Authors Note ;

Both Inception and it's characters do not belong to me, they belong to Chris Nolan

I was waiting in a hotel room. The lights were giving off a faint glow and scenes were flashing before my eyes.

"Quick, give me a kiss"

Arthur, he was the only thing that kept me sane in all of this dreaming. It was a rush, getting put under, seeing buildings rise before your eyes, watching rivers flow in the air, watching cars scale buildings, seeing the impossible produced before your eyes. I loved my job, the architect, kind of has a ring to it, doesn't it? I'd like to think that I have the greatest job in the world; I get to create the impossible, mazes no man could escape, puzzles no man could solve.

It was awfully terrifying though. Arthur stayed close by my side on my first Job, Inception. Planting an idea in the simplest form, kind of makes you want to scream at the top of your lungs, spill all your secrets.

The thought of someone being able to steal my secrets frightens me, but Arthur is always there. I've always wondered why he stayed so close by my side, I wonder if he just helps me so it can get the job done faster, most likely.

The warm glow of the light disappeared as I detached myself from my fond memories, slowly slipping back into the room I was in, I really shouldn't have started to daydream, but it was so like the old days that I couldn't help it.

A man's hand gently grabbed my shoulder and spun me to face him. He tenderly grabbed my wrist with his other hand and placed it on the side of his face.

It was Arthur.

I couldn't understand why he had turned off the light but somehow it felt right.

Until he began to speak.

"I want you Ariadne; I need you to keep me sane"

He grasped my hand in his and squeezed tight.

His hands were soft, too soft to be that of a man. I tried to pull away, sensing something terrible.

The light flickered on and I watched as Arthurs face slowly morphed into Mals. I was repulsed by the sight.

I could only stare as she drew her hand over her head, a glistening knife shining in her tight grip. She swung down and I let myself go. Dying in a dream was an odd thing, you felt the pain of death but once you 'let go' as such, you simply woke up from your dream, well, unless you were too far into a dream, say, 3 dreams in or so, you would then fall into Limbo, the same place where Cobb and Mal had spent 50 years together.

I woke up screaming.

I ripped the line from my arm and realized that my face was wet and both my hands and knees were shaking uncontrollably.

My eyes darted from side to side; searching for something I couldn't know myself until I saw it. I needed warmth, I needed someone to hold me, and I was frightened and needed someone.

My eyes focused on a familiar figure and I screamed.

Arthur rushed over and reached a hand over to my shoulder, on impulse I smacked his hand away much to his surprise.

I couldn't understand why I did it really, It just sort of happened.

Arthur spoke up at that point and mumbled something about having to go work on a project. I really didn't want him to leave for some reason so I quickly reached for my golden totem and felt its weight, placed it on the table beside me and flicked it, watching it tip immediately.

Feeling reassured I quickly rushed over to Arthur and threw my arms around his tense body, I could feel him relax under my touch, I could feel the warmth of his breath on my hands, his hair brushing against my nose, the sharp smell of his cologne. I quickly took in every small thing about holding him and released my grasp on him.

I was turning to leave when he grabbed my wrist, this time with rough, warm hands. He swung me around to face him and pulled me close. I could feel his lips pressed into my hair, his arms felt strong and his chest slowly rose and fell, his heart beating through his chest, his breath brushing my forehead.

I melted into his body, and it felt so good.