Ok so here's the prologue. Took a bit for me to get my thoughts organized again and I won't be updating this again until I get back because I have to hit the ground running with my short story. AH! DEADLINES!

But I still don't want the camp to end.

Anyway, you people asked questions so before I start the prologue I'm going to answer them!

TALK BOX (Questions and answere)

Q: How many chapters are in this book?

A: It could always change but probably about 48 or 49 like the first book. It is alot longer then the second

Q: Does this series have to do with the brotherhood series?

A: No, I don't want to follow another series directily in the same book series. I want to do my own origional arc. However for all you Brotherhood fans I promise that after this series concludes I will be starting another fanfiction based off Brotherhood. I have a plot figured out in everything so be at ease.

Q: Will there be a love triangle with Envy, Ed and Liz.

A: No, for several reasons. For one thing, I'm no good at complex romance. Romance isn't my specialty and I prefer to have it in my story as a light side dish. Be glad I have some though unlike the origional series. For another thing Ed is going to be with Winry. I support Edwin, and that is why I don't pair OC's with Ed. Thirdly my favorite characters are Ed and Envy. I don't want to hurt either of them with romantic drama on top of everything else. So no, Ed does not love Liz in anything further than a sibling like relationship.

Q: Will there be other OC's introduced.

A: Yes. Four of them. I won't give details but it has something to do with Liz's life pre Psycho Revenge Phase. Take note that it will be awesome.


A: Ok, ok, I know the last two books have ended depressing. I am very much an author who throws their characters in a hole and wacks them over the head with a shovel when ever they try to get out, laughing sadistically all the way.

Liz:... morbid...

Shutup... anyway, yes I enjoy angst. However I can promise you that yes, this story will end on a happy ending. I'm not always one for happy endings but these characters are friggen earning one. Consider that a promise that the ending will be happy.

Q: What are you doing with Envy?

A: Did you really think I would kill off my favorite character and love interest of the OC? I'm not that cruel...

Envy: Yes you are.

Butt out! Anyway, He is coming back along with a few other old friends/ enemies. The answer, while I'll make it much more complex, is basically summed up by the fact that Truth is awesome and can do what ever the Hell he wants.

PS: He is in this one.


Ha ha.

Q: What about the villains sents Envy's obviously not one anymore?

A: Ok, so cutting corners: Gluttony didn't eat Dante. She is still alive. And, once again, not giving too much away, there are new homunculi... if I do say so myself, they are pretty awesome. So yeah... more villains are awesome!

Ed: Cause we didn't have enough people trying to kill us all ready.

Be Quiet pipsqueak.

Ed: PIP-

Moving on!

Q: Regarding Al: Are you giving him a love interest.

A: Yes. I've also, again, decided to cut corners and make Al the same age as he should be instead of coming back as a ten year old. The love interest is one of the new OC's, though I won't tell you which one. It'll become apparent quickly though.

Q: So how many people are you killing this time?

A: Why the hell would I tell you that... and yes of course I'm killing people! I have to kill people! I'm depressing like that! And in my defense, I didn't decide that Scar, Hughes and all the other characters would die. That was the creators!

Envy: Yeah, you just decided to kill me.


Q: So are any other homunculi coming back?

A: Three others beside Envy. As a hint, they're names don't start with Gl, P or S... well that gave everything away.

Ed: Master of deception

Oh shut up! Three of them end up back in like the fourth chapter! It's not a huge spoiler!

Q: Gonna have alot of angst?

A: Less than the second book and about the same as the first... maybe a little more. There will certinly be alot more utter hate between Ed and Envy and as I said there are some deaths. But there is alot of happy stuff and more humor than the second book. Plus I think there's one possible thing I'm going to do that you'll really like me for doing :)

Q: Anything else we should know?

A: Yeah, Izumi's alive still. She needs to be in this book... because she's awesome.

And that's all for question and answers! Feel free to ask me more through out the series and thanks for all the reviews... now on to the PROLOGUE!


Throughout are lives we collect them in our minds. Some memories fade as time goes on. Some memories leave scars. Those are the ones that never leave us. Funny enough, I seemed to have a scar from most people that were now gone… even the ones I didn't like.

The scar on my forehead reminds me of Scar, who saved my life more than once and tried to kill me just as much. He died saving Al. I'm forever grateful for that. Not to mention I had once shared a twisted view on revenge, similar to his.

I remember Lust and Gluttony by the scar on my shoulder. Lust died helping us, right after I think I was beginning to really gain a respect for that woman, and Gluttony, who had always been more like a vicious pet, lost his mind to Dante.

Then there are those Scars that come in different forms. The ones that send a piercing nostalgia through my head. I don't need a scar to remember Wrath by because I already had a scar that reminded me of my little brother. It was one on my mind, an emotional scar. I couldn't really even differentiate between Timmy and Wrath when I thought about them. He gave up himself to open the gate for Al.

Then there are those scar's that come in the form of scattered pictures that I see at the Rockbell's house, of Trisha Elric. I never knew the real woman so when I see her I can't help but think of Sloth the homunculus reincarnation.

I never actually liked her that much. But hey, that doesn't stop you from remembering.

Then there are scars that come in the form of people… like Elysia and Gracia Hughes. I see them and a funny image of Hughes flashing pictures of his daughter flash through my head. I missed Hughes a lot I had to say.

Then there's a scar that runs just under my rib cage, a scar that acts up wif I work to hard or if I'm to anxious, the most visible one. I was stabbed there… by Envy. That scar throbs the most painfully for more reasons than one.

Time doesn't heal wounds, I've come to realize… something does the healing, but it's not time. And even if the hurt ever stops, they leave behind marks, burning reminders. They never let you forget. They never leave me alone.


They're damn annoying.

That's all for the slightly angsty prologue!


Envy: Or I will kill you...