For those who might be a bit confused by the last chapter:

Before Charlie and Sue got married, they dated for three years. Meanwhile, Seth imprinted on Bella. Leah stayed in La Push but decided to move to California before Sue and Charlie got married (but came for their wedding) . But now, she stopped phasing and is going back to La Push.

Plus, I wanted thank all of the reader that insisted on continuing this story. If wasn't foer you, I wouldn't be deeply inspired to write the rest.

And I'm so proud of this's my baby...

Don't misinterpret me, I don't want Jacob to look like an asshole!...Very far from that, I love him!'s just that, his own thing is coming..soon...and I think you'll either be surprised, love it or hate it...


The next morning, Seth woke up early to prepare a special breakfast for his mother, it was her birthday after all. So he got down to the kitchen at 7.30 so his mother could have breakfast before she went to work at the hospital.

Since it was early and probably nobody was awake, he didn't bother to wear a shirt, so he was only wearing the basketball shorts he had gone to bed with.

He took some eggs and some bacon from the fridge to make his mother's only favourite: bacon with scrambled eggs and toast.

As he was adding milk to the eggs, he heard light footsteps behind him. He didn't need to turn around to know it was Bella, but he did anyways.

"You're up early."she told him.

"Making mom's birthday gift."he answered as he went back to the eggs.

There was a silence before he heard her feet going towards the ironic calendar with pictures of wolves near the bulletin board they had in the kitchen.

And there it was, in the month of March in the box that indicated Thursday 25th : Sue's Birthday!

Bella could've guessed that her father had written that. And she couldn't believe that she had forgotten Sue's birthday. Sue was the only one who could convince her to celebrate her birthday when she hated parties.

"I can't believe I forgot her birthday. I feel horrible." Bella said almost in the verge of tears.

Seth stopped scrambling the eggs and turned around to look at her.

"You know, you don't really have to cry. She'll be ok with it. I forgot her birthday last year. Look, why don't you help me set a nice table for her and Charlie and I'll say we did it together." he proposed as he poured the eggs and the bacon on a plate.

Bella looked at him. 'My Seth is back.' she thought. She smiled at him and he smiled back. 'Yes, he's definately back.' she thought again.

Bella noticed there was something missing with Seth but she couldn't see...She looked at him from head to toe: head, shirtless torso...

That was the missing factor : a shirt.

Once again, Bella felt something inside her that made her want to grab him and never let go. Like she wanted him to be hers and hers only.

Without realising it, she was now merely a few inches away from Seth. He felt her presence and froze.

"Bella please, don't come any nearer." Seth said with a pleading voice.

"Why? What did I do? Tell me Seth! You didn't say anything yesterday when you held me and let me cry in your arms!" Bella said getting closer to him.

"Just...don't." Seth said before he grabbed the plates and swiftly dodged her. He put the plates on the table and headed to the door. "Please set the table." he said simply before he took his socks off and went outside.

Bella controled herself not to let the tears leave her eyes, but they did anyways. 'Apparently, he's not back yet.' she said to herself.

It was 7.45 when Sue and Charlie went down to the kitchen. Sue looked at the table and was speechless. She imediatly had tears in her eyes.

"Happy birthday!" Bella said simply.

"Oh honey! You shouldn't have..." Sue said as she rushed to hug her.

"I didn't do it, Seth did. I only set the table. To be honest, I forgot your birthday. I'm really sorry." Bella confessed.

Sue smiled and put her hands on Bella's face. "It's alright, even I had forgotten it was my birthday. Charlie reminded me when he told me happy birthday this morning. Look what he got me!" she showed Bella the beatiful silver chain bracelet.

"It's wonderful Sue!" she said as she her fingers through the intricate swirls on the charms.

Sue looked around to see if her son was around." Where is he? I passed his room but he wasn't there.."

Bella sighed and looked down." He the woods..." she said.

Sue nodded and looked back at Bella. "Did anything happen between you two? You seem upset."

"No, no...Don't worry. Go enjoy your breakfast. It's your special day." Bella rushed Sue towards the table.

Meanwhile, Seth was already in wolf form ravaging the trees. He was going to talk to Jacob now.

He phased back and put on his basketball shorts before he knocked on Jacob's door.

"Who is it this better be important..."Jacob opened the door to find a very angry looking Seth leaning against the door.

"Oh, you bet it's important." Seth said between gritted teeth before he let himself in Jacob's house.

"What do you want Seth?" he asked.

Seth turned around and looked Jacob dead in the eye.

"What do I want? WHAT DO I FUCKING WANT? I want you to stop tourturing me! I want you to stop being a jealous bastard and remove the stupid alpha order you put on me! Jacob I'm one of your best friends! I would never steal your girl, not even with a freaking imprint! I want you to trust me and know that I would never backstab you and run away with Bella or some shit like that! You should see how Bella nearly cried this morning when I told her to get away from me as if she had some sort of desease! If you loved her as much as you say you do and you if you were my friend as much you say you are, you would do this for both of us."

Jacob looked at him and crossed his arms. " Is that all? You better go back home to enjoy Sue's birthday with her because I'm not taking the order back."

And they stood there facing each other.

"Jacob, you don't know how much I'm holding myself right now not to punch you straight in the face." Suddenly, Seth had an idea. " If you don't take back that gag order, I'll ask Leah to tell Bella everything about the imprint since I can't do it myself. And don't you dare prevent me from doing that either. "

Jacob got closer to Seth and was surprised that he didn't even move.

"Are you fucking threathning me?" Jacob asked.

"Fuck yes I am." Seth turned around and opened the door, "I'll tell my mom you said happy birthday." then he left.

Jacob turned around and discarded his anger on the nearest wall, which he punched right through.

Now, he had no choice. But to tell Bella.