Years into the war Draco had moved past his initial reluctance and fear of being a Death Eater and accepted his tasks for one reason. He wanted something that he would never be able to have without the Dark Lords help. She consumed him, burned him, and distracted him every second of the day that she didn't notice him. The worst part for him was how much she hated him and what he represented, which only made it harder since she was already untouchable due to who her father was.

Draco tortured, killed, and tracked to almost perfection for three straight years during the war wanting one thing, Hermione Granger. He knew he was obsessed when he didn't wince at the blood hitting him as he tortured ruthlessly, all he could think of was Hermione. How her hair shimmered in the sunlight, how her eyes could almost shine with happiness, and how her smile could drive him to his knees with a single glimpse. He killed and imagined that she would hold him afterwards and forgive him for being so tainted compared to her.

Voldemort knew his goal and why he never touched the whores throwing themselves at him, only glaring at them to make them leave. He knew why Draco did his instructions to the letter and tortured anyone that threatened to mess with his missions. Voldemort was all too aware that his daughter was fighting for the other side and that she could be killed if anyone besides his death eaters was to know. Which is why he came up with his devious little plan to 'protect' her.

Draco had come to him after a very successful mission and Voldemort was growing tired of the young Malfoy beating around the bush when he asked what he wanted most.

"What do you want as a reward Draco?" he asked straight out. Draco tensed shielding his mind tightly when thought of Hermione popped into his head.

"Nothing my lord," he said quietly.

"Your lying," Voldemort hissed and Draco fell to his knees and caught himself from falling down to the floor by putting out his hands to stop himself. "Tell me the truth." He watched as Draco fought the spell putting him in a submissive position.

"I want Hermione Granger as mine," Draco he said in a deadly calm voice.

"Why?" Voldemort asked staring to circle Draco slowly.

"I can't think of anyone else, even when I'm killing. I just want her and her alone, and I want her to want me just as much. I want to dominate her in every possible way because she's beaten me in everything except becoming tainted," he said. "I want her to cower when she sees me and love me at the same time."

"What an obsession you have Draco," Voldemort laughed as he stopped circling Draco and stood in front of him again. "What would you do to have her?"

"Anything," he said not regretting his words.

"Bring me Harry Potter and I'll give her to you," he said smiling cruelly. "But if you fail, I'll never let you see her."

"Yes my Lord," Draco said feeling elated like he hadn't in a long time.

"Your assignment is to track them down and bring them here, once you do that then you will have your desire," Voldemort said.

"Yes my Lord," Draco said feeling the spell lift and he stood up and bowed before he left Voldemort to start his new assignment. Once the door was closed Voldemort smiled, he could kill two birds with one stone.

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