Becoming Whole

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A Seth imprinting story by yours truly.

Chapter 1: Meeting

Seth POV

I've always enjoyed the feel of sand and water underneath my toes. Most people find it bothersome and tend to keep their flip-flops or sandals on, but what's the point of coming to a beach if you don't give yourself the pleasure of having the sand sliding between your toes? That feeling is pure ecstasy.

But today, as I sat on La Push beach, soaking my feet in the water, I wasn't appreciating the texture of the sand underneath my feet like I usually did. I was reminiscing about the good old days, when Sam was the only member of the pack that had an imprint, and Jake, Jared, Quil, Embry, Paul, Leah and I would just chill and chase after girls and, in Leah's case sulk both internally and externally about how she was a werewolf and lost Sam to her cousin Emily. Now, other than Colin and Brady, I was the only member of the pack who was yet to imprint.

Sam of course had Emily, Jake had Renesmee, Jared had Kim, Paul had Rachel, Quil had Claire, Leah had Taylor and Embry was with Kirsten. It's not that I wasn't happy for them; I truly was, especially for Leah because she was finally out of our hair and into Taylor's. I'm just kidding. It pleased me to see my sister smiling genuinely after so long.

But I missed the pack and I guess I was a little jealous or impatient of what they had with their imprints, I wanted that.

Jealousy and eagerness were not emotions I was used to expressing regularly, but lately, not a day had gone by that one of those emotions stayed clear from my head and heart. I mean, when was I gonna find my imprint? This had never bothered me before because I figured when destiny was ready to make an appearance in my life, it would just take its course and I'd be with my significant other. So I dated casually, not getting attached to any of the girls I saw and making sure they understood my intentions from beginning to end. But that activity got tiresome quick and now I was ready for my other half.

I slowly got up, stretching every joint in my body to begin my route back home.

As I positioned my body to sprint home, I pondered over the thought of possibly not finding my imprint till next year or perhaps years later. Maybe she wasn't even born yet, making finding her impossible at the time. I just had to be calm no matter how hard of a feat that was becoming nowadays.

I was frequently craving some action in my life so my mind would be less occupied in my everyday search for finding my imprint, but ever since Jake imprinted on Renesmee, life as a werewolf had become less animated.

Leah has been able to stop phasing and settle down with Taylor and Sam had handed over his title as the pack leader to Quil since he had a while before Claire grew up. Things had changed dramatically over these pass three years, and now I was a high school senior trying to find my reason for existence, my yang.

The moment my foot hit the threshold of my home the phone rang. Weird, but hey, I would welcome any distraction that came my way. As I was reaching for the phone, I was simultaneously hoping it was one of the guys wanting to go cliff diving or catch a movie; anything to rid my mind of the hopelessness and longing that was quickly taking over my body and mind.

It was Jared.

"Seth, wanna hit the fair before it leaves Forks?" Jared said "Kim and I are bored out of our minds."

Although his invitation intended I would be a third wheel, I was in desperate need of company and would that meant saying yes to any sort of invitation for companionship.

"Sure man, come pick me up in 15 minutes."

"Alright, I'll be there."

Because Forks is such a small place, people lived for diversions from their everyday lives such as the fair coming into town.

From the time I was five, not a year went by that I didn't come to the fair. I'll admit previous years my attendance was more fun because the whole gang would come together and we'd see how many rides we could go on before the fair closed. Nevertheless, I basked in the scent of the atmosphere.

It wasn't until later during the night that I saw her.

After countless rides and cotton candy, I laid eyes on this brown beauty.

She looked so carefree and whimsical.

Her hair was multicolored shade of bouncy, brown curls. She was wearing a tiny wolf T-shirt that clanged to her curvaceous form and jeans that hugged her body and hips perfectly, accentuating her legs and making them seem incredibly long and sinuous, when in reality she had this tiny frame with curvy hips and a sizable chest for someone of her height. She was simply short and curvy.

When she turned around, I could see her form more clearly, she was magnificent. Her surprisingly deep brown eyes had flecks of gold that made her eyes the most prominent feature in her tiny, round face. She was beautiful.

She looked so serene and ethereal that I just had to touch her to make sure she was real. I had to pinch myself to make sure this whole moment was real.

The girl that starred numerous times in my dreams had a face. The face of an angel and the body that was better than Jessica Biel's. I had finally found my imprint and boy, was I lucky. Even if she had the ugliest face in the world I know I would have loved her, but thank God one of his angels descend from heaven to be with me.

I don't know how long I just stood there mesmerized by this girl, but before I knew it, she was running toward me. Her hips moved in a hypnotic way and her body was moving in such a sensual way that I found myself unable to breath. Did it get hotter out here?

I finally understood the meaning of that song "Hypnotized", because each step she took made my heart thump faster. As she moved closer I could see her ta-tas bouncing up and down trying and wanting to come out of her shirt. "Pervert, pervert, pervert. Stop being such as pervert." I thought. I was chiding myself for even thinking about her like that, she was a perfect specimen of the women of my dreams meant to be cherished not ogled at.

She was God's gift to me. As those thoughts ran through my head, I realized that





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