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Leah's POV

Waking up the next day I felt a little overwhelmed. For the first time in a long time I didn't want to fight anyone and I knew some part of this day would include arguing with Sam and the elders. I just wanted to go back to the time when making breakfast for Jake and Seth was the least enjoyable part of my day. When the toughest decision I had to make was whether or not Jake and I live together. Now I realized how stupid I had been harboring on the negative. Letting the pass dictate my life I never knew how limited those days were. But that was my life when everything was going smoothly it was only a matter of time when the darkness would return. I couldn't trust anything to stay. Jake tried to convince me that things wouldn't always be this way, this crazy, but I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was certain that everything would come to a head today and someone would have to sacrifice a lot.

Jake's hands curved their way around my hips as he pulled me up and handed me my clothes. "Thanks" I mumbled.

He took in my attitude and turned me to face him. "After today it'll all be over. Regardless of what happens we end all this nonsense today." He promised. He helped me put on my dress and kissed my lips softly. "And next week we're moving in together." He grinned.

That got me to crack a smile. "Damn, I thought I had weaseled out of that." I joked.

He wrapped his arms around me. "Ha…never." He laughed.

I smiled and shook my head. "You are hands down the best thing that has ever happened to me." I said honestly. It came out like so easily like I was saying hi to him. It was effortless. Jacob almost in shock as I was pulled back examined my face then broke out with a wicked smile.

"Of course I am. Who else would be? Seth!" he joked and pulled out of our embrace.

Once he was no longer blocking my view my heart shot up into my throat. I looked into his eyes and I knew it wasn't good. "Sam" I whispered to the tall black wolf just feet away from me.

"Sam? You're kidding me, right?" Jake said from behind me obviously not looking where I was. Sam growled and Jacob was instantly in front of me. I started to panic thinking that the rest of the pack were here and were going to attack us and the Cullen's. My mind was racing half wanted to go to Seth, protect him and the other half wanted to stay here with Jake because the look in Sam's eyes. "Go to Seth make sure the Cullen's are warned." Jake told me.

Sam stepped closer and snarled. "Sam, we had a deal." I tried to reason, but he continued to advance. I stepped back in front of Jacob. Sam wouldn't hurt me right? "I'm not leaving you, Jake." I whispered.

Sam suddenly sprang forth towards me shocking both of us so much that I froze. I felt his teeth dig into my shoulder his front legs scrape into my arms and torso but I didn't scream or yelp in pain I was still shocked. It took about a second for Sam to do his damage and another second until Jake got him off me. By the time I looked up Jake had Sam by the neck shaking him like a rag doll. I looked down at my arm noticing the streaming of blood running down it. My cry for Seth turned into a howl as I phased.

Lee, what's going on? Seth phased in quickly.

Sam and Jake are fighting! I said showing him what I was witnessing.

Fighting? I thought you said-

I know what I said Seth Sam obviously changed his mind or was lying the entire time. I said as he approached. Seth, go get help! I commanded him. With Paul and the others no where to be found Sam had acted on his own which meant they didn't agree with this. Maybe someone could calm him down. Sam was snapping at Jake but Jake had him pinned down. All I could feel from Jake was rage. He kept playing Sam's attack on me over and over again.

He attacked you, while you were still HUMAN! Seth screamed wanting to come back and take a swing at Sam.

Seth, stay out of this go get the others. I commanded him. Jake, don't hurt him too badly. I tried to reason with him.

Hurt him? I'm going to kill him. He thought his teeth closing around Sam's neck again.

Jacob no! I screamed pushing him as hard as I could off Sam. As much as I wanted him dead I knew we would all regret it. This can't happen this way. I managed to get Jake off but Sam just wouldn't let up he pushed past me and bit into Jacobs leg and tossed him into a tree. I leaped between him and Jacob.

Leah, stay out of this. He told me.

No, Sam we had a deal. Why are you doing this? I asked. He didn't mean to but a conversation between he, Jared, and Paul slipped. Both Paul and Jared told him that they thought Jake would be alpha by the end of the day and they would follow him. That's what this is about, Sam? You can't step down gracefully. I yelled.

Shut up, Leah. Sam jumped passed me and landed square on Jake biting him on the neck.

I sprung forth and landed on Sam's back, using my claws to rip at his eyes. I guess I connected because Sam shook me off letting Jacob go in the process. I hit the ground and jumped back up. He turned towards Jake and they began fighting again. I felt sick just watching them go at each other with true hatred. I just sat there and watch one gain advantage over the other and then it would reverse. Anytime any one wolf would go for the kill I would manage to push them off or distract them enough to let the other one go. Finally I could hear the incoming footsteps. Seth returned back with Jared and Embry and they both sprang into action pulling two apart and trying to reason with Sam. Jared finally got through to him explaining that the elders would never accept him as Alpha if they knew he had ambushed Jake. Sam you can't do this on Cullen territory. I was next to Jake making sure he was ok. After a quick debate with Jared Sam took off towards the tribe while we stayed behind. How did we get here? Seth said thinking about what had transpired yesterday and then this morning. I replayed the conversation that Sam had showed me. Jared gave us the all clear that Sam was back in our territory and had phased to human.

It took a couple hours for everyone to calm down everyone was furious the elders, Seth, Jake and the others. I was still in shock about the whole thing. My assumptions about Sam were obviously wrong and as a result I was hurt more mentally than physically. We were here at Billy's now Sam in one corner steaming, Jake in the other with me and Seth. The rest of the pack and elders were in the middle. Everyone kept looking from Jake to Sam wondering which would speak up first.

Sam cleared his throat causing me to jump. "Ok, Jacob you have something to say to all of us." Sam said crossing his arms. Fucking prick how bout I'm sorry I attacked you and Leah. Was he completely forgetting what had just transpired or was he hoping everyone else did? I looked down at the scars on my hands trying my best to keep it together but something inside me was churning. I felt like I was on the verge of tears. I would never forget what he did.

Jake after processing the fact that Sam wasn't going to acknowledge the ambush responded. "Yeah, I do. You were wrong Sam and you know it. I did what I had to do to make sure we upheld our duty as wolves and killing a human under any circumstance is not right." He began. The elders nodded in agreement.

Sam sighed but look pretty ticked off still. "And now I agree with you I acted too quickly and should've consulted the others before I decided it." Sam said. There still wasn't an apology in that statement.

"No, you should've known it was wrong we all felt it but you still commanded us to do it. Your instincts as alpha are wrong." Jake shouted, his voice vibrating at the end, I squeezed his hand to calm him.

Sam growled back, then his position relaxed a little and a coy smile played on his face. "So yours are right then... so why don't you tell us what happened with the leeches obviously something did if you 3 are back." he said, peeking the interest of the elders.

I bit my lip but Jake's face didn't change he wasn't giving Sam any leverage. Jacob turned to the elders while I kept an eye on Sam. "Bella is now a vampire." he said, earning some growls from the pack. "I gave them permission to change her." Jake added, causing more growls to come from the other pack. I looked over to Embry and Quil and the younger ones, they just look anxious because apparently something was about to change.

"It was not your permission to give." Sam shouted.

"Actually Sam it is." Billy spoke up not looking at Sam but at Jacob. "As descendent of the previous Alpha it is his choice." he finalized.

"So you agree with this." Sam said outraged.

"I didn't say that, Sam." Billy answered him back in a tone that told him to lower his voice. Sam calmed down slightly.

"He should've consulted with us before allowing them to break the treaty." He said.

"I….we, didn't have time; it was either this or let her die. That thing inside her was killing her and the only way she would survive was if they changed her." He said.

Sam sighed. "So it was all about her, what about the treaty, what about the innocent people around here she'll kill, they don't matter, Jacob?" he said in a sarcastic manner.

"It wasn't all about her; it was about Charlie and all of us. If you attacked them and we fought you then we would never be right again, this pack would never be the same if we fight each other." he said. Billy nodded and so did my mom and Old Quil.

"We still have to protect La Push she's going to be wild and out of control just like those newborns." Sam tried to justify, little did he know we already had this part figured out.

"They're leaving, Sam" I said. He looked over to me in disgust, like I shouldn't even be speaking at the moment. Well too bad. "I had them agree to a new treaty, a treaty where they are no longer welcomed in this area at all. This way the future generations won't have to suffer as we did. Our ancestors passed this burden on but I won't." I said through my teeth. My mother nodded.

"You can't guarantee that there will never be wolves, Leah." Sam said to me.

"I can guarantee there won't be any because of the Cullen's. I mean it's why we changed and the pack before us." I smiled smugly back.

Sam growled. "You had no right to make these decisions." he said to me.

Billy cleared his throat interrupting our argument. "Well it looks like she does. Sam, I think we all know this was going to happen soon. Jake and Leah are meant to run the pack. We all appreciate your sacrifice but in light of recent events I thinks it's best if we don't prolong the inevitable." He said.

My mouth dropped Billy had just basically made Jake alpha but what did I have to do with anything.

Sam gaped at Billy until he had enough of it. "Sam, you attack them and Leah while she was still human, it's clear that you make some bad choices and honestly the pack won't benefit from those types of careless mistakes." Billy explained.

Sam growled and made his way to the door. "If you make him alpha, this tribe will burn." And with that he left out.

The moment he was out of the house the air left from my lungs causing me to almost fall to the ground. Jake caught me and helped me up. "Are you ok?" he asked. I managed a weak nod before excusing myself to the restroom.

In the bathroom I looked at myself in the mirror. I pressed my palm against my shoulder wincing as the pain shot through my body. My hand traced up to the scars on my neck then back down my arm. My entire being was shaking and I tried to keep it together but what for. I had just been attacked by someone who I had once loved, who I thought still loved me and I had the scars to prove it. They would be gone by sundown but I knew they would always be there just under the surface. Just like my tattoo. I looked down to my finger where now laid a black band but Sam's name was still there and I couldn't get away from it. From him. I looked up at my face and I almost felt like I was back 5 months ago, I couldn't even recognize myself and the scars just made it worse. Before over thinking it I walk back out to the front and whispered. "I quit." Jake, who was talking with Billy and Jared looked up to me with a worried face. He came to me instantly his fist balled up as he looked at my scars. "I quit" I said a little louder this time. He looked up at my face confused. "Leah, you can't just quit." My mom said. "The hell I can't. I was just attacked by someone who I once thought I would marry. Someone I damn near died over and he attacked me while I was still human. I can't do this anymore. I left the pack to prevent us all from fighting and look what it got me. Look at me Jake." I cried out. Jake put his arms around me and held me close but I couldn't stop crying. "I can't Jake. I will never feel right again. I can't believe this is what my life has become. I can't." I continued to sob as he hugged me.

I looked around my room and sighed. I couldn't believe I was moving out. I had boxes packed and everything but I couldn't believe I was leaving my home. To be fair it wasn't like I was moving across the country or even across town I was moving across the lawn to the mother in law house out back. Mom had, in between worrying about Seth and I being off rez and making sure Charlie stayed oblivious, fixed up the place and when we got home she showed it off and Jake was all over it. I played along, anything to keep his mind focused on being alpha and off sam, me quitting the pack, or saying goodbye to Bella. I was trying to be a good girlfriend, stepping out of my comfort zone to please him, keep him distracted from the other distractions. Moving in together wasn't even the worse thing happening to me. I had quit the pack but my body hadn't. I yearned to phase everyday even though I had spent the previous week pretty much in a permanent phase living outdoors and eating raw. I couldn't understand why my body just wouldn't let me take control for once. And furthermore if I couldn't stop phasing then how could my body ever start aging again? How could I get pregnant if it was even possible? I was afraid that the little glimmer of hope Jake gave me had been completely erased now. I sighed heavily turning around in my damn near empty room.

"It's weird." I heard a voice say from the doorway. I turned to see Seth towering in it.

I shook my head. "What's weird?" I asked.

He stepped in the room and gestured to it. "This… I have never seen this place empty. It's kind of freaking me out." He laughed. I did too and really took in what this meant. I had been so focused on making sure Jake was distracted I hadn't realized what a distraction I had become for myself.

"You think I'm doing the right thing, Seth? I mean with everything. Moving in with Jake and quitting the pack." I asked. I hardly ever asked Seth's advice on anything but the last couple months we had grown so close and he had matured a lot too.

"Lee, I remember when he damn near put you in a coma and seeing that to what I see now with you two it's crazy but I've never seen you smile so hard, laugh so loud, and it's obvious for everyone to see that you love him. After everything you've been put through this past two years no one deserves this more." He said gently. I probably looked like a deer in the headlights so he was tiptoeing around the subject.0

I kissed him softly on the cheek. "Thanks" I muttered.

"…and as for quitting the pack, well I'll believe it when I see it. I was there Leah and it killed me every day I didn't phase. There's going to be a time when we all can stop but it's not now. I mean if Jake's alpha then your alpha too or close to it. The elders see you guys as a team and they want the pack to look at you guys the same way." He explained.

I huffed in disappointment I was really hoping he was on my side when it came to this. "So what happens with Sam? I can't phase with him, I never want to share a mind with that-" My body started to shake so I started taking deep breaths and soon I was calm.

"Leah" I heard Jake call. I sighed heavily turning to the door where I knew he would be coming. He came in smile on his face as he looked at my empty room. He had accomplished his goal and it only took a couple weeks to get there, though those weeks were hands down the longest in my life. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, you happy now." I folded my arms and said. He nodded and pulled me into him, nibbling at my neck.

"Extremely" he whispered. I heard Seth huffed so I pulled away.

"You know what get out of here. I need to start plan new things for my new room." He said and waved us off. I ignored him a little because I wasn't happy he was moving into my room but I couldn't say anything with Jake next to me and pulled Jake out the door and towards our new home.

As we walked out the house I started getting anxious. There was no more moving to do so this was it. I was making a very big and very public step with this and there was no going back. Thinking back at what Seth said earlier had me thinking about that day on the cliffs. How much had changed since then and how grateful I was that it had. I felt like I had matured so much since then gotten over pain that I thought I would take to my grave. I was truly happy and it was all because of him. I thought as I looked up to his smiling face. We got to our door and I took a deep breath. Jake laughed at my reaction as I reached for the door.

"Hold on" he says then bends down and picks me up. He opens the door as I laugh and put my arms around him. Almost as if he knew how big of a moment this was for us he took a deliberate step inside our new home and looked at me.

I couldn't help it because I was just thinking of how much had changed for us but I got a little too emotional for my liking causing concern on Jake's face. "No, I'm happy like really happy, Jake. I can't- I just can't express how I grateful I am that everything happened the way it did." I cried out. Jake put me down and wiped my tears. "I mean a couple months ago we were screaming at each other on that cliff and look at us now. We're living together. It's just crazy how things end up." I said and looked around. There were boxes everywhere but it felt like our place, it felt like home. "I love you so much." I said taking a deep breath. I was exasperated by all the crying I had done over the past couple of days.

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