A/N: So I know I'm giving a lot of authors notes lately, but two things.

1) There's a poll on my profile. I'm collecting data for a certain future project of mine currently entitled the Brotherhood Project. Yes, it is a Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic I plan to start this June. Yes it involves the Brotherhood anime. I can't say much about it now, but your votes will be appreciated.

2) Lightning Strike is getting a full fledged rewrite. Pretty much because I'm no longer satisfied with the quality of writing in book 1 and I want to bring it up to snuff with the other books. The first chapter has just been posted. I will be updating weekly, every Tuesday. Which means, yes, that Lightning Strike and the Afterstory will both be a continuing thing. So you get LOTS of Liz, Ed, Envy and the rest of the crew.

Thanks again for all the views, reviews and favorites! You guys are all awesome!