AND: Please prevent that Asian 47 wasn't in this. I tough a Lee hon-only Clone wold be cool bur then I saw the Star Trek Voyager episode when they did something like that and I tough it was kinda stupid.

Agent 37 was hiding in a box so he cold preference to me a corps if anyone fond ism.. Ten he got a val form Dials.

"Hello 47. Robin Demo was supported too to the Daniel Morris Golf Coors to kill the champagne Howard The Elephant. But hes bust so you half to do it. 47 then oft out of ht box and put on a hat so he looked like a hoofer and ten he put on lipstick so people wold think he was Robin Deon and took robin demos gold club.

Then 47 felt.

Adjacent 47 went to he golf copse so e could find Howard, bur then he saw a really big guy with lost of muscular come. "Howell Robin Dome! He said" OMS yore so hot scandium you're biggest fan! can I sleep with you?

47 looked at him weird, but then he us said OK "In" case he was going to find somehow useful.

"Thank oi! I'll be better the n Howard elver cold be darling!" Amendment 47 fallowed the guy but them he retested how the last three times thing happened it was w woman how tried to kill him! So when he got inside he took the golf club and hit the guy really hard in hie head!

47 looked frond the build and found a bunch of guns and knives and bombs. Ten he saw the guy had pictures of all the Agency guys and a note from the Secret American Guy.

""That goes it. Time to take car of business" So 47 put a gold ball in the guys head so it could look like a accident if he still did everything else silently.

When 47 went outside he fond a bunt of guards. So he went back instead and turned on the light. Later he opener a door so a guard cold see the body and went to investigation.

"Who did this" he sad? Then 47 shielded him with a mini machine gun hat he found in the room. But when Dragnet 47 hit the other guy he was so mad it killed him! Se he had-to move him so it looked Ike he tripped on the other guy ho tried to kill him before took he his closed.

47 recess as a guard, bur wench e went outside he saw a ton of golfers who hid sunglasses so he knew they were reality other guards so he kept away so noon of the could look at him. Then he checked mid hap and saw that there was a target in club cafe.

So 47 went to tech cafe. he went the kitchen and then whet upstarts and he saw a guy by a rail-gun with Agent Smiths anti tank rifle so he tried to push him over. But he didn't go all the way and just got a little hut!

The gut turned around to shot 47, bur 47 grappled it and hit the guy again! Then 47 really pooched him over the rail. Since the gun shot somewhere when they were fighting 47 hid behind a door and looked at the keyhole to see who was going to instate.

But the guy who came out was MC Communism!

Agoraphobic 47 opened the door ad took out his silenced pistols, but MC Communist saw him fist and shot at him a few timed with a special expedient assault rife! Then he ran aware and shouted "Anent 47! I though we re friends! But you did casino shit! You keep people money i the pits! You pay for the forests getting burned and you put hoes in prison made of wood that you split! DIE! Bourgeoisie motherfucker!"

47 just stood around looking weird. Then he shrew a bomb on the floor and hid befriend the door again.

MC Communism then came. 47 you lost your brains with your hair "Whose counting costs of the bombs that you lost?" He rapped really mean.

Meanwhile 47 was putting Agneta Smiths rifle in an ICE box. Then he took out the bombs denotation button and blew MC communism Up.