It was three girls that had found in each other in their own times of need. Elena Gilbert, who was in love with Stefan Salvatore, but had feelings for his brother, Damon Salvatore, that weren't so brotherly. Georgina Kincaid, who was in love with her roommate, Roman, but couldn't let go of her past love, Seth Mortensen, who had broken her heart too many times. And finally, Rose Hathaway, who loves Adrian Ivashkov, but is still deeply and madly in love with her instructor, Dimitri Belikov, and she's tried to move on, but they both make it hard to. So with all this information, Karma decided to give a much needed break to these girls and send them off to the one place every woman must go in their life…THE MALL OF AMERICA! It all started with their favorite song, then the singing and the crowd and…you get the picture. They formed a little group called Love Complicated. So while together, they head towards a little shop that's full with magic. A book snaps open that tells them how to relieve their hearts of any love that you wish to get rid of. So with a final glance in each other's eyes, they practiced for months to finally get ready for the moment they've been waiting for…Their engagement party. Where they will finally…let go.

"Holy crap…I'm so nervous. I would never dress this way in front of Stefan…" Elena trailed on, as her eyes glazed over as she thought of her true love.

"Just go with. Sure, it's a little lacy and shows a little too much, but trust me…once you sing, you'll forget about it," Georgina replied with so much certainty that even I almost believed her. 'But still I had a few minutes before showtime and wanted to see Adrian…but I knew it wasn't true; which is why we're doing this today. And then as if they read my thoughts (which I had no doubt Elena could at least), all our eyes connected and all our worries were laid out in front of us.'

All I saw were questions and with that I answered them verbally, "Guys, it will work…it has to work. Don't put so much thought into negativity. Trust me as soon as this is over…as soon as this is over, we can all marry the guy we are madly in love with. And we can left go, FINALLY, let go of them…all of them. It's the only way to move on. Face it, without this…" I stopped and gave a nervous glance around, "there's no way we can ever stop loving Dimitri, or Seth or Damon…" I let the statement ring in the room for a minute and gave Elena and Georgina a smile.

"Now, let's keep up with the plan and play the part until we finally get what we want, and still have fun," Rose winked and finished with saying (before walking out the stage door), "I know I will."

After slipping out of the stage room, I felt the music pulse throughout my body. I walked around greeting old friends, new friends and some other people I just didn't know. As I looked around, disappointment filled my body because I couldn't find my fiancé. Yes, fiancé. I'm finally getting the hook after 5 years, it may seem a lot, but I'm only twenty three. As I went through this in my head, I finally noticed that someone had put their hands over my eyes and started speaking to me.

"Hello, little dhamphir. I've missed you. Thirty minutes has felt like a lot without you," the mystery person said. But only one person has ever called me "little dhamphir". And that was Adrian Ivashkov. Adrian, my fiancé.

"It's only been ten minutes and I was with you in the limo…for a while," I gave him a knowing smile.

"Yes, but that was…different. Now I wanna have fun you and all our friends…" the unsatisfied look I gave him changed his mind, "ok, yes I want you hear for selfish reasons, but why didn't offer instead to sing at my bachelor party? That's what a normal, paranoid fiancé would do…" he said as I smiled.

"True…but then again, I wouldn't want you at my bachelorette party," something sparked my memory, "Is Lissa here yet?" Being impatient, I looked through the bond and found her at a table in the corner of the room. And I found myself looking into electric blue eyes that were really uncomfortably close…for me. And that person who was so close to her was my stubborn, jerky friend, Christian Ozera; who was Lissa's long time boyfriend. He was close, I could feel his tight arm around my waist, could feel his lips under my ear, him whispering about how much he loved me and…enough. I pulled out of her head and felt completely disgusted for a moment.

"Rose…your aura just got all mixed up. The black remains, but whatever pinks and purples you just had," I blushed at him noticing, "vanished. Now I just see that you are disgusted and nervous. Obviously, singing is taken a bit of a bargain for you and watching Christian free-whilly Lissa's ear was probably wasn't so great." His voice was dripping with concern, but his eyes were never leaving me.

Adrian knew me well, too well. But I'm surprised that he didn't notice that the nervousness wasn't for the singing, but for...him. Dimitri (my stomach was in knots) and I had this tendency to know when we were in the same room, so I wasn't surprised that, that he walked through the door as soon as my heart started to race. With a quick kiss and a mumble of words, I told Adrian that I had to go backstage and left feeling Dimitri's stare burn holes into my head.