Chapter Zero- The Softball Game

Joey looked ahead, grinning widely as his friends, Yugi and Tristan walked with him to the locker room. Now, why was Joey so happy? That was because today Domino High was having a Softball Game for P.E. and Joey was the captain of one of the two teams in his class, but that wasn't the only reason he was brimming with excitement. The real reason was is that he was finally going to beat his rival, the captain of the other team, Seto Kaiba.

Now, Joey really hadn't thought all of that through because he just assumed that he could beat him. Nor did he think that Kaiba even knew how to play physical games.

"Dis is going to be great!" Joey yelled, putting one foot on the bench and pumping his fist up in the air. "I will finally beat moneybags at something!"

Yugi smiled beside him. "I'm sure you will… But you might want to get changed, I don't think Mr. Karita will let you play in your school uniform…"

Realization flashed into Joey's eyes. "Oops." he rubbed the back of his head. "I forgot it in my locker. I'll be right back guys!"

Joey ran back to his locker like a mad man. This was the one day he didn't want to be late to that class. Joey wondered how he forgot his uniform, it was probably because he was to busy thinking about beating-

Suddenly, the blond was knocked back by something. He looked up, over at the thing he had ran into. And that was… Seto Kaiba. The brunette glared at him, picking up his briefcase and dusting off his pants. Joey also stood up and narrowed his eyes.

"Mutt." Kaiba sneered.

"Moneybags." Joey countered.

Kaiba smirked, an idea began to form in his head. "Mutt, how about we make a little deal?"

"What kind of a deal…?" the blond asked, slightly interested.

"A bet. If your team wins the softball game I'll be your slave for a month. Just in case your little brain doesn't understand what that means it means that I'll do whatever you want. But, if my team wins… you're the slave instead, mutt." Kaiba shrugged his shoulders afterward. "You don't have to accept it if you don't want to. But, you'll be missing out on a grand opportunity."

Joey thought for about two seconds before grinning. "Okay, Kaiba, I'll do it."

"It's a deal then. No backing out now." Kaiba walked off, waving a hand behind his shoulder. "Oh, and you better remember that the games going to start in a couple of minutes."

Joey panicked, running down the hallway until he reached his locker, throwing it open in a rush as he searched for his uniform. He quickly found it and ran back to the locker room. His friends had already left and moneybags wasn't in the room either, so he figured he was almost late. He got changed in under 10 seconds and ran out the door that he had just came into, seeing his friends on the gym floor… and Mr. Karita was giving a lecture about God-knows-what. I think everyone here knows how to play softball and if they don't… They might need to get out more. You throw a ball, hit a ball, and get people out by tagging them. It's like every game a kid plays while their little mixed together...

He snuck in the back by Yugi as silent as possible. There was no way that he could risk getting caught by his P.E. teacher. He didn't want to be disqualified for the game for being late. That wouldn't be to good, now would it?

Mr. Karita quickly finished up his speech and let them all go run out to the softball field. Which everyone did. They all ran towards the dugouts were the teams separated.

Joey walked in and stared at the people in the dugout. All of the people on his team were fairly athletic, some of them at least. But it was still going to be a cinch for him to win…or so he thought.

"Okay guys! We're going to get out der and win dis!" Joey pumped his fist in the air for the second time to day and everyone else in the dugout began to smile and say words of encouragement to each other.

Kaiba was doing the same thing… just in a very opposite way. He had his arms crossed a frown plastered on his face and his eyes were narrowed. "If we don't win this, I will have all of your parent's fired from there jobs and you will be living out on the streets." Kaiba wasn't really serious but, from the way he said, it sounded as if he were. The other teenagers in the dugout remained quiet, trying not to draw attention to them so their parents wouldn't get fired first.

Kaiba smirked when his dugout was completely quiet. This is going to be the greatest game ever… he thought to himself.

Several minutes later, Mr. Karita who was the umpire, yelled, "PLAY BALL!" and the game went underway. Joey's team was on the field while Kaiba's was now batting. This game was going to also be pretty short since it will only have four innings because of the other classes. So they only get four tries to score as many points as possible.

"Are ya ready, moneybags?" Joey called from the pitcher's mound.

Kaiba smirked. "I'm ready to beat you, mutt."

So far, no points had been scored but, two people were on base, one on first and second. Kaiba got into position and Joey threw the ball at wicked speed. But…. Kaiba still hit it… and the worst part was, he hit a home run. The blond's mouth fell open and his pride was lost right then and there. Kaiba could play softball…. He was just going to have to be 30 times better at it then.

The game continued on until the bottom of the forth inning. Joey was up to bat, two outs and two strikes. He was incredibly nervous because they were behind by one point. Joey knew if he could just get home maybe Tristan could at least make it home when it was his turn to go up to bat. And if not, they were at least tied.

Joey's eyes met Kaiba's and he took a deep breath. If this was going to be a great turn around he had to be calm… perfectly calm. He closed his eyes and when he opened them he was determined to win.

Suddenly, Kaiba threw the ball and Joey swung with all that was left of his might. He watched the ground ball pass second base and he took off running, faster than he had ever ran before. He couldn't let Moneybag's win… Joey just couldn't.

Joey rounded third base and made a break for home base. He looked up to see Kaiba at the now at the catchers mound, who knows were the catcher went, but that didn't really matter, he just had to make it to the base.

Little did Joey know, Kaiba already had the ball in his hands.

Joey dove for the base and Kaiba did the same. Dust clouded in the air and they both began coughing. Neither of them moved until the dust faded. When everyone looked down at the base… Joey's foot was just a little bit off and Kaiba's hand was touching the base… meaning the game was over and Joey's team just lost.

"W-What just happened!" Joey stuttered.

"It appears you lost, mutt." Kaiba said in monotone. Joey glared at him. "Oh… And, slave, meet me at my house tomorrow morning. Your going to walk with me to school." Kaiba brushed his gym shorts off walked with the other students that were already leaving. "See you then…"

Joey clenched his teeth. He couldn't believe he'd lost, Kaiba must have cheated or something.

"Hey…? Are you okay?" Yugi asked in a small voice behind him.

"Huh?" the blond snapped out of his rage momentarily. "Y-Yeah. It's nothing Yug." he rubbed the back of his leg were it had slid against the ground. "I just couldn't believe dat I lost to Moneybag's dat's all."

Yugi laughed. "I was surprised to. I didn't know that Kaiba liked softball."

"I didn't know he could win…" Joey murmured.

"What was that?" Yugi asked.

"Nothing. C'mon let's go back to class." he picked himself off the ground and headed for the school, Yugi close behind him.

Tomorrow's going to be a living hell… Joey thought to himself as he opened to the door to the school.

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