Two of a Kind?

Chapter 1: Dr. Fate's Meditation

In the study tower of Dr. Fate, Dr. Fate is meeting with a mysterious informant lurking in the shadowy corner across from him.

"Tell me, what do you see?" asked the unfamiliar informant.

"I see Mr. Harry Potter, and his two friends in a cargo holding heading to Gotham" replied Dr. Fate in the meditation.

"Well, thank you, the Dark Lord Voldemort would be pleased to hear about this" as the figure revealed Severus Snape, which he then takes out his wand, "now Good Doctor, it looks like your time is up."

Before Dr. Fate could respond, Snape casts a spell sending Dr. Fate flying right into the air and crashing into a bookshelf nearby.

"But, but I thought you were working for the Ministry of Magic" said Dr. Fate in a weak voice.

"Well, I did" said Snape as he left the scene.

As Dr. Fate attempted to put his healing powers to work, Snape left Dr. Fate's study area and then started to head back to a safe house where Lucius Malfoy was waiting along with other Death Eaters.

"The deed has been done, Dr. Fate has been quite cooperative in providing the information needed" said Snape.

"Are you sure you certain you've finished the job on Dr. Fate?" asked Lucius not believing somewhat of Snape's words.

"I can assure you, he nor his muggle allies, especially the Dark Knight will be involved in our affairs" said Snape as he lied to his fellow Death Eaters.

But as the Death Eaters were prepared to gather in full force to find Harry Potter, the Dark Knight himself was busy all the way in Gotham across an entire ocean doing his typical meditation he was trained. Just then, he received an odd SOS signal, as Dr. Fate's weak image appeared.

"Please, please help me" said Dr. Fate as he appeared.

"Fate, what happen?" asked Batman as he continued to meditate.

"I've been visited by a Death Eater, they're coming to Gotham!" cried Dr. Fate.

"But why?" asked Batman.

"I can't tell you, too weak to tell, but look for what's in the incoming cargo from England" said Dr. Fate, "need strength to escape so the Death Eaters won't find me alive."

"Fate, Fate!" cried Batman as the fading image of Dr. Fate finally disappeared.

As Batman's own meditation ceased, he immediately got up to the computer console and began to search for any odd shipments that may allow storeways onboard. It took only a few more months before the cargo ship itself was loaded and finally arrived in Gotham docks. There, the Death Eaters were ready and waiting for it. As well as the Batman, as he was scanning the area with his inferred goggles he had with him to see any odd figures. Suddenly some odd black smoke began to flow around the area, and several odd characters in figures appeared.

"Now there's something you don't see every day" said Batman as he noticed it from afar.

Lucius Malfoy himself was in charge of the operating prepared to find Harry Potter in the cargo crates.

"This is just too easy" said Lucius as he and his Death Eaters began to head toward the cargo crates, "split up. Yaxley, you take one group, I'll take the other. The rest of you move out, Potter and his two friends have to be hiding somewhere in these crates!"

Indeed the trio were hiding in the crates, as Harry, Hermonie and Ron were trying to hide from the Death Eaters. Heromine had second thoughts on why Harry should look toward getting help from the Batman.

"I don't understand why you should get help from someone from another country like this" said Hermonie.

"He and I are quite alike is the reason, I know who is behind the muggle behind the mask" added Harry.

"Well, if he's good as the newspapers say he is, I hope they're right about that" added Ron as some Death Eaters were getting closer to their area.

Yaxley's group was leading the way in searching for the trio hiding in the crates. One of the Death Eaters spotted something quite odd about one crate as if it was meant for a smuggler to send in some live living people or animals.

"Hmm, this looks a bit odd here" said the Death Eater, "I really wonder."

But before the Death Eater could ponder more, the Batman decided it was time to hop right on over to another hiding place in the area the trio were supposedly were. He then used his grappling hook and used it to grab the unknowing Death Eater whom didn't realize what just happened. As the Death Eater was in quite shock, he was pulled up by the grappling hook and met face to face with the Dark Knight himself.

"Sorry pal, but you're magic show is over" said Batman.

Then with one punch, the Batman managed to send the Death Eater falling right from his place, and onto the ground where Yaxley and the other Death Eaters rushed to the scene. The Batman quickly then maneuvered out of the area.

"What the heck happen here?" asked Yaxley, "Potter didn't get smart and managed to kick your behind."

"No, it was that muggle Lucius mentioned" replied the Death Eater in a somewhat weak voice.

"Who, who could have the strength to take all of us out like this?" laughed Yaxley.

The other Death Eaters then began to ready their wands ready for a battle.

"Split up" ordered Yaxley, "search for the joker who thinks they can take us on."

"Bad strategy" said Batman as he made the remark from afar.

Batman easily picked one Death Eater, after another. It was easy for the Dark Knight to swoop right in, and knock out the Death Eaters. In spite of the Death Eaters being well trained in magic wizardry, they were unable to match whit's with Gotham's famous muggle.

"Good grief, what's going on here" sighed Yaxley as he soon came across some unconscious Death Eaters.

But as Yaxley was about to investigate what happen, the Dark Knight immediately swooped right down and gave Yaxley quite a good punch.

"Hi there" said Batman as he gave another to Yaxley.

Yaxley then took out his wand, and began to fire at Batman who had an easy time dodging the attacks. This obvious sparked Lucius Malfoy and his Death Eaters to stop searching for Harry in their area and come to his aide.

"What are you bloody firing at?" cried Lucius as he came into the scene in a fury.

"The muggle known as the Batman, he's here!" cried Yaxley who was a bit afraid.

"You, Yaxley, you're supposed to be afraid of a muggle like this so-called Dark Knight?" laughed Lucius which he didn't really noticed that Batman was right behind him.

"H-H-He's right behind you" said Yaxley.

"Hi there, you must be the ring leader of this little circus?" asked Batman, "Well, I got news for you your show has been canceled."