Zutara Week 2010 - Monday- Family

By: Short Witty Name Goes Here (FF) CattZen (DA)

Summary: Just a short drabble for Zutara Week 2010, Hakoda muses on how his family has unexpectedly changed after the war.

Rating: K+

It was no question Hakoda of the Southern Water Tribe had always loved his children. However, after Sozin's Comet he finally had a chance to look upon his children in a way that was not previously available to him.

The impetuous son, Sokka, that he had left behind became a level-headed warrior. He remembers Chief Arnook from his Tribe's sister to the north telling him how brave he was, if not a bit too rash.

Sokka had taken a wife a year after the comet, the leader of the Kyoshi warriors, Suki, whom he had fought side by side with during that final battle.

Hakoda was more than happy to welcome the girl into his family. However, his only daughter's decision on her partner left him unsettled.

It wasn't that he distrusted the new Firelord. Oh, by any means he was glad that the Fire Nation was in the hands of someone who wanted what was best for the people, as opposed to those that wanted it for the glory.

The Chief had one large problem with the Firelord. He was a proud man. Not that Hakoda found a fault in being proud, he did however find fault in the fact he would never bow to anyone. The Earth King, Avatar Aang, Chief Arnook, absolutely no one.

Which is why he was uneasy as Firelord Zuko knelt at his feet in front of his tent asking for Katara-his beloved daughter's hand.

It wasn't until after the coronation of his daughter that the Avatar's girlfriend, Toph, off-handedly mentioned Katara had brought him to his knees-using something called Bloodbending.

The Chief could only chuckle and shake his head as his granddaughter Yue came running up to him. What a family he had now, but he wouldn't trade them for the world.

Okay, didn't come out quite where I had expected it to. Its my first fanfic in almost a year! (Maybe more!) I hope my writing skills have improved from all my other fics.