WARNING: There will be abuse, rape and torture to a minor in this chapter.

I'm against rape and torture to a person. Don't like it at all. Read at your own discretion. It's not my intention to offend any of my readers.

There will be strong language since we are dealing with two pissed-off hunters and madmen.

Sorry for the late posting for this chapter things have been hactic here and for my beta reader, this chapter is long hope I don't bore anyone wanted to get this all done in one chapter. The next one will take time since I have to find another beta reader to help me, so if anyone knows of one to help with the story let me know please. After this chapter there will be no more rape to Sammy, but Brian will get his due and it won't be good for him.


Strolling in an angry stride, Dean stepped in front of Julie glaring at her with menacing eyes, every fiber in his body telling him to slap the bitch for what she did. The only problem is that he never had hit a girl before… well, one that hasn't been possessed, anyway. Right now his anger is taking a hold on him and he didn't really care. Stepping away from her Dean couldn't get the look of Sam's face out of his mind. Seeing the terror in his younger brother's eyes set off the fire he was feeling inside. Swirling around, he slapped Julie with such force in the face that she flew a good foot from the chair onto the floor.

With strong intakes of air, Dean glanced around the room to find he was the target of every set of eyes deep with consternation. Except for one pair who kept glancing nervously away. The man who helped instigate this dire situation. Amped with the prowess of a protective tigress, he descended upon Dick, tight fists slugging the man with hurricane force. He hardly relinquished an ounce of leniency till strong hands lifted him off the defenseless criminal. Hot rage gushed through his veins, obscuring his whole mind in a blind haze. He freed his body from the collective hands and went back in for another round. The imprisoning hands were back, forcing him away from his prey, it seemed. Nothing seemed right. Everything muddled. There was no connection to the outside world. Not even the sounds of John and Bobby's voices.

Listening to what Ranger Todd told the Winchesters, Steve glanced over in the corner to see Julie. The sight of his daughter angered him. He could feel his blood burning. Glancing over at Dick, who was encouraging Dean to attack him again, he knew who to ask. Before he could take a step to the man, Dean rushed up to his daughter. Wondering what the young man was going to do, Steve headed over to them, stopping dead in his tracks when Dean slapped her hard in the face. He watched her fall to the floor. Taking a few minutes to compose himself, Steve glared at Dean for what he did. Wanting to go over there and teach him a lesson the father only got a few feet from Dean before he went for Dick again. It happened so fast that everyone in the room didn't even see Dean move until he was on top of Dick. Letting John and Bobby take care of Dean, Steve headed over to his daughter who was still on the floor. Helping her up he gently led her to the chair kneeling down in front of her to check her over.

As Steve checked his daughter over, he was listening to the commotion in the background. He could hear John and Bobby yelling at Dean to calm down as they pried him off Dick. What caught the father's attention were the words that came out of the man's mouth about his daughter: that she was the one who led him to Sam so they can take him to Brian.


Keeping up with the rhythm he was maintaining with Sam, Brian took his time as he raped his capture in the van. Listening to the young boys' cries and screams excited every fiber in his body. He couldn't get enough of Sam and wanted more from the boy. Leaning over, the man pushed harder. With his hand, he stoked faster on the boy's penis until he heard the boy moaning, keeping up the action, knowing that he is going to get what he wanted from the boy. Feeling the body under him twitching, he knew what was going to happen. He himself could feel his body getting ready to explode with the pleasures he is seeking, waiting for the right time before they both came to the climax that Brian wanted. Only when he heard the deep breathing coming from Sam is when he knew it was time. Feeling the urge coming from both of them is when he let the boy do what was natural. Brian couldn't contain the excitement his body was going through at the moment. He didn't hold back when he came inside of Sam.

"Sam, this feels so good to come into you. I have waited for this since we left my sister's house I miss having fun with you...oh Sam, can you feel that? Come on, I know you can...That's it Sam! Just let it go...I can feel it Sam as I stroke you...I'm going to come...just let it go Sam...here it comes...I can feel your body moving that you're enjoying this. I know you are...there you go, let it come."

He let go of Sam's penis. Brian saw blood and cum leaking from Sam's anus as he pulled out of him. Staying in the kneeling position behind the boy, he looked at the camera giving a wicked smile. When he is done doing what was planned to the young man, he will get a hold of the father giving him instructions on the location of the tape. At the moment, he had some cleaning to do in the van. He needed to get all the evidence of him and Sam out of the vehicle in case he has to ditch it. First thing is to clean the boy's backside so none of their fluids is left behind. After doing that, he'll grab the cloth he had under them and burn both things. The seat will be washed in a bleach solution to get rid of any of Sam's DNA. Learning from his previous rapes he did in the past, it works by getting all signs of them gone.

Getting Sam redressed Brian pulled him out of the van ignoring the pained groans coming from the young man. Leading him into the building, they headed to the end of the hallway where the stairwell door is. Since there was no electricity he couldn't use the elevator to get the boy to the third floor. Smiling to himself, he knew how painful it will be for his capture to take the stairs. Pushing him up the steps, the man would smile every time the kid would fall. He made sure the boy didn't hurt himself by catching him before hitting the stairs. If anyone was going to do any damage to the kid it would be him. Boy, did he have enough things to do the damage he planned on?


Sam couldn't move with all of Brian's weight on him as he was being raped. His throat was sore from the screams that kept coming as the pain racked his body. Feeling the man's other hand stroking his groin area in fast motions brought more pain to him. Each stroke was rough as he tightened his grip on Sam's penis. Every time he started to take deep breaths as he felt himself ready to come. His captor would stop and hold his penis in his hand very tightly to stop him from coming. When the feeling was gone, Sam felt Brian stroke him again and do the same as before. The only time he let Sam go was when his tormentor was ready to come himself. When Sam couldn't take the pain anymore is when he was allowed to come. Breathing heavily in between moans, he felt his body twitch along with the man on top of him.

Feeling the man pull himself out of him, he couldn't stop the flinch every time Brian touched him. Feeling a damp cloth against his skin, he knew the man was wiping away the fluids that came out of him. After he was redressed, Sam felt a strong hand grabbing his arm pulling him from the van. Every movement brought pain to Sam's legs, groin, and ass causing him to hiss. Being led inside the building and up the stairs, the young man couldn't keep his footing. Every time he would trip, the strong grip kept him from falling down the stairs.

When they reached the third floor, Brian opened the door making sure he moved the stopper before the door shut closed. He made sure that each door leading away from the floor was locked so Sam couldn't get away. Sam's heart clenched when he heard the door slam shut. He had a feeling it would be locked. Reaching an open door, he was pushed through the entryway roughly so he couldn't stop himself. Upon entering the room, Sam gasped at what he saw on the table in the living room. There were knives of all sizes, a cattle prong, handcuffs, and a handle that looked like it came from a small shovel. He didn't want to know what the handle was for when it came to his kidnapper. It sent shivers down his spine just thinking what the use was for.

Brian let Sam take a look at his playthings before he led him to the bedroom for some more fun. He couldn't wait to show Sam what he had in store for him once they entered the room. Pushing the boy through the doorway Brian smiled wickedly when he heard the gasp. On the bed that is to the left of the door had leather straps at the foot and head of the bed. Feeling his body tingling with excitement all over again Brian cut the ropes off of Sam's wrists, turning the boy around. He wasn't expecting a fist to the face.

Seeing the weapons on the table sent shivers down Sam's body knowing what some of them was for. Being led into the bedroom, he felt the binds being cut away from his wrists. Knowing this was his time to get away, he took his chance. Bringing his fist up, he smacked Brian right in the face with all the strength he had. Watching as the man leaned over, Sam kicked him from behind the knee to get him to the floor. Taking his foot, he kicked him again in the stomach, face, and in the groan. When he was down, Sam took his chance and ran out of the room down the hallway. Finding all the doors locked sent him into a panic. Calming himself down the best he could Sam checked the other doors as he kept an eye on the open door. Knowing Brian would be coming out of there at any moment made Sam move faster. Finding one unlocked door he opened it to see it was a closet for housekeeping to store their cleaning supplies in. Entering in, he closed the door quietly just in time to hear Brian coming out of the room.

Trying to catch his breath Sam kept himself as quiet as possible with the pain he was in. His legs began to cramp up, his groan area hurt like hell just like his ass did. Holding the door knob with both hands to make sure it didn't turn when Brian tried to open it. Feeling the door knob moving in his grasp, he tightened his hold so it didn't turn. Breathing out a sigh of relief when he heard the footsteps going away from the room he was in. He wouldn't open the door just yet. He'll wait for a while to make sure that Brian was gone. Knowing that he was kidding himself that his kidnapper would leave, he stayed where he was. Sitting down next to the door, he put his ear on it so he could listen to what was going on. He could hear Brian cussing as he went from door to door looking for him.

"Sam, get your ass out here right now you fucking bastard and take it like a man. When I get my hands on you pain is what will be coming to that sorry ass of yours. Is this the reason why your daddy hates you so much because you are a wimp and loser, or why your brother doesn't want you hanging around him anymore?"

"Have you ever wondered why your mom didn't send Jill any pictures of you like she did of Dean? She knew that you were a screw-up from the day you were born, even hated you she told me that. We talked on the phone after your birth. She never wanted you Sam. She even told me that she would end her pregnancy so she didn't have you but your dad talked her out of it."

"It was after the fire that your dad thought. She was right about ending your life before you were born. It was you that caused Mary's death. That is why your daddy hated you. Even your own brother hates you for taking his mother away from him. You can see it in his eyes every time you looked at him, don't you?"

"Sam, I swear if you don't get your sorry ass over here I'm going to go and kill that sorry brother of yours. That is right! You heard me Sam, I will go..." Brian heard a faint gasp coming from the door next to him…"kill your brother, telling him it's your fault as he takes his last breath."

Walking over to the door of the stairwell, he opened then shut it as he was leaving. Quietly he stepped on the other side of the door waiting for Sam to open it.

Feeling the tears in his eyes as he heard Brian say those things about his dad and mom, Sam knew that wasn't true since his dad told him that they loved him. Deep down he knew they loved him very much. He could see that in the picture he has. It still hurt to hear someone say that about his parents, that they hated him. Hearing what came next, Sam couldn't stop the gasp that came out of his lips. Listening to what he was going to do to Dean sent Sam into a panic for his brother. Holding himself still as possible, being attentive to the footsteps heading away from the door, he paid attention to the door open then close, and then it was silence.

Picking himself up slowly, placing his ear to the door, grabbing the doorknob, he slowly opened the door. Peeking out, he glanced down the empty hallway. Slipping out from behind the door to look the other way, he didn't see the hand until he was slapped. With the force of the slap and the door being shoved into him his body collided with the wall. Finding nothing to stop his fall, he ended up in a heap on the floor. Feeling blows to his ribs and abdomen, he didn't have time to protect himself from the kicks. They came in quick and fast as Brian hit Sam with his steel-toed boots until he felt it was good enough. Picking Sam off the floor, he dragged the boy into the room shutting the door behind them. Walking into the bedroom, he shoved the boy hard against the wall making his head snap back from the force. Reaching over, he turned the camera so he can tape the punishment the kid would get. He wanted John to see all the abuse he will do to his young son first hand. Stripping him of his clothes, the man sat on the bed straddling the young man over his lap. He smiled at the camera as he held the belt up high in the air before he brought the strap down on his bare ass. With each hit brought out a cry of pain that fueled his fury and hatred for the boy, hitting the young man another ten times before he pushed him on the bed. Leaving the room for a minute he came back with the cattle prong to teach him a good lesson. Seeing the fear in the boy eyes, Brian knew he was going to have fun with him tonight.

Sam cried out in pain when the man hit him with the belt on his bare backside with hard hits, each hit burned like fire. The pain was like nothing he had before and he dealt with a lot of pain. Being shoved on the bed he thought Brian was done giving out his discipline for running off. His eyes widened when he saw the man standing in the door way with the cattle prongs in his hands. Knowing what he was about to do, Sam tried to move away from him. Being in a corner with no place to go, he started to beg the man not to do it.

"Please, don't do this. I promise I won't run away again...I swear I'll do whatever you tell me...no please, don't come near me with that...I'm begging you...please...don't...I will do whatever you ask of me...stay away from you son of a bitch...I'm sorry please...NO!"

Sam felt white hot pain shoot through his body when the prongs touched his sensitive skin. The pain was excruciating as the electricity went through him. He felt the pain on his legs, arms, abdomen, neck, even on his balls. With each touch he screamed out in pain with the volts that he felt. When the pain finally disappeared, Sam opened his blurring eyes to see Brian undressing himself. Crawling in between Sam's legs, he raped the boy again, thrusting harder than he did before. The rest of the night Brian tortured and raped Sam repeatedly until the boy passed out from the pain. Only then did he leave Sam alone to suffer in his own pain and grief.

Before passing out Sam's thoughts went to his family thinking why would they want him now?


Stunned by his son's actions when he smacked Julie hard in the face, John didn't see Dean move until he was on top of Dick. It happened so fast that he or Bobby didn't have time to register anything to their brains. One moment Dean is in front of Julie, the next he was beating the crap out of Dick. Shaking off the shock on what just happened both hunters went over to get Dean off of the man who caused all of this. Both knowing how Dean is when it comes to Sam, they knew it was going to be a miracle to get the older brother out of there. John had seen Dean upset many of times when it came to his Sammy, but this time was different. The anger his oldest was in scared John. He has never seen this side of Dean before, not even at the hospital where he killed the man. Then, he was in control of his anger; this time his anger took control of him.

Fighting against the hands that grabbed him, Dean started to swing his fist at them. If he could get one hit in to let them go of him, he'll be back on the bastard in no time. With each swing he took it was blocked by the person or persons he aimed for. Only when he saw the man who held him back is when he stopped. Looking angrily into his father's eyes, Dean kept on struggling to get out of his hold, he needed to go and deal with the man who took his brother from him. When he couldn't get out of his dad's and Bobby's grip it angered Dean to no end; he needed his dad to know why he had to deal out the punishment.

"Dad let me go! I need to teach this piece of shit a lesson for messing with my Sammy. He stood there with a smile on his face when he cut my brother with a knife. No one and I mean no one gets away for hurting my little brother. You know that is a death sentence when anyone messes with him. I mean it dad, let me go...what are you doing...don't drag me away from this bastard...Bobby, let me go please! I need to teach this fucker a lesson he'll never forget...I said. Let. Me. Go."

"Damn it dad, why are you protecting this filth. You should be as pissed as I am...Why aren't you? Let me go right now dad or so help me I'll teach you a fucking lesson tha—"

That was all that Dean got when he felt a fist to his jaw from his father, which fueled Dean's anger even more than it was already. Both John and Bobby tightened their grip on the seething older brother, knowing if they even gave a little slack he would break free and kill Dick without a second thought. With Bobby's help, they both got the fuming young man out of the Ranger Station. John knew that his eldest would be livid on what he did in trying to get Dean away from Dick.

Stepping off the porch, John's patience finally snapped with his older boy. Launching him into the Impala, John stood over his son with very angry eyes. Reaching down, he grabbed Dean by the collar of his coat. Hoisting the young man from the ground, he shoved him on the Impala's hood. Glaring at his son, John was going to let him know a thing or two; he wasn't going to hold anything back under the circumstances.

"Let me tell you one thing boy. I'm worried about my youngest son whether you know it or not. The reason why I'm not getting all upset is because of you. Instead of asking questions to that bastard, I'm dealing with you. I should be in there trying to find out where the bastard Brian took my son, not out here dealing with a stupid, selfish, out of control idiot like you. I'm going back inside to get the info that I need to find Sammy. You're going to stay out here with Bobby and cool yourself off...I mean what I said Dean...don't push me boy or you will regret it." Letting Dean go roughly, he turned to Bobby. "Make sure he doesn't come inside. I don't care what you have to do." Getting a nod from his friend, John walked back inside to hear Dick say that Julie took them to Sam.

Steve watched as John and Bobby dragged Dean out of the building with the young man yelling, turning his attention back to his daughter so he could check her over. Seeing the bruise on her cheek from when Dean hit her angered him. What got him worried is when he heard the word rape when he first walked in. Turning to the Rangers, he asked where the man found his daughter, since she was supposed to be with friends two miles in the other direction.

"Where did Dick say he found my daughter again? She was with friends two miles south of here looking for Cougars and Bobcats."

"He told us that she was found a mile north of the campsite lying on the side of the road." Ranger Todd told the father.

"I don't understand how she can be a mile north of us when she was on the opposite side of the park. Julie how did you get over there? Did someone grab you at the campsite?"

"I-I was walking to my friend's campsite when these two men pulled me into their van, where they drove to that spot and ra-raped me...I tried to fight them off, I did...one held me down while the..."

"Tell them the truth, you stupid bitch! You were the one who took us to where Sam was. She told us the exact spot where we could get a hold of that brat. She knew where we could park the van so that no one would see us. When he came around the bend he wouldn't know we were there until I jumped him. She even walked out with me when we took him to Brian, even when I told her to stay inside because I knew what Brian would do. When Brian grabbed her, she didn't struggle or scream; she went right inside with him, afterwards acting like she didn't like it at all; crying the whole way here."

"Julie, is he telling the truth? I want to know young lady is he telling us the truth that you took them to the trail." Getting a nod from his daughter, his stomach dropped. "Why would you do that Julie? I want the truth this time, no more lies. Why would you take them to the trail when they were going to take Sam to a pedophile? Was it to get back at me for not helping you when they arrested you for the second time? Haven't you learned your lesson the first two times on giving yourself to men? Why would you do this now to get what you want from Brian? I want the truth Julie. What was going through your mind? TELL ME NOW!"

"I wanted Sam out of the way so I can have some time with Dean, okay dad! I wanted that brat gone so his brother would pay attention to me. Sam is just a selfish, annoying, self-centered little bastard who wanted all the attention on himself. I'm glad that asshole kid—" Julie didn't even see John until she was pinned to the wall.

"That kid happens to be my baby boy young lady that you gave to that asshole Brian. I don't take kindly to people who mistreat my boys in any way. As for you Dick, I want to know where Brian took my boy. Which way did he go after you gave up my son? You better tell me or I'll make you pay for the pain you caused."

"If I knew, do you think I'd be telling you which way he went? Think again Winchester. This is something that son of yours caused. If it wasn't for those two bastard sons of yours, I'll still have my brother. Pay back is a bitch, isn't it now? You'll know the pa..."

Before Dick could get anything else out, John was on top of him in seconds. With hurricane force, he was slammed so hard into the wall it took his breath away. Catching his breath, he felt a fist connect with his jaw hard. Before he knew what was happening, he was on the floor feeling kicks to his abdomen, chest, and ribs. Each kick was painful. He was about to black out when the assault finally stopped. Glancing up from the floor, he looked into the menacing dark eyes of John Winchester. The stance, glare, tension that he saw in the man standing in front of him is that he wanted this guy dead. John stood over the man for a short time before he turned away. Before walking out of the Station, he turned to Dick and gave him a warning.

"If I ever see you again Dick, the outcome won't be a good one. You can guarantee your life on it. I won't be held responsible for my actions the next time we see each other." Looking over at Steve, Scott, and Robert, John felt sad for them. He needed to apologize for what Dean did to Julie. "Steve, I'm sorry for what happened to your daughter and for Dean hitting her. As for the involvement of putting my son in the hands of Brian, I can't forgive her for that." With that said, John walked out the door of the building. He and Bobby had some phones calls to make to get his baby boy back to him.

Steve watched as John walked out the door with mixed feeling for the father. He was sad for what happened to Sam and angry for what Dean did to his daughter. In some small way he couldn't blame Dean for his actions. If it happened to one of his sons, he would've done the same thing. Glaring at Julie who was still sitting in the chair, he could feel his anger towards her, she has really mess up this time and there was nothing he could do. Watching as the Rangers lifted Dick from the floor after his encounter with John, he smiled at the state he was in from the beating he got from both Winchesters. Sauntering up to the counter, he motioned one of the Rangers to him, introducing himself as a Detective of the Chicago Police who was involved in the arrest of Dick.

Earlier the next morning, the Warren family went over to talk with the Winchesters. There was something that Steve had to say to John before they left.

"John, I know sorry won't be good enough for what happened to Sam yesterday. I feel responsible for my daughter's involvement in the kidnapping of your son. As we speak she is being handled over to the Police along with Dick for this crime. They both will be charged accordingly to their involvement and will be sentenced for their part. My hands are tied when it comes to Julie since this is her third strike with the law. She has been charged of selling herself for sex and drugs twice in a year and a half. She has been on probation for six months since she been released to my care, under strict rules that she doesn't get in trouble again. After her release, they put her on two-year probation under a counselor who talks with teens about their addictions. With her being underage I became her caregiver to keep her out of trouble. Well as we see that didn't work at all since a young boy is missing because of her. She will be charged as an adult and will be sentenced to five to ten years in the county jail. In some ways, I feel relief because now she will get the help she needs. In another way I feel like I failed because now Sam is out there with a pedophile. I don't know if you want my help in any way. I will understand if you say no. Here's my card. I know some Officers who live in different states that would do a favor for me."

"Steve, I'm sorry too for what happened. I should have listened to Dean's concerns when it came to Sam. If I did, my son would be with us instead of that bastard. As for Julie's involvement, I'm sorry, but I don't care what happens to her, I don't. If it wasn't for her, my son would be with us right now getting ready to see his two Uncles. Now I have to go find my son and bring him back to us before Brian does anything to him. I got a bad feeling that he already has been hurting my son in the most painful way. I already made some phone calls for close family to help us out in our search for my boy. If I do need any help, I will call, but don't count on it. I'm sorry Steve for my feelings just having a hard time in forgetting and forgiving here. Have a safe trip back to Chicago...Robert? Don't feel bad about my son. It wasn't your fault, okay?"

John watched as the Warren family walked to their car to head for home. He felt a pang of loss seeing him with his two sons which it should be the other way around. He should be leaving with his two sons in tow instead of leaving with only one. He didn't want to leave if Sam was still in the park knowing deep down inside he wasn't. They had no idea which way to go since Dick or Julie didn't tell him where Brian went. One, they didn't know, or two, they did and are protecting the bastard. Seeing the sad smile on Steve's face as he drove off, John couldn't help his anger he felt, 'at least you are leaving with your two sons, you son of a bitch.' John said to himself. Swirling around, he saw that Bobby and Dean were thinking the same. As he walked to the R.V, his cell phone rang. Seeing it was Sam's number, he took the call. He needed to hear his boy's voice.


"No John, this isn't Sammy. He can't come to the phone right now."

"Brian! Where's my son? Let me talk to him!"

"I don't think so John. He's not feeling so good. Looks a little under the weather. I want you to listen carefully if you want your son back alive. There's a town in Idaho called Vernon right outside the park. When you get into town there will be a gas station to the left. Pull in and drive to the left side of the building. There will be two trash bins. Behind the left one there will be a package for you. You've got two hours to get there before I call back. Want to make sure you got it, and then look for a hotel before you open it."

"How do I know that Sam isn't dead right now? Before I do anything, I want to talk to my boy."

"Don't push me John or I'll hurt your boy some more. We had lots of fun yesterday. He enjoyed every bit of it. Now do as I say or I'll go and hurt your boy some more. You'll hear him scream like you've never heard him before."

"You are a sick son of a bitch Brian. I want to talk to my boy...no, don't touch him...please, Brian don't hurt my boy...SAMMY! Please Brain! Stop hurting my boy, please!"

"Oh John, you shouldn't have said that to me, now I have to punish Sam for your actions...I won't be touching him, I'll be hurting him...hey Sammy, your daddy got you in trouble now I have to punish you."

Brian walked into the room were Sam was being held. Holding the cattle prong in his hand, he walked up to the bed. Listening to the boys' pleas got him excited. He knew John was listening on the other end. Lifting the prongs, he turned it on and placed it on Sam.

"No please, don't hurt me...leave me alone...keep that away from me...please NO!"

"You got two hours John, so don't be late, or your boy will get another dose of the shock."

Tears weld in John eyes hearing his baby boy scream in pain. When the screams finally stopped, he heard Brian telling him to get going or else. Hanging the phone up, John raced to the Impala with Dean behind him. He had to get to the place before the time ran out and his boy gets hurt again. As they pulled out, he told Bobby where he was going and that he will text the address to him. Nodding his understanding, he went into the R.V to make some phone calls.


Early the next morning Brian sat on the couch with a video tape in his hands with a wicked grin on his face. He knew that John will be pissed when he saw the contents and it excited him. Picking up Sam's phone, he scrolled down until he saw the name dad on the list. Hitting the call button, it only took two rings before he heard John's voice. Hearing the fear in the father's voice got Brian's heart beating fast with excitement. To make it sweeter, it was because of him who put in there. He smiled with contentment knowing that the cards were in his hands.

Giving John all the details, he told the father not to push his luck or his son would pay. Feeling his anger intensify, he walked into the room were Sam was with the cattle prongs in his hand.


Slowly the fog lifted from Sam's mind as his thoughts became clearer of his surroundings. Moving slightly brought a wave of pain like he had never felt before. Every muscle and joint hurt with the little movement he made. As his mind focused a little more, he noticed that he was in a room instead of in the RV. Taking in his surroundings, he saw that it was a hotel room with just a bed and T.V tray. Lifting himself off the bed he felt a wave of pain wash all over him. Biting his bottom lip, Sam sat himself up when nausea hit him hard. Feeling his stomach flip-flopping, he breathed through the pain to settle himself. Closing his eyes, he concentrated on his breathing: taking in deep breaths and letting it out slowly. His brother showed him that trick when he had upset stomachs in the past and it always worked. Feeling the worse behind him, he slowly opened his eyes and what he saw scared him. Looking at his arms and legs, he saw red burn marks and bruises. He saw the same thing over his chest and abdomen and fear washed all over him again.

What happened to him wasn't a nightmare. It was real. He was in the clutches of Brian. With his mind working overtime, he had to get out of here and away from the mad man. Hoisting his legs off the bed, it took all his strength to keep him standing. Leaning against the wall until his shaking legs could hold his weight, he started towards the door. Halfway to the door, he heard Brian talking on the other side. Fear struck him hard knowing he was going to come and hurt him some more. Looking around for something to protect himself with, he found nothing. Panic filled him when he heard the door being unlocked, opening to see Brian standing in front of him. Glancing at his left hand, he saw the cattle prong in his hand, anger in his eyes, and talking to someone on his cell phone. Stepping away to get distance between him and the man, Sam needed a plan and fast, if he was going to avoid the prongs. He thought he could hear his dad on the other end of the phone yelling at someone. Watching as Brian walked up to him, Sam started to plea with the man not to hurt him. His pleas fell on deaf ears when he felt the volts go through him again.


Brian stood over his capture with an evil grin on his face and lust in his eyes. He wanted so much to rape the boy again but that would have to wait for now. He had to get to the town where he told John the video will be at. It will take him a good hour and a half to get there due to traffic, so he had to move now. Closing the door, he locked it with the padlock, making sure it was secure. He didn't want his play toy to get away while he was gone. Feeling satisfied, he left to go place the tape for John to find.

Pulling into the parking lot an hour and fifteen minutes later, he drove up to the trash bins, acting like he was throwing trash out as he placed the package. Getting back in the van, he found a place on the other side of the street to wait to see if his instincts were right. He knew John would be there sooner than he said as he watched the Impala pull in. Keeping a close eye on what was happening across the street he looked around to make sure no one was watching him. He didn't need cops snooping around his van since he has a record for all the killings. He watched as John got out of the Impala, headed for the trash bins to retrieve the package, and then hopping back in to leave for the motel. Brian waited a little while longer knowing that the older brother would be charging out. When he does, that would be his cue to call John.

Forty-five minutes later, Dean came storming out of the hotel room ready to kill someone. Brian took that as the time to call John with more instructions. Placing the call, he waited for the distraught father to answer the phone. He could see that John was having a hard time calming his oldest down. Watching as John pulled his phone out of the pocket of his jacket, he waited until he heard John's voice.

"Brian, how could you do that to my baby boy? You raped, beat, and shocked my son as you told him that shit." John tried but failed to keep his anger out of his voice.

"Come on John, Sam enjoyed our time together yesterday. Couldn't you hear that in his voice? As for the beating, he shouldn't have tried to run away. He pissed me off when he kicked me in my groin and face. I was only protecting myself. He has a mouth on him so I had to punish him with the prongs."

"Protecting yourself? You call beating the crap out of my son protecting yourself Brian? And then you used cattle prongs on him after he was down. What kind of person would do that to an innocent child you bastard? After all of that, you raped my son saying that he enjoyed it when he begged you to stop. You want me to believe..."

Dean interrupted. "Don't you dare try to tell us that Sammy enjoyed being tortured and raped you sick bastard. How could you do that to my baby brother and call yourself human? When I get my hands on you, I'm going to cut your balls off and rip your heart out of your chest!" Dean stopped his rant when Brian told him what he was going to do to Sam. "No please don't hurt my brother again...I'm begging you don't hurt him."

Brian listened to John's rant until his anger grew inside of him. He was about to tell John what he planned on doing to Sam when Dean got on the line. Listening to the older brother threatening him, he exploded with rage.

"Oh Dean, you shouldn't have told me that. Now your brother will feel my wrath. Once I get back to him, he's going to pay for your words. When I punish him, he's going to know it's because of you that he's being hurt. How do you think he's going to feel afterwards that his brother did this to him?" Brian listened to Dean's pleas not to hurt his brother. With an evil grin, he went on to tell him. "You can plea all you want, but it not going to stop me from doing that...don't care anymore Dean. Beg all you want. Tell your daddy I'll call him with further instructions."

With that, Brian ended the call. Putting the van in drive, he headed back to the hotel; he had some thinking to do on how he will hurt the young man. He was going to make it very painful to teach the older brother not to mess with him.

After two days, Brian got a hold of John again telling him where the next tape is.


Getting in the car with his dad, Dean needed to know what Brian said to him. He could tell his father was angry with the outcome after hearing Sammy's screams.

"Dad, what did Brian tell you about Sammy? Where are we going? What did that bastard do to my brother? Answer me! I need to know."

Sighing, John glanced over at Dean. Seeing the panic in his eldest eyes broke his heart. He had to tell his son what happened. He just needed the right words. Taking a deep breath, John told him what Brian did to Sammy. He wasn't surprised on his son's reaction. He expected the harshness that came.

"Dean, Brian shocked Sammy with, what I think is a cattle prong, by the sound of it, that is what I'm thinking it was. He hurt my boy because of the words I said to him. It's my fault that Sam got hurt from that mad man. Believe me that he will pay for what he did to my baby boy. I'll make sure he suffers for all the abuse he does to Sammy."

"Dad, what were you thinking man? Because of your mouth that bastard hurt my little brother. You know what kind of person Brian is and you just added to the fuel. How could you?"

"Dean, I didn't mean to get Brian upset. I just wanted to talk to Sammy. I wanted to make sure that he was alright. Is that a crime that I wanted to make sure my baby was still alive and not dead? How was I going to know that Brian would flip and go and hurt my boy? I was the one who had to listen to his screams Dean, not you. How do you think that makes me feel right now that I caused my boy that pain?"

"I'm sorry Dad. I want my brother back with me and I know you do too. I heard his screams coming from the phone too, so did Bobby. Where did that bastard tell you? Where are we going?"

"He told me to head to a town called Vernon, just outside of the park. There will be a gas station. We have to go to get a package he left. Then we have to find a hotel to open it...when we do, we'll call Bobby and tell him where to meet us. We already called Caleb, Josh, and Jim to help us search for Sammy. When he gets the address, he'll call and give them the address. Right now, let's just get there and see what that bastard left for us, okay?"

John was hoping Dean would stay quiet so he could concentrate and get to the place before time ran out. To his relief, his son turned to look out the window without saying another word. He could tell that Dean was fuming by the way he fisted his hand. Reaching out to comfort him, he wasn't surprised when Dean shrugged him off.

In record speed, John and Dean made it to the gas station with fifteen minutes to spare. Pulling into the parking lot, the father drove over to the trash bins. Getting out of the car, he headed over to the bin, picked up the package, got back to the car, and headed to a hotel. Finding one, he rented two rooms for a couple of days, making sure they were the furthest from the office. He had a feeling what's in the package won't be good.

Stepping inside, they both headed for the table that was to the left of the door. John looked closely at the package in his hands, scared on what might be inside. Taking a deep breath, he opened the envelope and pulled out a letter and tape. He read the letter first before he put the tape in the VCR.

"Hello John- I see that you got the package. There's going to be one rule with this: you have to watch the whole thing. Me and your son had loads of fun yesterday; can't wait for you to see it. He enjoyed every bit of it, even asked for more. I will know when to call to give you more information on what you need to do. Follow what I say and you'll see your boy. If not, then I'll kill that piece of shit in a heartbeat."

John and Dean both looked at the tape with worried eyes. They really didn't want to see what's on it. They had to follow what he says if they wanted to get their Sammy back to them. Stepping over to the bed, Dean sat in front of the T.V while his dad put the tape in, settling next to Dean knowing they would need each other comfort for what they were about to see.

Turning the tape on, the first thing they saw was Sammy sitting in back of a van, with his hands tied behind his back and his ankles tied to the seat. Seeing the fear in his eyes got Dean's blood boiling, it angered him to see that fear. Glancing over at his dad, he saw the same look of anger in his eyes, watching as Brian untied Sammy's ankles. Seeing Brian lye his hand on Sam's legs, they both knew what was going to happen. What surprised John and filled Dean's heart with pride was that Sam fought back the best he could, only to be crushed when Brian hit him repeatedly with the tire iron which made Dean burst out with anger.

"Way to go Sammy! You show that piece of shit what you're made of! You son of a bitch, stop hitting my brother...that's enough! He's down! He's crying for you to stop, you asshole...don't do that to him...please don't do that to him...how dare you smile like that after what you did to my brother?"

Dean watched in horror as Brian raped his brother, telling him that he's going to enjoy this as he stroked his groan area. Gazing over at his father who sat there silently angered him to no end. He could tell that his dad was about to explode, but why didn't he? Hearing the video being changed to another place, Dean eyed the T.V. His anger shot to a whole new level as his body tensed on what he saw. Brian stripped Sam of his clothes and pulled his belt off of his waist. Sitting on the bed, he laid Sam over his lap and hit him with all his might. That set Dean off sending his blood pressure to a whole new level like an erupting volcano. He could feel how hot his face was, knowing that it was as red as an apple. What got him going in his fury was when Brian shocked his brother with the Cattle Prong. Not once or twice, but twenty-five times, he touched his brother with them. As he used the prong, he also raped his brother repeatedly through the rest of the video. When it finally shut off, Dean was at his breaking point and there was nothing to hold him back.

The first thing that felt Dean's anger was the light that sat on the desk by the T.V. The chairs, table, whatever he could get a hold on, went flying. He was about to throw the T.V until his dad stopped him, pushing him away from his target. Glaring at his father for stopping his rampage, he didn't have time to register when his fist flew and struck.

John was in shock at what he saw on the tape with what Brian did to his baby boy. Seeing the fear in his boy's eyes, hearing the cries of pain, set a fire in John that burned like hot coals. He wanted to scream like Dean did at the T.V telling that bastard a thing or two. He felt like hitting something when the only thing he wanted to hit wasn't there: Brian. What got John out of his trance was Dean smashing the lamp on the floor, chairs, and table flying. He finally got himself together before his out of control son smashed the T.V. Before he could restrain his son from doing any more damage, he didn't see the fist coming until both his head and back slammed into the floor, hard and heavy. Shaking the stars from his eyes, the father looked up into the eyes of his very angry son. Feeling his own anger rising, he picked himself up from the floor and stood his ground. There was no way he was going to let his son get the upper hand. Yes, Dean was pissed as hell. So was he; but taking it out on each other wasn't the answer. Both Winchesters stood there glaring at each other waiting for one to make a move. When that didn't happen, Dean ripped into his dad for not caring.

"How could you just sit there and not say a damn thing when that bastard raped and tortured your son? You keep saying on how much you love Sammy, but I'm sorry Dad, I don't see it."

"Don't you dare tell me that I don't love Sammy, because that is shit! I love my son more than you will ever know. Just because I don't baby him like you do, or I don't cuddle him like you do don't mean that I don't love him, because I do."

"Well, I'm sorry dad, but saying it and showing it are two different things in my opinion. You say that you love him, but I don't see it at all. You don't show him any affection at all. Not a pat on the back or put your arms around his shoulders like you do with me. Why is that dad? Are you ashamed of Sam as your son because he's not like me? What's this thing about him saying that he thinks you love him? Why would he say that? What the hell did you do to him to make Sammy feel that way dad?"

"That is between me and your brother Dean, which is none of your business. I don't have to show Sammy how much I love him like I do with you. Right now it's hard to show him how I feel with all the fighting that is between us. I feel like he is slipping through my hands when he gets into his emo-ways. It doesn't help with you babying him all the time when I'm trying to discipline him for his actions. Maybe if he would listen, then this wouldn't have happened...just where in the hell are you going now Dean? Get your ass back here right now."

John was cut off when Dean stormed past him heading for the door of the hotel.

"Fuck you dad! You are a son of a bitch for blaming Sammy for this when it's not his fault."

With that Dean shoved the door open storming out of the hotel before his dad could say anything. Catching the door before it closed, John followed Dean outside to give him a good talking to. Reaching for his son, he roughly turned Dean around when he grabbed his shoulder, ducking when he saw the fist coming towards his head. Pushing Dean into the Impala, he held his irate son. Getting into his face, he went off on Dean.

"I never said that I blamed Sammy for any of this Dean. You are jumping to conclusions, like always when you are in big brother mode. You don't listen to what I'm saying. Going off half-cocked isn't the way to find your brother with the mood you're in right now. We don't even know where to look or what town Brian is in. We are both pissed as hell at one person and that is not one of us. We are both angry at Brian for what he is doing to Sammy and we are taking it out on each other. Now you need to calm yourself down young man before I knock your lights out. I mean it Dean, knock it..."

John stopped when his phone rang in his jacket pocket. He pulled out his cell phone. Seeing it was Brian, he answered with an angry tone in his voice. In the middle of his conversation with Brian, he felt the phone being taken away by Dean. He listened as he heard him threatening Brian for hurting his brother. As Dean went on, John saw a change in his attitude and posture. One moment he was angry and furious, the next all color ran from his face. Wondering what just happened to make his oldest like that, he was about to ask when Dean begged him not to hurt his brother. Seeing that Dean hung up, he looked in his father's eyes with worry, terror, and remorse in his.

Dean felt all the anger, hate, fury leave him when he heard what Brian is going to do to his brother. Feeling shaken from the adrenalin rush that he was on, it left him in one big wave. His legs became weak as his knees began to buckle under him. He would've fallen flat on the ground if it wasn't for his dad holding him up. Looking into his dad's eyes, he couldn't stop the tears in his own. Looking down at the ground he told his dad.

"What the hell did I just do to my brother? Brian is going to hurt him because of me."


Hearing Brian leaving the apartment, Sam pushed himself onto the bed to catch his breath. His muscles were cramping up from the shocks he took. He sat there until he felt better to where he wouldn't collapse when he tried to escape. Walking to the door on shaky legs, he was disheartened when the door didn't open. The door knob moved so he knew that wasn't locked which meant one thing: he had a padlock on the other side of the door.

'Great! Now what am I going to do?' Sam thought to himself.

Looking around to find what he could use to break the door down, finding nothing. He tried to use his body. He knew this would send pain through his already abused body, still he had to try. Stepping back to the window, he rushed up to the door as fast as he could. When he hit, it felt like a hundred of needles going through his body. He screamed from the pain when he hit the door with as much force he could mustard. Shaking the black dots that were forming in his eyes, he couldn't pass out just yet. Noticing the window, he walked over and tried to open it. Seeing that Brian nailed it shut, Sam was about to give in. Looking around the room again, he saw the T.V tray next to the window. Picking it up he, hit the window as hard as he could which was that hard with his weak body. The only effort he got out of it was a broken T.V tray and not a scratch on the window. Dropping the legs, he slid down the wall bringing his legs to his chest. Folding his arms on his knees, he laid his head and cried himself to sleep.

Sam woke up with a start when he heard the apartment door slamming shut. Hearing footsteps stumping to the door, he froze in fear. He knew his kidnapper was angry and was going to take it out on him, whimpering in fear when he heard Brian unlocking the lock to his room. The door bust open with such force that it hit the wall so hard that it came back almost smacking Brian in the face. Glaring at Sam, he smiled wickedly when he saw the fear in the boy's eyes. Storming up to the boy, he roughly picked him up and dragged him into the living room. Sam's eyes widened when he saw two chains hanging from the ceiling with handcuffs at the ends. He started to struggle the closer they got to the middle of the room. He begged and pleaded for Brian not to do this; that he was sorry for what he did. That all fell on deaf ears again when he felt the cuffs tighten on his wrists. Seeing Brian walking over to the counter to turn something on, Sam had to think fast. He knew something bad was going to happen and somehow he had to stop it. Seeing Brian taking off his belt, Sam couldn't stop the flinch that went through his body. He was going to rape him again but this time he had the upper hand...hopefully. Seeing the look in the boy's eyes, Brian smirked at him with anger in his eyes. He knew what Sam was thinking and, no, he wasn't going to rape the boy. Not this time.

"I'm not going to rape you this time Sammy boy, while not yet. Your brother made me very angry with that mouth of his. That mouth is going to get him into trouble one of these days. This time it's going to get you into trouble for what he said. He threatened me not to hurt you even when I told him what I was going to do to you. He said that I wasn't a human, that I'm a sick son of a bitch for hurting you. He even said that he was going to cut my balls off and rip my heart out of my chest. What kind of person who would say that after calling me a sick person? The pain you are going to feel is because of that smart mouthed brother of yours. I told him that I'm going to enjoy the pain I'm..."

Brian felt a sharp pain in his chest as he fell to the floor. Glaring up at Sam, he got up, grabbed the belt, wrapping around his hand. With the buckle side up, he walked around Sam until he was behind the boy. Not giving Sam any time to turn around, he swung the belt hitting the boys back hard. He kept up with the hits until Sam's cries filled the living room. He hit his back, legs, arms, buttocks until the only thing you saw was red marks left from the buckle. Coming around to face the boy, he sneered at him before he started with the front. With every hit, he told Sam this is from his brother's mouth that he was being punished. He kept up his assault until Sam blacked out from the pain. Only then did Brian take him out of the cuffs. Watching him fall to the floor with a thud, Brian kicked Sam in the ribs a few times. Turning back to the camera, he smiled and said "that is what you get with your smart mouth Dean."

Brian did the same thing the next day, cuffing Sam to the ceiling beating him with the belt. This time he told Sam that Dean hated him, didn't want him anymore; he was a pain in the ass all the time. Sam kept telling Brian that wasn't true that Dean loved him no matter what. He didn't believe what the man was telling him about his brother. As the beating continued, Sam was getting weak from the blows and his defenses were caving in. His mind was telling him that wasn't true, his heart was telling him it was.

Brian could tell that his taunts were working on Sam as he beat the boy to a pulp. He could see it in his eyes that he believed that Dean hated him. He stopped beating the boy dropping the stick he was using. He walked over to the camera. Picking it up, he walked around Sam telling Dean this is what you caused.

Placing the camera on the table facing the window, he left Sam fall to the floor in a heap. He heard a whimper of pain coming from the kid that lay at his feet. It was time to send them the next video. Getting himself some dinner, he ate as he watched Sam lay on the floor. Tomorrow morning, he will call and let them know where the tape will be.


Dean was going crazy not knowing what Brian was doing to his brother. He's not going to forgive himself for hurting his brother at the hands of Brian. No matter how many times his dad, Bobby, Caleb, Josh, or Jim told him it wasn't his fault; to him, it was.

Bobby arrived an hour after John and Dean had their epic fight and the call from Brian. The video was still in the VCR since they haven't thrown it away just yet. When Bobby walked in, he saw the turned over chairs, table and broken lamp. "Do I want to know what happened here?" With a shake of his friend's head and the look on Dean he knew it was bad, and had to do with Sam in some way. He'll find out later. Right now there's cleaning that needs to be done.

The other three hunters arrived earlier in the evening to find John and Bobby at the table talking. Dean was in the bed looking like he lost his best friend. Caleb went to sit with Dean as Josh and Jim talked with John and Bobby, filling them all in about the events that happened the last time they spoke on the phone. Jim talked the Winchesters into getting some dinner so they don't fall over; they knew it was going to be tough to get Dean to eat when he is like this. Arriving at the diner across the street they waited to be seated at a table. Once they were situated, they ordered their drinks while they looked at the menu. After they ordered their food, Jim talked to Dean on how he was blaming himself for what happened. He knew it was going to take a lot of persuasion to get the older brother to forgive himself.

"Dean, you can't blame yourself for what happened to Sam. It wasn't your fault."

"How can you say that, Jim? It was my fault that Brian is hurting Sammy. I can feel his pain and it's eating me up inside. Tell me how it's not my fault since it was my mouth that got Brian angry. He's hurting Sammy as we speak because of me and my mouth."

"Jim's right Dean. It's not your fault. It's mine. If we stayed at the campground Sam would be with us. I didn't and look at we are now. My baby is with a mad man who's going to hurt him. Brian was going to hurt Sam even if we didn't say anything to him. We just had to open our mouths and Sam had to..."

"What dad? Sam had to be hard-headed, argued, be a pain in the ass to Brian to get beat to hell. You of all people don't have the right to make Sammy at fault here. He only did what you told him to do so many times in the past. Stick up for yourself. Stop being a baby. Man up to your mistakes, and now look where it got him."

"Dean, if you would have let me finished, I wasn't going to say that at all. What I was going to say is that Sam had to protect himself from Brian. That he's been fighting hard to get away from him only to be beaten by him. I'm not putting the blame on him at all. This is my fault. Now eat your food, young man. You won't help Sammy if you don't keep your strength up."

"That goes for you too dad. You need to eat to keep your strength up."

After dinner, they headed back to the hotel to talk about their plans for tomorrow. They would head out and search the town for any abandoned buildings. After that, they would head to different towns to search for their lost family member. They knew it was going to be a needle in a hay stack to find Sam in an area they didn't know. Brian could have Sam in any city or town. Who knows if they are still in Idaho? They would have to search to get their boy back to them.

Three days have gone by with no sign of the white van, Brian, or Sammy, and it was taking a toll on Dean. He needed to get his brother back to him to show him that he loves him. John wasn't fairing much better than Dean with him blaming himself. Bobby and the other hunters prayed that they would find their youngest soon. They were getting ready to leave when John's cell phone rang. Looking at the number, he saw it was Brian.


"Hey John, how are you and that smart mouthed son doing. Lousy, I hope."

"We are doing our best Brian, but that is not why you are calling, is it?"

"Nope, you're right John. That is not why I'm calling. Down the street there is a park on your right side. Go to the first picnic table you come to. There's a trashcan next to it. Reach under the table by the trashcan for your next package. Be there in a half hour."

Brian hung up the phone after he told John what to do. Sitting at the table, he waited twenty minutes before he left, wanting to make sure that John got there before anyone else did. Getting up, he noticed John walking into the park by himself. Hiding in the bushes a few feet away, he watched as the father walked up to the table to grab the package. As he walked away, Brian noticed that John was looking around like he knew someone was watching him. Making sure that John was out of sight, he left his hiding spot. Running back to the van, he headed back to Sam to have more fun with him.

Entering the room, John opened the package. Grabbing the tape out, he headed to the VCR. Looking over at Dean, he motioned to his oldest if he should put it in. Seeing a hesitated nod, he put the tape in turning on the T.V. He sat next to his son. Hitting 'play', they saw Sam hanging from the ceiling of a living room. They watched as Brian walked up to Sam with a belt in his right hand. Holding his breath, Dean knew what was going to happen. A small smile and a 'that's my boy' when he saw Sam kick Brian in the chest. It was short-lived when the man walked around his brother before he hit Sam with the belt. He could hear Brian telling Sam that he asked for this because of his bad-mouthed brother. Every hit Sammy took, tears ran down Dean's face. The more he watched the beating to his brother, the guiltier he felt. Finally he couldn't take it anymore and asked them to shut it off.

John watched as Dean broke down to what Brian was telling Sam. He knew that his son was blaming himself for what is happening to his brother. When he felt movement on the bed, he glanced over seeing Dean pacing. Getting up, John went over to the young man to comfort him the best he could.

"Dean, this isn't your fault son. Stop blaming yourself. The only person who to blame is Brian."

"Dad, you're wrong. I am to blame for this. Listen to what that asshole is telling Sammy. He's telling my brother it's my fault he's being hurt by my mouth. Telling my brother that I don't love him is a fucking lie. I love my brother. This is killing me that Sammy has to go through this alone with that bastard. I don't want Sammy to think I hate him...please turn this off, I can't take it anymore. I can't."

Jim went to turn off the video until Caleb stopped him.

"Wait Jim, look at this."

"Caleb, we are not going to look at a picture of a battered Sam. Let me turn this off like Dean asked."

"Just wait a minute. Look at the scenery outside of the window. See that tree? Josh and I have seen it before. Remember, we did that job with the vengeful spirit. The one, a few months back, at that pub? We saw this tree and joked it looked like a witch, remember?"

"Oh, yeah! I remember now. It was that English old pub that the owner called us in, saying that he thought he had a ghost or spirit haunting the place. That tree was right next to an..."

"An, 'what', Josh? What was the tree next to?" Dean demanded.

"It was next to an old abandoned apartment building right across the street. It's about an hour and half away, if that."

"Okay, let's go get my brother back. Dad, I don't want to hear it. Let's go now."

"Josh, we'll follow you and Caleb since you know how to get there."

Bobby, Jim, Dean, and John got into the Impala with John behind the wheel. Waiting for Josh to pull out, he turned to Dean.

"We are going to get Sammy back Dean. We need to go in smart, not reckless, okay? I know how you are when Sam is in trouble. You throw caution into the wind. We do as Josh and Caleb says since they've been here before, okay?"

Getting an 'okay' from his son, John pulled out behind Josh's truck. It felt like a lifetime for John and Dean to get to the place where Sammy was. Once there, they parked a block away so they didn't let Brian know they were there. Walking up, Caleb looked through the binoculars to see if he could see any movement. Seeing nothing, they looked for a good way to get there without being seen.

"It looks like we can walk along the trees until we get to the side of the building. Then we can make that short distance without being seen by Brian. Once we get there, we'll split up in three groups. Dean, you're with me. John you go with Bobby; Josh you with Jim. From what the video showed, it looked like they could be on the second or third floor. Okay? Let's go get our boy back...you need to calm down Dean."

As planned, they walked through the tree lines until they got to the side of the building. Once when they reached the place, John and Bobby stayed outside to keep watch. Caleb and Dean will take the third floor while Josh and Jim took the second. Checking the doors, they found the side door unlocked and entered slowly.

Brian picked up all the trash he had in the room from his meals, taking them to the trash bins outside when he noticed movement in the trees left of the building. Sneaking to the corner, he saw John and Dean with four other men heading towards him. Not ready to let Sam go, he rushed back into the building. Running up the stairs, he shut the door, wedging a piece of wood under it. He needed time to get Sam out before they find him. Rushing through the door, he put his tool inside a bag, grabbing a sheet off the bed and covered Sam with it. Roughly picking up the unconscious boy, he threw him over his shoulder, ignoring the grunts and hisses of pain. He hurried over to the other exit door making sure it closed shut. Locking it from the inside, he headed down the stairs to the van. Throwing in the bag and Sam he looked over and saw John coming his way. Having a smile on his face, he thought of an idea. Hiding behind one of the trash bins, he waited for John to walk by. Picking up a board, he hit the man over the head, knocking him out cold before he hit the ground.

Getting into the van, Brian started it up, shoving it into drive and pulled out of there, almost running Bobby over at the same time.

Jim and Josh checked out the second floor. Seeing nothing there, they headed to the third floor. Hearing a vehicle starting, they ran to the window seeing a white van leaving in a rush.

Reaching the third floor, Caleb slowly turned the door knob. As he tried to open the door, it wouldn't budge. Banging a little harder, he saw the door was slowly moving. Motioning Dean over between the two of them, they got it open. Rushing in, Dean ran down the hall calling for Sammy, only to be stopped by Caleb. Holding the young man back, he told Dean to hush when he heard a door slam shut. Letting Dean go, they both ran down checking door they came to. Finding one door open, they slowly moved closer. Peeking inside, Caleb slowly moved inside with Dean close behind. Waving towards the other room, Caleb checked the back of the room. Glancing inside, he saw Sam's clothes lying on the floor by the bed. Checking it out further, he didn't see the younger brother anywhere. Going back to Dean, he saw the older brother looking at the handcuffs. He could see the anger rolling off of him in waves. Hearing a vehicle starting, both hunters ran to the window. Seeing a white van leaving, Dean ran out of the room and down the stairs in neck-breaking speed. Just as he got outside, he saw the van turning down the road and out of sight. Breathing hard, he heard the others running up to him. Looking at them, he noticed his dad was missing.

"Where's my dad?"

"Last time I saw him he was heading to the back while I took the front. We were supposed to meet at the other side. When I got there the van almost ran me over; had to dodge into the building to avoid the impact." Bobby informed.

"So not only does Brian have my brother now, he has my dad too? What the hell Bobby? Couldn't you just stay with my dad?"

"Dean, stop it. Getting angry with Bobby isn't going to do any good right now. We need to regroup and figure out where he went from here." Jim told the young man.

"Whatever, let's get back to the hotel." Dean pushed past Bobby without giving the older man a glance.


As he drove down the road, Brian couldn't believe that they found where he was hiding with Sam. Looking into the back of the van, he grinned wickedly when he saw John lying next to his boy. Now the fun is about to start when he reached his other place. He scoped out two places to be on the safe side, just for this reason. Turning down an old gravel road, it led him to an old warehouse that had been abandoned years ago. This was the place he was going to take Sam until he saw the hotel. Pulling up to the huge door, he stepped out, walking over to open the door. Reaching down, he lifted on the hand to slide the door open. Once when it was up far enough to allow access for the van to get through, he hopped back in. Driving the vehicle inside, he went to shut the door. Reentering the van, he drove to the far back of the building. Putting it in park, he turned to make sure his two occupants were still out cold. He didn't want them awake while he was away, especially John.

Walking a few feet away, he grabbed a chair and placed it in the middle of the room. He then went to retrieve John from the van placing him in the chair. Tying his hands and ankles to the legs and armrests of the chair, he went to retrieve Sam. Placing the boy on the cold hard floor, he tied his hands above his head securing the rope to the pole. He then tied each ankle securing them to poles on each side of the boy so that his legs were spread open, so he can have the fun he really wanted to do. He waited until John started to stir before he went over and slapped him in the face. Seeing two dark angry brown eyes looking at him, he stepped to the side. When he saw the father's face as he laid his eyes on his boy, he started to laugh, an evil sinister laugh.

John noticed two things as he was coming to. He was sitting in a chair and it was deathly quiet where he was. Opening his eyes, he felt a slap to the face which got him more aware. Looking up, he saw Brian standing in front of him with angry cold eyes. He wanted to get up and kick the shit out of him, but he couldn't move. Looking down, he saw his hands and ankles tied to the chair. Movement in front of him made him look up to see his boy lying on the floor in a spread eagle, hands tied above his head attached to a pole behind him. Seeing the state of his baby was in really angered John's fire he was feeling: the bruises, and whelps, and burns, and cuts that covered his boy's body alone with the dry blood, John was seeing red. Glaring at Brian, he wanted so bad to get off this chair and rip his limbs off. Once when he gets his hands on the man, he's going to be dead.

Brian kept laughing at John as he looked over his boy. He enjoyed every moment watching how the father acted. Walking up to Sam, he kicked the boy in the side getting a low whimper from him. Hearing his father growl, he kicked him harder. Seeing the eyes open just a slit, he lowered himself down.

"Hey Sammy, it looks like we've got an audience with us this time. It's going to be so much more fun. Look over there and see who it is...aww, come on Sam. Don't start crying now."

Feeling a sharp pain to his side, Sam tried to get away from it only to feel a sharper one. Opening his eyes, he saw Brian looking down at him. He went to move his arms and legs and found out he couldn't do anything. He felt the panic in him grow when he felt a rope on his wrist and ankles. Hearing Brian saying something to him, he looked over at his captor. When he pointed to Sam's right to show him who it was that was here. When he saw it was his father, he got scared. He didn't want his dad to see him being weak, or laying on a hard cold floor naked and tied up like a pig. Tears welt in his eyes. He tried to hold them back, but failed. His whole body hurt like hell and he was overwhelmed by his own emotions.

John couldn't take it anymore. Seeing the pain his baby boy was in, he glared at Brian for causing his boy so much pain. Looking back at Sam, he had to tell his boy not to cry and that he was there for him, and that he and Dean loved him very much no matter what the asshole Brian told him.

"Sammy, don't cry baby. Daddy is here now. He'll make everything okay? Dean and I love you very much no matter what Brian told you. Don't you dare touch my son, you sick bastard. Keep away from...what do you plan on doing with that?...Keep that away from my boy...don't do that...Brian don't...Sammy, don't listen to him...Dean and I do love you Sammy...Brian stop hurting my boy...I'm going to kill you when I get free...Brian stop please stop hurting my boy...DAMN IT BRIAN STOP!"

"Awe Sammy your daddy loves you. How cute is that? Too bad that is not the truth Sam. He told me that he hates you and so does Dean. That's right Sam, they hate having you around all the time. Isn't that right John? I'll show how much he hates you Sam. He won't even get up to help you out. Just watch as I use this on you. He'll just sit there and do nothing."

Sam didn't like the sound of that. As he turned to Brian, he saw a wooden handle in his hands. His eyes widened when he saw Brian moving to his groan area. He couldn't see what he was about to do since he could only lift his head up a little. He didn't have to wait long to feel the pain of the handle being shoved into him. He screamed in pain the harder Brian moved it in him. He tried to move away from the pain but couldn't, not with his hands and ankles tied to the poles. He could hear his dad yelling at someone. It sounded like he was yelling at him or Brian; he wasn't sure. The only thing he knew was the pain. When the pain finally stopped, he heard Brian saying that if his daddy loved him, then why doesn't he get up and stop it?

For two days, Brian tortured Sam mercilessly in front of John. Hearing the father yelling for him to stop only excited him. Listening to Sam's screams was music to his hears and he couldn't get enough of it.

It broke John's heart to hear his baby scream like that and there wasn't anything he could do. The ropes were tight around his wrists and ankles. Every movement on his wrist, the rope cut into his soft flesh making it raw and bleeding. Little by little, John could feel one of the ropes slipping from his wrist due to the blood. He worked at it while he kept an eye on Brian. He didn't want him to know that he was getting himself free. Finally after two days of pain he got one of his wrists freed. Keeping a close eye on what Brian was doing, he worked on the other wrist. The pain his wrist were in overshadowed the pain his son was in. He blocked his own pain out of his mind and focused on his son that drew him to get himself free. Getting his other hand free, he worked on his ankles when Brian wasn't looking. The only time Brian didn't watch John was when he was torturing Sam. He finally got his one ankle free when he saw Brian lifted a knife to his son. Fear set with anger fueled John to move to stop Brian from killing his son.

Brian was so lost in his torture with Sam that he didn't notice that John was freeing himself. When he would look up, he saw that John was glaring at him yelling him to stop. Seeing that John was fighting against the ropes, he went back to his torturing. He was enjoying this and was taking his time watching John being in pain. Finally, he got bored with it and took the knife from his bag he had. Running the blade on his finger, he looked over at John with a satanic smile on his face. Walking over to Sam, he lowered himself next to him running the blade over his chest, cutting into the boy's chest making him bleed. Staring into the boy's eyes, he told Sam that he had enough of this play now. He wanted to end the pain by giving his dad the pain of losing someone he loves.

"I had fun with you Sam. Now it's time to end this once and for all. I'm going to kill you right in front of your father. Just remember this that he didn't care about you at all. He just sat there and watched me torture you. Does that sound like a father who says he loves his children? I don't think so." Peering at John, he told the father to say his good byes. "Say your goodbyes to your boy John. It will be the last time you'll see him alive. These last six days was fun for me, but painful for him. It's nice to know that he's going to die thinking his dad and brother hated him." Lifting the knife above his head, he took one last look at John before the knife was aimed at Sam's heart.

Sam watched as Brian aimed the knife at him. Taking one last look at his dad, he wondered why he didn't help him. As he blacked out, he thought he heard a familiar voice yelling his name.