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Game Start

"Maybe if Iruka-sensei didn't baby you so much then…" Kakashi mocked as he watched Naruto turn from red to violet and back to red again.

"Finish that sentence Kakashi and I'll have to be the one explaining why a chunin school teacher had to castrate the great copynin," Iruka's voice rang out and his shadow fell across the ground towards the two men. Kakashi leaned against the tree with a familiar book in his gloved fingers, Naruto stood nose to nose (or nose to book) with him and growled threateningly. Iruka walked over to the blonde and placed his hands gently on his shoulders in a calming manner.

"Thanks Iruka-sensei," Naruto said cheerfully and Kakashi snorted which drew both men's attention. The tension between the two teachers had become so tense recently that even dense Naruto could notice it but true to his form, Naruto decided to try to help Iruka get over any thoughts of Kakashi.

"Maa, Naruto should you still call him your sensei, after all you are taller then him and he is no longer your teacher," Kakashi smirked and made sure to say the end very loudly. It was definitely a sore spot for the teacher and Kakashi exploited it well.

'I almost wish I never spoke during the chunin exam,' Iruka silently huffed but he couldn't help crossing his arms in a bratty fashion. Naruto watched the spark of lightning go between Iruka's smouldering brown eyes and Kakashi's visible icy blue eye.

"Iruka-sensei is the best! Everyone prefers him and he's liked by everyone," Naruto said sticking his tongue out at the masked man who continued to ignore the blonde's presence. Iruka flushed slightly at the compliment but still held eye contact.

"Come on Iruka-sensei, Let's go eat ramen without him," Naruto frowned but Iruka waved a hand in the air at him, as if swatting a fly.

"You go Naruto, I would like to have a word with your supposedly more mature instructor," Iruka said through gritted teeth and Kakashi looked away to give Naruto a upside down U smile.

"Remember we're meeting at the bridge at 7 am!" He announced cheerfully and Naruto walked away from them both.

"Yeah, be there for 2 p.m," Naruto smirked and the 18 year old ran towards his favourite place to eat. Iruka tapped his foot impatiently but he had learned quickly with Kakashi that the book comes before anything else. Iruka made a move to snatch it but suddenly Kakashi was across the clearing with an almost unseen smirk.

"You've become predictable, I still don't understand why you go to such depths for people who are no longer under your care," Kakashi said with a bored voice, these meetings were becoming so predictable that it made him want to cry. Not that he would, he had an image to uphold. He just wanted to see the dangerous, passionate spark in the sexy chunin's eyes but nothing he said seemed to reach Iruka's eyes.

"I will always care for my students, no matter what age I only want what's best for them and if you don't then you aren't a very good teacher Kakashi-sensei," Iruka replied on cue and Kakashi nodded absentmindedly.

'Word perfect as usual,' Kakashi thought sullenly and he waited for Iruka to continue with their pre-determined script. But Iruka didn't say anything else, Kakashi glanced towards the chunin and saw a suspicious glint in his eyes, the same glint Naruto got when he was planning a prank.

"Shouldn't you be off finding a little civilian girlfriend to settle down with instead of worrying about my soldiers?" Kakashi said skipping ahead towards the ending of their meeting.

'Now he'll fume about them being people and storm off with that cute blush and I get to watch his ass walk away,' Kakashi yawned in his head but Iruka's next words caught him off guard.

"At least I can get a girlfriend if I wanted one, I mean you are getting on in years Kakashi," Iruka said smugly and Kakashi almost dropped his book in surprise.

'That was new and no "Kakashi-sensei", I'll bite,' Kakashi thought gleefully and he held the book even more in front of his face.

"Maa, Iruka you are only a few months younger then me. Yet I see no girlfriend… or boyfriend," Kakashi said and he was glad the mask hid his smirk. Yet Iruka's eyes still held the mischievous shine to them that had Kakashi entranced.

"The difference between you and I, Kakashi is that people are interested in me and I don't need to dive into porn to find intimacy," Iruka said brushing a strand of hair that escaped the band behind his ear. Kakashi watched the movement unconsciously until the tanned hand came to rest at the corner of an amused mouth.

"You've probably never even looked at porn before Iruka," Kakashi said harshly and Iruka tilted his head to the side with a smirk.

"I've never needed to," Iruka said smartly and the statement hung in the air like a bad smell.

'What does he mean? Iruka isn't the type to sleep around but… he seems so confident in the fact that people want him,' Kakashi thought solemnly but he knew if he didn't reply quickly he would lose.

"Plenty of people are interested in what's underneath the mask, even you want to see deep down," Kakashi purred and in an instant he was only a few feet away from the brunette.

"I'm not interested, I don't even remotely like you," Iruka said. Inside he was happy that the line he had practised for hours in front of the mirror rolled off his tongue without so much as a stutter. Kakashi's expression didn't change but he did feel a slight twinge in his chest, he wondered for moment if a wound in his chest had reopened. Kakashi didn't have anything to say to that, he wanted to scream "LIAR!" at Iruka but deep down the beginnings of doubt began to creep in. The playful smirk on Iruka's face grew wider momentarily before he reached into his pocket.

"If we're done, I have to go meet Naruto for ramen," Iruka with a triumphant grin. He pulled a small exercise book out of his pocket and threw it down at Kakashi's feet, he then walked away into the trees and after Naruto.

Kakashi looked down at the small moss green textbook and his eyes widened at the writing on it. Across the top line was his name "Hatake Kakashi" in red pen and Kakashi was tempted to rip it up. It was symbolic and it spoke loud and clear to Kakashi:

'I deal with students everyday who throw insults at me and I best them, you're no better then them,'

Kakashi gave an almost maniacal grin at the small innocent book and he stuffed it into his Icha Icha pouch.

"I'm not interested, I don't even remotely like you," Iruka had said and Kakashi battled the urge to laugh loudly.

"I'll make you eat those words Iruka," Kakashi said to no-one and he made his way home to think through his plan.

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