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Chapter 10: Game over

Kakashi was disorientated as he woke up, with memories hazy he decided to try to get up. He was tugged back down by a redhaired nurse, she checked his vitals before talking to him.

"Hatake-san, you may be slightly drowsy. The painkillers have had you out cold for a long time, but your injuries are healed and you can leave today," She said and Kakashi didn't miss the thankful tone.

"How long was I out for?" He asked eager to get to Iruka.

"About 2 days," She replied nonchalantly and Hatake's eye widened.

"What?" He said in a surprised tone, the woman sighed and looked at him with a condescending smile.

"You were brought in on the night of the 17th, you slept all the way through the 18th and now it's 10 pm on the 19th," She said as if speaking to a child. Kakashi ignored the woman and instead focussed on the pink plant beside his bed.

"Did you get me a flower nurse? It's very flattering but my attentions are elsewhere," Kakashi grinned under the hospital mask and the Redhead rolled her eyes.

"They were brought in by a guest Hatake-san. He didn't say much, came in, dropped the flowers and told me to give you this when you wake up," She said cryptically, she pulled a small but thick book from her pocket and dropped it into the Copy-nin's lap.

Kakashi picked the book up and turn it over a few times, he smirked when he read the title.

Flowers and their meanings - for dummies

'Iruka,' Kakashi thought and he flicked through the book quickly. The nurse handed him his clothes and went to pull the curtain over when she snapped her fingers.

"Oh that's right! He wanted me to tell you that it's a Hyacinth," She said and she drew the curtain so he could change. Kakashi read down the contents page and found his desired one, he turned to the page and read.



From the greek legend of a boy named Hyakinthos who was adored by the Sun God - Apollo and the Wind God - Zephyr who both competed for his attention. Apollo was teaching the boy how to throw a discus when Zephyr grew jealous, he blew the discus back and it struck Hyakinthos in the head - killing him instantly. Apollo named the flower that grew from Hyakinthos's blood Hyacinth.

Modern Meaning(s): Play

"Play? Oh so this is your game is it? But I need a clue to start with," Kakashi whispered. He set the book down and picked up the Hyacinth, he plucked a small card from it's pot.

3 Trials

You have until midnight

You're first clue is….. Guelder Rose

Kakashi chuckled at the message, he got changed and exited out the window. He knew he should be looking up the task but he needed to check if Iruka was in the immediate area.

'If he is in the area he's hidden himself well, I better consult the book,' Kakashi reached into his pocket and grabbed the small tome.

Guelder Rose:

History: None

Modern meaning(s): Young when Old, Winter

"Young when Old?" Kakashi muttered and a light bulb went off in his head.

'The Hokage, Old Woman in young body,' Kakashi thought smugly. He changed his course and ran towards the Hokage's tower. He knocked on the door of her office and walked straight in, but the only person in the office was Shizune.

"Aah Where's Tsunade-hime?" He asked and the aide didn't even look up from the paperwork in front of her.

"She's gone out to the Casino," Shizune said seriously, she pulled out a rubber stamp and started attacking the papers with it. Kakashi backed out the room slowly and raised a hand to his chin.

"Why would Shizune let her shirk off her duties? The first challenge must be at the casino," He said and he looked around shiftily.

'I've got to stop talking to myself,' He thought.

Tsunade rolled her dice onto the bright green table, she glared at them when they stopped on the wrong number. Tonton squealed and nudged her hand, she looked at her pig and then at the door. A slightly Irate Copy-nin had just walked in. Kakashi was a isolated creature, who hated bright lights and loud noises so the Casino was a stressful place.

"Brat! There you are, pull up a stool," Tsunade said happily and Kakashi tried not to wretch at the strong smell of sake on her breath.

"Hokage-sama, do you have something for me?" He said bluntly and the woman smirked.

"I do, I do but if you want it then you need to do something for me," She said and Kakashi looked indifferent.

"What do I need to do?" Kakashi asked.

"In this room are 134 people, I've given 5 of them a golden dice. They'll be using them in some way but they are ninja," Tsuande said waving her finger.

"Five golden dice, got it," Kakashi said smugly.

"Once you spot it, you can ask for the dice and it'll be given to you. But for every wrong person, you get a penalty," She smiled wider.

"What's the penalty," He asked and the large doors behind him slammed shut.

"Every penalty you get = 30 extra minutes locked in here," She said and Kakashi gulped. He knew he didn't have the time to be hanging about.

"Piece of cake," Kakashi said walking in between the tables.

'If they've all been clued in then there is no point sneaking about,' Kakashi thought. He moved to the first table and stood over a dark haired man's shoulder. He looked at their body language and watched their basic plays but found nothing. Kakashi looked down at his watch and tried not to worry.

'I have 2 hours, so if I can do this quickly with no mistakes then I should be fine,' Kakashi reassured himself. He walked along quietly until a flash of gold caught his eye, he walked around to the confident looking man and smirked. The man was openly throwing a gold dice across the table. Kakashi reached out and plucked the dice from the table.

"I'm borrowing this," He said turning around. He returned to the Hokage and dropped the dice in front of her.

"1," He counted and the Hokage laughed.

"Don't get cocky Brat," She said. Kakashi shrugged and turned around and walked around the room.

Iruka sat on his couch and bit the end of his pen, his eyes flicking to the clock every few seconds. He glanced down at the paper in front of him and sighed, he straightened the papers up and slid them into a bag.

'I thought I could get some marking done but I'm worried about him,' Iruka thought. He stood up and made his way to the kitchen, he boiled some water and leaned against the counter.

'Maybe I should rush over there and get rid of the flower, I always try to run when things get hard. I should just sit down and talk to him… yeah right. Kakashi only likes the challenge,' Iruka thought worriedly. The door bell rang and Iruka hesitated, shaking away any negative thoughts he opened the door.

"Iruka-sensei! Kakashi-sensei woke up!" Naruto exclaimed and Iruka blinked at the energetic boy.

"He…. woke up!" Iruka said and he stood aside to let Naruto in the apartment. Naruto ran in and sat on the couch, he swung his legs back and forth and looked expectantly at his teacher.

"Yeah, I was in Sasuke's room and I saw him running across the courtyard, he must have gone out his window," Naruto said and Iruka crossed his arms over his chest.

'That's just like him, he's not even discharged himself officially,' Iruka scolded.

"Did you start another game Iruka-sensei?" Naruto asked and Iruka nodded stiffly.

"I was going to ask for your help," Iruka said.

"What do you need me to do?" Naruto asked looking curiously at his Father figure.

"I've set up something involving a few people, Tsunade-hime will be at her spot anyway but I need you to get a message to the other person who's involved. Also I need you to be a trial," Iruka asked and Naruto blinked a few times.

"A trial? Start from the beginning and explain this game," Naruto said scratching his head.

Naruto downed the hot chocolate he had been given, Iruka checked the clock and sighed. He finished his talk and sipped his cup of tea, he waited for the blonde's reaction.

"You're just avoiding the problem," He said and Iruka smiled.

"I know, but Kakashi only likes a challenge," Iruka said, Naruto rolled his eyes at his teacher's innocent and insecure outlook.

"He doesn't like a challenge, he likes you but you won't believe me so this game is the only way you'll find out," Naruto said knowingly and Iruka looked at the clock again.

"Okay I'll help but if he gets to you before midnight what's going to happen? You have to talk eventually," Naruto lectured.

"I'll tell him my feelings and tell him I'm fine being his friend," Iruka said, Naruto resisted the urge to hit his head off the wall.

'And people say I'm oblivious, Iruka-sensei needs to have more confidence like me!' Naruto cheered in his head.

"I'll deliver this note and I'll take my post, Good luck Iruka-sensei," Naruto said happily and Iruka put his cup down and patted the boy's head.

"Thanks, remember make it a hard one," Iruka yelled after the boy as he left out the front door. Iruka fell onto the couch and rubbed his head with both hands.

"Can I really tell him how I feel?" Iruka asked his empty apartment but it gave no answers.

Kakashi was starting to panic, he'd spent 30 minutes in the Casino and only found 2 dice. The first was easy and using his sharingan he found the second dice. An elderly man was rolling his dice across another table and Kakashi noticed the colour was off, he used Sharingan and saw through the illusion jutsu. But other then that he had no idea.

"I have to speed up," Kakashi muttered. He leaned against a wall and scanned the room, he could see the Hokage drunkenly laughing at him but he chose to ignore her.

'Endure Hatake, you get to see Iruka at the end of all this,' He reminded himself. An image of the chunin at the tea house assaulted his mind. The warm spicy scent of the chunin, the softness of his skin and the musical tone of his voice. The deep hazel eyes that silently welcomed him home, the sweet lips he'd only had a brief chance to taste.

Kakashi felt his throat drying out and he tried to cough, his eyes caught sight of a bar in the back corner. The young barmaid looking nervously at him, not with curiosity or intrigue like usual. Kakashi put his hands in his pockets and slouched over to the bar, he slid into the stool and gave the woman a masked smile.

"Good evening, do you want a drink Hatake-san?" She asked politely and Kakashi nodded. Maybe he could use her to get information on the dice.

"I'm flattered you know my name, makes me want to know yours," He flirted and she giggled.

"I'm Kurabu, What drink would you like? Or would you like to see the specials?" She hinted and Kakashi faked thought.

"Specials sound good," He replied and she picked up a small piece of card.

"Tonights specials are Flaming Ace, Poker Chip Cocktail or Golden Dice," She read and Kakashi smirked.

'Tsuande-hime said she gave 5 people not 5 players,' Kakashi thought.

"Golden Dice please," Kakashi said and the woman smiled. She started mixing a drink, she poured it into a martini glass and threw in an olive. She placed it in front of Kakashi and he looked at the drink closely.

"I think you're olives are off, Kurabu-san." Kakashi said plucking the golden dice from his glass.

"Oh, I'll have to check that," She smiled robotically back at him. He lifted the glass and took a sip through his mask.

"Orange juice?" He said and she nodded.

"And Lemonade, We wouldn't want you to be drunk Hatake-san. I'm sure you have plans later," She said and Kakashi smirked at her.

"I do, thank you Kurenai… I mean Kurabu. Do you have any more Golden Dices?" Kakashi asked and she winked at him.

"I'm afraid not Hatake-san, I'm out of ingredients," She replied and she disappeared in a puff of smoke. Kakashi nodded and got off his stool. He placed the dice in front of the Hokage and her smile lessened slightly.

"Número tres," Kakashi smirked and the woman tapped the table.

Kakashi searched around for 20 more minutes and found nothing, he listened in on conversations in case they let the location slip.

He stalked around each table, listening carefully until a sound caught his attention. A faint clicking noise, he could have passed it off as someone tapping their foot but his instinct told him not to.

He tracked the noise for 5 minutes until he'd narrowed it down to two tables. At one table a group of burly looking man played poker and didn't glance at the Copy-nin. The other table contained a mixture of people playing roulette. The small ball span around the disk and bounced off certain numbers but it wasn't the noise he was looking for.

'Similar though, someone might be trying to conceal the noise,' Kakashi thought. A group of punks stood looking at the spinner with wide eyes, a middle aged woman with tight blonde ringlets clasped both hands together in anticipation and a rebellious looking boy chewed gum while he watched the woman.

Something about gum vexed Kakashi, some would say it was the teacher's instinct in him but he would say it was probably that Rin got gum stuck in her hair once. Then she proceeded to give her teammates a hard time because she was miserable. He watched the boy's jaw move up and down and his visible eye widened.

He held his hand out underneath the boy's mouth. The grey eyes looked up at him.

"Drop it," Kakashi said sternly, the boy dropped the object from his mouth into Kakashi's gloved hand. Kakashi quickly threw the moist dice at the Hokage, who caught it.

"Disgusting, one more to go," He called to her, she put the dice on the table and wiped her hand. Kakashi wiped his own hand and scouted about.

Kakashi checked his watch and felt the urge to hit the Hokage.

'I've been here an hour, I hope the other trials aren't this hard.' Kakashi thought as he scanned the room. He kept to the shadows as he watched, his gut instinct telling him that the last dice was at the other roulette table.

Luckily there were only a few people at the table. A tall man with a dark hair and a goatee who wore a distinguished robe, an old woman wearing a cat on her head, a redheaded woman wearing a low cut purple dress and the table manager.

The old woman would wave her arms like a windmill when she lost and she patted her cat's head when she won. Kakashi wondered if the cat could be involved but when the tired feline looked at him he felt it's pain. It didn't like being in the Casino any more then he did.

The man definitely looked like a high ranking man, he could be involved with the Hokage easily but he didn't seem to have anything to do with gold.

The redhead didn't give anything away, Kakashi was about to leave when the old woman spouted some nonsense that made the young woman laugh. When she laughed she flicked her thick hair behind her and Kakashi smirked. Hanging from the woman's ear was a large shiny gold dice.

"You have lovely taste in jewellery," He commented at the woman looked surprised.

"Thank you," She said and Kakashi held out his hand.

"Can I take a closer look?" He asked and the woman took it off carefully and dropped it into his hand.

"Take it, it doesn't go with my dress," She whined. Kakashi walked over to the Hokage and slammed the final dice down.

"Finished," Kakashi said and the Hokage smiled and pulled 2 plants out. One was a small collection of petite yellow flowers, the second ones were a collection of purples and white flowers in small closed formations.

"The yellow ones are your destination while the mixed ones are your task. I think the yellow ones begin with 'B' while the task ones begin with 'C'," Tsunade offered. Kakashi pulled the book out and skipped to B.



Found throughout arctic, north temperate, and alpine regions, with species in the Andes and in sub-antarctic areas, this genus is characterised by glossy yellow flowers (hence the name buttercup) and deeply cut leaves (supposedly resembling crows' feet)

Meaning(s): Childishness

'Childishness? For a location?…. The Academy,' Kakashi reasoned. The Hokage started plucking petals off the buttercups while she waited for him to look up the others.



A flower of ritual and ornament, it was also used as food and as a source of dye and was connected with ceremonies. Its petals were scattered on the ground at social gatherings and on the matrimonial bed after a wedding. Crocus essence was used as a perfume and the stamens of autumn-flowering.

According to legend, young Crocus was a shepherd boy of fine and noble spirit. He fell deeply in love with the lovely nymph Smilax. The gods were so impressed with the depth of his devotion, that they granted him immortality and turned him into a flower. To ensure that they could be forever together, Smilax was transformed as an evergreen, the yew.

Meaning(s): Youthfulness

Kakashi blinked down at the paper.

'He wouldn't…. He would not choose… he would if he wants to win,' Kakashi sighed and the Hokage tried to peek at the page.

"Open the door," Kakashi said quickly and the guards unlocked it.

"I'm holding onto the plants," Tsunade said sticking her tongue out, Kakashi shrugged and ran out the Casino.

'I have an hour, I need to beat him fast,' Kakashi thought determinedly.

Iruka stepped out the shower and began towel drying his hair. He walked leisurely into his bedroom and started combing his hair, he looked at his bedside clock and smiled.

'It's 11p.m, he hasn't completed the first task yet. Maybe I'll get lucky and not have to talk to him,' Iruka prayed until the sound of a bird cawed outside his window. Iruka secured the towel tightly and opened the window. An eagle nudged Iruka's hand and the chunin took the note cautiously.

He's beaten my task,

Be prepared. He's on form tonight.

The Hokage's seal was at the bottom and Iruka pursed his lips together. Iruka stroked the top of the birds head, it bowed and flew away, leaving Iruka to worry. Iruka shut the window and sat on his bed.

"Kakashi," Iruka mumbled, he got up and started to get ready, just in case Kakashi managed to beat his tasks. He picked out a tan jumper with blue jeans and decided to leave his hair down.

Kakashi dropped into a familiar tree, it was the tree he watched Iruka from, the tree where he had waited for detention. The wind whistled through the leaves and gave the whole academy grounds an eerie feel. Kakashi jumped down and walked along a small side path, he stepped into a clearing and felt his heart drop.

A large green monster stood proudly in the clearing with a blinding smile, Kakashi walked slowly up to him.

"Gai," He greeted and Gai gave a thumbs up.

"Hello my eternal rival, I'm glad your deduction skills aren't rusty," Gai said at a normal volume. Kakashi was taken aback by this, he raised an eyebrow and Gai laughed.

"It is late, many youthful beings are asleep. Who am I to disturb their slumber?" He said extravagantly. Kakashi checked his watch and looked at his self proclaimed rival.

"What's the task?" Kakashi said. Gai looked thoughtful for a moment and Kakashi debated on knocking him out and stealing the hidden plant.

"Let us run around Konoha 20 times and see who wins!" Gai announced and Kakashi sweat dropped.

"Let's save that challenge for another time, can't we do something else?" Kakashi asked and Gai felt moved by Kakashi's willingness to get to Iruka.

"Okay! We will play Rock, Paper, Scissors and when you win, you will get the clue," Gai said, Kakashi paled but he said nothing.

'He has to pick the one challenge I never win,' Kakashi thought bitterly.

"I won't even add these loses or wins to our record because it's a favour," Gai said readying his hand.

'Try 116,' Kakashi silently counted. Gai looked as determined as ever while Kakashi looked like he was about to kill someone.

"Come on My Eternal Rival! You can do this," Gai cheered and Kakashi nodded.

'I've spent 20 minutes, I have to beat him,' Kakashi thought as he threw his fist forward.

Kakashi blinked.

Gai blinked.

"You won!" Gai said loudly and Kakashi smirked, he wanted to do a victory dance but he had to finish the last task.

"I did, the clue!" Kakashi said quickly and Gai pulled out a large Sunflower from goodness knows where.

"This youthful specimen is ….." Gai declared but Kakashi waved him off.

"Sunflower, got it," Kakashi said and stars appeared in Gai's eyes.

"You're so hip and Cool my eternal rival, knowing flowers to well!" Gai gave a blinding smile but Kakashi ignored it.



Sunflowers originated in North America in 3000 BC. During the 1500s, explorers brought the sunflower to Europe, where it spread along trade routes to Russia, Egypt, and the Far East. There are over 150 species of sunflowers. Some grow as high as 15 feet, while the dwarf plants grow 2-3 feet tall only.

According to Greek mythology, there was once a water-nymph, who fell in love with Apollo, the God of the Sun. She was so in love with him that she sat on the ground and stared up at the sun all day long. Apollo never noticed her. The other gods, however, took pity on the young girl and turned her into the sunflower. This is why the sunflower forever follows the path of the sun in the sky. She does not want to lose site of her lover.

Modern meaning(s): Happiness, Adoration, Sunshine

Kakashi tapped his finger against the page with a frown. The three meaning seemed obscure and could refer to anyone. He looked at the flower and twirled it in his hands, something was nudging at the back of his head.

'It's bright and loud and….. Blonde! Of course it's Naruto,' Kakashi thought and he handed the flower back to Gai. Gai smiled at his rival and ran off with the flower. Many were scarred that night by the image of a green jounin skipping through town with a sunflower.

"But where would he be? Ichikaru's is closed at this time, he could be with Sasuke but visiting times are over. I have no clue where he lives," Kakashi said rubbing his chin.

Kakashi saw the corner of the page was split in half, Kakashi took hold of the top part and pulled. A piece of paper came off and Kakashi saw the writing on it.

12 Nakabi Avenue

Not knowing your own student's address, tut tut.

Kakashi smiled lovingly down at the message.

'He knows me too well, I have to win. I'm not holding back anymore, I have one more task and then Iruka's all mine,' Kakashi thought, he stored the book away.

The door opened before Kakashi could touch it, a blonde with angry eyes stood in the doorway. With a strained smile he let the Copy-nin inside his apartment and shut the door snugly behind him. Naruto didn't say a word, he gestured to the couch and Kakashi took the seat cautiously.

"Yo," He said and Naruto sat opposite him with his fingers linked together.

"Kakashi-sensei, you're here for the last trial." Naruto stated, Kakashi tried to look bored but Naruto's eyes drilled into him.

"Iruka-sensei wanted me to give you an impossible task that would stop you getting to him but this game is getting ridiculous," Naruto said, Kakashi watched his student with a small smile. It was rare to see Naruto's serious side but when it showed, it was insightful and mature.

"I want it to end as well," Kakashi admitted.

"Iruka-sensei is insecure and he thinks you only like him when you're playing a game, when he's a challenge. If this is true…. I want you to leave and not bother Iruka-sensei again," Naruto ordered. Kakashi's palms became sweaty and his brow wrinkled.

"It's not true. It might have been at the beginning…. But things are different now," Kakashi said seriously. Naruto nodded in satisfaction.

"I thought as much. He feels the same as you do but he's convinced himself that when the game ends you can just be friends because you don't feel the same," Naruto said calmly. Kakashi felt a slither of warmth fill his body, hearing that Iruka had feelings for him sent him to new heights of happiness. He knew if he heard the same thing from Iruka's lips that he would be in heaven.

"When I see him, I'll set him straight," Kakashi said cooly. Naruto seemed content with his answer.

"Your task… is to buy me 50 bowls of ramen, not all at once but whenever I ask," Naruto grinned goofily.

"Buy you ramen? That's it?" Kakashi said and Naruto nodded.

"Unless you want something harder?" Naruto grinned and Kakashi waved his hands about.

"Nope I'm fine with that. The clue," Kakashi asked.

"No more clues. He's at his apartment, he has been all along. I'm surprised you didn't check there first," Naruto laughed, Kakashi would have face palmed if he wasn't in front of his student.

"I'll go to his apartment but I have to go somewhere first," He said making some handsignals and disappearing into smoke.

Iruka fussed about the kitchen, cleaning the surfaces and making everything shine. Cleaning was therapeutic to the chunin when he was stressed. He was wringing out the wet cloth over the sink when he felt a strong jolt of chakra. He dropped the cloth and it landed with a wet thud. Brown eyes glanced at the clock and he licked his lips.

'11:40. No avoiding it I guess,' Iruka thought, drying his hands on a towel. He walked slowly towards the front door and reached for the handle.

Knock Knock

Iruka's hand recoiled with a gasp, his heart pounding in his chest so loud he was scared it was fall out. He steeled his resolve and pulled the door open, keeping his eyes glued to the floor.

"Kakashi-sensei please come in," Iruka said politely, the jounin slid inside and Iruka shut the door. He walked over to the kitchen and pressed the back of his hand over the teapot spout, he felt the steam and smiled. It would be a good distraction for him.

"Tea Kakashi-sensei?" Iruka asked but Kakashi remained silent. Iruka didn't let this hinder his work, he brought down the cups and poured the hot water in with the tealeaves.

He placed them delicately on a tray and picked it up, he turned around and saw Kakashi sitting maskless on the couch.

Iruka sat the tray on the cofee table and tried to move away but Kakashi's hand latched on his wrist. Iruka didn't resist when he was pulled back onto the couch next to the Copy-nin, the hand slipping down to intertwine with Iruka's.

"Game Over Kakashi-sensei, you win. You can go now," Iruka said coldly but Kakashi leaned in closer to the chunin. Iruka could feel the jounin's breath on his cheek and he released a shallow breath.

"And if I don't want to go? Look at me Ruka," Kakashi begged and Iruka grew rigid.

He blushed at the nickname but he couldn't resist Kakashi's voice. He turned to face the Copy-nin and he tried not to stare.

"What have you got to stay for?" Iruka asked. Kakashi leaned in and Iruka's eyes widened.

"Don't. I don't want to ruin this friendship, this twisted, competitive friendship," Iruka said sharply, he pushed against Kakashi's chest but the Copy-nin didn't move.

"I don't want friendship. I want your attentions, your affections, your love," Kakashi confessed. Iruka shook his head with confused eyes, Kakashi raised his hand to cup Iruka's chin and stop the movement.

"I don't want an heir, I can hardly stand my team and Mizuki isn't right. He isn't…." Kakashi brushed his thumb along Iruka's lips.

"Kakashi," Iruka whispered.

Kakashi couldn't resist the chunin any longer, he captured his lips passionately. Iruka threw his arms around Kakashi's neck with a moan. Kakashi pushed forward until Iruka lay beneath him on the couch, Kakashi bit on Iruka's bottom lip and Iruka groaned in pain. Kakashi licked it apologetically before diving into Iruka's mouth. Any coherent thoughts or complaints were forgotten when Kakashi's fingers crawled under the tan jumper. Kakashi tried to dominate the kiss but Iruka fought back, Kakashi smirked at the fight. Iruka pulled back when the lack of oxygen burned his lungs. Kakashi's eyes drank in the sight of the ruffled chunin. Iruka's hair was spread across the dark couch cushions, his lips red and swollen from kisses and bites and his innocent eyes exuding sex appeal.

"Ka-Kakashi… I thought…. you wanted to talk?" Iruka asked and Kakashi laughed.

"Isn't this more fun?" He replied and Iruka leaned up to kiss and nibble at his neck.

"Undoubtedly," Iruka chuckled. Kakashi rolled his eyes and lifted the chunin up. He dropped Iruka on his lap and Iruka straddled him with a playful grin, hands winding around his neck.

"You want to talk like this?" Iruka said and Kakashi smirked. He nibbled at Iruka's pulse and felt the soft skin ripple beneath him, hands snuck into Iruka's shirt and Iruka inhaled sharply. Thoughts became hazy as Iruka registered his body giving into pleasure.

"We're meant to be talking," Iruka whined and Kakashi pulled away with a pop.

"Actions speak louder then words," Kakashi said smugly and Iruka pouted.

"Don't quote things at me, I'm a teacher too. The pen is mightier than the sword," Iruka quoted and Kakashi bit Iruka's jutting lip.

"Yeah, Yeah but A kiss is mightier then a kunai," Kakashi said and he kissed Iruka for effect. Iruka struggled to escape and accidently ground down on Kakashi, making them both moan.

"Let me go and explain Kakashi! What are you doing here?" Iruka yelled. Kakashi looked at the confused chunin and sighed. He brushed his fingers through Iruka's hair and rubbed his nose against Iruka's. A loud scratching at the kitchen window made Iruka jump.

"That is my explanation," Kakashi said dumping Iruka to the side and standing up. Iruka rubbed his side and looked over the back of the couch. Kakashi opened the window and saw Pakkun perched outside, he had a certain item at his feet.

"Time's up," Pakkun said gruffly and Kakashi picked the item up with a wink.

"Perfect timing," Kakashi smiled, the dog rolled his eyes and disappeared. Kakashi walked towards Iruka who's eyes were narrowed in suspicion.

"Kakashi, what's that?" He asked and Kakashi knelt on one knee in front of him.

"Proposing Kakashi?" Iruka chuckled and Kakashi smirked back at him.

"Not yet," He warned, he pulled the object out from behind his back with a flourish. Iruka's eyes raked over the blood red rose, it's petals were perfect and the stem was smooth. Iruka blushed and cleared his throat.

"For me? Kakashi…" Iruka started but Kakashi waved the rose about.

"It's not done thoughtlessly. I've done my research," Kakashi said proudly. Iruka crossed his arms and looked down at Kakashi.

"Go on then, tell me what you know," Iruka ordered.

"I think this is your fantasy, making me act out a student again. First detention and now…." Kakashi smirked until Iruka hit him round the head.

"Kakashi!" Iruka said outraged, a vivid blush covered his face.

"I'm not saying I'm against it as long as we can switch roles occasionally," Kakashi teased, he loved seeing Iruka squirm.

"But back to business… a red rose," Kakashi said seriously, Iruka unconsciously leaned forward.

"Means I love you," Kakashi said simply, Iruka stopped breathing.

'I have to be dreaming. This is Hatake Kakashi, kneeling in front of me after ravishing me, proclaiming he loves me. He can't love me,' Iruka thought, his thoughts registering on his face.

"Iruka? Say something? Do… Do you feel the same way?" Kakashi asked, he could feel himself panicking. It was rare for him to be nervous.

"Of course I do, how could I not? But we can't," Iruka said in a trance.

"Why not? I said I don't want kids. Don't let Mizuki win, he's wrong! I'm living proof, I want you," Kakashi said loudly.

"For how long! Mizuki got tired of me and it's only a matter of time before you do too. We wouldn't work Kakashi, we're too strong and it would be passionate but we'd burn out," Iruka snapped.

"You don't know that for sure. I could never get tired of you, did you notice the stem?" Kakashi said pushing the rose into Iruka's hand. Iruka ran a finger down the thornless stem with a curious look.

"Come on sensei, you know what a thornless rose means," Kakashi urged.

"Love at first sight," Iruka mumbled, Iruka rolled the petals over his lips and he looked into Kakashi's eyes.

"But….. that was 15 years ago Kakashi," Iruka said in a shocked voice.

"I didn't know what it was back then, I couldn't get you out my head. I'd just joined anbu and I was numbing all my emotions. Then I saw you, laughing and playing and it made me feel funny," Kakashi remembered. Iruka rested the rose on his lap with a smile.

"I remember the ball rolling off, I went to pick it up and there you were, sat in the high branches of the tree. You looked so sad," Iruka said.

"You smiled up at me and undid all my training, for a split second I didn't want to be anbu. I wanted to be a normal 16 year old," Kakashi admitted. Iruka's bottom lip trembled and his eyes grew wide.

"I didn't know you felt like that," Iruka whispered. Kakashi placed a hand on Iruka's cheek and he leaned in.

"You smiled up at me that day and changed my life," Kakashi said. Iruka smiled happily at the jounin.

"You make me sound so important," Iruka chuckled and Kakashi kissed his lips chastely.

"You were, you still are. Worth all my effort and injuries," Kakashi said dramatically.

"Effort and injuries?" the chunin raised an eyebrow but Kakashi shook his head and lifted up his finger with a pitiful expression.

"Who do you think took all the thorns off the rose?" Kakashi said waving his finger about, Iruka squinted his eyes and saw a tiny scratch.

"That's it?" Iruka smirked and Kakashi pouted. Iruka grasped the hand and pulled the finger towards his lips. He kissed the pad gently before slipping it into his mouth.

"Ruka," Kakashi breathed, he watched his pale finger disappear into the hot mouth. Iruka's tongue swirled around the tip and with one final lick he pulled back.

"That should help it heal," Iruka said inspecting the finger. He looked up to find Kakashi blushing.

"You're blushing! That's so cute," Iruka cooed. Kakashi pushed his finger towards Iruka again with puppy dog eyes.

"It still hurts, maybe you should do that again," Kakashi leered. Iruka kissed it quickly and stood up with the rose in his hand.

"If it hurts that much then I'll get you a plaster," Iruka said slyly, he moved over to the kitchen and dropped the rose into a vase. He pulled out his first aid box when a pair of arms wrapped around his waist.

"I thought you were mortally injured, about to bleed to death on my living room floor?" Iruka said sarcastically and Kakashi nipped the back of his neck.

"I'll struggle on for you," He said and Iruka blushed. His dark eyes drifted to the rose and he sighed happily.

"Kakashi… I love you too," Iruka said quietly, for a moment he thought the copy-nin hadn't heard him. But when the arms around him tightened and Kakashi licked the arch of his ear, Iruka knew he had.

"Game Over Ruka," Kakashi whispered and Iruka rolled his eyes.

"Yes, Game Over," He smiled.

"As the winner, I'm going to collect my prize," Kakashi growled huskily and Iruka shuddered in anticipation.

"B-But the tea will get cold," Iruka stuttered.

"Ruka, you have 10 seconds to get to the bedroom or we do it here," Kakashi warned. Iruka turned around in Kakashi's arms and kissed him passionately, he pulled back with a mischievous grin.

"Catch me if you can," Iruka whispered against Kakashi's lips, he ducked under Kakashi's arm and ran for the bedroom. Kakashi immediately chased after him, slamming the bedroom door shut behind them.

Iruka mumbled in his sleep and turned over, he opened his eyes and blinked a few times in confusion. He reached a hand out to touch the pale object next to him, when it inhaled Iruka woke up properly. He trailed his finger up the object until he was looking into a sleepy grey eye.

"Good Morning," Iruka yawned and Kakashi smiled down at him.

"Morning Ruka," Kakashi replied. Iruka leaned against the jounin and snuggled into his chest.

"I didn't expect you to be here when I woke up," Iruka admitted honestly and Kakashi frowned.

"I'll prove my intentions are good even if I have to sleep in your bed every night for the rest of my life," Kakashi said cunningly and Iruka rolled his eyes.

"I like the sound of that," Iruka said sweetly, he pushed himself up. He gave a yelp of pain and fell back onto the bed.

"Kakashi….. I'm going to kill you," Iruka mumbled angrily, Kakashi pulled the smaller man closer. Iruka rested atop his lover with his head in the silver-haired man's neck.

"But if you kill me then you'll wake up to a corpse every morning," Kakashi whined.

"How am I going to work?" Iruka complained and Kakashi kissed Iruka's forehead.

"You're not. Tsunade-hime has given you a few days off because she knows there is only one way to cure your aches and pains," Kakashi said cryptically.

"And what would this miracle cure be?" Iruka said although he knew he wouldn't like the answer.

"Well preparation and stretching and lots of practice," Kakashi said pervertedly.

"So basically lots of sex to get me used to it?" Iruka asked and Kakashi nodded happily.

'Oh well I can think of worse ways to spend my days off,' Iruka thought. He yawned and slid half off the Copy-nin.

"Where are you going?" Kakashi asked winding an arm around the chunin's waist.

"Breakfast," Iruka promised.

"Morning kiss first," Kakashi declared leaning in, Iruka lifted a hand to stop him.

"You haven't brushed your teeth yet," Iruka said and Kakashi chuckled at his lover's quirks. He grabbed the wrist and pushed it down, he kissed the chunin deeply. Iruka moaned despite himself and started to respond.


Izumo stood at the end of the bed with both hands covering his eyes.

"Iruka-kun! You're late for work! The teachers are wondering where you are!" Izumo called into the room. Iruka blushed and threw most of the covers over Kakashi's head.

"Izumo-kun! What are you doing here?" Iruka yelled and the other chunin sighed.

"Calm down Iruka-kun I've got my eyes shut! But you need to invest in some pyjamas instead of sleeping naked, especially now it's getting to winter," Izumo fussed. Kakashi shot his lover an amused look and Iruka glared back at him.

"I have a few days off Izumo-kun," Iruka said nervously and Izumo frowned.

"You have time off? What's Kakashi-sensei done now?" Izumo said in an annoyed tone.

"Ummm Izumo-kun you should leave, you'll be late," Iruka said quickly.

"No what's he done Iruka-kun? I bet it's something stupid, I don't care if you're in love with him, he's such a….." Izumo ranted.

"Such a what Izumo-sensei?" Kakashi asked and the standing chunin became rigid. Iruka was caught between feeling sorry for his friend or laughing.

"K-Kakashi-sensei, you should have said something earlier," Izumo muttered.

"I'll meet you for lunch Izumo-kun," Iruka said. The blind Izumo smirked and nodded.

"Okay, see you at lunch Iruka-kun," Izumo said making hand signals and keeping his eyes screwed shut.

"Wait! Not a word to anyone Izumo-kun," Iruka warned but Izumo just smirked wider.

"Me? Would I say anything?" Izumo said and he was gone.

Iruka rubbed his face with a groan.

"The whole village will know by lunchtime," Iruka sighed and Kakashi nodded.

"And if they haven't been told, they'll figure it out from your limp," Kakashi said cheerfully. Iruka glowered at him and he got off the bed with a hiss. He grabbed a navy robe and tied it securely, Iruka padded out into the kitchen/ living room.

'If I'm late for class then it must be past 8,' Iruka thought, he looked at the clock and it read quarter past 8. He boiled some water and he limped into the living room. Iruka picked up the tray of cold tea with a disapproving look, he took it over to the sink and started cleaning them.

He was humming a catchy tune when Kakashi walked in, Kakashi leaned against the table and watched him, wearing only a pair of black boxers.

"No singing?" Kakashi asked and Iruka laughed.

"I thought you were trying to get back to sleep," He replied.

"You're kidding, this is like a lie in for me. I'm usually up early to go to the memorial stone," Kakashi said and Iruka placed the cups on the drying rack.

"Don't let me stop you," Iruka said and he felt Kakashi pressed up against his back.

"It's fine. I'm sure they'll be thankful for the peace," Kakashi joked. Iruka looked thoughtful as he dried his hands.

"I might drop by later if you want to come with me," Iruka offered, Kakashi looked taken aback but he smiled.

"Yeah, that would be good. You okay?" Kakashi asked as he searched through the cupboards for mugs.

"Uhhhh…. It's nothing important," Iruka said and although Kakashi wasn't convinced, he didn't say anything. He hugged the chunin from behind and Iruka smiled.

'Could I really trust him? Give him all of me?…. I've already given more then I thought I would ever give anyone,' Iruka thought seriously. Kakashi spun the chunin around until he could look into the deep brown eyes.

"You're worrying about something," Kakashi stated and Iruka smirked.

"What makes you think that?" Iruka said and Kakashi ran his tongue over a well formed hickey, making Iruka gasp in pleasure.

"I can tell but I know how to distract you," Kakashi said seductively, he leaned in and stole Iruka's breath away. Iruka pounded at the bare chest until he was released.

"Not again! First tea and now you want me to ignore coffee?" Iruka gestured to the two steaming cups. Kakashi picked his up and downed it in one, Iruka's eye twitched at his boyfriend's behaviour.

"Baka! You're going to hurt your throat if you do that!" Iruka protested. Kakashi watched his brunette lover intently, Iruka drank deeply from his cup as he inhaled the scent. After a moment of being stared at the chunin dropped the half filled cup into the sink.

"You're such a child," Iruka said pulling the jounin towards the bedroom.


"I don't know how you can stand him," Sasuke said and Iruka sipped at his tea with a smile.

"It's about as easy as living with Naruto is," Iruka laughed.

"What? Having a child instead of a boyfriend?" Sasuke teased and Iruka nodded.

"Exactly, I thought you were meant to be under Anbu surveillance?" Iruka asked and Sasuke snorted.

"Whenever you turn up, they take off. Cowards," Sasuke said happily and Iruka scratched his scar.

"I didn't mean to scare your guards," Iruka mumbled.

"It's fine, I prefer your company to theirs," Sasuke said honestly and Iruka smiled.

"Thank you, I enjoy your company too," Iruka said thankfully. A loud crash was heard but neither man moved.

"Sasukkeeee!" Naruto called cheerfully and the Uchiha rolled his eyes. The blonde appeared in the doorway and his grin grew wider at the sight of his lover and favourite teacher.

"Iruka-sensei!" Naruto squealed, he ran forward to tackle the chunin but he stopped inches from Iruka with wide frightened eyes.

"T-T-T-T-That gunk! Errrgghhhhh gross how could you drink that stuff?" Naruto turned his nose up at the green tea.

"It's good for you and it tastes delicious," Iruka said playfully, he took a loud sip and the blonde shuddered.

"Nope, gross," Naruto whined.

"I'll leave you two alone, Kakashi should be back from his mission anyway,|" Iruka said draining his cup and taking it over to the sink. Naruto tackled his teacher, who managed to stay upright and hug the boy back. Iruka glanced out the window at the dark skies and he rubbed Naruto's cold arms to heat him.

"It has got so dark but that's winter for you, bye boys," Iruka waved and he left the couple alone. He walked calmly down the street, he couldn't help feeling like he was being watched. No one else was on the path or across the road, it was as if it was a ghost town.

'Is someone following me? Is…." Iruka thought but a light bulb went off in the chunin's brain. He shook his head and continued to walk down his path until he got to his front door. He left the door open, he toed his shoes off and walked over to the living room.

The door shut loudly and Iruka turned around, a slightly worn Copy-nin leaned against the door with his arms crossed.

"Leaving your front door open is a security risk Iruka-sensei," Kakashi mocked and Iruka gave a fake gasp.

"You're right Kakashi-sensei, It's a good job you were in the area," He teased. Kakashi unfolded his arms and walked towards his lover.

"All in a days work," Kakashi said heroically, Iruka snorted. Kakashi's arms wound around the chunin's waist and tanned hands snaked behind the Copy-nin's neck.

"You're not injured are you?" Iruka asked and Kakashi shook his head.

"Nope, a bit tired but I have enough energy for you Ruka," Kakashi purred, Iruka smiled and leaned closer. He bit the edge of the mask and pulled it down, Kakashi grinned at his lover's new trick.

"I've missed you," Kakashi cooed and he started kissing down the column of Iruka's neck.

"You've only been gone..Aah...15 hours…. I missed you too," Iruka blushed as he whispered the last words. A lightning bolt hit Iruka and he furrowed his brow, he had genuinely missed the jounin and he knew it couldn't be avoided anymore.

"Kakashi, I need to talk to you. It's important," Iruka said, Kakashi pulled back and planted a kiss on Iruka's forehead.

"Is this about what's been worrying you?" Kakashi hinted and Iruka nodded. He held the jounin's hand and started to pull him towards the bedroom.

"Don't get any funny ideas Kakashi, we're just talking," Iruka reiterated and Kakashi rolled his eyes.

"You make me sound like a hyper-sexual," Kakashi grinned.

"You are," Iruka said monotonously, he opened the bedroom door and walked in.

"Well the only way for a Hyper-sexual to be in a relationship is with another Hyper-sexual," Kakashi said knowingly, the chunin blushed and coughed into his hand.

"I'm not a hyper-sexual," Iruka pouted and Kakashi was pushed to sit down on the bed, he raised an eyebrow and the chunin blushed brighter.

"Fine but only for you Kakashi," Iruka mumbled, Kakashi's grin widened so much that Iruka was worried it was fall off his face. Iruka bent down and pulled out a box from a secret compartment in his beside table. He sat next to Kakashi on the bed and pursed his lips, he looked out the corner of his eye at Kakashi before sighing.

'It just had to be him,' Iruka thought bitterly, he could imagine Kakashi laughing at what he had to show. He opened the ornate jade box and gently manoeuvred through the items inside. Kakashi, being a naturally nosey ninja, looked over Iruka's shoulder and his visible eye widened. He reached a gloved hand into the box and delicately lifted out a photograph. It showed a dark haired couple dressed up in formal wear, the woman wearing a wedding kimono and holding a bouquet of peachy/pink flowers while the man gave a warm smile from beside her in a dark kimono.

"Is this your parents?" Kakashi asked and Iruka gave a stiff nod.

"Their wedding photo," Iruka elaborated, Kakashi set the picture down carefully and pulled out another picture. This one had the couple looking slightly older but no less happy, all three people wearing casual clothes. Kakashi's eye was drawn to the small six year old with an un-scarred face but the same brown eyes, smiling at the camera while clinging to his parent's hands.

"I wish I could have met them," Kakashi blurted out and he froze immediately after it, he waited for his lover's reaction. Iruka turned his head and looked at the photo wistfully.

"So do I. I think my mother would have adored you even if you're perverted, she believed love could conquer anything," Iruka laughed.

"It can," Kakashi pouted.

"See? That's exactly why you would get along. My father was very protective of me, just after this photo was taken I was snatched away by an old man," Iruka confessed. Kakashi's posture tensed as he waited for Iruka to continue.

"My father saved me, god knows what would have happened if he hadn't got there in time. You'd probably have to prove you were after more then my body to my father," Iruka said brushing his thumb over his father's face.

"But I didn't bring this out so we could take a trip down memory lane," Iruka cleared his throat, he took the photos back and piled them carefully in the box. He pulled out a silk handkercheif and shut the box over, he slid the box back into it's hiding spot.

Kakashi watched Iruka unfold the material until he could see the contents, a single green stem with 2 peach blossoms. Kakashi recognised them from the wedding photo.

"My mother was a hopeless romantic. She told me to give this peach blossom to the person I love most in the world. I was tempted to give it to Mizuki but…. Something inside me told me not to, it didn't feel right," Iruka said, Kakashi opened his mouth but Iruka shook his head quickly.

"Don't interupt me, I-I need to get it all out before I lose my nerve," Iruka begged, Kakashi latched onto Iruka's hand and nodded his head. Iruka linked their fingers and held the flower in his other hand.

"After Mizuki I thought I could never love again, I planned on giving it to Naruto. So he could give it to Sasuke or Sakura or whoever he chose. I'm glad I didn't," Iruka continued. He placed the flower in Kakashi's other hand and took a deep breath.

"I'm giving it to you Kakashi," Iruka said and Kakashi looked down at the flower in awe.

"It's still in perfect bloom, how?" Kakashi asked quietly and Iruka waited for the laughter.

"It's infused with chakra. A mixture of my mother's and my own," Iruka said. Kakashi set the flower down on the side table and pulled Iruka into his arms.

"I love you so much Ruka," Kakashi breathed and Iruka leaned up and kissed the jounin. Kakashi reluctantly pulled back and nuzzled Iruka's cheek.

"I've never been given a gift before and to be given something so amazing…. makes me happy," Kakashi smiled.

"I love you too Kakashi," Iruka answered, lips crashed together as tongues battled and hands roamed. Kakashi pushed the chunin beneath him and kissed behind his ear.

"What does a peach blossom mean?" Kakashi asked seductively and Iruka smirked.

"It means 'I am yours'," Iruka whispered. Kakashi pushed him down onto the bed and showered his face in sloppy kisses.

"I think I've found a new appreciation for flowers," Kakashi smirked, Iruka laughed in agreement. The silver haired ninja looked down at him with a roguish grin, Iruka whined lightly at the sensual look and pressed his hips up.

"Kakashi~" Iruka begged and Kakashi chuckled to himself. He started nibbling at the exposed neck and his smirk grew with every hitch in breathe and breathless moan.

'Game set and match,'

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