Degrassi Goes to New York

All members of the Degrassi High School Group joined the group "No More School…Summer is Here!"

Jane is going to Stanford.

Spinner disliked this.

Spinner wrote on Jane's wall, "Stanford? Don't you think that's too far?"

Jane wrote on Spinner's wall, "I have to go, I got a scholarship. Who can say no to that?"

Jane has finally graduated.

Spinner attended Degrassi Graduation

Spinner invited Emma to the group, "The Dot."

Everyone is invited to Declan's house party.

Spinner gave Declan a punch in the face.

Declan cannot believe he got punched in the face at his own party.

Spinner is officially mad.

Jane wrote on Spinner's wall, "Spinner, I'm so sorry."

Thirty people have joined the group, "I was there when Declan got his Face Smashed in by Spinner."

Dave posted a video, "See Declan get knocked out by Spinner!"

Holly J wrote on Dave's wall, "I demand you to take that video down this instant!"

Dave wrote on Holly J's wall, "Make me!"

Spinner changed his relationship status to "single and depressed."

Jane changed her relationship status to "Don't listen to Spinner...we are going through some...tough times."

Emma deleted the group, "The Dot."

Emma wrote a note on Spinner's wall, "It was an accident! I swear!"

Spinner no girl, no job...I'm going into sulking mode.

Manny commented on Spinner's status, "We will save you from your depression!"

Emma created the group, "Save Spinner from Depression!"

Manny and Jay liked this.

Jane wrote on Spinner's wall, "Spinner, I have screwed up, but I don't want to be with Declan; I want to be with you. Love you."

Spinner wrote on Jane's wall, "Go to hell."

Spinner deleted the group, "Spinner and Jane are the Best Degrassi Couple Ever!"

Emma, Manny and Jay have kidnapped Spinner.

Fiona is going to New York with her brother and she is excited beyond belief!

Declan invited Holly J to "New York City Road Trip."

Fiona disliked this.

Holly J wrote on Declan's wall, "Thank you! This is going to be so much fun!"

Jane is invited to go on a road trip with Declan, Holly J and Fiona

Fiona cannot believe this is happening.

Jane NYC here I come!

Spinner, Emma, Manny and Jay attended "Spinner's Big Night Out."

Spinner this is why I am never getting drunk again.

Emma wrote on Spinner's wall, "What do you mean we're married?"

Manny wrote on Emma's wall, "You're married?"

Emma changed her relationship status to "It's complicated."

Holly J got an internship from TMV.

Jane is in a new band.

Fiona wrote on Holly J's wall, "Holly J, Declan is my brother, not yours so stay away from him and stop ruining our vacation!"

Holly J thinks that Fiona is out to get her.

Declan commented on Holly J's status, "For the last time, Holly J, my sister is not out to get you."

Fiona invited Declan, Holly J and fifty-three others to "Party at the Penthouse."

Spinner changed his relationship status to "working things out."

Spinner is in love.

Emma likes this.

Manny likes this.

Jay likes this.

Emma is engaged to Spinner.

Jane commented on Emma's status, "What do you mean you're engaged to Spinner?"

Emma found a box with Jane's things application.

Emma sent Spinner a divorce lawyer.

Spinner deleted the box with Jane's things application.

Holly J hates NYC teenaged socialites especially Declan's ex-conquests.

Holly J wrote on Declan's wall: "I am tired of being second to your sister!"

Fiona gave Declan a kiss.

Declan is traumatized.

Holly J cannot believe that Fiona kissed Declan.

Holly J wrote on Declan's wall, "You have some serious explaining to do!"

Twenty-four people joined the group, "Twins Gone Wild."

TMV is having a field day.

Holly J declared war on Fiona.

Fiona gave Holly J a "whatever" bumper sticker.

Declan wrote a note on "Twins Gone Wild" wall, "To whomever created this damn group, delete it or else!"

Twins Gone Wild Creator who shall not be named for security purposes, "Never!"

Declan is not in love with his sister.

Holly has had it.

Jane has left new band.

Jane feels betrayed.

Manny wrote on Jane's wall: "Karma's a bitch!"

Jane wrote on Manny's wall: "Back off Manny!"

Declan wants to spend time with his girlfriend and is sorry for everything.

Holly J liked this

Fiona feels neglected.

Declan kicked Fiona out of their NYC penthouse.

Fourteen people joined the group, "WTF? Spinner and Emma are Getting Married?"

Jane posted a note on the group, "WTF? Spinner and Emma are Getting Married?" No! This cannot happen!

Liberty posted a note on "WTF? Spinner and Emma are married?" group, "When did this happen? I thought Spinner was still in love with Jane."

Spinner wrote on Liberty's wall, "It's a long story."

Emma writes on Manny's wall, "Spinner said that he didn't know if we are going to stay together."

Manny writes on Emma's wall, "No, he didn't. Emma, I think you shouldn't go through with this wedding, even if you two are already married."

Emma has changed her relationship status to "Divorced, Single and Ready to Mingle."

Spinner wrote on Emma's wall: "No, you're not ready to mingle! We're still married!"

Spinner will get Emma back.

Spinner got Emma back.

Emma changed her relationship status to "married and engaged."

Seventy-five people are invited to "Spinner and Emma's Wedding."

Manny thinks that this is going way too fast.

Jane feels like fainting and thinks that Spinner is making a big mistake.

Holly J and Declan think that Jane should just let it go.

Jane will not let this go. I will persuade Spinner, once and for all, that he should be with me!

Jane stole Declan's car.

Declan wrote on Jane's wall, "Give me back my car!"

Jane realizes that she and Spinner are not meant to be.

Holly J, Declan and Jane attended Spinner's wedding.

Jane gave Declan a Porsche.

Spinner and Emma are now offline.