Hot chocolate. Everyone is waiting on hot chocolate. I start to order, but Sav beats me to it. "One hot chocolate and one cup of cookie dough ice cream." The man gives him a funny look, but he fills his order. Sav takes the hot chocolate, and I hold on to the cookie dough ice cream. He directs me to a picnic table. He sits down. I sit with him. It's cold. Leaning against him, I steal a sip of his warm beverage.

He looks down at me with intense eyes. There's something in that stare that warms my heart more than the scalding coca I just sipped.

Sav starts to edge closer to me. Closer. He was just inches from my lips.

Large white flakes fall all around us. That stops him. The wind picks up so much that it rustles our hair, and whips at our clothes. Oh, God at the snow! I can't see three feet in front of me, but Savtaj Bhandari is in Technicolor. I brush the snowflakes sprinkled in his hair. He cups my face with his one of his big hands. Sav closed the distance between us.

And we kiss. I could feel the cold snow and Sav's hot lips on me. It was just so . . . I don't even know what it is.

I wake up in a strange bed again. I don't what to get out of it. It's so big, and it smells heavenly. The scent tells me it's Sav's bed. I pull the poofy light blue comforter over my face and snuggle back down. I know it's kind of wrong to wallow in a man's bed, but I can't help but want to.

After the freak snow storm let up, we high tailed home, after finding Farah and Alli, that is. If it were up to me, I would have made them take a taxi. I just wanted to kiss him, for hours and hours.

After an hour of two, I finally force myself to getup. After I slip into Alli's room to dress, I start to creep down the stairs.

Sav bestowed his bed upon me for a second day. I would have liked nothing more than to have him right where he should be. In it with me. But, I couldn't ask him. His parents were expecting him on the couch, and Farah would have had a cow. A massive, neon orange, cow.

I can hear voices that I've never heard before. The Bhandari family must have people over for breakfast. I get my bag and go to Alli's room. Dressing hastily, I go down stairs and head for the dining room.

"Morning, Clare." Says just about everyone but three people. Farah and two guests flanking her. I take a seat between Alli and Sav. They thought me. I just took a muffin off of the table. I didn't want anything else.

"So, you're the little genius Farah talks about. She seems to like you." I nearly gagged on my blueberry muffin. Farah likes me? Genius? Really, what's going on here? Am I in the twilight zone?

"How are you two getting along?" Asked Farah's father as he smiles at Sav.

"Very goo-" Started Farah.

"Were not." Said Sav, cutting her off.

"Well, all your mother and I did for the first couple of years is fight. You two will get over it." Said Mr. Bhandari.

"But I don't want to fight for a couple of years." Said Sav. His father shot him an angry look.

"You will not dishonor this family, Savtaj." Said Mrs. Bhandari.

"What about when I get married?" Asked Alli. "I don't want you picking who I have got to spend the rest of my life with!"

"I'm sure it's almost the same with other families. Clare, don't your parents have to approve of someone before they take you out?"

"They try." I say. I never told them about K. C. but I know they wouldn't have let him take me anywhere.

"What's that mean, dear?" Asked Farah's mother.

"I don't really tell them about boys. They . . . can be critical."

"What do you mean by 'critical'?"

"Their crazy! They find something wrong with everyone." Said Alli.

"They can't be that bad." Said Mr. Bhandari.

"They're not." I stirred the food in my bowl. "They're worse." I say. After the shit that went down with Darcy, they don't even want me near any boy. None the less, the object of my affections. If they knew I wanted a Muslim, they would kill me. Really, they would kill me. My mother would call it an honor killing.

For a moment, everyone stays quiet. "They probably wouldn't let you run around with a Muslim boy, would they?" Says Farah, breaking the silence.

"Shut up, Farah." Said Sav forcefully.

"No. Her mother called me a sand flea." Said Alli, but no one really paid any attention to her.

"Why the Hell should I?" She screamed back at him as she stood up. I had half a mind to break this little argument up, but I wanted to see what Sav would say.

Sav stood up, knocking the chair under him on its back. "Because you don't know what you're talking about!" The air around him was charged with anger. Everyone around the table looks scared of him, but I'm not.

"Just because you have a thing for whitey over here," She pointed at me. "Doesn't mean you can be with her!" I could hear Sav swallow. His parents didn't say anything. Somehow, they know what's going on behind closed doors.

"Stop!" I said, standing up myself. I glare at Farah. She shuts her mouth and sits down. We eat in silence. I start to take my dish to the sink. Alli pokes me in the belly with hers. I take it. Lazy girl.

"What did you tell your parents about me?" I asked as I placed a few dishes in the sink.

"The truth?" I nodded at her. "I like you, as a person. Clare, I just don't want you messing around with Sav. I might not get another chance."

"Chance at what?"

"To get married."

"Are you insane?" She must be. Does she not see how beautiful she is?


"Farah, your one of the prettiest people I've ever seen. You won't have any problem getting a man." She looked at me like she didn't believe me.

"I'm not-" I wasn't going to hear of this lunacy. Gripping Farah's shoulders tightly, I shoved her in front of a mirror.

"I'm ugly." She said.

"No you're not." I was started to get frustrated.

"Look at you. You have pretty skin with little freckles and big blue eyes. I'm just . . . brown."

"You're every teenaged boy's wet dream. I'm just a regular, little, white girl." That seemed to shut her up. She smiled into the mirror.

"You can have Sav."

"Excuse me?"

"I can do better." She flipped her hair and walked into the living room. The diva's back.

"I have to marry her." He said with a tone of finality. I walked over to him and sat on his bed. Breakfast was a disaster. For a few hours, all we did was watch the history channel in an awkward silence. Everyone else went to lunch, but I stayed behind, saying I didn't feel well. Sav stayed with me.

I took his one large hand in both of mine. I looked up at him, making eye contact. I want him to never forget what I'm about to say.

"You don't have to do anything. The world is yours. Don't let anyone take it away from you." Sav looked at me. He nodded his head.

"What do you think I should do?" He asks desperately.

"It doesn't matter what I think. Do what you think is right." I want him to drop her and sweep me up in his arms, but I don't think that will ever happen. It just . . . won't. No matter how much I want it. He thinks that we just forgot what happened. What we did, what we had. Even now, I think back to that moment we were all tangled up on this very floor. For a moment, just like in the park, I had exactly what I wanted. The only thing I wanted. The only thing I still want, what I feel like I need.

I had him. And now, I'm letting him go.

"I think its right to marry her." I looked away. I don't think I'm able to look at him. The tears are forming in my eyes.

"But I'm not going to." He put both hands on my shoulders. "I'm never going to let you go. I've gotten a taste of something I like." Sav leaned in and kissed me. I know everything is going to be alright. The second his lips hit mine, nothing else matters. He'll take care of me. He always does.

One month later

I walk down the hallways, trying to find Sav. He has my history notebook. How do I know he has it? Because I have his. We must have picked up the wrong books when we got out of his car this morning. Sav drives me to school now. I walked by Jenna and K.C. K.C. glares at me, but Jenna just stares. Me, going out with someone a few years older than me wouldn't matter . . . if this wasn't in high school. Sav and I even got a story in the Anti-Grapevine. I didn't really like the attention.

There he is, leaning against his locker with my notebook in his hands. He knew I was coming. I went for my notebook. My fingers brushed it, but Sav jerked it away.

I don't know what exactly happened with his parents, but I do know that they know about us. Apparently, Sav and Farah banded together and told their parents off. Alli joined in. They rethought the arranged marriage thing. According to Sav, they told him to be careful. I think his father's words were 'Don't come crying to us when your little white girl makes you cry.' They look at me like I'm a virus when I'm in their house, but I'm still comfortable there.

"Gimme!" I say. I don't have time to mess with him. History is my first period.

"On one condition." He says with a goofy smile.

"What?" I ask patently. I can't stay mad at that smile. I know why Anya kept coming back to this cute idiot. Sav leans down and gives me a quick peck on the lips. I catch his collar and tug him back down for another, deeper kiss. I've never been one for public displays of affection, but he just . . . I don't know. I just can't resist. We've already gotten three detentions for P.D.A, but the teachers stopped caring after we were old news on the Internet.

"You let me take you to the movies." He dangles my little blue history notebook right out of my grasp.

"You'll have to get past my parents." I say, looking down. They can be embarrassing, especially with Sav.

"Don't worry. I can take being called a sand flea a few times. You're worth it." He hands my notebook. He takes my hand and leads me to my class.

Author's note- I'm sorry the ending is so choppy. I just lost inspiration for this a while ago, and I really don't like to leave things unfinished.