I hope everyone is ready for a new story! I know I should be finishing up my other, nine or so, non-completed stories, but I can't! I've had this story in my head for over a month now, and I figured it was time to get it out there.

Summary :He needed a new angel because the previous one had been sacrificed in the taking of Konoha. He need an angel who could heal his men; even the dead ones.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto

He stood overlooking the perfect vantage point. Needless to say it was beautiful; the destruction of Konoha was finally complete.

His ringed eyes scanned the vast wasteland, and they hardened. He had lost something very important during this conquest… his beloved, loyal angel was gone; Konan was no more.

He had expected some losses. He calculated the risks, and obviously underestimated the power and determination of the leaf-nin; knowing his choices had been the cause of Konan's death utterly upset him.

Taking a step closer to the decrepit village, he shifted his head slightly. In a flash, a large blue man appeared next to him. "Leader-sama?" The blue man questioned.

"Find who is ever left alive in this village," Leader stated while staring emotionlessly at the world below him. "Kill them if they are civilians; if they are shinobi, Kisame, rip them limb from limb. I want the Hokage, Kisame; bring her to me."

"Hai, Leader-sama," Kisame nodded his head, and with a slight bow disappeared into the village below.

She lay next to her mentor's side, and though said mentor was slowly dying, she refused to let tears fall; she had become stronger then that. With chakra hands glowing emerald, the woman continuously tried to heal her mentor.

"Stop it, Sakura," her mentor spoke as blood began to ooze from a large gash wound around her stomach. "Even if you were to save me, my village is lost… my people are dead; what good am I to anyone?"

"You stop it Tsunade," Sakura barked back as she pushed more chakra into her mentor's stomach. "You're the one who taught me to fight to save the ones I love; God damn it, just let me heal you."

"But-," blood began dripping down Tsunade's mouth. "I don't care what I taught you; the Akatsuki could be here any second. You should be looking for Naruto! What if the Akatsuki get Naruto?"

Sakura smiled slightly as she moved her hands from Tsunade's stomach. The job she had done would suffice, for now. She would heal the Hokage after she got them some place a little more safer. "Naruto is strong, Tsunade," Sakura said as her smile changed to a frown. "You're the one I'm worried about now."

"But Sak-"

Sakura flipped forward as she sensed a foreign chakra land behind her. Leaping another step away, Sakura turned to face her attacker.

The man was tall, blue, and wrapped in a black and red Akatsuki cloak. Sakura grimaced as she noticed the shinobi's long and thick sword.

"Are you a shinobi of Konoha?" The sword welder asked. Sakura smirked before a pulsing blue began focus around her fists.

"And what if I am?" Sakura asked defiantly as she stood tall facing the blue skinned man. The man smirked before slamming his sword into the ground in front of him; into Tsunade's almost healed body.

Sakura's smirk faltered, and she charged. Fists clenched tightly, Sakura sent one flying toward the blue man's face. He blocked said fist with his sword, but leaped away from Sakura as he watched his sword shake slightly from the blow.

"Fuck," Sakura stated while landing in front of Tsunade. Allowing one hand to glow emerald, she placed her hand on the newly made gash that adored Tsunade's body. Still facing the blue skinned man, Sakura began to heal the cut.

The blue man's eyes widened slightly, before he smirked. "You are the one that defeated Sasori," the Akatsuki member stated. "I have heard of you; Sakura Haruno."

"And I of you, Kisame Hoshigaki" Sakura spat as she finished healing the cut. Taking a step back, Sakura glanced at Tsunade, and let out a sigh of relief. She had been able to stop the bleeding, both externally and internally; Tsunade had more than a good chance that she would live through this experience. Her survival rate was at a high 77 percent.

Sakura's hand quickly flew to her pocket and she extracted a single scroll. Biting down on her finger, she did a few hand signs, before sliding her bloodied thumb down upon the scroll, and then slammed it hard down on to Tsunade's body.

With a poof of smoke, Tsunade was gone.

"What the hell just happened?" Kisame asked as his eyes narrowed.

Sakura stood slowly and sighed. "I just sent her somewhere safe," Sakura spoke quietly. Shifting her weight slightly, Sakura's fists were now glowing a deep blue. "Somewhere far away from here."

Kisame let out a dark roar of laughter as the pink haired young woman charged at him. Swinging his sword almost haphazardly, he misjudged Sakura's speed.

Sakura's fist connected sharply with Kisame's jaw because of his miscalculation, and he flew backward several feet. Watching Kisame drop his sword, Sakura smirked before taking off.

Racing through the village, Sakura tried to find any and all survivors. She knew that punch wouldn't keep Kisame down for long, she need to find reinforcements. Sprinting into an alley way, Sakura masked her chakra, and entered what appeared to be an abandoned building.

Kisame grit his teeth before trying to find the little she-demon's chakra. Not finding it, Kisame figured he'd just cut his losses, and find Leader-sama.

Sprinting back to the clearing where Leader-sama had been before, Kisame found the man, no God, he was looking for in the same location he had previously been.

"Did you find the Hokage?" Leader asked as his red ringed eyes darted towards Kisame. Kisame grunted before cracking his jaw into place.

"I had found her," Kisame stated heavily, his broken jaw caused his speech to come out slowly. "She had been critical injured, but still managed to escape. Her apprentice managed to heal her, and then the she-devil sent Tsunade away."

Leader's eyes hardened as he looked upon Kisame with a sharp glare. Instantly, Kisame clenched his chest tightly, and gasped for breath. "How did you manage to let that woman slip through your fingers when she was right in front of you!" Leader walked slowly to the kneeled over Kisame. Leader leaned over to speak into Kisame's ear. "You did realize Tsunade was the one to end Konan's life, did you not?"

"I-I'm s-s-sorry," Kisame gasped out as he clenched his chest. Leader turned his head away from Kisame, and glanced down to the village. Kisame gasped deeply one last time, before his breathing began to turn normal.

"You said her apprentice sent her away," Leader pondered as his ringed eyes scanned the village below. "What skills does said apprentice possess?"

Kisame stood slowly before responding, taking a breath he spoke. "She was able to heal her mentor without even looking at the wound; she did this with one hand. She also managed to break my jaw, and then masked her chakra enough for me not to detect her."

"Interesting," Leader said as a slow, sadistic smirk began to grow across his face. "And have been able to locate the shinobi who killed Sasori?"

"They are one in the same," Kisame stated with a slight cough.

"Very interesting," Leader stated before turning back toward Kisame. "Take me to her; take me to Sakura Haruno."

Sakura walked quietly through the halls of Danzo's root organization. She knew Sai was already gone; not dead hopefully, but gone. Sai, Naruto, Shikamaru and Neji had been sent away on a mission before the Akatsuki had even arrived in Konoha. They were, of course, on a mission to bring Sasuke home. For once, Sakura wished the team had failed… they would be returning soon if that was the case.

Walking into Danzo's personal office, Sakura ignored the dead body that lay near the door. Danzo may have once been respected, but Sakura knew different now; he had been head hunting for Tsunade's job, even before she was named the Fifth Hokage.

Doing a few hand signs Sai had showed her, Sakura was able to open the locked drawer of Danzo's desk. Grabbing a few scrolls, she tucked them in her pocket before leaving the building.

The scrolls contained a possible forbidden jutsu that allowed one to raise the dead. Not just raise it, like Kabuto did, but actually bring people back to life. Sakura hoped that possibility was wrong, but she couldn't take the chance; especially if the Akatsuki found the scroll… that would be an even more devastating blow to the shinobi world.

Leaping from building to building, Sakura started to head for the village gate; she could no longer stay in this village. Landing at the gate, Sakura frowned when she felt a sinister chakra heading towards her.

Blinking quickly, Sakura pushed the last bit of chakra into her legs, and began sprinting out of the village.

"It won't be enough," Sakura spoke to herself quietly as she urged her legs to go faster. She could feel the sinister chakra; it was even more powerful than Orochimaru's chakra. That thought chilled Sakura to the bone.

Landing on a tree, Sakura quickly flipped backwards as a sword connected with the spot she had previously been standing in. Looking up, Sakura watched as Kisame lurched forward, sword tightly in hand.

Drawing chakra to her fists, Sakura parried the sword's blow with her fists. Hearing a crack, Sakura cringed slightly; she didn't have enough chakra left for this.

"You have no more chakra," a cold voice spoke from behind Sakura. Sakura froze as the voice spoke; that was the sinister chakra she had felt earlier. "Do not be foolish."

Clenching her fists tightly, Sakura slowly began to draw the last of her chakra into her fist. Turning around, she leaped towards the cold voice; her fist and head held high as she slammed her fist on what she thought was her enemy.

Sakura gasped as the enemy's clone turned to smoke, and a hand curled around her neck. Slowly, Sakura was being lifted into the air until she was eye level with the Akatsuki leader.

"I told you it was foolish," he spoke tonelessly. Squeezing Sakura's windpipe slightly, Sakura coughed slightly before shutting her eyes completely.

"Go to hell," Sakura rasped out as the man's hand clasped tighter against her throat.

Glaring deeply at the woman in his grasp, the leader threw her sharply into a tree; her body impacted through it, and she landed hard against a boulder that had been hidden behind the tree.

"If she is alive, bring her to the base," the leader spoke to Kisame as he began to disappear. "I have a feeling she could be of some use to the Akatsuki."

"Hai, Leader-sama," Kisame nodded as he walked to where Sakura lay. Checking her breathing, Kisame threw Sakura over one of his shoulders and began sprinting back to the Akatsuki base.