Jareth shifted the weight of the slayer in his arms and managed to hold out one hand, palm outwards. Closing his eyes and concentrated he repeated the verse his mother had taught him as a child.

"Sanctuary of Old, Stones that Sleep. Open your arms and eyes Protect your servant And those in his keep."

Slowly the old wooden doors creeped open, without a sound. A cool air rushed out, brushing Sarah's hair away from her face. She could see a dimly lit passage. Jareth stepped across the doorway, and turned around.

"Enter, quickly, before the doors forget their welcome."

Both Spike and Sarah ran forward and joined Jareth, Spike on his left, Sarah on his right. Together they walked down the stone corridor. As they walked on, it got lighter. While there were still no windows, it seemed to be sun light, and not artificial light. Try as she could Sarah could not figure out where it came from.

They took a sharp right, down another passage way, and through a heavy wooden door. Inside the room, the air was fresh and sweet. There was a large bed in the middle of the room. Jareth walked forward and gently placed Buffy on it. Her color was still pale, not has bad as it had been before she had collapsed though. Jareth bent over her and brushed her hair away from her face.

"William, lad. There should be a blue vial, in the cupboard, over there."

He pointed to a large, dark, almost black, wooden cabinet that leaned heavily against the gray stone wall. Sarah stood there, unsure of what to do. She twisted the bottom of her shirt nervously in her hands.

"Sarah," Jareth spoke softly, "If you could fetch that pitcher of water and the basin and cloth." She quickly walked to the table and carried the items in question over to Jareth. He took them from her and placed them on the stand next to the bed. Wringing out the cloth he placed it on Buffy's forehead.

Spike had gone to the cabinet straight away. Reaching out grabbing the heavy metal handle he pulled it forward, before realizing his hand was sizzling. As if he were holding a crucifix. Ignoring the pain he grabbed the blue vile that sat on the middle of the top shelf of the cupboard, there was nothing else in there.

"Ah, thank you William." Jareth took the vial and poured a drop of its contents into the basin. The clear water slowly turned a deep red. Gradually steam began to rise up from the bowl. Jareth stepped back from the bed, indicating for the others to do so as well.

"She should be feeling more herself in a few moments."

"What happened to her?"

"I would rather save that explaination until after she is conscious, no doubt she will want to know as well. In the mean time, why don't you tell me about the events leading up to your appearance in my throne room?" Jareth nodded his head towards the heavy table at a far corner of the huge room. Around it several chairs stood. Sitting down Spike began his story, Sarah joined the telling as well.

"So you don't know why they would want you out of the way?" Jareth asked at the conclusion.

"No, nothing besides the ordinary reasons of the white hats versus the black hats."

"Perhaps. I doubt it wasn't a coincidence though. I have been receiving reports of Lady Trevlei disappearing from the Underground for extended periods, in the last several years.."Jareth stopped speaking, Buffy was waking up.

"What bus hit me this time?" she groaned, raising an unsteady hand to her head, probing the moist cloth that lay across it. Spike quickly got up from the table and walked over to Buffy, he perched carefully on the bed.

Jareth stood up and pulled out Sarah's chair for her, before joining Spike at Buffy's bedside. Sarah shook her head at this action, it surprised her that, her villain, could be such a gentleman, in every sense of the word.

Once everyone was situated Jareth began his narrative.

"It all has to do with how magic is transferred or exchanged."

Buffy gave Spike a worried look, what did magic have to do with her feeling like roadkill? He shushed her by putting a hand lightly over hers, cool fingers wrapping around, communicating his confidence in Jareth. Buffy relaxed a little, she started to pull her hand from beneath Spike's, he might be the only constant in her life, but that wasn't necessarily a good thing, was it? She stopped her hand from shedding the vampire's, instead she rotated it so it was facing palm upwards, her fingers now curling around the back of his hand.

Spike took an unneeded gasp at the slayer's actions, he had only comforted her as he had Druscilla countless times, but Druscilla had never responded so.quietly. He schooled his expression to show no surprise and focused again on what Jareth was explaining.

Jareth was not unaware at what was passing between the slayer and the vampire, eyebrow arched, but only Sarah noticed, as she was the only one who was unaware of Spike and Buffy's..alliance.

"As I was saying, it has to do with how magic is transferred or exchanged," Jareth watched everyone nod and continued on, "If I had known you were a slayer, Buffy, I would have made more of an effort to send you back to your world sooner. I know not how much you have been told of the origins of your powers, of Slayer powers in general. Not that there is anything general about a Slayer's abilities."

He gave Buffy an approving smile, "A slayer however, draws her power from the earth, the aboveground. It is why slayers are always female. The earth's power is distinctly feminine in nature. However, the power here," Jareth waved his gloved hand, "is less.finicky, if you will. Parts of the underground are feminine in nature while parts are male and other parts are simply neutral."

"There is gay magic?" Buffy muttered, "Well that explains why Wills is so gung-ho Tara after Oz." Jareth shook his head, laughing slightly.

"It is a little more complicated than that. But you don't need to understand that, what you do need to understand is that your power is based on a place that you are separated from. That severing has lead you to be more than a little disoriented."

"Yes, but why didn't she faint as soon as she came here? She was fine in your castle, Jareth." Sarah observed, her green gaze flicking to Buffy and then back to Jareth. As Jareth opened his mouth to speak Buffy had an image of the goblin king sporting one of Giles' tweed suits.

"He reminding you of him too?" Spike whispered to Buffy. She had a hard time not giggling but gave a slight nod, eyes back on Jareth.

"My castle, like the beginning of the labyrinth, if you remember it Sarah, are points in this world that are more strongly tied to the Aboveground. The mystical energies are more chaotic at the ends of the Labyrinth, a reason why it is so powerful."

"That why this Lady T bint wants your house of rocks?" Spike leaned into the mattress a bit, looking at Jareth. The king nodded in agreement.

"So, why doesn't she just use the beginning of the Labyrinth and not invade your castle, even though an invasion is more dramatic?" Sarah interjected, flipping a strand of hair over her shoulder.

"That's simple, everyone can start the Labyrinth, but not everyone can finish it, the convergence is more powerful in my castle." Jareth's face grew grim, "but she won't be able to access it without me. Since it is more powerful it bound by more powerful magic. With me though, she could if she wished, put anything aboveground."

"Like that army that swarmed your castle." Spike conjectured.

"The weakening doesn't work both ways? I know you used magic in my world., but nothing?" Sarah asked worridly, she didn't fancy seeing that army destroying her world.

"No, it does. When you saw me, in your parents room-we were not really there, you and your brother, with your wish had already crossed into the Underground. When I showed you the beginning of the Labyrinth, it really was the dropping of the illusion of your house." Jareth stopped, taking a breath.

"Well, if the army would be as effected-that would mean she has.somehow negated the drain of power that separation from the source creates.

The four in the ancient stronghold shared a worried look.