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John and Shayera stood towards the back of the stage as Superman spoke into the microphone atop of the podium. The sun shone through the clear blue sky in Metropolis in front of the Metrotower. On this day, new members were being welcomed into the Justice League, and Warhawk was to be one of them. This whole public ceremony had been Clark's idea, a way to allow the public to become familiar with the faces of the next generation of heroes. Initially Shayera had been against the idea, but between John and Rex's constant badgering, it was only a week before she caved.

"And now, allow me to introduce the newest members of the Justice League," Superman's voice bellowed as he waved his arm, signaling the young heroes to walk onto the stage.

One by one, the new Blue Beetle, Cyborg, Marvel Boy, Nightwing, and finally Warhawk mounted the stage. Shayera could see the slight smile threatening to breakout across her son's face. She found that she too was having trouble reigning in her excitment. As the heroes crossed the stage they first shook Superman's hand, accepted a comm-link and then went on to shake the hands of the other six founding members. Shayera spotted Lois Lane-Kent seated in the front row, scribbling away on a tiny notepad. Blue Beetle passed by, his voice almost cracking as he thanked the Leaguers one by one. The young heroes continued on, shaking hand after hand. Shayera looked to John as Warhawk neared them as he moved down the line.

This was incredibly happy day for them, one they had waited over twenty years for. Their son was not only stepping into their footsteps, but filling them proudly. Despite John's trip to the future so many years ago, they had never told Rex a thing about Warhawk. So as he neared them, in his metallic armor that he'd upgraded since his first appearance, they knew that he had chosen to be Warhawk. He had chosen his destiny, and who were they to stand in his way. They had agreed to wait until after the ceremony to tell him the news. They wanted him to enjoy this day for as long as he could. Warhawk arrived in front of the Green Lantern. Rex extended his hand to his father. John took it firmly, shook, and met his son's eyes through the mask. Then he abruptly pulled the younger man into a hug.

"I'm proud of you," John whispered into his son's ear before releasing him.

With a grin on his face, Warhawk next walked to his mother. He took her hand and squeezed, she squeezed back harder, then Rex squeezed again, this time just slightly harder than she could. Shayera barely flinched, she admired her son's strength more than she worried about her hand being damaged. Warhawk let go of his mother's hand then moved on to Flash before leaving the stage. Superman returned to the podium and began the last part of his speech. He spoke about the world always needing heroes, and that the world was sure to be in safe hands withe this group of young heroes. The crowd rose to their feet in applause before dispersing and starting to mingle. When John and Shayera reached Warhawk, he was already talking to a number of reporters.

"I am very excited to be a part of the League. This is something I've wanted my whole life," Rex stated.

John and Shayera watched their son proudly until he turned from the reporters and approached them. Even though his smile wasn't as large as the one Blue Beetle wore, the joy on his face was obvious. And for just a moment John reconsidered telling his son the news.

"So I'm thinking of Duke's Diner tonight. We'll grab a bite to eat, my treat, then we'll go on our first patrol as a family," Rex said excitedly.

"Actually Rex, we have something to tell you," The grimness in Shayera's voice swiftly wiped the grin from Rex's face.

"What is it? You're both ok right?" Rex began worriedly.

"Yes, yes," John nodded and put an arm on his son's shoulder as the family began walking. "I've been reassigned though, to Oa."

"Oa?" Rex stopped dead in his tracks.

"It's a retirement of sorts. Your mother and I are both getting older," John paused for a second, expecting a glare from Shayera. But he didn't get one. "And the job is getting harder every year. On Oa I would be a mentor for new Lanterns, we believe that this is the best move for us."

John paused again, this time to see how Rex was taking the news. His head was down, he wouldn't meet their eyes. John looked to Shayera, she put an hand on Rex's arm.

"I know that you aren't surprised by this, our retirement," Shayera turned Rex to her forcefully. "If you thought we were as strong as ever, you never would have put on that suit. You never would have come to the pier that day."

Rex took a deep breath, they were right, but that didn't mean that he liked this.

"I'll miss you," Rex grunted out of the corner of his mouth.

"You're a young man, you don't need to be worrying about your ailing parents every day," John smirked slightly, before receiving a smack on the chest from Shayera.

"We'll miss you too," Shayera clarified John's statement.

Rex took another deep breath and nodded at his parents.

"This is for the best, I know it."


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