Title: Hydra

Author: Crimson Coin

Rating: T … not quite R but it's romance so things may get a little steamy

Pairing: Juliet/Sawyer

Disclaimer: I don't own Lost or these characters. I just like to borrow them to have a little fun.

Summary: Dharma time story about how Juliet and Sawyer became a couple.

Note: This story is based on a suggestion from tntlostfan for a one shot. It's going to be multiple chapters because, well the ideas just started coming! So I hope I'm forgiven, tntlostfan. But I promise, you'll have your idea in the story.

Juliet rifled through a tool box on the work bench at the motor pool. The afternoon hot, her blue Dharma jumpsuit nearly excruciatingly warm. Self basting. She felt disgusting. That morning, she tied her hair back and put on a bandana. Now the bandana wet, and her hair slipped slightly from the tie only to stick to her neck. Grease smudged her right cheek and a little down her jaw and throat. Filthy.

She sighed and put her hands on her hips, turning back to stare at the van, glaring. The day had not gone well. Firstly, she overslept. Secondly, it was hot. Thirdly, Sawyer and she fought. Then she arrived at the motor pool only to have the guys play a prank on her. Any other day, she thought it might be funny, but not today. Today was not a day for laughs. The heat grew, she dropped her lunch, felt nauseous and now the torque wrench was missing.

The previous night, she forgot to set her alarm. By the time she woke up, she only had time to shower then run to the motor pool for her shift. She hadn't eaten. At first, it didn't concern her but as the heat of the day intensified, she felt the after effects of the lack of food. The dizziness, the nausea. She drank as much water as she could, knowing the dehydration could be more serious. As she raced from the house that morning, she tripped over Sawyer's boots that lay haphazardly on the floor at the base of the steps

She rolled her ankle, crashing into the wall. Any pain instantly shot to the back of her mind. She was sick of picking up after him. Hence, the fight. Likely, if she woken up on time, had something to eat, not slipped getting out of the shower and not tripped over the boots, the fight would not have happened. But everything within her boiled to the point of eruption and Sawyer was right there, lounging on the couch with his coffee. And he had laughed. "Easy there. Spazin' out and it's only eight in the mornin'."

She flipped.

Of course as the day passed, she knew she overreacted but it felt good to just scream at something or someone and Sawyer happened to be there. He fought back and did not back down from her. They both said hurtful things.

When they had arrived in the 70's, Sawyer slipped easily into the con man, making friends, and getting Dharma to trust them. It intimated her, how easily he could lie; slyly concoct a story that even to her ears sounded believable. She followed his lead and luckily did not have to do much talking. She wasn't sure she could keep up with him.

That first night when she sat on the docks, thinking about home she was ready to step onto that submarine and get off the island. She didn't care that it was only 1974. She didn't care it wasn't the life she had or knew. She didn't even care she could never see her sister or Julian or anyone else ever again. Her relief finally arrived and she did not hesitate in her decision to leave.

That was until Sawyer strolled out onto the pier and sat down and somehow in the course of five minutes managed to convince her to stay. How did he do that?

For years she resisted Ben and the desire to help the women, the friends she made and just wanted to go home. And then Sawyer with a saucy grin, some teasing jokes and a masked pleading expression she saw through managed to get her to stay. That was six months ago.

During the two weeks she gave him, he wooed all of Dharma, smooth and sly. Everybody loved Jim LaFleur. Even the ladies. All the ladies. Juliet didn't mind that, she wouldn't hold it against him if he sought company with someone. She considered it as well, but after her past history with men thought it best to leave that stone unturned, especially when dealing with time travel. Imagine her surprise when one evening in the cafeteria, Sawyer reached out for her hand, laughed at something Horace said than murmured in her ear. "Play along, Sweetheart."

Her expression one of confusion for a mere moment then she smiled and nodded. He stayed closer to her and leaned over to whisper in her ear a few times that evening, telling her jokes, making fun of some of the other Dharma'lites, or so he called them.

His actions continued in public throughout the two weeks and she wasn't surprised when Horace asked them to stay, indicating he could really use the help and LaFleur had a natural ability to lead, a good head on his shoulders. Sawyer had smiled at that and said that he'd have to talk it over with the rest of his crew. When he stood, he took Juliet's hand to help her stand.

Horace had smiled knowingly and then added more incentive to his proposal. "We have two abandoned homes recently, people who wanted to go back to the main land. I'm sure you and Juliet would like the privacy."

Juliet was stunned.

Sawyer had smiled casually and chuckled. "Ah you know how it is, H. But I must say I do miss the alone time, eh Blondie?" He winked playfully.


Sawyer laughed. "She don't like to talk about it."

Horace chuckled. "Well there will be a few broken hearts here, Jim."

Sawyer chuckled. "Eh, let 'em break. I got what I want."

By that evening, they had a house. She was torn between kissing him and tasering him. They had a house, a place to stay; jobs were to be assigned the next day. But he trapped her. She had to stay now because if she left and they were together, he'd have to leave too. That night had also been their first fight.


Sawyer closed the door, standing in the small living area of their new house. He grinned brightly and sighed in relief. "Ah … not too bad, eh? Ya know for hippy digs in the middle a the jungle."

Juliet remained quiet, walking through the small home very similar to the house she lived in thirty years in the future. The furniture was the same only newer, though this wasn't her house, they were all a similar lay out. It appeared her first assumptions those years ago were correct; the furniture had been in the houses for decades. She walked up the stairs and looked into the small bathroom and then the only bedroom.

A single queen sized bed sat in the center of the room. She sighed and closed her eyes, leaning against the frame of the door.

Sawyer smirked. "Well well, a bed will be a nice change."

"One bed, James. There's only one … bed."

"Well, we are together, you know. Supposed to share a bed. It won't be that bad, Blondie." He teased and she could sense the grin on his face as he stood behind her.

She clenched her teeth and turned on him. "You could have told me this was your plan? Why would you … why would you tell them we're together? What were you thinking?"

"Survival, Darlin'. Don't be all upset now."

"Don't be upset? James, I told you two weeks. The sub comes in two days."

His smile faltered and he crossed his arms. "You can still go, if you want."

"No … no I can't. This whole thing has trapped me here."

He shook his head. "Trapped you here? Where the hell are you gonna go?"

"Get off this island. James, I have been trying to get off this island …"

"Yeah yeah," he interrupted her. "For three years. I get that. And again, there is nothing out there for you in 1974. What are you gonna do? So ya get to the main land. Where's yer degree? Yer resume? Ya don't even have a god damn social you can use. We can only hope these hippies here don't ask for it. Because then, we're screwed."

"That's not the point. You didn't even ask me. You just assumed I'd go along with all of this and now I have to. Flirting with me, the affectionate gestures, taking my hand, always sitting next to me. I didn't know what you were up to and now this? Now we're together and living together. Why?"

"And why not? We couldn't exactly go shackin' up with the locals. Then we're always on guard."

She crossed her arms. "Why me? Why not Miles? Or Jin?"

"Oh yeah," he scoffed. Me livin' with them two."

"Why not?"

He laughed. "More like why?"

She watched him critically, eyes guarded. "You're good at what you do. Conning people."

"Yeah well, you read my file, Sweetheart. Ya probably know every con I did."

She sighed and looked to the single bed in the room a long moment. "You could have warned me."

"Warned ya? About what?"

"About this," she gestured to the bedroom then to him then to herself. She quirked a brow expectantly and waited for him.

"About what? Oh you mean playin' house. Well I won't be demandin' yer wifely duties, if that's what yer worried about. Don't flatter yerself, Sweetheart."

Her shoulders tensed just slightly at the jab and she leaned forward just a little. Eyes cold and intense. "So we're clear then. For the record, I wouldn't sleep with you if you were the last man on this island."

Pride wounded, he leaned closer to her, eyes intense as he held her gaze. "Good. I do have my standards. I'm not one for wanting seconds after Jack."

Juliet froze at the words and every wall closed, built higher, protecting any shred left of her heart and her mind. "Mmm. Well I didn't see Kate jumping off of the helicopter after you." She tilted her head, eyes unwavering. "I wonder where she is now? With who? And if she comes back, will you take his seconds then?"

Sawyer's eyes blackened and his expression hardened. Juliet didn't wait for a response and brushed passed him, down the stairs and out the door.

He stayed in the house the remainder of the afternoon. As the evening wore on, he stood from the couch and closed the book in his lap, tossing it onto the coffee table. He peered out the window into the night. No Juliet.

Juliet sat on the pier overlooking the ocean. She knew the hour was late and after the long afternoon to cool off, she could not bring herself to return to the house. She regretted some of what she said to him, knowing the words were harsh and unnecessary. Though admittedly, it hurt when he seemed repulsed by the thought of actually being with her. And his unnecessary remarks about Jack.

She sighed and leaned back against the crates, head tilted back to look at the stars. She knew he was right; she really couldn't leave. It just would have been nice to have made that decision herself instead of having the decision made for her yet again.

"Nice night."

She closed her eyes at the sweet southern drawl and straightened up slightly, defensively. She released the breath from her lungs and her shoulders sagged a little. She looked to her side as he sat down beside her.

He released a heavy sigh and watched her. "I shoulda told ya what I was doin'. I just ain't used to workin' with somebody else. I'm usually out for myself, ya know? Now I got five people ta worry about." He leaned into her, nudging her shoulder affectionately. "I was just thinkin' about getting us accepted and a place to stay."

She smiled at his nudge and looked to him, eyes locked on his, evaluating. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said what I said to you. It wasn't fair."

He shrugged. "I pissed ya off. All's fair right?"

"No," she shook her head. "No it's not." She whispered. They sat in silence a long few minutes before she spoke again. "I just wanted the choice, James. I wanted you to ask me … not choose for me. Ben always chose for me."

"Alright," he nodded. "Then I'm askin' ya. Will ya stay on this island with me?"

"The decision is made."

"No it ain't," he corrected her. "If you want to leave on the sub, I won't stop ya. I'll tell Horace ya really wanted to go home and I'd go with ya."

"You'd come with me?"

"Well, like ya said. I'd have ta. And since I didn't ask ya. I'm gonna ask ya now. What do you want to do?"

She looked out at the water a long moment, lost in thought. He did not pressure an answer but sat and waited with her. Eventually, she answered. "I'm going to stay."

He grinned. "The pause was for effect, huh?"

She smirked. "Maybe a little."

"I wanted to live with ya. That's why I did this whole thing makin' them think we're together."

She watched him, inquisitive. "Why?"

"I didn't want Miles or Jin and Daniel … I'd freakin' kill him. Plus … how can ya have my back if ya ain't around."

Juliet smiled at that. "I suppose. But you have the couch."

"I guess that's only fair. At least for now."

She quirked a brow. "Do you think I'll let you into the bed?"

He smirked. "I think I'll win bed privileges and you'll have to sleep on the couch."

She laughed. "The woman never sleeps on the couch."

"Yeah well this is equal opportunity dwellin' here. No favorites."

She chuckled. "We'll see."

He smirked at the partial victory but still easily noticed her highly erect walls. "I uhm … didn't really mean the other thing I said the way it meant."

Brow furrowed, she watched him confused. "Which part?"

"When I told ya not to flatter yourself. I meant that I didn't do this whole thing only to get in yer pants. Just … didn't come out right."

She nodded quietly and looked back out over the water.

He nudged her again and spoke softly. "Man would have to be dead not to think yer damn sexy."

She blushed just slightly and shook her head. "You don't have to say anything to make me feel better." She chuckled, any bitterness masked.

"Yeah, I kinda do. See I have this theory, about you an' me, Blondie."

"Oh really. And what theory is that?"

"That maybe if ya didn't taser me … things woulda been a bit different." He grinned at her and winked.

She laughed. "Different. Really. How so?"

"I mean you an' me, Sweetheart. It ain't every day a sexy woman walks outta the jungle on this damn rock, ya know. But the tasering, the caging … total mood killer."

She could not keep the smirk from her lips and shook her head at him.

"Well that and that stare thing ya do. Ya know …" He nodded and pointed at her. "Yeah that's the one. Yer doin' it now."

She chuckled. They fell into a comfortable silence a long many minutes, watching the rolling waves. "She was stupid."


"Kate," Juliet clarified then stood and wiped her hands on her thighs as she looked down at Sawyer, eyes on his. "For not jumping after you." She offered a soft smile and touched the top of his head, fingers gentle a moment before she stepped over him and walked off the dock.

Sawyer remained on the dock after her words, his expression one of deep thought. When he finally returned to the house, Juliet lay on the couch, curled up with a blanket, asleep. He smirked. That was no accident. It was her way of trying to make amends. And he wasn't going to turn down the bed for a night.

*End Flashback*

Juliet tugged off her gloves and threw them into the tool box and then slammed the lid shut. She was tired and dirty and hot and just ready to go home.


Not really home. The house she shared with Sawyer in the strange love/hate friendship they engaged in. Though all of Dharma thought they were more than that. She knew any of the public affection was part of the front but had to admit that it felt nice to have someone treat her that way. No wonder Sawyer was so good at his job. If he put his mind to it, he could convince a woman he was absolutely in love with her, even when he wasn't.

She had to remind herself on the rare occasion this was all just a big con. The realization hurt for a few seconds until she reestablished her walls and then she was fine for another month or so.

She owed Sawyer an apology. The day began on the wrong side of the bed, quite literally and she took it out on him. Mulling over her moods and the fights, she wanted to make amends. She left the motor pool with a small wave to her boss who watched her curiously but waved back. He said nothing.

Yes, maybe she was leaving early but at the moment, she didn't care. She'd get home, shower and then make Sawyer his favorite meal. Maybe that would be a start.

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