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Her muscles burned and her skin was bruised, but Sakura was more concerned about where she was. It was dark and wet in this small room, there were no windows and only one door; it was obvious she was in a cell somewhere…

Taking a breath, Sakura cautiously started to move her body. Bending her limbs one at a time, Sakura was most concerned for her back; she could only feel a numbing pain from said part of her body.

Sakura cringed as she placed healing chakra into one of her hands; bending her back slightly while cringing even more, Sakura placed her healing hand on the most painful part of her back.

Sakura's eyes were closed as she slowly massaged her abused back muscles. She couldn't remember what happened; the last thing she could remember was facing the two members of the Akatsuki…

Taking a deep breath, Sakura's hand darted from her back to her medic-nin pouch. Finding it still intact, she slowly unzipped the tan pouch, and shoved her hand inside. Sakura sighed in relief when her hand wrapped around the slightly torn scroll she had obtained from the root building; at least they hadn't taken that.

"Why are you relieved, Kunochi?" A deep voice spoke from the shadows. Taking a breath, Sakura's eyes darted forward as they searched diligently for the owner of the voice in the darkness. Not finding said person, Sakura slowly crept backward until her back hit the cell wall. "Do you not know where you are?"

Sakura's eyes glared forward as a light from above her head slowly started to dim on. Sakura's eyes quickly got adjusted to the new light, and noticed a tall figure standing a few feet away from her; it was the Akatsuki leader.

"I refuse to talk to you," Sakura stated simply as she turned her head to the side in an act of defiance. Hearing foot steps come closer, Sakura was forced to look at Pein as his fingers gripped her chin roughly, and tugged her face until it was looking directly at him.

"Do not make this any harder for yourself," Pein spoke as his ringed eyes glared daggers into Sakura's own emerald. "Listen to my offer; you may find it appealing."

Pein took a step back from Sakura, and crouched down before her. Sakura's eyes glared deeply into the ringed eyes, and she defiantly tilted her head up in the air.

Pein's hand lifted slightly in the air, and he clenched said hand into a fist.

Almost instantly, Sakura cringed feeling an overwhelming, painful sensation come to her chest. Clenching her own fist to her chest, her eyes darted upward to meet those of Pein's. He stood in front of her, watching as she squirmed slightly because of the pain; Pein's eyes seemed to intensify, slightly, and it made Sakura feel as though the man was actually peering into her soul.

Shaking her head from side to side, Sakura felt the intensity on her chest increase; this was not a normal pain, and Sakura had not heard of this type of jutsu anywhere before… Not knowing what else to do she nodded her head lightly.

"Good girl," Pein commented while he stood. Walking over to the girl he patted her head lightly, and then turned back towards the door. Taking a few more steps away from Sakura, he glanced back towards her. "We will discuss this matter at a later date."

Opening the door, Pein just as quickly disappeared as he had appeared; silently, and swiftly, just like a skillful ninja should. Shutting the door with a soft click, both pains were gone; the pain in her chest, and the Akatsuki leader.

Taking in a large gasp of breath, Sakura's fist tightened around her shirt. The feeling of Pein's jutsu… it was something she definitely did not want to revisit.

Unclenching her chest, Sakura slowly found her legs and stood. Walking over to the barred cell, Sakura's fingers tightened around one of the bars.

"Once I retain my chakra… I'm leaving this place."


Pein smirked as he exited the prisoner cell; she had spunk, but Sakura would be bending to his will very soon. Her assistance in his plan was a necessity; he needed her, and Pein wasn't one to take no very lightly.

Walking down the hallway he thought about the pinkette, and the stunt she pulled over Kisame. Pein very much knew where Tsunade was now; his spies had informed him the once Kage of Kohona was recovering well in the safe village of Sand.

It was irritating, but it was enlightening. What else could this little pink haired girl do? Pein really couldn't wait for the answer to that question…


Sakura heard the steps as they walked heavily down the hallway outside her room. Blinking slightly, Sakura watched as the blue man from before slammed open the door, and stared at her savagely.

Kisame didn't say anything as he walked closer to the cell. Bringing his Samehada from its rightful place on his back, Kisame swung it before the prison cell menacingly.

"Pein has ordered me not to hurt you," Kisame spoke as he unlocked the chakra seal they had placed on the door. Sakura's eyes glared at the tall blue man; it was obvious she did not trust him. Taking a few steps backward, Sakura found her cell too small to handle. Her back hit the wall, leaving only a few feet between herself and Kisame.

"I'm serious, little girl," Kisame spoke again as he walked closer. Sakura's eyes glared into slits as her body morphed into that of a defensive position; she still stood a few inches from the wall. Though she had next to no chakra left her fists were still raised in an almost mockingly, taunting way.

Kisame took a few steps closer, and stopped once a fist was sent his way. The location of the hit was directly in his stomach, and even though no chakra was attached to said hit, it was still able to knock the wind out of blue skinned man.

Slinking back towards the wall, Sakura's eyes danced in laughter as she watched Kisame slowly rise; one hand clenching his gut, while the other held his sword tightly.

Glaring, the blue skin man walked closer to her, very wary of any and all of her limbs as they poised ready to attack. Blocking a fist first, Kisame grabbed Sakura's leg before a kick could connect with his side.

Growling in frustration, Kisame chucked Sakura against the wall, hard. Groaning slightly in pain, Sakura fought to stand before Samehada was brought a slim inch away from her neck. "I wasn't suppose to hurt you," Kisame growled out with a glare. "I'm only here to drain your chakra."

With that said, Kisame's sword glowed its own color blue as Sakura began to feel weaker and weaker. Without much more of a fight, Kisame quickly withdrew his sword and watched Sakura lean against the wall in exhaustion.

"You seemed to have a lot less chakra then you should have…" Kisame raised an eyebrow as he questioned Sakura.

"I healed myself you bastard," Sakura muttered tiredly against the wall. Her eyes still glared at the blue man, though they were fighting to blink away the sleep that threatened to close them.

"Interesting," Kisame muttered as he stood. Walking a few inches closer, Kisame stood right before Sakura. He smirked as his hand went to her cheek, as he stroked it softly. "Such hostility."

Sakura slapped his hand away, and quickly removed herself from the wall; she may have been tired, but she refused to ever lie down and let someone touch her.

Her glare hardened when she heard Kisame's chuckle. "You will definitely fit in around here," he muttered before leaving. Sakura's eyes widened slightly as she watched the blue skinned man leave… what the hell was he talking about?


The party of now five shinobi raced through the forest; they had not yet heard of Kohona's destruction, and were running easily through the trees. The ninja in the front of the pack, however, increased his speed as smoke became visible.

"That's from the direction of Konoha," he muttered to his companions as they too increased their speed.

As they passed the terrain of trees, the group of five males were able to see the village that had once been Kohona; that had once been their home.

The blond of the group's eyes watered as he gazed upon the destroyed village; buildings had crumbled, trees had been knocked down, even the Hokage monument had been destroyed.

"What the hell happened here?" One of his companions asked, while stepping up beside the blond. This shinobi had dark raven haired lock, and crimson red eyes.

"Troublesome," another companion muttered; this ninja having brown hair that was spiked up in a short pony tail.

"Don't start with that Shikamaru," the blonde warned with a glare. Turning back towards the village, his electric blue irises suddenly widened in shock. The blond started to race towards the village, leaving his companions in the dust. "Sakura-Chan…"

"Naruto," the raven haired shinobi was hot on the blond's heels. Catching up to him quickly, the dark haired shinobi grabbed his counter part's shoulder, causing the blond to stop. "We can't just run blindly into the village; there could still be enemy shinobi around, dobe."

"Sasuke is right," A long, brown haired shinobi with white eyes said as he and the other three shinobi caught up to Sasuke and Naruto.

"But Neji… Sakura-Chan…" Naruto muttered while looking over his shoulder. "We have to go search for survivors; I know there has to be survivors."

"Chill out, dickless," the other raven haired shinobi spoke with a mock smile.

"Sai," Naruto growled at the offending male.

"Naruto, Sai, stop it," Shikamaru spoke swiftly with a glare. He frowned slightly as he spoke. "We can't head into Konoha blindly, like Neji and Sasuke stated. We have to be smart about this."

"I need to see if everyone is alright," Naruto stated with a pleading tone; his eyes only on the demolished village below them. Shikamaru sighed and shook his head.

"Naruto, if you were a survivor that had fought in this battle, and had lost, where would you go?" Shikamaru asked while he rubbed his brow slightly.

Naruto frowned slightly at first, and glared. "Why the hell are you bring this up right now?" Naruto asked in slightly outrage as he turned to look at Shikamaru.

Shikamaru shook his head and sighed. "Just answer the question, Naruto," Shikamaru stated. "It's very important."

Naruto sighed, but smirked slightly as he raised a fist. "I'd go kick whose ever ass it was that did this!" Naruto said with conviction. Shikamaru just groaned.

"That's not what he meant," Sasuke said with a slight glare. "Shikamaru's trying to ask where you would go, as a refugee, to seek shelter, food, and protection."

"Well I would go to Suna, obviously," Naruto stated with a slight glare. "If I would trust anyone to help me it would be Gaara."

"Exactly," Neji said with a smirk. "That is where any refugees of Konoha would go after an attack this severe."

"How do we know it was not Suna who attacked?" The usual quiet Sai questioned.

Naruto glared towards the raven haired shinobi, again, and charged at him. Grabbing him tightly by the shoulders Naruto's glare turned deadly. "Gaara would never do that to us," Naruto stated in a deadly tone.

Sai smiled mockingly before prying Naruto's hands away from his shoulders. "We don't really know who we can trust right now, so in a sense, Sai is right," Shikamaru said while shrugging this shoulders lightly. "But we know that no matter what Gaara would and will be there for us; there's no doubting that. We'll head to Suna to regroup and come up with a strategy."

With their destination now in place, and without another word, the five shinobi scattered to the trees; the land of Sand their new, temporary home.


Pein sat alone in a darkened room. In the darkness one could not make out his hair color, or body type; only his eyes really could be seen, his dark ringed eyes. Said eyes were currently glued to the palms of his hands, where he was holding something so delicately it seemed he feared said object would break if he touched it without anything but the utmost care.

Bringing his hands up to his ringed eyes allowed the outline of what lay in his hands to be shown; an outline of a flower.

Placing the flower back on the table, Pein sat in his chair and waited for Kisame to enter. A knock was heard a few seconds later, and Pein allowed a firm, "enter" in response.

The blue man entered through the door swiftly. Pein watched the man, and internally wondered why there was a faint hint of laughter dancing within Kisame's eyes.

"What of the kunochi?" Pein questioned bluntly.

"Her chakra is drained, Leader-sama," Kisame stated with a small upturn of his lips. "

Pein's eyes narrowed slightly. "What do you find to be so humorous, Kisame?" Pein questioned as he let a small bit of anger leak into his voice.

"The girl," Kisame's smirk grew slightly, "she got a punch in even without having any chakra. Really quite amusing, now that I think about it."

"Hmm," Pein muttered quietly. He nodded for Kisame to sit down in one of the chairs in front of his desk, and Kisame did so. "You have questions concerning the plan?"

"Yes," Kisame said with a nod of his head. Allowing the laughter to leave his eyes, and the smirk to leave his face, Kisame's face turned into an emotionless mask. "How are we going to make the kunochi agree to our plan?"

Pein smirked as he leaned back in his chair; allowing his hands to link slightly together in front of him, he began to answer Kisame. "We will offer something the girl cannot refuse," Pein stated simply.

"And what would that be, Leader-sama?" Kisame asked with an eyebrow raise; Pein's plans usually weren't so spontaneous. They were usually thought out, and severely detailed; this plan though, it seemed to be brought up upon a whim by the leader. Kisame was slightly concerned.

"We will offer her the Kyuubi," Pein spoke emotionlessly. "If she joins us, we will agree to stop chasing after him."

"What?" Kisame asked with slight outrage. "We've worked so hard on collecting the other eight tailed beasts; how can you just give up-"

"I said we would tell her we would stop chasing the Kyuubi," Pein spoke in a slight sadistic tone. "I refuse to change my goals; I am not above of lying to a teenage girl, Kisame. I am not above a lot of things, Kisame, remember that."