Chapter 2

Six months later

Hermione sat in the patient room of with Draco pacing restlessly beside her while they waited for results of their fertility tests. After months of waiting and no baby they both grew concerned. Both of their parents had difficulty conceiving each of them and the possibility that it passed on was great.

"Please stop," she said looking at him briefly. He paused in his steps and pulled the rolling stool beside her examination table and reached for her closest hand.

"I want this to go well," he said.

"I know. I don't want to be disappointed if we can't have a baby."

"We will, and I won't be disappointed. Just sad, that I can't see you grow with my child or that we'll raise a wonderful person that we created," he said rubbing her hand. She closed her eyes and sighed.

"Let's just cross our fingers and hope it works," she said.

"Cross our fingers? What will that do?" he asked quizzically. Just as she was going to explain their doctor walked in. The short brunette with surprisingly green eyes smiled at both of them as she entered and checked their results.

"Well," she started looking at the chart a little longer before smiling at them again. "Nothing's wrong with your fertility, I'm actually surprised that you haven't yet. However their might be some factors that affect it. How often are you having intercourse?"

Hermione looked at Draco who flinched at his wife's gaze.

"It depends," he started slowly.

"On what may I ask?" she said.

"Um, how often we're in the same room together," he said shrugging as Hermione snorted.

"I take it that that's often for you two?" When both of them nodded she sighed a little. "You may have to restrain yourselves a little from that. Give it time between sessions; too much sex can actually decrease your chances of conceiving."

"You mean I can't have sex with my wife more than once a day?" he asked sounding distressed.

"I think you should limit to every other two days, not just once a day," she said.

"That should be fine," Hermione said before he could protest. He pouted in his seat next to her as their doctor continued telling Hermione about techniques that would naturally increase their chances before they tried anything magical.

As they left the hospital Draco wrapped his arm around her waist and drew her close next to him. They walked a few blocks before apparating to their house. She walked in first and dropped onto the couch, Draco following almost instantly. He looked at her and she looked back before she started laughing.

"How in the world are we going to keep our hands off each other?" she asked.

"I'll have to look less handsome, and you're going to have to lock me out of our bedroom for a few days at a time," he said seriously. She laughed and laid her head against his shoulder.

"It'll be worth it though huh?" she asked.

"Yes," he said softly rubbing her stomach lovingly. "I can't wait to see how our baby grows inside of you. It'll be amazing."

He moved away as the urge to move his hand further south. She sighed as he looked like his puppy had run far, far away from him. She sat up and tapped his thigh with her foot.

"The doctor didn't say we had to start today you know," she said. His growl mysteriously made her self- control disappear. Soon enough their house would need a thorough cleansing on some very public surfaces but both were happy their self-control had one day more before being strictly kept.

Three Months Later

The morning Hermione woke up to what should have been the pleasant feel of her husband's lips moving up her thigh when the smell of shampoo hit her. It was usually a pleasant scent but the moment it wafted its way into her nose she felt sick. Hurting her husband's feelings because she pushed him off of her and ran faster than a centaur from Grawp's giant feet was the last thing on her mind before she became more intimately acquainted with their toilet.

He stopped pouting when he heard her throwing up and ignored her garbled protests to him coming into the bathroom and holding her hair for her. When she stopped she almost thanked him before another whiff of his shampoo came towards her again and started her all over.

Throwing a bottle of her strawberry shampoo at him she told him get out and not come back till his hair didn't make her want to hurl anymore. Ten minutes later he came back to their room finding her chugging down water while lying in bed. He laid next to her and she gave a tentative sniff before snuggling up to his side.

"I'm going to have to check, but I think we got our wish," she yawned.

"So your finally knocked up?" he asked excitedly.

"Did I not just say I have to check?" she said with a roll of her eyes.

"Come on, let's check now," he said starting to get up but she hit his chest and made him lay back down.

"I don't feel well right now. Checking can come later," she said closing her eyes again. Draco pulled his wife closer and enjoyed her using his body as her personal pillow.

Nine and a half months later

Draco started getting worried about Hermione and the baby when nine months had passed and no baby appeared ready to come. Apparently their first son was going to make a dramatic and unexpected entrance soon but on his own time. The healer had told them their son was fine, just waiting till it was time for him to come. Hermione was starting to hope her son vacated her body soon because swollen ankles and the inability to rub them was grating her nerves.

Draco was sweet though. He rubbed her feet and her back for her whenever he was around. He'd started his Potions apprenticeship though and Snape summoned him at all hours of the day and no matter the situation. One embarrassing time was in the middle of sex between the couple, leaving all three feeling awkward for weeks afterward. So when he was at home he did everything he could for her and the small things that she couldn't do anymore.

He was home there when it started though. Hermione had been talking about her ankles, complaining about her weight more, and her back taking some of the strain too. He'd run her a hot bath and helped ease her into the tub and scrubbed her back for her. She'd shooed him away to soak and he was downstairs when she let loose a short scream from the bathroom. He'd run faster up the stairs than any time he'd run in his life to find her clutching the side of the tub in pain.

A quick glance into the water showed her water had burst and he lifted her out of the water quickly. Knowing no magical means of travel was safe for her at this point he laid her on the bed and went to the floo. He stuck his head in and called for her healers' office at St. Mungos'. Luckily the woman was there and came through after a few minutes to come assist in the birth.

Draco had been shuffled off to the head of the bed with Hermione while the healer examined her.

"Looks like you'll be seeing your son fairly quickly now," she said lowering the sheet over Hermione.

"How far along am I?" Hermione asked between contractions.

"About four centimeters already," her healer smiled. "Seems your boy is in sort of a hurry now."

"Ugh, I don't think he got that from me," Hermione said after another contraction.

"The waiting too long came from you," Draco said.

"If you don't shut up this baby will be born fatherless," Hermione growled through another contraction.

Within thirty minutes Corvus Thomas Malfoy was brought into the world screaming until he was placed in his mother's arms. Draco had suggested the name when he saw that his inherited silver blonde had been knocked out of his son in favor of her darker color. He'd understood Hermione's need in his middle name and not many people would understand the significance unless they dug really deep.

Five years later

Corvus chased his sister Cassie through the yard as she held his favorite toy above her head. Their shouting brought out their father who hoisted both his children above his head as they squealed when he roared at them.

"I hear very bad children making a ruckus while their mother is trying to sleep." He said as he held them above his head. His daughter was giggling but his son was pouting.

"I was playing with the dragon toy Uncle Harry gave me when Cassie stole it from me," he said. Draco looked at his daughter with the stare that let her know he wasn't playing.

"He wouldn't play with me, and mummy took my crayons earlier for hitting him with them so I took his toy," she said quietly.

"Then what do you do now?" Draco asked.

'I'm sorry Cor," she said handing his toy back over their fathers head. Corvus took it and smiled at his sister.

"Want to go play with the toys Uncle George gave us?" he asked after his father set them down. That alarmed Draco.

"What toys?" he asked but they took off like Snitches and he couldn't catch them to find their hidden cache. Walking back into the house he saw that his wife was awake anyway. Smiling as she looked out the window holding her swollen belly.

"I think we were a little too enthusiastic about kids Kitten, their more trouble than their worth sometimes," he said tiredly as he looked out the window at their kids. They were playing with the new kid friendly but parent terrifying fireworks that George had invented recently. When their kids noticed them the waved at the window and smiled widely.

"But they always make it worth it in the end Draco," she said softly.

"Yeah, but since we'll have three by December let's wait till one of them graduates before we make another."

"Could you really keep your hands off me that long?" she teased.

"Is that trick question?" he smirked rubbing her stomach and feel their second son kick gently against his hand. "I can't wait to meet the new edition, maybe my hair will come back this time."

"Sorry honey, but my genes are dominant, which means if their smart they got it from me," she laughed.

"You saying if we have a kid with less than an E in their DADA O.W.L. it's my fault?" he asked growling playfully. She swatted him hard but smiled.

"Yep, totally your fault," she said.

"I love you," he said softly.

"I love you just as much," she whispered back.

"So I'm not a bad bloke to share all of this with," he said wrapping his arms around her and across her stomach.

"No, you're the only one I want to share this with," she said looking back at him before putting her hands over his.

They stood at the window and watched their children play, happier than they'd ever been before.


AN: Extremely and despondently sorry that it took so long for this to come to me. School, work, and home combined haven't been productive at all to my writing this story's end. I hope you liked it and the end wasn't too much of a disappointment.