Title: Hydra

Author: Crimson Coin

Rating: T … not quite R but it's romance so things may get a little steamy

Pairing: Juliet/Sawyer

Disclaimer: I don't own Lost or these characters. I just like to borrow them to have a little fun.

Summary: Dharma time story about how Juliet and Sawyer became a couple.

Note: This story is based on a suggestion from tntlostfan for a one shot. It's going to be multiple chapters because, well the ideas just started coming! So I hope I'm forgiven, tntlostfan. But I promise, you'll have your idea in the story.

Sawyer jogged across the small compound towards the gathering of scientists; many appeared panicked. He slowed his pace, striding confidently to the group. "Alright. What happened?"

The scientists all spoke at once, turning on each other in an attempt to get the story right. Sawyer sighed and looked back over his shoulder. Miles stood behind him, gun readied and at hand as he watched the scientists. Juliet stood beside Miles, her arms crossed over her chest with an indifferent and observant expression. Perhaps indifferent to the world, but Sawyer knew her well and could easily read the internal and guarded emotions. He determined her current state to be amused.

Juliet tilted her head, watching the scientists before she blinked and her eyes focused on Sawyer. The corner of her lips twitched slightly with a smirk. Sawyer grinned. Yeah. Amused. "Ok ..." he turned back to the scientists. "Y'all need to elect yerselves a group leader. Ya know to do the talking so I can make some damn sense of what's going on."

One of the men stepped forward and cleared his throat. "Everything was going as scheduled. At 2 pm, the bear was fed, a slight sedative included in the meal so that when we came for him now, the bear was to be docile enough for us to manipulate and get out of the cage to the lab." He shook his head. "Something happened though. I don't know what yet but when we went for the bear, it appeared docile and sedated, laying on the ground. We opened the cage. The bear woke and just attacked."

Sawyer crossed his arms over his chest, brow furrowed in concentration and concern.

The scientist raked a hand through his graying hair and turned slightly to look at the mangled cage door. "I don't understand. The bear should have been sedated. He reared up and just …" The man trailed off.

"Long story short," Miles continued. "There're two in the infirmary, bear on the loose, panic everywhere and the doctor is at the Flame."

Sawyer pressed his lips together in a thin line as his mind raced with thoughts and decisions. He met Juliet's eyes; she held his gaze, confident and trusting. He uncrossed his arms, pacing to the cage then back to the gathered crowd. "Where's Jin?" Lifting the radio to his lips, he pressed the button on the side. "Jin? Jin, position?"

The radio crackled to life, Jin's voice echoing. "I am at the security center. By the cameras. I do not see the bear."

Sawyer nodded. "Good. Stay there, keep your eyes on all of those monitors. I want to know everything you see."

"Ok," Jin responded.

Sawyer turned to the scientists, pointing towards them with the radio. "Any a you vets?"

They watched him, confused, one scratching his head. "What?"

"Vets. Vets." He repeated. "You know. Woof woof doctor. Vet." He sighed, exasperated.

One of the scientists raised his hand, stepping forward. "I'm a vet. I take care of the animals here."

"Good." Sawyer stated then turned to Juliet, eyes on hers. "Infirmary." At Juliet's nod, he glanced over his shoulder at the vet. "Go with her."

"But, I'm a vet." The man objected. "I work on animals, not people. I'm not a doctor."

Sawyer waved off the concern. "Animals, people, whatever. A stitch is a stitch. All you have to do is keep those injured stable until the doctor gets here. Now get lost."

Juliet reached out, touching Sawyer's forearm. "Be careful."

"I will," he said with a saucy smile. "Ya can't get rid a me that easily. Go. Quick. Keep in touch." He tapped her radio hanging on her waistband with the antenna of the radio in his hand.

With a curt nod, she turned from him and walked quickly towards the small infirmary, the veterinarian following right behind her. Sawyer watched her a few seconds, ensuring she continued safely towards the compound. He hooked his radio onto his belt and addressed the scientists. "Get everyone inside and to safety. I don't want anyone outside that could get injured. Once inside, call Horace and let him know the situation. Have him send over some more security personnel."

The head scientist nodded. "Of course. But be careful. And don't hurt the bear. He's extremely important."

"Don't hurt the bear?" Sawyer scoffed. "We're going to do what we can but in the end it's just a god damn bear. My life over the bear."

The scientist frowned. "No no, this bear is absolutely important. He's our only breeding male. Without him, the experiment is lost. That cannot happen, LaFleur. It cannot! Do you understand how much money is invested in this?"

Unimpressed, Sawyer cocked the barrel of his handgun. "Uh huh. So is your bear worth more than the life of a person? Cuz if ya ask me, that's some damn stupid logic, doc."

"The tranquilizer guns are in the security locker." The scientist quickly interrupted. "Please, LaFleur. You cannot kill that bear! If you do, I can guarantee you'll be out of a job. Ann Arbor will not have it."

Sawyer's brow pinched, eyes narrowed as he stared down the scientist. The older man shifted under the dangerous glare of the southerner. With a gruff, Sawyer turned towards the compound. "Alright, Miles, let's get the tranq guns, then we'll find Yogi."

Juliet dug through the limited supplies in the cabinet of the small infirmary. Severely lacking, she grumbled to herself before pulling out bandages, stitches, and disinfectant.

"We have more in the lab."

"More for the animals than the people?" Juliet commented.

"Look. This is a biological research facility." The vet snapped back, voice laced in agitation. "We're not a hospital or a medic facility or a kitchen." He watched as Juliet glared at the only knife in the room.

She ignored his tone and held the knife up. "Is this sharp and sterilized?"

"I have no idea!"

Juliet sighed and glanced back over her shoulder. "I know you're worried about your bear but just work with me, ok? So these people don't die? Go to the lab and get whatever you can that can medically be used on humans." She turned away from him, dismissively as she carried the supplies to the two patients.

One patient, a man in his mid twenties, appeared stable at first inspection. Juliet inspected his chest then arms, noting the simple fracture of the forearm. "The worst you have is a broken bone." She placed the stethoscope to the man's chest. "Inhale for me?" Moving the stethoscope around, she listened at the intervals between the breath. "Good release. And inhale? Release. Good. I don't think your ribs are broken."

He smiled weakly. "Hurts like hell though."

She chuckled softly and nodded. "It will. I think they're bruised. Just try to relax. I'm going to check the woman. Do you know her name?"

Head lulling to the side, the man licked his chapped lips. "Yeah. It's Sophie. She's new."

Juliet leaned over the bed. "Sophie?" She inspected the pulse, the breath and the injuries. "Sophie, can you hear me?" Biting back the wince, she quickly cut open the tattered shirt and glanced at the bloody claw marks on the girl's chest. "Sophie?"

Working swiftly, Juliet cleaned the cuts, examining the ribs then stitched what she could. The vet returned, helping quietly. He treated the wounds for infection then glanced to the other wounded man. "I don't know if I can reset his bone. I don't want to do it wrong."

"Do you have an X-ray here?"

"At the lab."

"Take him," Juliet stated. "He can walk; his injuries aren't from the bear but from dodging the bear. Get the X-ray. The doctor will want to see it when he gets here."

Alone, Juliet worked steadily on Sophie, doing everything she could to keep the girl stable and alive until the doctor arrived. Exhausted and exasperated, she picked up her radio. "Jin? Come in, Jin."

"Yes, Juliet. Jin here."

Juliet smiles at the familiar voice over the radio system. "Jin, any news on the doctor? Do we know how far away he is?"

"He left the Flame ten minutes ago. He won't be here for at least an hour, maybe two."

Muttering a curse, she hung her hand at her side, the radio clenched. She could only pray Sophie held on long enough.

Miles traipsed through the lush jungle, following Sawyer's steps. "Let's go to Hydra island." Miles mocked in a snarky tone. "It'll be a breeze. Nothing goes wrong on Hydra island. What could possibly happen?"

"You done yet?" Sawyer drawled.

"No," came the snapped response. "We couldn't just stay at the barracks. You know where we had great advances in human technology. Like beds. And food."

Sawyer chuckled. "There's food here. And beds."

"Cots aren't beds, boss. And I wouldn't call that slop in the cafeteria food."

"Well, I have a bed here." Sawyer smirked. He could just picture the look on Miles face. Glancing back over his shoulder, that look was confirmed.

Miles glared, never breaking stride. "Yeah well if I was sleeping with the bosses favorite baby doctor turned grease monkey, maybe I'd have a bed too."

"But you're not. So the bed's mine." Sawyer responded.

Heavy rustling ahead brought both men to a stop; they squatted, listening and searching carefully.

"I don't see it," Miles whispered.

"I don't either." Sawyer answered then looked back to Miles. "I think there's a clearing ahead. I'm gonna circle around. Gimme five minutes then creep up to the tree line. See if you can see anything."

"Alright," Miles nodded. "But if you get me killed by a pissed off bear, I'm gonna haunt you. Every time you try to bang Juliet."

"Voyeur ghost, huh? You just wanna see my ass naked." Sawyer taunted and with a satisfied smirk at Miles ruffled expression, he crept around the clearing, attempting to circle.

Sawyer snuck into the clear, staying low and close to the ground. Hidden in the brush, he peeked over the top enough to see Miles behind a large tree. Miles pointed to his eyes with two fingers then to the eastern area of the clearing. With a short nod, Sawyer adjusted the tranquilizer rifle on his back and crawled to the east. The polar bear snarled and snorted as it dug, claws scratching and tearing at something in the ground.

Slowly and quietly, Sawyer covered the bolt of the rifle as he cocked it into position, clenching his teeth as it clicked. He froze, eyes on the bear; the bear ignored him. He released a slow and steady sigh, pulling the rifle up and setting the butt into his shoulder. He aimed down the sights.

A loud crack resounded through the jungle from his right and Sawyer's head whirled to the side, eyes narrowed. The bear roared up at the noise. Miles stood frozen, a twig snapped under foot. The bear turned to Miles, white slobber dripping from its jowls as it threw its head.

Sawyer stood as the bear raced towards Miles. "Oh! Woah! Over here, big ugly!" The bear ignored him. Sawyer aimed down the rifle and twisted at the waist, trying to aim ahead of the bear. He pulled the trigger.

The dart flew from the gun, grazing the bear's back. Sawyer cursed; and continued to yell at the bear. He picked up a rock, tested the weight in his hand then hurled it towards the charging beast. The rock smacked the beast's side and the bear stopped and turned towards Sawyer. It roared.

Eyes wide, Sawyer turned from the bear and ran into the woods. Miles lifted his gun.

Sawyer refused to look back though he heard the bear near. Dodging low branches and jumping over roots, he raced through the jungle brush desperate for cover.

Miles aimed at the backside of the bear and pulled the trigger. The gun jammed. "God damn piece of shit!" he swore and swung the rifle in the air then hurled it towards the bear. It missed.

He searched the ground quickly then picked up a heavy rock in one hand then raced after the bear. Miles panted softly in a vain attempt to even his breathing. He leapt over a stubbornly high root as he chased Sawyer and the bear through the jungle. Ahead, Sawyer jumped towards a low hanging tree branch and lifted himself up into the tree.

The bear lumbered forward and reached out, a giant paw heavily descending towards Sawyer. The southerner cried out in pain as the paw tore into the flesh of his leg; the bear roared. Clenching his teeth, Sawyer tightened his arms, pulling himself fully up into the tree despite his injury.

Miles hurled the rock at the bear. "Hey, Yogi!" The rock hit the bear in the hip and the beast turned to glare. Brow lifted, Miles turned quickly and scrambled up a nearby tree, barely getting out of range before a dinner-plate-sized paw swiped at his legs. Climbing through the branches, he found a stable V in the tree and settled, glancing down at the pacing bear at the base of the trunk.

Sawyer sat on the heavy branch, leaning back against the thick trunk as he grabbed the thigh of his injured leg with two hands and lifted, settling the torn leg along the length of the branch. He muttered a few choice curses and candid nicknames for the bear then tore the pant leg from ankle to knee. He rolled up the pant leg and peered at the tattered damage to the muscles of his calf. Blood drained freely from the wound, circling around the length of the calf and staining the grayish brown bark a vivid crimson. Eyes closed, his head fell back, smacking harshly against the trunk of the tree.

"Leg's a regular barber shop pole, boss." Miles stated, flatly. His voice hitched ever so slightly, giving away his concern.

"Yeah, well, we ain't got one on this island so I thought I'd give it a shot." Sawyer drawled back and then released a heavy sigh.

Fumbling with the radio on his belt, Miles gripped firmly and brought the radio to his lips, holding down the button before speaking. "Jin? Juliet?" Static and dead air filled the jungle. Nervously watching Sawyer, Miles pushed the button again, his voice steady yet urgent. "Jin? Juliet, it's Miles. Can anyone hear me?" Pause. "God damn it, Somebody!"

The radio scratched with static before Jin's voice resounded. "Miles? Miles, I hear you. Barely. Where are you?"

"Jim's hurt." He stated simply. "We found the bear. Damn tranq guns were useless."

Muffled voices echoed through the radio before Juliet's distinct voice sounded. "Miles? James is hurt? Where are you?"

"I don't know. Jim, where are we?"

"Does it say GPS on my god damn forehead, Spanky. I don't know."

"We'll find you." Juliet said confidently. "Don't move. Stay safe. James? What happened?"

Miles shook his head. "Bear thought Jim had an itch."


"Never mind, just get here now. Kill this bear and get us out of these trees. We were in a clearing or something watching him dig or eat then ran … I don't know … east? I think it was east."

"Alright, don't move." Juliet answered. "We're coming."

"We ain't goin' anywhere, Sunshine." Sawyer said smoothly then muttered. "Long as I don't fall outta this damn tree."

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