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Ey! Oi've noticed somethin'! The body-ownahs sheilas are really quite violent aren't they? Oi mean, Rogue really laid inta Rems, and now the Kit-Kat's gone off on the Elf?

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"What Happens in the Danger Room"

"Bleeding Love"

"Alright! Danger Room partners! Jean and Rogue, Spyke and Cyclops, Half-pint and Elf. Don't get hit. Go!"

The Danger Room was set up to look like a town. Blocks of concrete rose from the floor creating tangible walls, and a holographic image covered them with paint and brick.

They'd been in the session for only about a minute before Kurt grabbed Kitty's arm and pulled her into an alley.

Kitty looked around. The paint splatterers couldn't reach them in here… she turned to find herself face to face with a smirking Kurt. Something was going down.

"Vell, vell, vell, Katzchen. It vould appear zat ve find ourselves all alone in a dark alley."

Kitty stifled a giggle. "You want payback for yesterday don't you?" she hazarded a guess.

He chuckled. "How vell you know me, Katzchen."

She raised an eyebrow. "Do your worst," she dared.

Kurt's smirk widened. "Oh, I intend to."

Kitty opened her mouth to retort, but then he was kissing her, hard. He pinned her hands to the wall and wrapped his tail around her waist. He pulled back and released her hands, but his tail was still firmly in place to prevent escape. Not that she was going anywhere. She'd wondered what kissing him would be like. She hadn't expected it to fell so normal. So, right. She wanted to do it again.

His golden eyes were suddenly unsure. Maybe it wasn't what she wanted. Maybe- but that was as far as he got before Kitty grabbed his uniform belt and yanked him back to her.

She felt a small sharp pain in her lip, but it wasn't bad and she didn't want to stop kissing him.

Logan quirked an eyebrow at the two young mutants as they scampered out of their hiding place into the open space of the Danger Room. The session had ended, and only Kurt and Kitty had entirely escaped the paint. But what was…

"Half-pint, what happened to your lip?"

She raised a hand to her mouth and came away with blood on her fingers.

"Oh," she said, feigning surprise, "Must've gotten clipped by a rock or something. I'll be fine."

He eyed her suspiciously. "Uh, okay. But put some ice on it. Elf, take her to the infirmary real quick." They 'ported.

Kurt looked angry as Kitty carefully touched an icepack to her lip. The bleeding had stopped but the mark was still there. The fang mark.

Kitty sighed and laid her hand on his arm. "Kurt? It wasn't your fault."

"Never should haf kissed you," he mumbled..

"Why?" she fake pouted. "Didn't you enjoy kissing me?"

"Not vhen you het hurt!"

She rolled her eyes. "C'mon, Kurt, it's not like it'll happen again!"

"It vouldn't haf happened at all if I vasn't such a demon!"

She froze. He'd said the D-word.

"Keety?" her rigidity made him nervous. "Katzchen?"

Abruptly, she slammed him against the wall. His still sore rib protested, but was efficiently silenced when she kissed him, hard. Hard enough to reopen the cut in her lip. He started to protest, not wanting to hurt her. He was stopped when she bit him. The shock caused him to stand still long enough for her to finish. Kitty didn't have fangs, but her teeth were still sharp enough to break the skin of Kurt's bottom lip and draw blood.

She pulled away and wet a washcloth in the sink. Dabbing it gently to his mouth, she smirked and said, "I warned you!"

Logan did a double take at dinner that evening. Now Kurt had a busted lip too? Huh, clipped by rocks my tailbone, he thought. Those look more like… his eyes widened as he put two and two together and he suppressed a chuckle.

Professor Xavier also expressed concern for Kurt's lip.

"How on earth did it happen, Kurt?" he asked.


Kitty interrupted calmly. "I did it."

The professor was surprised. "You, Kitty? Why?"

Easily, honestly, she answered. "He called himself a demon again. I warned him that if he ever called himself that again, I'd make him bleed. I warned him."

Professor X frowned. "Kitty, admirable as your loyalty to and defense of Kurt may be, I'm not sure that bloodshed-"

"Nein, Professor," Kurt interrupted. "She is right. I vas varned, und, like a fool, I ignored her entirely. Vrest assured, all such varnings vill be taken seriously in ze future." He glanced at Kitty mischievously. "Und ze Katzchen's claws vill be duly noted."

"I don't think it was her claws that made that mark," Logan muttered. The teens glared at him, and Xavier chuckled at some of the images that raced through their minds.

He raised an eyebrow at Kurt. "In the Danger Room, Kurt? Really?"

Kurt flushed, but shrugged.

"And Kitty, what if Beast had walked in?"

She rolled her eyes smugly and swung around in her seat so that her back was to Kurt. His tail wrapped around her immediately, and she smirked at the surprised and confused faces around her before turning her head to meet her Elf who apparently had the same idea.

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