Bitter Sweet but Sour Syrup,

I'm Licking it up You,

After awhile We fall Asleep,

I Sneak Home,

My phone goes off at 4 AM,

Its You,

I answer and We talk,

I make Witty Excuses and Phrases to make You feel Good,

I'm only using You to Satisfy My needs,

Several Girls go by so Fast,

I finally met Her,

The Spicy Sexy Lady,

Or as She was Called,

She taught Me what Love is,

I thought Love was something I didn't need,

I Abused it so Much,

Maybe a Little to Much,

Now I want Love more then Ever,

From Her,

I want Her SPICE!

I want to have Her Love,

It seems so Hot,

I want to Lick Sweet but Sour Syrup up Her,

I want to have Her,

Her Spice!