Hermit Crab Range and the Weirdo With Red Eyes

WARNING: If you really do not like people making fun of Harry Potter, DO NOT READ!

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Hermit Crab sat on her pedestal, bored out of her mind. She hated this! Just because when Lord Moldywort had murdered her father she had grabbed his wand and preformed Avada Kedavraagainst him, they had to worship her. True, she may have been only one, but still, did she have to sit on a pedestal all day, while people on the ground left offerings? She looked down, to see something weird. Some guy with red eyes came and shook his fist at her. Huh, she thought, people usually worshipped her. Oh well, she thought, I'm hungry.

"Hairy Pooper!" she yelled, "I'm hungry!"

Hairy Pooper scuttled out from behind the curtain.

"What do you wish, Oh Great One?"

"I want grapes!" She demanded. "And bring Wrong Wimpy over here. I want to practice kissing for Victorious Crap."

Hairy Pooper scuttled out. Hermit Crab yelled, "Dog Dung Malfunction! I need to rest my feet on your head!"

Dog Dung came out and she rested her feet on his head. Hairy came out and fed her the grapes like Caesar. Ahhhh, this is the life, she thought. Now if only I knew who that weird guy with the red eyes is.

Later, she saw the same guy, do the same thing!

"How dare you insult me in this way, whoever you are!" she yelled, with fury, as she took out her wand in case she needed it.

"Mwahaha!" he cackled evilly. "Don't you recognize me? I am Lord Moldywort!"

"No," Hermit Crab said stupidly. "I don't recognize you."

Lord Moldywort's face contorted in fury. "You don't recognize me? How dare you! I shall have to kill you!"

"Not before I kill you!" Hermit Crab declared.

"Avada kedavra!" Moldywort yelled, but not before Hermit Crab said:"SECTUMSEMPRA!" It cut him up so badly that he died of blood loss and Hermit Crab was considered a bigger hero than ever.