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What Happens in the Danger Room


They were standing in the Danger Room after a session. Jean and Scott were trying to feel out couples for the dance at the mansion for mutants only. The Professor felt that it would be a nice change to just have everyone together for once, so he invited the Acolytes and Magneto. He would have invited the Brotherhood, but when they received the invitation, he was met with a blunt, fervent "no." Wanda later asked timidly (for Wanda) if she could come, and the Professor agreed readily. Rogue was ecstatic (for Rogue) and (to Kitty's shock), practically begged to go shopping.

"So," Jean asked, "Who are you going with Rogue?"

Rogue smiled as she thought about the King of Hearts card she had found on her pillow beside her head. Written in the margins was a note.

So, guess we're gonna finally be able to see each other without sneaking. Wear something belle chere. Remy be waiting to claim the first dance. And the second. And the third, and the fourth, and the fifth… signed, Swamp Rat.


She snapped out of it. "Um, yeah, Ah kinda, um well. Y' know that Cajun-"

"Really?" Jean squealed. "That's so great!"

"Shh! If Scott finds out…"

"He won't."

"Hey, Kurt, who are you going with?"

The fuzzy blue guy shrugged. Up until that point, he'd been amusedly monitoring everyone's reactions to being asked about their dates. Now, he attempted to look nonchalant.


"Why not?"

He shrugged again.

"Ach, who vould vant to dance mit a demon?"

A snarl sounded from the side of the room. Kitty Pryde had started paying attention just in time to hear the last part of the conversation.

"Kurt." She sounded angry.

He turned. "Ja, Keety?"

"What did you just say?"

He was confused. "I said who vould vant to dance mit a demon-"

"Yeah, that's what I thought you said." She slapped him across the face.

Gasps arose from the group as Kitty descended on Kurt.

"Vat vas zat for, K- uh!" She'd kneed him in the stomach.

The other X-men watched in a kind of fascinated horror as Kitty proceeded to kick their fuzzy friend's tail all over the Danger Room.

"Agh! Katzchen, vhy-?"

She grabbed his collar and sent him flying into the wall with a smack that made everyone cringe. Instantly, she was pressed up against his back, her forearm across his shoulder blades, her mouth at his pointed ear.

Very quietly, so that only Kurt could hear, she hissed, "If I ever, ever hear you call yourself a demon again, I will personally make sure you bleed."

She let him go, and called over her shoulder as she sauntered off, "Dance is at eight right? Pick me up at seven, we'll get dinner."

Kurt sat gasping against the wall, staring after her while his teammates tried to understand what just happened.

Logan raised his eyebrows from the Control room.

"Hey, Half-pint, ya wanna explain why ya just thrashed the Elf?"

She looked surprised. "He called himself a demon," she said, as thought that explained everything.

Logan let her walk away with a slight grin on his face.

"Dang it, Katzchen, I zink you cracked mein rib!" Kurt complained to the girl on his arm.

"Oh, Fuzzy, it's only a bruise. And you like, totally deserved it."

He grunted, but allowed her pull him out onto the dance floor.

Magneto looked around the remodeled Danger Room in dismay. His Acolytes were mingling with the students. He'd spotted his daughter and ground his teeth together. *Uhh* Wait, was that? Pyro? Had he just introduced himself to Wanda? Was he completely insane? Well, yes, but, wait. Before his eyes, the impossible happened. Wanda smiled. Magneto had been ready to crush every lighter the boy possessed, but he'd made Wanda smile. Magneto softened and sighed at the strange pair who were heading to the dance floor.

Wanda was watching the dancing couples when a smooth Aussie accent invaded her space.

"Hey there, Sheila, care ta dance?"

She brought up a death glare she'd borrowed from Rogue and gave it to him. He grinned.

"Do you want me to hex you?" She spoke as one does to the weak-minded.

He actually paused and thought about it for a minute.

"Well, would it involve foire?"

Wanda was so unprepared for this question that she stuttered, "Well- I- uh, I sure, I guess."

He grinned happily. "Then Oi'm in!"

He stood there expectantly as she stared at him. Eventually though, he began to get bored.

"Oy, Sheila, ya in there?"

She was peering up into his aqua eyes in puzzlement. "Are you insane?" she asked tentatively.

"Whoy, yes Oi am actually," he replied cheerfully. "Are ya gonna hex m' now?"

Suddenly, she laughed. "No. but I will take you up on that offer of a dance." She pulled him to the floor.

Remy was sulking in a corner by himself. She wasn't there. Remy had been all over the room and she hadn't shown up. He scowled…

And nearly stopped breathing as the two arms covered in long black opera gloves wrapped around his neck. He felt her breath tickle his ear as she chuckled.

"Why ya lookin' so down, Sugah? Didja think Ah wasn' comin'?"

Carefully, he came to his feet and turned. Her arms never left his neck and he came face to face with his chere as her arms draped across his shoulders. All he could do was stare for a moment.

Her white striped hair was curled and pinned up haphazardly. She was wearing a deep red dress that reached her knees and set off her eyes. Her face was almost completely make-up free.

Before Remy LeBeau stood the girl he'd fallen in love with.

Rogue met his mesmerizing red-on-black stare full on. Every time she looked into his eyes, she found herself becoming annoyed with Belladonna all over again. How could that Swamp Witch have hated Remy's eyes? She realized she was staring and she blushed, bringing a smirk to her Cajun's face before he pulled her effortlessly into their first dance.

They danced for a while, but Remy could not stop staring at her lips. She was wearing just the tiniest it of lip gloss, and he suddenly felt an almost overwhelming urge to kiss her, to feel his skin on hers. And quite frankly, he didn't give a darn if it knocked him out right then. He pulled her from the dance floor to a very convenient secluded arbor. He'd have to thank the professor later. She came willingly, allowing him to hold her close. She smiled and turned to face him.

"Ah know what ya want right now, Rems. Truth is, Ah'm waay ahead of you on that point." She reached a suddenly gloveless hand behind his neck and pulled his face down to meet hers in a soft, chaste kiss.

His eyes widened briefly before he realized that she wasn't draining him.

She pulled back, her emerald eyes dancing. "Surprise, Sugah!"

He growled and pulled her back to him. They were nose to nose and he breathed in her scent tantalizingly.

"Ahhh, Lord, chere, Remy knew he loved ya." She chuckled at him. "Ah love ya too, Rems."

Emeralds and rubies started burning, and the next kiss was just a little bit less chaste than the first.

"What's your name?"

The abrupt question had startled the Australian, and he answered with his real name. "St. John Alleydyce."

Another smile lit her eyes. "Johnny."

He was surprised but pleased. "If ya say so, luv."

Wanda looked at him contemplatively. John caught the stare. "What?"

She seemed to come to a decision and suddenly tip-toed up to kiss him. He stared at her open mouthed as she pulled back. Wanda smirked.

And then she hexed him. And then helped him up, and let him spin her into another dance. Though this one was somewhat… different. It held promise.

"Ah thought ya said Ah'd get a secon' dance? An' a third, an' a fourt', an' a fift'-"

He cut her off with another kiss and she decided that it was a moot point.

Kitty and Kurt danced every song together. They'd gotten some strange looks from those who had not been witness to what was now being referred to as "The Kat-fight." Kurt had a nice shiner, and a distinct purple tint to one side of his face- four hours and the mark of her slap still hadn't faded.

Many wondered what had happened to Kurt, but all who ventured to ask were turned away just as puzzled as before. Kurt would grin wryly and rub the side of his face with an affectionate glance at Kitty beside him, who would pointedly look away, her lips tugging upward despite her best attempts to stop them.

Logan watched these episodes with a grin, remembering Kitty's right hook.

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