Me: It is now the next holiday! Aishiteru boku to all who review and subscribe! XD

Keiichiro: Got off your lazy butt, eh? She owns nothing.


Ryou sadly twirled his pen.

Bakura: Whats wrong yadonoushi?

Ryou: nobody celebrates the fourth of July here.

Mana: well it is Japan Ryou.

Joey: What is the fourth of July?

Ryou: in America, people have bar-b-ques and have family picnics. Then when it becomes dark, they release fireworks!

Yugi: sounds super special awesome!

Yami: Did you just make a LK reference?

Yugi: Maybe.

Mana: Why don't we have a fourth in japan? It is legal right?

Yugi: The law says nothing.

Everyone cheered and got to work. Ryou made hamburgers in Seto's backyard. Mana grabbed her wand and recited some spells. Everyone else decorated.

/Several hours later/

Bakura: Wow Ryou! These burgers are good!

Everybody nodded in agreement and Mana stood up.

Mana: Here goes!

Her wand flared and sparks flew into the night sky, showering the group as they stared in awe at the sight.

Ryou: This is the best fourth ever 'Kura.

Bakura: I'm happy as long as your happy hikari.


Joey: Lets do this every year.

Yami: Yeah.


Me: Not my best... But...

Kei: Just review. Please?