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The Green Ranger raised his dagger to his lips as the Red, Pink, Blue, and Yellow Rangers called for their Thunderzords. Each zord attacked Repellentor who retaliated with his own assault. From the Command Center, Angela and Richie watched anxiously.

"Be careful you guys," Angela murmured. They winced as the monster fired a blast at the Rangers. Oh, I really hope they can do this, the girl thought to herself. They weren't all together, and two of them were sick. As if sensing her worry, Richie and Alpha both reached over and patted her on the arm reassuringly.

"They can do this. They never lose," Richie confidently reminded her. Then the Griffin Thunderzord took a hard hit and they all winced.

"Zordon, we need a little help over here!" the Green Ranger called into his communicator and Alpha immediately sent in the other zords. The zords were brought together to create the Thundermegazord and the two zords double-teamed Repellentor. He roared and shot them both with waves of energy/

"Alpha, keep trying to reach the other Rangers, using alternate frequencies. The Rangers must be all together if they are to vanquish Rita and Zedd's latest creation," Zordon said and Alpha did as he was told. However, there was still nothing but static and dead air. Despite this, Alpha kept searching.

"Man, I hate just standing here!" Richie stated with a sigh.

"Is there anything we can do to help?" Angela wondered.

"Yes. If you could slow tune your communicators to each of the frequencies I try, maybe we can get something," Alpha replied. Richie and Angela looked at each other.

"It's worth a shot," Richie stated.

"Let's do it," Angela agreed and they both started fiddling with the 'talk' button on their communicators. While this was going on, Repellentor continued to fight against the Dragonzord and the Thundermegazord. Inside their zords, the Red and Pink Rangers attempted to focus.

"You guys all right? You sure you can do this?" the Blue Ranger checked.

"I'm fine," the Red and Pink Rangers chorused. They all groaned as the zord was hit again. On the moon, Zedd and Rita watched in delight.

"Oh, what a fight!" Rita raved. "And for once, we're winning!" she continued.

"Yes, and even though they're fighting along with the other Rangers for the time being, I'm sure it'll be just a matter of time before Zordon insists that the Red and Pink Rangers sit the battle out because of their ailments," Zedd responded.

"And then-" Goldar threw his head back and laughed. "And then-" He laughed again. "We'll crush them!" He laughed a third time, Scorpina joining him.