In this story Sam is 14 and Dean is 19, when a hunt goes wrong Sam is blame for it. This time it's Dean who puts the blame on Sam, for getting their father hurt on the hunt when it was John's fault. In this story John will be hard on Sam, and he'll be caring and loving to Sam when he needs him the most. Dean will feel guilty when he learns the truth about the hunt, that it was John's fault that got him hurt.

Mike and Nancy Johnson lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 40 years, they had three sons that were grown and living on their own. Now, with all three sons gone they had time to relax and enjoy their life together. They were both retired and looking forward to checking out the history of New Mexico, something they couldn't do when their sons were living with them. With each son in a different sport events in school that took up most of their time, they enjoy going to the games and rooting for their children. Now that was all behind them they could take time for themselves, they wouldn't change a thing with the boys living with them. They cherished every day they spent with their sons, now they could do with their grandkids.

When it came time for them to travel and see the sites, their sons bought them an RV to travel in. They wanted their parents to be comfortable when they were traveling. When they found one they all went to look at it, wanted to make sure it was something their parents wanted. Their sons Mark, Nick and David bought them a car hitch, so this way they could use their car when they went sightseeing. They night before they left Mark stopped by after work, he wanted to make sure his parents had everything they needed before they left the next morning. He asked them where they planned on going first, and which interstate they where taking and how long it will be.

"So where do you two planning on going first? And which interstate are you taking." Mark wanted to know.

"We are going to see the Aztec Ruins National Monument, from there we'll look and see what else we can find. We don't really have a set plan just yet, we are just going to play it by ear and see what happens." Mike told his eldest son.

"We'll be looking on the internet for directions to get there son, this is what we're doing before you stop by." Nancy told her over protective son.

"Here let me check the directions for you guys, I know the internet a little better than you do. It looks like you take interstate 25 north, then you go west on 550 which is N Aztec Blvd. Take 550 until you come to Ruins Road, turn off and head North until you come to 84 Rd 2900 which is the ruins. (Their son told them as he check the directions.) Don't look at me like that Dad I'm only trying to help, I want to make sure you get there safe and sound and in one piece." Mark said knowing what his dad was thinking

"I know how to work the internet Mark I got me and your mom to the Grand Canyon, and got us back home without any problems by getting on the internet. I know you are trying to help and thank you for getting us the directions, I don't know what we'd do if we didn't have you boys to worry about us." Mike knew that Mark and his brother's were only worried about them.

"I know Dad I can't help but worry about you to being by yourselves. Well I got to get going I'll be by tomorrow morning to see you two off." Mark hugged his parents an went home to his family.

The next morning Mark, Nick and David was there to see their parents, they wanted to make sure they had everything they needed. Before Mike and Nancy got in the RV they said their goodbyes to their sons, telling them not to worry and they'd called every night after dinner.

"We'll see you all when we get back and take care of our little Angels, tell them we love them very much and see them soon." Nancy told her three sons.

We'll tell them mom and be careful and don't stop at any rest stop please, if you need to stop off for anything stop off at a gas stations. Call us when you stop at the Hotels along the way, when you get to the ruins call us to." Nick said to his parents, just like Mark he was worried about them.

"Yes sons we'll call when we stop for the night and when we get there, What! Do you think we're teenagers going for a joy ride jeez?" Mike laughed at his sons look, then he hugged them and helped his wife in.

It took Mike and Nancy four days to get to the ruins, they took their time and stopped every night at a hotel. They called their sons after their dinner to talk with them, knowing that all three would be at Marks place waiting for the phone call.

"Just want to let you all know that we are here, and getting ourselves settle for the week stay. I'm glad that we got here it was a long drive, today we are just going to relax and see the sited tomorrow." Mike told Mark knowing the phone was on speaker.

"That's good to hear dad I'm glad that you two make it safe and sound, there's someone here who wants to talk to you." Mark said as he lifted his son to the phone.

"Hi papa and granma hows you doin, me miss you and love you." Little Billy said to his grandparents.

"We miss you to little Angel, be good to your mom and dad." Nancy said to her little Angel.

"I's will granma, can you and papa gets me somephine. Like a pwsent pwease." Three year old Billy asked, knowing that his papa and granma will get him one.

"Sure thing Angel we'll get you a present, and we'll get everyone else one too." Mike said with a laugh hearing Billy's excitement.

"Yeah papa gets me a pwsent daddy." Billy ran off to tell his mommy.

"Ok dad we'll talk to you tomorrow, take care of yourselves, I got to see what kind of trouble Billy is causing." Mark said with a laugh, knowing how much his parents spoiled their grandkids.

"On their fourth day at the trailer park by the ruins, Mike and Nancy decided to check the ruins out. For three days the relaxed and checked out the town, they wanted to be well rested before they went to the ruins. They started early to beat the afternoon heat knowing that it would get hot, they were half way through the ruins when they heard a sound. Looking around and seeing no-one they continued their walk, thinking it was the wind blowing the dust around. They got a little further when they heard it again, this time it sounded like someone was following them from behind. Turning around they saw nothing but the trail and rocks, they both look at each other and laughed thinking it's just old age. When they turned and head further down the trail, they saw a very large cat in the middle of the trail. They both stopped dead in their tracks looking at the animal, Mike put himself between the cat and his wife and started to back away slowly. He never seen a cat so huge in his life, yes he's seen big cats in the zoo's but nothing like the size of this cat. It was bigger than a Tiger and had spots like a Leopard, it's fangs were the size of his middle finger and it's paws were bigger than his hand. The cat just stared at them with it's golden yellow eyes, he could see that they cat was sizing them up for the kill. He told his wife not to make a sound to startle the cat, just move slowly back to the parking lot. As he turned to lead his wife away from the cat still keeping himself between them, that is when the cat leapt at them without making a sound. They didn't have time to cry out for help when the cat attacked them.

The next morning one of the Park Rangers spotted their vehicle, and called for back up before heading down the trail. They called the Police station to report the attack, which was the fourth attack in three weeks. They gave the Sheriff all the information they found in the car, and had them call their family to come verify the bodies.

Sam's class had a picnic at a park by the school for family day, he told his dad and brother about it two days ago. When they dropped him off he reminded them of the picnic at the park, told them it will be at 1:00 and to meet him at the school. Now it was 5:00 in the evening and they hadn't come and get him, he wondered what could've happen to them when they knew about the picnic.

"Once again they forgot about me." Sam said to himself.

"Hey Sam do you need a ride home pal, my parents could take you there?" Simon said as he saw Sam still waiting for his family.

"No that's ok Simon I'll wait here for them, if I'm not here when they show up they'll be worried." Sam told his friend.

"Ok I'll see you next week at school, enjoy your spring break buddy." Simon waved to Sam as he and his family drove off.

"Why can't my family be like that, being there for their son for all his events" Sam said to himself.

Looking at how dark the sky was getting Sam started to get nervous, he didn't like being alone when it gets dark. Knowing he had to do something he finally made up his mind, he started to walk home knowing that it would take him half an hour. On his way home he wondered why his family keeps forgetting about him.

Dean was sitting on the couch when he heard his dad pulled up to the motel, they had just finished a job on the other side of town. Some hunter asked them for help with a poltergeist that was killing people, the job was too big for him to handle by himself. So he called the Winchester to help him out with it, they were thrown around before they killed the spirit. Dean stopped of at a bar for a few drinks before heading home, John went to talk with the hunter about a new job in New Mexico. As Dean waited for the door to open he leaned back on the couch, he looked at the door and waited for his little brother to come rushing in. Sam always came bursting through the door excited about the day, he would tell Dean everything that happened at school. Dean sat there listening to everything word that Sam said and smile at his brother, he loved how Sam's eyes would lit up when he's excited. So he waited for his brother to come busting through the door, he had a beer and a coke on the table for him and Sam. When the door open his dad walk through and close the door, Dean kept a close eye on the door for his little brother. He could tell his dad was in a foul mood when he stepped inside, wondering maybe Sammy and he had a fight on the way back. Walking up to the window he look at the truck, he didn't see his baby brother in the truck or Impala. He turned around when he heard his dad coming from the bedroom, wanting to know where his brother was at. Thinking maybe his dad told Sammy is was ok that he could spend the night at a friend's house, which wouldn't sit well with him cause he's the one who tells Sammy what to do.

"Dad did you tell Sammy he could spend the night at a friend's house, and if so why wasn't I inform of this until now?" Dean had a little hint of anger in his voice.

"Dean don't give me this crap right now I'm not in the mood, and get that angry tone out of your voice young man. I'm still your father and you'll respect me." John said with an angry tone of his own, there wasn't no way he was going to let his son talk to him like that.

"I'm sorry dad but I'm the one who gives Sammy permission to sleep over, that is my job when it comes to my baby brother. So who's house is he at so I can call his friend, I want to know why he didn't tell me." Dean waited for his dad to answer him.

"Dean, Sam is probably in his bedroom doing his homework or playing on his computer, why are you asking me were he is?" John looked up from his paper work to see a look of disbelief on Dean's face.

"Dad you were supposed to pick Sammy up from school after the hunt, you told me you'd go get him after you talked with the hunter. So where is my baby brother DAD?" Dean couldn't believe that John forgot about Sammy again.

"DEAN! I told you not to take that tone with me, and what are you talking about me getting Sam. He's supposed to be in his bedroom doing homework, I….oh shit I was suppose to get him. Damn it I forgot to get Sam from school again, I was so involved with the hunter that I forgot. I better go to the school and get him, he's probably mad at me right now forgetting him" John got up and grab his coat.

"Dad I'll go with you and we'll take the Impala, I'll can drive faster than you. Let's go get my brother and bring him home, then you can talk to him when we get back. Let's hurry cause you know how Sam is when it gets dark outside." Dean grab his coat and followed his dad out the door, hoping his brother isn't too scared right now.

On the way to the school Dean's mind went back to when Sam got scared of the dark, he was by himself in the Impala when John and Dean hunted a black dog.

"Ok Sammy you stay here and lock the doors, Dean and I will be back as soon as we can." John told his youngest son.

"Yeah Tiger you stay here, we'll be right back, I don't want you leaving the car ok Sammy." Dean said with concern in his voice.

"I'm not three years old anymore, I know how to look after myself dad. I'll stay in the car Dean and lock the doors, just hurry back so we can leave this place." Sammy tried to act tougher then he really was.

"I know your not three years old Sammy, I just want you to be safe. So please just lock the doors and stay inside no matter what happens, we'll be back as soon as we can kiddo." John told his seven year old son.

Sammy watch his dad and Dean ran to the woods ahead of the Impala, he kept his eyes trained on the area they went in to the woods. Next thing he heard was a howl and then gun fire, he knew his dad and brother found the black dog. He heard some more howling and it sounded like it was coming from all around, then he heard two guns going off on his left. He wished they would kill the dog already so they could leave, he was getting scared and wanted to be with his brother. What he heard next made his blood run cold like ice, cause he didn't hear anything at all and that really scared him. He looked around the area to see if he could spot his family, when he didn't his heart tighten in his chest. He frozen when he heard a low growl from the back of the Impala, he was too scared to even turn around to see what it was. He could hear something walking up to the Impala, he held his breath and listen carefully to see if he knew what it was. Knowing it was the black dog that his dad and Dean were hunting, he sat perfectly still hoping that it would just walk away from him. Next he heard the animal breathing right by the window, he moved his eyes to see the yellow eyes of the dog. He was to scared to move at this point, the only thing he could do was sit there and hope that Dean would come. Next thing he knew he was laying on the back seat of the car, he could hear the dog hitting the car and he screamed his brother's name. The sound of the dog hitting the Impala filled Sam's head, that was the only thing he could hear not his brother screaming his name. Next thing he heard was the window shattering and something was grabbing his arm, thinking it was the dog he fought back kicking and screaming his brothers name. He didn't realize it was Dean holding his arm, to him it was the dog that was going to kill him. The more he fought the hold on his arm the tighter it got, he started to scream for his dad and Dean until something hit him in the face. He looked up and saw Dean's green eyes looking at him, Dean felt bad for hitting his brother like that but he had to. Next thing he knew Sam was throwing himself into his arms, Sam held on tight like his life depended on it. He heard Dean talking to him and a soft calming voice, he was rubbing his hand in Sam's hair with the other he was rubbing small circles on his back. It took Dean awhile to calm Sam down enough to talk to him, but even then Sam just wanted to stay quite too scared to talk. Sam could hear his Dad's voice coming from the other side of the car, he felt safe now having his dad and Dean there with him.

"How's he doing Dean did you get him to calm down, did the dog hurt him in anyway besides freaking him out?" John was worried about Sam's state of mind, and if that dog hurt his boy he'll kill it again.

"I don't think he's hurt dad just scared out of his mind, I don't think the dog hurt him in any way. I shot the dog before he got in the window, I wasn't going to let the dog get to my brother." Dean said with hatred in his voice, it scared him to see how close the dog got to his Sammy.

"I know you won't let that happen Dean and so does Sam, let's get him back to the hotel and give him something to calm him down." With that John got in the driver seat and headed back to the hotel.

Dean was never so scared before until that night, seeing how close that black dog got to Sam scared him to death. After that happen Sam had nightmares about the dog for a couple of months, and he was scared to be alone in the dark thinking it would come and get him. Dean was snap out of his thoughts when he heard his dad talking to him, he look at his dad with a confuse look

"Dean I know what you are thinking and it wasn't your fault, if you have anyone to blame it's me. I was the one who said to leave Sam alone, I take full responsibility for the actions that night." John knew that even now Dean still blames himself.

"That's easier to say you didn't see how close that dog got to Sammy, if we were a few minutes later I wouldn't have my brother right now. Lets not talk about it anymore ok Dad, let's just get Sam and get him home." Dean press on the pedal he need to get to his brother.

Sam was half way home when he heard a noise behind him, he turned around to see what made the sound. He saw a shadow moved in the alley way across the street, he got scared and took off running in a full run. He didn't stop until he got to the hotel, he saw his dad's truck in the parking space. He ran up to the door and struggle with the key at first, he got the door open and step in and shut the door hard and locked it. He leaned against the door to catch his breath and calm himself down, he looked around and saw that no-one was home yet. 'They probably out celebrating their latest hunt, that is why they forgot about me again.' Sam said to himself as he walked to the bedroom.

Setting his stuff on the floor he laid in bed looking up at the ceiling, he could feel tears coming and wiped them away. He knew now why they didn't want him around him, he was a big baby who couldn't stand being alone in the dark. He was startled out of his thoughts when he heard the Impala pulling up, he got up and wiped the tears away. He didn't want his family to know he was crying like a baby, he walked out of the bedroom and headed for the kitchen when Dean came through the door. He saw the scared face on Dean's then on his dad's face, 'that couldn't be because of me' Sam said to himself.

"Sam I'm so sorry that I forgot to get you from school son, I got talking to a hunter about another job. I wasn't thinking when I came straight home without you, I'm not trying to make an excuse here please believe me." John wince on how that sounded, he once again but the hunt before Sam.

"It's ok Dad I'm home safe and sound, I got here all by myself without anyone helping me. I'm a big boy now so I don't need to be lead by the hand, and oh by the way thanks for coming to the picnic that you said you would attend." Sam walked away from his family before they could answer him.

"Sam I said that I…what is he talking about a picnic." John looked at Dean who had an 'awe shit' look on his face.

"Today was Sam's class picnic dad, remember he told us this morning. I thought we would've be done before it started, of course with our luck nothing goes as plan." Dean could kick himself for disappointing Sam again.

"That's right Dean, Sam did say something about it to us, after we dropped him off at school he reminded us. Damn it we let Sam down again because of a hunt, I better go talk with him and get this straightened up." John started to walked to the bedroom before Dean stopped him.

"Let him be dad we'll talk to him tomorrow morning, lets just get some sleep we're all pretty tired." Dean said to his dad, he was glad that John agreed.

Walking into the room he and Sam shared Dean looked down at Sam, he's heart broke knowing he let down his brother again. He sat on Sam's bed and carded his hand through his hair, he could feel his chest tighten knowing he failed Sammy.

Next morning John was up early getting ready to leave, as soon as his boys were up they would leave. He saw Dean walking out of the room looking a little rough round the edges, he could tell that Dean didn't get much sleep. He looked again and saw Sam coming out of the room, who walked right past them and out the door slamming it shut.

"I guess he still mad at us from yesterday, I don't blame him we did let him down again. I just hope that attitude will change before we get to the next hunt, if not we'll be in a rough time with him." John said as he rubbed his face with his hands, he hated to see his youngest like this. What makes it worse it was him and Dean that put him in this mood.

"You're telling me dad, Sammy had nightmares last night. When I went to comfort him he just shoved him away, telling me to leave him alone he could handle it himself." Dean said with a little hurt in his voice, he was the one who always comfort Sammy during his nightmares. Now Sammy doesn't need him anymore and that hurts him the most.

"Give him time Dean he'll come around in time, you know how he gets when he's like this." John was hoping he was right, cause he's not sure how much of this he would take of Sam.

The ten hour drive to New Mexico was in silence, and it was driving Dean crazy that Sammy was ignoring him. When they left Prescott Arizona around 8:00 in the morning Sam was quite, he only talk with the waitresses when the order breakfast and lunch. When they reach Aztec New Mexico John was getting tired of Sam's attitude, they rented a hotel for a couple of days to look around and see what's going on. They all got into the Impala with John driving, Dean look at Sam who was looking out the window. Dean to was getting tired of Sammy's pouting now, and he had enough of it and he was going to tell him too.

"Sammy you need to talk to us about this and stop giving us the silent treatment, I'm getting tired of this and we need to get this out in the open." Deans said.

"There's nothing to talk about so what the use, you don't listen to anything I have to say." Sam said without looking at Dean.

"Wow he does speak that is a miracle." Dean said with a little sarcasm in his voice.

"Bite me Dean and shut up I'm not the one who forgot you at school, or who said that we'll be there and never showed up. You think it's no big deal to come to a picnic, but for me it was cause all my friends wanted to meet you and Dad. I waited as long as I could before I had to leave for the park, once again I was left alone while everyone else had THEIR FAMILY around them." Sam could feel the tears coming and turned away.

"Sammy we tried to say we were sorry last night, and I feel bad for not getting you at school. I shouldn't have put the hunt before you again, we got another call from a hunter and it went south on us. By the time we got it done it was three O'clock, so it was to late for the picnic and we were both tired from the hunt." John was trying to get Sam to understand how sorry he was, but it just back fired on him.

"So what were you doing for two hours DAD? Having coffee or drinking whiskey. You said the hunt was finish at three, I was still at the school at five so for two hours what did you and Dean do?" Sam really wanted to know what they did for two hours.

"After the hunt I went to the bar to have a few beers, and was looking around to see if I could…." Is all Dean got to say before Sam let him have it.

"You went to the bar to get yourself f**ked is that right Dean, so that comes before me…." Sam was caught off guard by his dad's loud voice.

"SAMUEL WINCHESTER! I don't ever want to hear that word coming from your mouth again, what your brother does in his spare time is his business not yours. I was talking with a hunter about this job in New Mexico, he heard about it and wanted to know if we would take it." John's anger was getting the better of him.

"Yeah that's right you always stand up for Dean and never me, why is that dad cause I'm a screw up or a lazy a**person who only cares for himself? I think you both wish it was me who died in that fire and not mom, you don't even want me around anymore that is why you forget about me am I right Dad?" Sam knew he was pushing his dad's buttons but he didn't care, he was tired of being a second thought to them.

Pulling into the parking lot of the park were the attacks happened, John was glad that it was empty so no-one could see this. He got out of the car and opened the back door and grabbed Sam out of the back seat. He pulled Sam to the trunk of the Impala and took his belt off, he hit Sam four times on his back side with the belt. Turning his youngest around he got into Sam's face, his eyes were dark and angry.

"I don't want that ever to come out of your mouth again Sam, not once do I ever wish you died in that fire. Your mom died protecting you from whatever came after you, don't ever disrespect your mother again Sam." John was yelling right in Sam's face.

"How can I disrespect someone I never knew Dad? You never tell me anything about mom except she died in my room. You or Dean don't tell me anything when it comes to her, you just shut down or turn me away like I don't matter anymore. She was my mom to and I have a right to know something about her, to me she's just a bad memory…." Sam was slapped in the face by his dad, he was stunned at what his father did.

The only thing that Sam could say to his dad was "I HATE YOU DAD" as he walk down the trail were the killing happen. Looking at Dean who know is standing where Sam was with a stunned look, he couldn't believe that his dad hit his brother like that. Yes Sam didn't have to say what he said about their mom, that wasn't' the right thing to do in Dean's point of view. But again Sam didn't know his mother either like he did, so he could understand what Sam is going through and dad didn't have the right to hit him.

"Dad why did you hit Sammy like that, you never raise a hand before why now? I know what he said about mom got you mad, it got me mad to but I do understand what Sam is going through." Dean wanted to go find his brother and talk to him, but he needed to know why his dad did what he did.

"I-I don't know…it's just what he said about your mom got me mad. There has never been a time I wished Sam dead Dean, if I have to do it over again I'll save him from the fire. That is one thing I never regretted saving Sammy first, he was the first thing on my mind when I saw the fire. I wish I never hit him like that Dean, I just got scared when he was wishing he was dead." John said as he rubbed his hand that slap Sam in the face.

As Sam walk away from his dad and brother, Sam now wished he could take that back. He shouldn't have said those things about his mom, it's just that he wished his dad or Dean would tell him. He just wanted to know his mom better, he knew that she loved him and wished he could feel the same way. But how could he love someone he didn't know? He doesn't have any memories of her to hold on to. Wiping the tears away he rubbed his cheek were his dad hit, it was burning now from the slap and it felt like it was on fire. He slowed his pace when he came to the police tape, he knew that this was the place the killings happened.

He went under the tape and slowly walked were the victims were at, he looked at the ground for any evident that the police didn't see. He came up to the area where the couple was and saw all the blood, he walked around the area and further down the trail. That is when he spotted the paw prints of an animal, from the looks of them it looked a big cat of some kind. He took his phone out and took pictures of them, he would download them on his computer and see what cat they belong to. He notice a few more prints leading away from the scene, he followed them around the bend to some more ruins. He lost track of them when the ground became harder, he started to looked around the ruins for more information. He wanted to know what kind of animal that could do this, he saw some drawing on a cliff on the other side of the buildings. He walked up to them and took some more pictures so he could look at them, that is when he notice an animal that resemble a big cat in the paintings. He took a picture of the cat so he could compare it to the Aztec culture, he knew different cultures used different animals in sacrifices or worship them. Seeing nothing else he headed back to the police tape and his family, looking at the pictures on his phone his guard was down. He didn't see what was coming up from behind him until it was too late, he felt something heavy hitting him from the back. He yelled out for his brother before he hit the ground, the last thing he thought about was not seeing Dean then darkness over took him.

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