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As Raven walked steadily towards the plane, she heard footfalls behind her and someone calling her name. She turned around to see Astrid, Kori, Richard, Victor, and Logan all running towards her waving their arms in the air.

"What are you guys doing here?" She asked as they stopped in front of her, catching their breath.

"Stopping you," Astrid said still catching her breath. "From making the biggest mistake of your life. God I need to start working out."

"And that would be?" She asked, quirking her eyebrow and wrapping her arms around herself. All heads turned toward Logan, who stood there with his hands in the pockets of his black leather jacket, looking at Raven.

"Well?" Astrid said, gesturing to Raven. "Tell her, Logan."

He lifted his head to stare at the dark clouds in the sky. What was he supposed to say? Yeah, I forgot to mention she's my sister and I'm madly in love with you. So, why don't you just pick up those suitcases and stay with me….Yeah that would blow over really well. He took in a deep breath and lowered his gaze to meet Raven's. She was expecting him to say something. They all were.

"She's my sister." He mumbled looking off to the side. Raven inhaled deeply, she picked up her suitcases and turned around, starting to walk towards the plane. Shit. He had to do something. Anything. He couldn't afford to lose her again. He'd just gotten her back.

"A strangled smile fell from your face," Raven stopped in her tracks, her eyes closing at the sound of his voice. Logan, hands still in his pockets, started walking towards Raven, his friends getting out of the way.

"It kills me that I hurt you this way," He stopped behind her, staring at the back of her head. She closed her eyes tighter, feeling the presence of him behind her. She wasn't willing to give in though. She needed to keep moving. Raven tried lifting her feet, tried to move some part of her body, but found that she was rooted to the ground. "The worst part is that I didn't even know,"

Raven's eyes snapped open, she'd found her strength and started walking towards the plane. Logan watched as she walked off, he felt his feet move, pulling him like a magnet to her. "Now there's a million reasons for you to go," He reached out, pulling his hand free of his pocket, grabbing her forearm causing her to stop and turn around. "But if you can find a reason to stay…" She turned her body around fully, looking at the ground, not willing to look him in the eye just yet, for fear she'd want to stay. The truth was that she did want to stay. She just didn't want to get her heart broken again. She wasn't sure how much more she could take. Logan had taken his hand off her forearm, positive she would stay and hear him out. He had to convince her to stay with him. If not with him then with somebody. Astrid. Vic. Kori and Richard. Just so long as she'd stay. "I'll do whatever it takes," He gripped both of her forearms with his hands, staring at her, hell even when she was hurt she was still beautiful.

"To turn this around," He lifted her head up, gently by her chin, looking her in the eye. "I know what's at stake, I know that I've let you down," She shook her chin from his gentle grip, looking off to the side. "And if you give me a chance, believe it, I can change," He sang shaking her gently, bending his head down trying to catch her eyes. "I'll keep us together," She snapped her head up, looking him straight in the eye. "Whatever it takes…"

"I'll do whatever it takes to get you back," Logan said cupping her face as she shed a tear. He wiped it away with his thumb, stepping closer to her. "I vowed that if I ever saw you again, I would do whatever it took to win you back. To grab hold of you and never let go. I just didn't count on my sister showing up and screwing things up. Please, Rae, I beg of you. Stay, with me, please. I'll do anything to get you stay. I'll get on my hands and knees and beg for Pete's sake. Just, please, stay. Come back to me. I promise, no more screw ups. I'll be lost without you. I wouldn't be able to find myself. Let's start over, please. Please, Rae."


"Yeah, Rae?" He asked, she wrapped her arms around his neck, smiling up at him as he softly swept his thumb over her cheekbone.

"You talk too much." She said before bringing his head down and kissing him passionately, deeply.

Raven smiled as she parted from the kiss, Logan touching his forehead to hers, both in pure bliss. "So she is your sister?"

"The most annoying, obnoxious one there is." Logan said softly smiling down at the beauty before him, his eyes glowing with a passionate love visible to everyone to see.

"I heard that!" Astrid yelled, picking up Raven's suitcases. "You are staying, right?"

"Yes," A figure standing behind Raven said. "She is."

Raven turned to see Mr. and Mrs. Roberts standing there, wearing smiles on their faces.

"Raven, dear, don't make a choice you'll live to regret later in life," Mrs. Roberts said kneeling down and clasping the young woman's shoulder gently. "And from the looks of it, you'll regret leaving this fine young man for the rest of your life."

"Thank you, Mrs. Roberts." She said softly, hugging the woman. "You too, Mr. Roberts." She hugged him tightly.

"Have a good life Raven," Mrs. Roberts said as she walked towards the plane, her husband's arm around her shoulders. "You only live once."

Raven turned to Logan, who was gazing back at her, she smiled and ran, jumping into his arms as he caught her, spinning her around before placing her gently on the ground.

"I love you," Logan said, kissing her on the lips over and over again, repeating those three words that made her heart flutter.

"I love you, too." She said, she leaned her head forward meeting his lips halfway as the two shared a deeply passionate kiss, eager to start the rest of their lives together.