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Agent 47 compelled to Diana. "Diana this is important! These people are making conspiracies, and we need to stop them or else they will try to kill us again!"

"Shut up 47. I run the Intentional Contact Agency now, so I can't baby sit you all the time. You will have to put up with this conspiracy for a bit. Just do you mission and then call me bark."

47 hung up and began looking around, cause he had left Europe and gone back to England. He was in England City in the state of London, which was the capital of England, but he was in a different part of town now. This time he was outside the London Dome to meet his new client.

Agency 47 saw a big sign that said "Gangster Rapper convention today". 47 knew gangster rappers were mean and they hated each other six much they called each other mean things, but he wasn't scared because he was a super clone.

Then Agency 47 saw two guys, but one looked weird. He was white and he didn't dress like gangsters because he had a fur coat instead of a big shirt and a backwards army cap instead of a backwards baseball cap.

47 looked at his map and saw that the wired looking guy was a VIP, so he was the client. He face palmed, and then Agent 47 walked up to him. "What is up to go down my cracker?" He began to ask him.

47 couldn't hit the guy became he was a client, so "I am upset by that." Said 47.

"The weird rapper looked at him and said OK Sorry, that that wasn't set. I'm MC Communism and I know your rep."

"Who do you want me to kill?" Said 47.

"Some dumbest called Phone Boy. He makes shit and crap and he rhymes like crap. He is whack so he needs to be whacked. I want to smack his cadre he is a hack

Then MC Communist kept rapping, so 47 went away. Then he found a normal rapper who said "You in the suit! I need an aging! Are you an aging?" 47 didn't know if he meant a music agent or an Agency guy so he just scowled at him agree.

"PLAESE?" He said. "I am not like Phone Boy! I am a real gangster! I even struggle beer into Utah!"

"OK lets tack." And he and 47 went into the kitchen in the dome, where 47 struck up behind him when no one was looking and hit him with the Pungent." Then 47 took the unconscious gangster's closes and put him in a fridge so he wouldn't starve.

Then 47 walked into the convention. Since the guy he replaced was black people were kind of suspicious but 47 was only walked so no one panicked.

The petrol guard turned around a lot so 47 was able to take out his shotgun which he had a silencer on and shot off the lock on e security door. Then he sneaked in and stole the uniform oaf a guard who was taking a shower.

47 went upstairs into the attack where he could watch people. Then he saw someone go onto the stage and he started singing even worse than the evil woman from the fourth game who tried to kill 47 with knives and Desert Eagles.

Everyone ran away so 47 could get to see why the guy was, and he checked the picture in his file and realized it was Phone Boy. Everyone who didn't ran away all called him a phony, butte he thought it was a nickname kept on stage for a fall set.

Then he went away.

Agent 47 ran into a VIP room and hid in a closer. Then Hone Boy went in with a bodyguard, but 47 could tell that the bodyguard didn't like Phone Boy either because he kept saying bad words to him.

Then he went away and 47 saw he had his chancel. He came out of the closet, beaked up behind him with a poison synergy, and infected him.

But then the bodyguard came back in! He started to take out his unfold able hunting rifle because he couldn't bring his Lock to England.

But he took too long, and 47 was able to shield him. Then he threw the guars out a window where he died accidentally and took the gun because it looked cool.

47 lost the door to the room so on one could fund Phone Boy's body. Then he went back to the kitchen, got his suit back on, and ran away.

47 was kind of happy he was a Silent Assassin again, but he still had to call Diana to tell her the bad things going on.