"Great-grandpa, where did you say we're head off to, again?" I quipped as I shut the car seat door beside me.

"The Hollywood Tower Hotel... It's an elegant building! It was built in..." Great-grandpa paused to think for a moment. "Ah! It was built in 1939! Some people reckon it's haunted because of what happened one night," he explained.

"What happened?" I asked with curiosity.

"Well, some five people were the first to check-in in the hotel... It was a married couple, a nanny, a movie star child (whose name is Sally), and the bellhop. They stepped into the door of an elevator... But, it would turn out to be a nightmare! You see, child, lightning supposedely struck that night on to the Tower. After that, the five people were never seen again..." Great-grandpa explained. "The Tower soon closed after that, and it's been empty ever since..." he added.

I looked down, twiddling my fingers, perhaps with some nervousness. "Oh," I finally squeaked.

After about an hour, we finally arrived. I glanced up at the building and winced. For some reason, this hotel didn't seem of what I had in mind. It was a tan-ish color with windows starting to come off. The gate was pretty rusty after all these years. You could see where the lightning struck, as my grandpa explained.

I slowly got out of the car, and helped my grandpa with the suitcases. Trying to grip onto two suitcases, I muttered, "It sure is fancy..."

"Awh, now quit being sarcastic, Adriana!" Grandpa snapped, opening the gate. Surprisingly, the gate welcomed us without any trouble. We started waddling our way through of what seemed like a maze of cement! Lo, and behold though, the doors were soon in front of us! I noticed the door had a tiny creak opening, so I volunteered to open-sesamy this time.

What we first came to was the lobby. Gazing and scanning it with my eyes, there were piles of dust everywhere! I snickered before saying, "This place is ancient!"

"Quite bickering, and let's just move on!" Grandpa barked.

We walked over to the front desk, and grandpa ringed the bell. Not long after, a man in bellhop attire approached us... He had a wicked grin on his face.