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Obsession part 5

Tokyo Police Department

Shinji stomped into the department, all eyes were on him. His expression seemed bothered and angry. They avoid the blond man as he entered the chief's office and slammed the door shut. A middle aged man rose a brow at his the man's sudden behavior. He look to see the blond man slapped a newspaper on his desk.

"What the hell is this shit?" Shinji shouted.

The chief took the newspaper in hand and read the headlines, 'Kurosaki kill's classmate Airsawa?' he scan the paper and place it down on his desk and cleared his throat, coating the man to continue his rant.

"They're saying that Kurosaki may have killed Arisawa...he was only reported missing and that the rumors had said he was a delinquent, hanging around thugs." He stared at his chief.

The man looked down at the newspaper, a picture of police locating Airsawa's body at the playground. He than sighed and ran his hand into his short hair.

"What do you want me to do about it? The kid's background isn't set and stone. His past record in school fights and fighting other kid's from different school's. Let's not mention the death that followed the boy since his mother was 'accidentally' killed. The boy had taken therapy for his trauma and his temper is not all pleasing as well."

"He was a child! Any child would go through a delinquent strange when witnessing their parent's death! That doesn't mean he killed Arisawa!" He snapped.

"Look, I have parents, news reporters, and the school board breathing down my neck ever since that girl's death. The Kurosaki boy has a history of violence and was stated missing. I have no reason to suspect anyone else..."

Shinji grit his teeth and clenched his fist tightly. This didn't make sense, Kurosaki had disappeared for weeks with no motivation and out of nowhere Airsawa was murdered. The parent's had suggested that Ichigo had killed the girl because of his history. But than again, there was a voice in the back of his head that doubted, and that Ichigo may have snapped. He had taken the reports oh the boy's family members and friends. All stating he was a good person, and that people saw what they wanted to see. They never had the time to get to know about his personality. Shinji could hear the truth behind those words. He void to search for the boy and reclaim him to his family.

'This just doesn't make any sense...' he thought.

The chief look at the man deep in thoughts and sighed. "Hirako, I know how you feel. But we don't have any other evidence...if we do find the boy, than maybe there is a small chance he would provide evidence that he had no connection to Arisawa. But till that day, I am announcing that Ichigo Kurosaki is a suspect of the murder of Arisawa!' His voice boomed.

Shinji thought for a moment and nodded, he turn to leave and walked out the office.

Kensei looked to see his partner storm off from the chiefs office. No one made a comment until the blond left the room. Kensei got up from his seat and followed the blond male.

He found the male outside smoking a cig, he frown a bit. When Shinji smoked it meant he was stressing. Usually, something he held concern. He walked up to the man and lent against the side wall, directing his attention to the citizen walking on the sidewalk.

There was a pause until Shinji spoke.

"Any reports?"

"Nah, nothing..." He said. Shinji nodded and sighed. He brushed a hand through his hair.

"Not a single evidence. It's as if Kurosaki never existed." He muttered.

Kensei pursed his lips and looked down at his feet.

"Its been weeks, Shinji. The table as turn and now the boy has become a suspect. It's time change our prospective." Kensei said to his partner.

"This doesn't make sense. I have this feeling that Kurosaki isn't our killer. There has to be some connection...Someone had killed Arisawa because she got to close to the truth and was killed. She knew something and someone had to shut her up...permanently."

Kensei looked at the calculating faced and ponder for a moment. ", lets say there was a connection. Theres a second suspect that must had been connected to Kurosaki's disappearance and Airsawa found out and was killed."

Shinji nodded, "I believe so..."

"But who would have a grudge against Kurosaki and kill his friend to frame him?" He asked confused. Shinji shook his head. "I don't know...but I want to know why."

"Wait...didn't you say Kurosaki had a violent past in his school year?" Kensie asked.

Shinji nodded, "Yeah.."

"Well, why not talk with the people that fought against Kurosaki. There might be a connection. One of them might have a serious grudge against the boy and have criminal records." He suggested. Shinji absorbed this and nodded.

"Alright, We'll go to Kurosaki's school and talk to some of his friends who had been in scraps with him." Shinji drop the cig and crushed it under his shoes and walked inside, Kensei following after him.

Rukia walked down the hall, students surrounding the halls talking about their day. How typical, the way everyone talks about something that catches their interest, twisting words and talk about it as if it was the talk of the world. People are so ignorant.

She could understand why Ichigo was anti-social and hated people. She knew the boy never like human contact, they were fake. But, Ichigo could only trust a few. The only friends he had were the ones he made. He could hardly care for anyone else. Ichigo had an open mind, and now Rukia can see it as well.

These people going about their day. Reaing or hearing something horrible, and then continue eating their meals.

It was so...humane.

Rukia walked into her class and sat down in her seat. She didn't feel like talking to anyone. She might snap.

Orihime and Renji walked up to the raven hair girl with concern faces.

"Rukia-chan, is something wrong?" Orihime asked her friend.

"You look gloomier than us." Renji commented.

Rukia gave a force smile, "It's nothing...just tired is all."

They nodded, the bell ringing and Ichimaru step into the class. He still wore that creepy smile as he strode in the room. Rukia stared at the man and narrowed her eyes a bit. This man always had a smile on his face. Ever since he came to this school the students had sense a weird vibe about him. He was strange. No one ever smiled so damn much in their life. It wasn't human. Rukia always held her suspicion for the other. When Kurosaki vanished and Tatuski died, the man still smiled.

Rukia still remembered the silver hair male smiling at Tatsuki's funeral. The way his eyes glints, his lips widen, his feature dark and sinister. Something wasn't right with the man.

"Alright, since your room teacher is out with a cold, I'll be filling in." He said with a large smile. Gin look to Rukia's direction. He smiled at the girl who was glaring at him.

He smirked a presume to teach the class.

Skip Class Session.

When class ended, Rukia packed her things ready to go, until Ichimaru stop her.

"Kuichki-san, may I have a word with you for a second?" He politely asked, but Rukia could tell he was faking it.

Whe the students have left, Rukia cross her arms and motion for the man to continue, "Is there something you need to talk about, Ichimaru-sensei?"

"I'm concern, you seem...rather cautious about something. Is something the matter?" he asked. Rukia shift a bit and cleared her throat.

"No, sir...I'm just tired is all. I haven't slept very good."

"There's no reason to lie, Kuichki-san. I have been observing you for sometimes, and you seem rather timid. You can tell me." He lent against the desk with crossed arms.

Rukia frown a bit, and narrow her eyes a bit more. This man was surreally suspicious.

"Like I said, I'm tired." She turn to walk around, but Gin's words stopped her.

"Of being concern over Kurosaki?" He smiled as he saw the girl clenched her fist and loosen it a bit. Looks like he caught her attention. She turn around and stared at the man.

"I'm his friend, of course I would be concern." She replied.

Gin tilt his head a bit and got of the desk, "Hm, thats good to hear. Just don't get to close of the situation, Kuichiki. Don't want you to end up like Airsawa." His tone held a warning chill down the girl's spine. She could feel herself shaken.

Gin smiled and waved his hand, "Well, off you go. Don't want to be late for Kenpachi's class, do we?"

Rukia nodded a bit and walked out the classroom, she closed the door and let a huge breath out she didn't knew she was holding. She hugged herself to calm her shaken form.

'Calm down, Rukia...' she said to herself. The way that the man said it was frightening, as if he was threatening her to stay away. She force herself to calm down and began to walk away to her PE class.

End of school

Aizen sat in desk looking though his computer. He had read the news on the computer that newspaper company had put up not too long. He smiled as he read, his lens showing the computer screen. He was pleased how the news went out. It was perfect.

Letting the ignorant people believe Ichigo was a possible suspect of first degree murder. Ichigo would never set foot outside and risk being caught. He may plea innocent and say he was abducted, but no one would believe him. His records proved it. (Not that he would allow the boy to escape. He would cut off his limbs if he attempted to.) Well, maybe not cut off his limbs, but slice his Achilles tendon so he wouldn't walk.

Yes, ever since the news broke out, he had force Ichigo to watch the news. How first he vanished with no trace, his friend being killed and now that he might be the one involve. Ichigo was horrified that people accused him of killing Airsawa. He cried with rage and sprouted obscenities towards the crazed brunette, punching the man's chest has he slid to the ground and sobbed. Aizen comfort his lover, and showered him with loving kisses around his face. It was a loving moment, (well, for Aizen at least...) he had laid his dearest to his bed and covered him with a thin sheet of blanket. The boy sobbed himself to sleep, and Aizen left him for the whole day.

Aizen would watch the news and read the newspaper for anything. It never bore him when he reread the event over and over. Now, as he began to read on the computer screen, it made him feel giddy. People were really foolish. Always judgmental.

He shut down the screen when he heard a knock from outside the infirmary. "Come in..." He said.

Gin walked into the room smiling.

"Still here, Aizen? I thought you might have left early like usual." He said sitting down on one of the chairs.

"I was finishing up on some paper work, and students have been coming in and out." He said rubbing the bridge of his nose.

"Ah, yes. Kenpachi's mile runs were today. No doubt he's been torturing the kids." He giggled a bit.

"Yes, well, I have been here all day and I don't think I would be going home any time soon or next week."

"Oh, health and fitness exams are next week. Too bad..." Gin playfully frowned.

"Indeed..."Aizen sighed. "What brings you here, Gin?" He wondered why the fox was doing here. Maybe to annoy him or...

"I was wondering if you would like to join me for a drink at a cafe. But, you seemed busy..." Gin said twirling his chair a bit with his legs. Aizen gazed the man for some time, and smiled. "Sorry, I'm much too busy to go anywhere today..."

Gin pouted a bit.

Aizen got up from his chair and grabbed some files, "I suppose you wont be leaving anytime soon?" Gin shook his head.

"I might as well stay here and give ya company." He waved.

"I see. Well, I won't keep you waiting. I just need to give these to Nanao and I'll be back." Gin nodded.

"Alright, I'll be waiting!" He said has Aizen open the door and left to the administration office. Once, Aizen left, Gin smiling face disappeared and his squinting eyes open a bit. He walked up to the man's computer and set the monitor on. As the computer turn on, Aizen's password lock popped up. He typed the password and link him on Aizen's personal stuff.

He went on the internet and clicked on History, looking at recent sites the man was on. He clicked on one and the linked popped open. Gin scrolled down and read.

"I knew you would be amused by this..." He whispered.

Gin had knew the man was responsible for the kidnapping of Ichigo Kurosaki and the killing of Tatsuki Airsawa. He knew Aizen kept the boy in his house and had assaulted the poor boy. He knew but he did not witness it. He couldn't say anything with lack of evidence, but he wouldn't either...not yet anyways. He was going to wait and play Aizen's game. Though, he couldn't risk another student's death.

His thoughts lingered to Rukia Kuichiki.

That girl was determine to find answers. He had warn the girl, but he knew the woman thought of it as a threat. He couldn't have her involve...unless...

A smile grew on his lips.

Maybe, the girl was worth something.

He set off the computer and walked out off the office. He would tell Aizen later he had errands to attend.

Once Aizen had dropped of some files to Nanao, he walked back only to find Gin gone. He wondered where the young man had gone off to put it did not matter to him. He had work for a good two hours and head home. His poor kitten was alone and hungry, so he rushed to the store to buy food and came home. He came home and prepared dinner. He later found Ichigo, his leg chain to the bed. He was reading a book, there was snacks and soda can on the desk. The mini fridge next to the bed were he could reach and eat. He brought the boy food, and once he finished Aizen lead him to the restroom to bath.

Aizen remembered the last time he took Ichigo to the restroom, the boy slammed him against the wall and bolted to the front door. Aizen recovered quickly and took hold of him and chained him to the shower head, as he scrub the boy clean.

Aizen scrubbed the boy's back, soap suds covered the boy's beautiful body. He admit he loved this. He loved touching the boy all over, watching the boy squirm under his palms and his face flush crimson. It was erotic.

He kissed the wet nape of the boy's neck, he felt the boy shudder from his lips and smiled. He continued to kiss the back of the boy's neck, until he gentle grabbed the teen's chin and kissed his full lips.

He deepen the kiss, his tongue exploring the boy's mouth, savoring the taste. He parted from the other and looked deep into heated eyes.

"What are you doing..." The boy breathed.

"I missed your taste..." Aizen admitted, his hand slid up and down the boy's arms teasingly.

Ichigo bit his lower lip as the hand touched him. It felt as if a spider crawling up his arm and wanted to swat it away.

"Stop..." He said.

Aizen frown a bit, he was displeased from the boy's behavior preventing him to continue to venture further. He could tell the boy was upset since that incident, and Aizen had left him alone. He wanted to respect his lovers boundaries so he will let him be.

Aizen ceased and continue to wash the boy until he was done.

He led the boy back to his room and chained him. Ichigo looked at the man's ever move as the man strapped him to the chain. He had many question to ask the man. Mainly about his friends...he wanted to know how were they copping. But, he knew the man would tell him to forget them. Still he wanted to ask, to keep him sane.

"How..." Aizen looked up to see his lover speak, wondering what he was going to say.

"How are my friends..." He whispered.

Aizen didn't answer. He didn't want to give the boy hope of escaping to his friends or family, with smiles on their faces as he returned to them. He ignored it and sat up, reaching the turn the lamp light off.

"How are my friends." Ichigo said a little louder.

Aizen looked at the boy, eyes narrowing. His voice low, "Why do you wish to know?" He asked.

Ichigo frown. "I want to know how they are doing."

Aizen only gave him a simple answer. " Fine..."

"That's not what I was asking."

"You wanted to know how they were doing and I gave you a simple answer." He replied not wanting to continue the conversation.

Ichigo was not satisfied with the answer.

"Your 'simple' answer isn't what I want." Ichigo crossed his arms and glared at the man.

"This meaningless conversation has ended. I will not speak no more." He waved his for dismissal and turn to walk away.

"Then let me go."

Aizen stop walking to the door, he turn to look at Ichigo who was glaring at him with heated eyes.

"I will not." He replied.

Ichigo was becoming frustrated with the same thing over and over. He would always ask the man to let him go, and the other would simple ignore it and walk away or they both end up in heated arguments. He would always ask the man why he wouldn't let him go, and Aizen would say, "Because I love you."

It was driving him insane! He was getting sick of hearing the same shit over and over. Everything the man did was out of love, and he would whisper those sickening words to him.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.



The room had become quiet, Ichigo had squeezed the sheets painfully. His face flushed with raging anger. He gazed at the stunning man from his outburst. Ichigo could see the man's hurt face, but anger flashed through the man's eyes. So much passion.

Like a blur, Ichigo was struck across the face. The sound of impact was loud; Ichigo raised his hand to his cheeks to the stinging sensation upon his left was pissed, the boy could see that. As the man struck him, he stalked away and slam the door, leaving the boy in his room.


That was all he could feel. Complete rage. Aizen was angry at the boy's outburst and yelled, saying he didn't love him. It hurt, and he felt betrayal. He gave the boy his love and devotion, and this..this brat did not give his heart in return! Damn that miserable child! If it wasn't for the his damn concern for his friends and family none of it would gone this way! It was there fault that Ichigo didn't love him! He was concern more for them than him! It was always about his friends...those pathetic fools who held the boy's heart. He couldn't contain it. He had to wretch it away from them by force. Take everything away!

Aizen stopped pacing.

Ichigo was devoted towards his friends and family. They were his world, it kept him sane and confident.

"No matter. Once I get rid of those fools, I will be Ichigo's world." The brunette had an insane glint in his eyes. He would get rid of Ichigo's happiness, and replace it with himself. Then, and only then, the boy would love him.

He would make sure of that.

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