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k flamers can flame meaners be mean!

One day Clare waz supar unhappie becuss Henry nevar took hiz clothes with him when he went time traveling to cheat on Clare wit random McDonalds hamburger bakers. So Clare was supar unhappie and she was like

"Henrie y did u cheat on me?" And Henry waz unhappie also becuss he didn't cheat on Calre wit random McDonalds hamburger bakers. So Henry said

"Clare I didn't cheat on nao nothing !" he screamed, and his red hair started to blade. Henrie waz mad becuss Clare used to nat like redheadz but Henrie was a redhead so he as vary sad.

"Okay but I dont believe you! Nevar!" Clare screamed. Her usually "astoundingly beautiful" face waz nao like, almost grean like Justin Bieber's ugly **********

"OMG you look laike Justin Bibber" Henry yelled. Calre suddenly smiled really wide so it waz supar creepy becuss her face waz like Justin Bibber's and also her smile was sooo toothy It waz just rally creepy.

"OMG you **************" Clare screamed. Clare waz rally unhappie again and so she took her shotgun and stormes out of the house rally quickly like RALLY creepy and Henrie waz like

"IDC I still haff Ingrid," Sao like Calre got rally mad and came back and pushed Henrie out of a window. Henrie time traveled the second she pushed him out of da window so he farted really loudly and the stinkiness filled the air and Calre had to call 9-1-1 becuss it waz really killing har to breathe in his fart-attack. Henrie had traind az a Pokemon in earliar yearz and Clarre didn't know dat.

Henrie waz walking butt naked on the street whan Spongebob and SQuidward came with Bilbo Bagginz and thay started to call 9-1-1 and like Henrie waz rally mad at dem so he gawt his shotgun and shoot them butiat didn't work becuss Henrie had bad aim.

"OMG stop it" Squidward snapps and Henrie frowned at him.

"Shat up, I will shoot you in the ear if you do not shat up!" He sad. Henrie waz vary angrie becuss he did not have a McDonalds Hamburger baker nearby so he jus went and raped squidward except swquidward was an octopus to he didn't actually rape squidward. Thay just playd truth or dare oand shared emotional feelings wit each other.

Clare waz in har room and than Frodo Baggins cam in and took her shot gun and said

"Nao, you cannuts becum like Henrie you dumb ********" He whispered in a creepy voices and Clare stard at him like he was cuckoo 4 coco puffz but he had dominating personality disorder so she let him take da shotgun. Than he tried to shoot all har windowz out bat Sharon came and shot all of dem in da head

The end