1) Winter.

She was miserable. She was bitter. She was distant. Numb.

Normally, he'd back off and give her space. But she needed him now; he refused to leave her side. But she was different, after the miscarriage. She didn't sleep next to him; sometimes she didn't sleep at all. Without her next to him, Lucius found that now he couldn't sleep.

Everything was dead – outside, inside their house… and he was beginning to think their marriage, too. But he didn't give up trying. They would try for another child.

Winter couldn't take Narcissa away from him, as it had their child.

2) Snow.

"It's snowing," Narcissa said absently as she stood in front of the balcony doors.

It wasn't the first snowfall, he knew, but it might have been the first snowfall she'd seen this year. Lucius walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He rested his chin on her shoulder and watched as the snow fell.

"Would you like to go out in it?"

He expected a 'no', but she surprised him by jumping at the opportunity. Bundling up, the couple headed outside. She gripped his hand tightly all the while.

Progress; she was coming back to him.

3) Barren.


Only this time, it hadn't been an actual fetus growing. But it still didn't hurt any less than before.

Sure, they'd only been trying for a few weeks now, but she had been hoping…

After cleaning up, she snuggled deep under the covers. She wished nothing more than to sleep. But when she closed her eyes, her petite frame shook hard with sobs. She was there for hours, sobbing, until Lucius came home. She refused to look at him, ashamed. He curled himself behind her.

"Je t'aime, ma chérie." He hoped she realized that it was all they needed.

4) Ice.

She didn't do anything for the next few days. Lucius insisted that she get outside. So, on a relatively warm winter day, he took her ice-skating.

Their pond had frozen over and he'd made sure it was safe first. Lucius stayed by her side, as he always did and always would. She admitted to feeling better.

When they retired for the night and Lucius had fallen asleep, she crept to the balcony doors to take a peek outside. Soon, the ice would melt and spring would be close behind.

Spring would be a new beginning, she was sure of it.