwing everything out but still the plane weighed down. Max swore to himself as he realized Cusha had just turned up complete with his war trophies, the road warrior wasn't impressed neither was the tribal chief.

Onward they went, still grounded by the load. J.J was shouting and grabbing at the stick.

"Dad, dad…You gotta do something!" Both father and son gawped and the cliff face, they had no choice but to do a U-turn back into harm's way.

"What's the problem?" Max pondered as he clambered up beside Jed,

"Not enough runway"

"You have no choice" It sounded naïve but Max still said it. Jed clenched his jaw and iterated their predicament with sharp gestures.

"Between them and us, there's not enough runway!" He growled shrinking the space between his thumb and index finger, shoving it in Max's face. The former cop coolly lifted the pilot's goggles up from his eyes. With determination in his voice and conviction in his eyes he sternly replied:

"…There will be"

Sliding off the wing of the plane, Max dashed towards Cusha's jeep, he could hear footsteps from behind. Turning around he saw Savannah, Tyke and Ruthie looking devastated, Savannah looked angry.

"I knew it, knew it all along, you're leaving, you're baling out on us" Savannah seethed.

"Come with us, we won't be trouble come with us please" Tyke said hoarsely, holding back the tears. Max finally saw why the boy became his shadow and felt guilty.

"I'm clearing the way, get back on the plane, there's not much time – Go on Tyke" Max picked the lad up and felt tiny arms lock around his neck, he hugged him back.

"You too Rabbit" Max croaked, he patted the girl on the shoulders and watched the youngest two of the tribe climb back into the plane. Trick and the others looked on, all of them were frowning.

"I hate myself now, I made them need you, shouldn't have bothered, you're worse than Captain Walker, you build hopes and daft wishes." Savannah said bitterly.

"You never needed a captain, you just needed a direction, here's me pointing, the rest is up to you" Max cooed, invading her space as he stood closer to her and held her hands.

"What if we come across more of those crazies? We won't last without you, we need you…I need you…I need you Captain" She lamented, her voice cracked and a tear fell.

Spring had come to thaw Max's frozen heart and to mend his spirit; pride was bursting up like a well inside him all for her.

"You're stronger than that Savannah, you saved my life in more ways than one…You're their Captain, nobody else not me, not Walker…You, somewhere inside I think you always knew you were" Max smiled, his eyes soft his heart was full at long last. He stroked her cropped hair and cupped her face in his hands.

"I'm not a Captain, I was a sergeant Max Rockatansky is my name, you are something special, you all are. Never forget that"

"I think I love you Max, I don't want to say goodbye" She sobbed, he rubbed the tears away with his thumb. Hesitantly he pressed his lips upon hers, Savannah was stunned for she could barely remember a kiss but she held to it and kissed him back. In that kiss she felt a homecoming that no bricks, mortar, or any fabled land could equal.

"No you don't…But thanks for saying it" He grinned and kissed her again, gently taking her in his arms. Savannah never wanted to stay in one place so much in her life

"Hate to break it up but they are up our arses now so get a move on!" Jed Snr bellowed Max ushered Savannah unto the plane, without a word he shook Trick's hand and ran to the jeep.

He stared longingly at his new family that fate would take away from him.

"I'll find you, I promise, light a beacon for me, light one for all of us!" Max shouted

"I will, I swear it!" Savannah cried back, tears flowing freely now, Ruthie hugged her as Max sped ahead of them.

So Max escorted his tribe for the last time, pushing the accelerator down he fixed a plank of wood and jammed it between the seat and the pedal. The bandits yelled manically at neither of them flinched, Max jumped clear as the jeep smashed into two trucks, three bikers and a racer. It broke the barrier and left a gap wide enough for the bi-plane to take off.

The road warrior was in pain but raised his head just in time to see it fly off in the distance, along with the thieving scavenger, the tribe and the woman whom maybe in another life he could have loved so very much.

"Goodbye sweetheart, good luck" He sighed, Max Rockatansky felt human again after so long in feeling like a shell, a ghost. He felt good, he fought for a future generation and he fought well. He remembered how to care for others again, redeemed himself when he thought he never would and he felt good.

So good in fact that it didn't unnerve him when the rifles pointed at his direction and the bandits started to plead Aunt Entity for vengeance.

She stood up from her grand racer of a steel-plated seat and a turbine exhaust, swaggering over to him lost in indecision.

Max smirked at her, she knew then she had to let him go but she didn't feel sore about it at all.

"You're a mercenary in all but heart buster, but then I suppose it left with them. You found the better bargain and you went for it"

Indeed there was no denying she was attracted to this marvelous scoundrel that just needed nudging into her way of thinking….Another time perhaps.

"Well, well, well, ain't we a pair? Raggedy man" Conceding defeat the mistress of Bartertown cackled manically, the turbine roared into life.

"…Goodbye Soldier"

And so Max was left alone amid the burning carnage, after salvaging a dirt bike he looked once more to the direction of the plane long gone and frowned. Then rode on alone again hoping one day he would find Savvanah and maybe even stay with her, the daydreaming was a little late. They knew each other three days; she couldn't have loved him so readily. Yet he still wondered…and perhaps even hoped that maybe she really did. Racing along what he would come to know as Fury Road he wondered if he could start loving her back.

The group all were silent, death swarmed around them as they flew across Sydney, nothing like the 'pics'. No river of light, no skylight, no smiling faces, everything was gone: Ripped, smashed, deserted, mangled and twisted by the nuclear blast. They felt cheated but they weren't angry.

Jed landed on a pier and the tribe disembarked, each child giving them hollow thanks. Savannah kissed the pilot's cheek but said nothing as the view of Sydney Harbour broke her heart.

Leaning against the twisting balcony Savannah started to cry, For Max, for Slake and the others left behind, for the life that went before gone for good. The tribe looked on and anxiously talked amongst themselves: it was left to Trick to offer comfort and for them to start anew.

"It's all trashed, it's ALL GONE!" She sobbed

"…This is better than being out there, whatever you think now. I should imagine Max warned you but he still led you out of whatever you were, this is what you wanted." Trick said softly

"I don't know what I want anymore!" Savannah mumbled, Trick kneeled beside her and thought for the first time how pretty she was.

"I tell you want you need to do, you need to find shelter for yourself and those kids. We need to find rations. Then we'll find oil and matches and cloth and light the fires on the rooftops.

"…For Max?" Savannah sniffled

"For everyone, just hope the locals are friendly" Trick mused as he hauled the girl to her feet. Later that night they found some kettle drums and for the first time in years Savannah prayed before she torched them. She prayed for the man who finded her and her tribe, him who came the salvage. One night he'll see that distant light and he'll be coming home…to her

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