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Chapter 11

Joey ran into the classroom, out of breath as the bell rang sharply. Kaiba hadn't even bothered to come to school with him…The nerve of some people… abandoning him like that…

Stares came from all around as he slowly walked over to his desk, sliding in and immediately slumping down as if that was going to help take away some of the stares… sadly, it didn't, if anything it made him look even more suspicious of doing something and even more people started to look at him.

At first, the blond had thought that he was just imagining all of the eyes that were glued to his back but, when he turned around, acting as if he was stretching his back, and a lot of the people that were staring at him adverted their eyes quickly. Joey rolled his eyes and turned back around and realized there was still one person that was glaring at him with intense… hatred? No, that couldn't be…. Maybe it was worry…

And that was Tristan.

Tristan elbowed Joey, narrowing his eyes.

"Where's Kaiba?" he asked, as if he was trying to use simple small talk.

"Oh, he's-"

That was Joey's first mistake. He shouldn't know where Kaiba was, no matter what.

Luckily, it was easily overlooked by the brunette… for the moment at least. The boy was still intently glaring at Joey, causing the blond to shift awkwardly.

"Why were you almost late?"

"Dat's because I was wi-"

Joey wondered why he even tried to keep secrets. So far, he'd almost told him twice. He really didn't even mean to. Things just kind of… slipped. His mouth didn't want to stop moving… ever. And things just seemed to spill that weren't actually supposed to be said.

And he was about to make his third mistake.

"Are you and Kaiba…" Tristan's voice trailed off.

Joey's face became aflame. How could it not? All the memories from just minutes ago came to mind when he heard the CEO's name. It was his natural reaction,. And that simple blush was enough to make Tristan very suspicious….

The teacher called the attention to the front of the room and began to announce some of the most important things that were going on lately… mostly about stuff that he had went over fifty times and was just trying to make sure that everyone knew something like… that their Science Proposal paper was due tomorrow. But by then, half the class had already tuned him out and was doing something other than even bothering to act as if they were paying attention to him.

Joey was one of those people. His attention span was that of a gnat. He began to swing his feet back and forth and doodle on the margin of his notebook paper. But he couldn't help but feel Tristan's stare still on the side of his face.

What's with him? Joey thought, resisting the urge to yell or do anything to drastic. Instead he remained perfectly still and looked up at the teacher once before beginning to work on his doodle again. He'll stop soon… my face isn't that interesting.

Later, Joey began to think that their must have been something interesting on it because he swore, every single second that he'd look over, the brunette would be staring at it. Then paranoia began to slowly sneak up on Joey. Did Tristan know? He couldn't have…. Unless….

Nah, I'mma just worrying to much. He told himself, as he acted as if he was paying close attention to the teacher, who was droning on about something. But there was that tiny little feeling that Tristan knew something that Joey didn't want him to know… right now that is. Not until he felt like telling him what was going on. Until then he planned on keeping his friends in the dark for a while.

The bell rung and Joey quickly got up out of his seat, stretching. He smiled as he looked for Yugi. It took him a minute but he found him talking to Yami by one of the windows. Joey waved as he ran up to the small boy.

"Hiya Yug!" he called out.

Yugi smiled as he looked at his friend. "Hi Joey."

Yami looked Joey over for a minute. He, and Bakura, had already almost confirmed their suspicions on Kaiba and Joey's relationship . For some reason he just felt like today that something was different about the blond… but he decided that he ask questions when his hikari wasn't around.

Yami patted Joey's back, a grin spread across his features. "Nice that you decided to join us last minute today."

Joey laughed sheepishly. Even Yami had noticed that he was almost late. "'Bout dat…"

"Ah, forget it." Yugi grinned. "You had a perfectly good reason that you were almost late, right?"

Yeah, it's Kaiba's fault… he was late…. He wasn't going to tell Yugi that though… then he'd question why and…

"Come on you two." Yami cut into Joey's thoughts. "I'm hungry…" the Pharaoh shoved his hands into his pockets and walked towards the door. Joey and Yugi looked at each other and shrugged and followed the teen to the cafeteria. The smell of decent lunch food hit Joey when he was halfway there. He grinned to himself, it smelled like pizza today… good pizza…

They were late to lunch, they could tell because they were almost last in line. Joey hated it when that happened but, it was partially his fault. He stood in line, doing an occasional small talk with his two friends but he seemed to daze off in the midst of a conversation.

The line seemed to move quickly and the managed to reach the counter in a matter of minutes. Yami, who was first, looked at the lunch lady.

"Do you have pizza?"

The lunch lady frowned. "No."

"…Ham sandwich?"


Yami raised an eyebrow. "Turkey sandwich?"

"No." the lunch lady repeated.

Yami scowled. "What do you have then?"

"Meatloaf or tuna."

The Pharaohs nose crinkled up. Two of his least favorite lunches and no other things to choose from…

"Tuna…" he sighed, watching as the lunch lady threw a tuna sandwich onto his tray. The sides were God awful to really, the only good part of the lunch was the rock hard cookie they got at the end. They approached the cashier together, with identical lunches, and paid for them one-by-one.

Lunch was boring to say the least. Tristan glared at Joey the whole time, Malik was sick and was coughing on everyone's food, Yami was whispering something to Bakura, Téa was to busy ranting to Yugi, and Ryou and Marik were to busy trying to get Malik to stop coughing. Joey didn't' even bother eating the cafeteria food. He just looked at it until the bell rang once more.

Sadly, Joey would have to admit that eating lunch with Kaiba was more fun than it was today…

The final bell rung and Joey jumped out of his seat and ran towards the door. He was anxious to get out of the suffocating atmosphere in the classroom. Even his house was better than here.

He made it down a hallways before he was tugged into a broom closet. He was thrown to the floor in a matter of seconds and was looking at the faces of Bakura and Yami.

"H-Hey guys." Joey gulped as he looked at their serious expressions.

"So… Joey. Do you have anything that you want to tell us?" Yami asked, an eyebrow raised, his arms crossed firmly across his chest.

"Whaddya talkin bout?" Joey asked.

"Fess up, Wheeler." Bakura narrowed his eyes. "We're not stupid. We just want to confirm our suspicions."

Joey scowled, glaring at the two. "Ya know, I can see why Yami want tah know… but, why do you want tah know, Bakura?"

"The answer is simple," a smirk was planted on Bakura's lips. "Blackmail against Kaiba."

Joey sighed. "What do you want to know?"

"Are you and Kaiba… dating?" Yami asked.

Joey felt his cheeks burn. "W-Whaddya mean! It-It's not official, but, I mean, I think, maybe… ah…" words wouldn't seemed to form right after a minute.

The duo looked at each other for a second before shrugging.

"Good enough." Yami smiled. He pointed to the door. "You can go now."

That was enough encouragement for Joey. In a matter of seconds he was out the door and halfway down the hallway. He knew his face was still red but, for the moment he choose to ignore that for now at least.

There was something he didn't notice when he was acting like he was paying attention in class. That it was raining really hard outside.

And guess what Joey didn't bring to school?

The blond cursed under his breath. He thought for a moment that his little shoe locker might have one in there somewhere but after opening it and only seeing his shoes he sighed, dejected. Téa always had an extra umbrella, where was she when he needed her?

Joey stepped out in the rain, feeling the drops hit his head. He placed his book bad over his head and ran towards Kaiba's house.

I wonder if he's even home… Joey thought on the way there. He shook his head. Surely Kaiba would be home by now, right?

Drenched in rain, Joey knocked on Kaiba's door. Never again he would forget his umbrella. Or at least he might turn on the news in the morning to see if it was going to rain or not… either one. The blond waited a minute, to see if he needed to knock again.

The door opened slowly and a raven haired boy stood at the door looking slightly confused. "Joey?"

"Hey Mokuba, is ya brother around?"

Mokuba nodded once and opened the door wide enough to Joey to come in.

The boy led him down a hallway or two, up a staircase and through another hallway until he came to Kaiba's room. He then left Joey and headed for his room so he could continue playing the video game that he was playing before he had to answer the door.

Joey knocked on the door twice before the door swung open and Kaiba stood in the doorway, looking as if he was glaring at the blond. The CEO looked at him for a moment before he said anything.

"Well, looks like someone decided to go play in the rain today." he calmly opened the door wide enough for Joey to walk in.

The blond murmured a retort under his breath as he walked in and stood in the middle of Kaiba's room. He looked around for a chair, not finding one, and turned to Kaiba.

"Is it okay if I sit on your bed?" he asked.

The brunette frowned but didn't give him an answer right away. "You think I'm going to let you sit on my bed in those wet clothes? Your crazy."

Joey sighed. He should've known that Kaiba would say that. "Then what do ya want me to do?"

"Well, first things first, get out of those clothes."

The remark had meant to be innocent, it truly had been, but Joey knew the heat was rising to his cheeks. Kaiba didn't notice this because he was now turned around and was looking for something that the blond could wear for the time being. Kaiba turned around to face the blond seeing that his cheeks were a bright shade of scarlet. He sighed, throwing the clothes at Joey's face.

"Get your mind out of the gutter."

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