OMG OMG OMG! I was on Mangafox today and I had read a yaoi that I thought was creepy yet also sexy! The story was about a boy who followed his sensei to his home, and peeked into the window of his, sensei's room there he saw another boy on the sensei's bed, he later finds out that the boy in the bed is actually him. I got inspired by the manga that I just had to write it. So I wanted to write a quick Oneshot with some different changes, involving Aizen/Ichi! So Enjoy!

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Oh and if you want to read the manga it's called Notpia, first chapter!


Ichigo Kurosaki woke up with the burning rays of sun against his face; his hand felt the moist hands texture of the grass and soil against his finger tip. He fluttered his eye's showing soft chocolate eyes, his orange locks, laying gracefully into the grass. He slowly stood and rubbed his head. He looked around and notices he was sleeping at a park. He did not remember walking to the park or sleeping, all he remembered was darkness around him. Did he have amnesia? He didn't know. He brushed his pants and shirt, getting some grass off his school clothes. He should return home and talked to his father about his blackout.

Ichigo walked home, entering he called to his father and sister, no answer.

"Where are they?" He said to himself. He walked to the kitchen to look for a note, he had found nothing.

"Guess they forgot to write a note down...hmm..." He shrugged it off, knowing his family would come back home later tonight. He went up stairs to his room and closed the door behind him. He undresses from his school uniform to put on a clean t-shirt and some black shorts. He flopped on the bed, sighing. Ichigo tried to recall what he had done today; he'd remember go to school with his friends, he remembered they had a test, he had also had a big headache, went to the nurse's office, and...What else? Was that it?

"Shit...why can't I remember anything?" He groan, maybe if he slept on it he would regain his memories. Ichigo closed his eyes than fell into a deep slumber.

Ichigo woke up the next day and found that his family was not there, again.

"Maybe Dad went to drop off Karin and Yuzu to school?" He decided on the possibility, he changed and had breakfast. Once the teen was done eating, he left his home and walked to school.

Upon entering the school ground, pain shot thru Ichigo's head. Great, the headache was back, he thought. He should go to the nurse's office and get some aspirin, he'd wondered if Dr. Aizen wouldn't mind him skipping his first period to hang in the infirmary. The man was nice and charming, he had heard amongst his friend's and other students talking about the doctor. Ichigo had never met the man or socialize with the man, so he was sure that the other didn't mind him resting in his office, while Ichigo played hooky first period. He had entered his office and not to his surprise, the man was sitting in his chair, typing on his laptop. Ichigo knocked on the side door.

"Excuse me, Dr. Aizen. Do you have any aspirin?" He asked. Ichigo waited for a response but the older man did not seem to notice him. Ichigo was annoyed by this and walked up the man.

"Sir, do you have any aspirin?" He said again but a little louder. Again the man did not reply. Ichigo stared at the brown haired male.

Why the hell is he not listening to me? Ichigo tapped him on the shoulders but the man did not flinched, he had resume typing on his laptop. Ichigo was becoming extremely annoyed then snorted.

"Fine, I'll fine the aspirin myself since you didn't care to answer." He shot coldly. Nice or not that man shouldn't have ignored Ichigo like he wasn't even there. He looked in the cabinets looking for the pills.

Found them! Ichigo took a pill and sat on the infirmary bed, he stared at the older man for some time. The man did not bother to look to meet Ichigo's gaze. The teen carefully analyzed the older male. He was wearing a white lab coat, had shaggy dark brown hair, and think glasses. His expression looked calm and collecting. Maybe he was writing something important that he did not have time socialize with anybody, but he would have waved a hand or shushed them. Was he only ignoring Ichigo because he hated him?

Ichigo snorted.

The man continued to type, Ichigo had notice the man was viewing student's profiles. The man wrote down a few more times until a profile link of a student pop up, he chuckled. Ichigo shift his eye's to view the profile to see what made the man chuckle. He got up and walked towards the teacher.

"Hey, Doc, What's-" Ichigo's sentence was cut short, his eyes widen. The profile that Aizen was smiling was his profile. Just what the hell was this man looking at his profile right in front of him and then chuckle; not to mention completely ignoring him! The doctor had scanned the boy's profile. Ichigo wanted to demand what the hell was this man doing.

"Hey! Just what the hell are you looking at my profile for?" The man did not answer, as Ichigo yelled. "Bastard! Answer me!" he swung his fist at the man's head, only to go straight through. Ichigo was shocked, his fist had hit right through the man and he did not feel anything. WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING ON?

He was too in shock to notice the man, walk up and passed right through him like he was some freaking ghost! Ichigo wanted an explanation, than man left the office. Ichigo went after him than the bell had ringed. Student's poured out of their classes going straight through Ichigo. The teen was beyond freaked out; he had to find his friends!

Ichigo reached to the school roof, one of their many hang outs at lunch. He spotted his friends Rukia, Renji, Orihime, Chad, Ishida, Tatsuki, Keigo and Mizuiro, they were talking about him.

"Where's Ichigo? He usually doesn't come late and never misses school." Keigo asked.

"Maybe he's sick; he did have a headache yesterday." Mizuiro responded.

"Yeah, I remember hearing Ichigo talking about going to the nurse's office." Renji replied, Ichigo walked towards his friend's he had a feeling they didn't notice his presence. Maybe one of them saw him leave after the nurse's office or something? What happened?

"Yeah, Orihime and I went to go see Ichigo if he was okay, but Dr. Aizen said that he went home. Than after school we check Ichigo's house and his dad said that he wasn't there." Tatsuki was the one to reply next.

So he left school and didn't return home? Doesn't that explain he slept on the grass park? That could be...but he would remember getting up from the nurse's office and walking to park. I guess that's the effects of a blackout. "I didn't see Ichigo leave the school building, since my classroom his next to the school entrance." Chad said. They both were puzzled, and so was Ichigo. None of his friends knew what happened, the only person that would know his that doctor.

"Aizen..." He growled than ran down stairs tying to find the older man. He looked all around the school and could not find him, he head out side to see two male teacher's talking, Ichimura sensei and Aizen! The man part ways as Ichigo followed the man, who was obviously leaving. Could teacher's leave the school ground after passing period? He followed Aizen to the many streets of Karakura there Ichigo was upon Aizen's house. It was big, was the man rich or something? Ichigo saw Aizen entered his home, the teen walked around the back too see what the older man was doing.

Ichigo moved to another window as Aizen left to another room, he could not see for it was dark. The door creaked upon and the lights flickered on. Aizen walked into the bedroom, discarding his tie to the floor. What caught Ichigo's attention was a naked boy on a bed, his back facing Ichigo. Sweat trickled down his brow. He saw the boy's hands tied to a bed post, bruises were formed on the naked skin.

"What...what the hell?" Aizen sat next to the body on the bed. He shift the boy's lean frame showing is face. Ichigo fell back, his eyes widen and his body shaking with horror. The boy on the bed was not some boy, but was HIM!

What the hell was going on, and why did that person have his face! He didn't understand. The boy's face was peaceful, his lips parted as Aizen traced it. Ichigo could feel a tingle on his lips, like the wind had brushed it or something. Ichigo looked to the boy's face and notice that he had a bandage over his forehead. Did the boy have a head injury? Oh my god was this weird! Ichigo saw Aizen kissed the boy's body, his hands roaming the form of the unconscious teen. Ichigo's face felt flushed and his body heat, this was getting too weird. Aizen parted the boy's leg, dipping his head to capture the soft member. The man's finger's inserted inside the boy, scissoring him and brushing his prostate. Ichigo was getting hot, he felt didn't feel right.

"Ichigo..." the name rolled off them man's tongue. That was him. Ichigo, but why was his body in there when he was outside, viewing the man molesting his body. The man spoke again.

"You're so beautiful, Ichigo. I couldn't contain myself when you entered my office; I wanted to rape you then and there, to feel you underneath me, withering in pain and pleasure." He said. Was this guy in love with him?

"I had always watched you Ichigo, when you entered this high school. I have longed for you and now I won't ever let you go." Ichigo could hear the possessiveness in the man's tone. It was dangerous and sinful. Ichigo stared at as the man continued to molest his body, Aizen placed his mushroom head into the boy's entrance and shoved into the tight passage, he grunted a bit then began to thrust, slamming into the boy.

Memories flashed into Ichigo's mind, the hurt.

He saw himself entered the nurse's office, he saw Aizen giving him a pill. He remembered he lay down onto the bed and woke the next when he felt someone touching him. He had remembered seeing Aizen above him, Ichigo pushing him off. Than the man had confessed him about his obsession with the boy, and he had remembered he reject the man. He remembered he was thrown to the floor, the doctor on top of him slamming his head into the hard cold floor, repeatedly. Then darkness over took him!

Ichigo panted, he had remembered everything, and this man had abducted him and now was raping his body. Ichigo eye's snapped open, looking at the man above him. Since when did he have gotten back into his body? His eyes directed his attention, to the window he was at. There he says himself, standing in horror, disappearing as Ichigo gain conciseness.

Aizen smiled as his obsession had a woken, the love he had for the boy had reached to him. Now Ichigo will love him and only him. "You're awake." Happiness filled the older man's eyes. "I'm we can love each other into our embrace..." He whispered.

Ichigo had no energy to push the man above him, as those possessive arms tangled around his body. He could not produce words, to curse the man for doing this to him. Ichigo did not know why that he was the obsession of the insane man that held him, but he was scared. He was scared how love could make people do crazy things to get the person they want...even if it meant killing. Ichigo embrace the other, into his arm. His face in the crook of the man's neck, he trembled with fear.

Aizen smiled, as his love embraced him, wanting him to love him and never let go...



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