NTYP Chapter 37

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Leah's POV -

LA, California-

His beautiful face was all I could see, his tall, dark and handsome form stood out from everything else. The room around us stretched and turned to streaks as my eyes zeroed in on his. So deep, so piercing.

So perfect.

"Jacob." The words fell from my lips without my knowledge. I was completely entranced by the beautiful, perfect, god-like being in front of me. His eyes were wide and staring into mine and it was as if we were both hypnotized.

The beautiful man, wearing an expensive, dark coat, with perfect silky black, loose curls gently touching his ears and his forehead, took a few steps in my direction. His skin was a perfect tanned russet shade and it was beautiful. I could not close my mouth or blink as I was completely awestruck by how much he looked like him.

"I'm sorry, you mistake me for the wrong man. I'm Silas." He removed the black trilby hat from atop his head. "It's nice to meet you, um..."

"Lee-Leah." I murmured, still unable to break eye contact with the perfectly kempt man now only a few feet away from me.

"Beautiful..." His eyes twinkled and he gave me a gorgeous grin. I gasped when I saw Jacob's smile etched into Silas' face.

"How freaky is that." I whispered, staring at his perfect teeth and hypnotic, chocolate eyes. FUCK, what was wrong with me? My thoughts sounded like I was fucking in love. Like I needed that shit in my life again! No, I wasn't going to stare at him longingly in his perfect eyes, hoping he would kiss me with those perfect, plump lips and hold me with those big, strong looking hands. The skin of his hands was so thick and had the perfect amount of roughness...so amazing, so warm and big and strong and protective.

"Leah?" He breathed. "What's going on?"


"You're holding my hand...and staring at it?" His deep voice was so soothing and I felt strange feelings all throughout my body.

I looked up at him and he was not smiling, or finding my weird ass behavior amusing at all. He looked at me with complete adoration.

SHIT. I dropped his hand and turned around, trying so hard to force myself not look in his direction again. What was I doing just holding this person I'd never met before's hand? This guy was making me act weird and think even weirder things. I didn't like it, oh but hell yes I did. I turned around and looked at him again and he was still staring at me longingly, and I fucking wanted him to. I could feel my face stretched into a goofy grin.

No matter how I felt on the inside, all weird and warm and happy when I looked at him, I did not know anything about the handsome stranger. I had to stop being weird and tell him to go away so I could close the damn cafe. I painfully discarded the smile from my face and looked down at the beige and brown tiled floor.

"Well...Silas...we are closed and you are welcome to come back tomorrow when we open at 5 am." Please please please come back tomorrow. I kept the smile off of my face, and grabbed the broom and dustpan, taking them behind the counter with me.

"Right." He placed the hat back on his head and walked over to the counter to stand right in front of me.

Okay, he was still staring. Was this deliberate? Didn't he know it was rude to stare at a person?

Hell, I was fighting with myself not to stare at him. I was beginning to shake as my eyes felt magnetized, and it was almost painful not to look up into his dark eyes again. As a matter of fact, it was excruciating to fight it. I squeezed my eyes tight as I fought my desire to look up again. I held my breath and clumsily stuffed fresh napkins into the napkin dispensers. He smelled so good...So delicious. I could feel his eyes burning into me as I continued to stuff the napkins into the dispensers too roughly and crushing one of the metal contraptions in my hands.

I sighed loud and rolled my eyes, hoping he hadn't noticed what I had done. Then I was aware of his hand on the counter, only inches from mine. I stared at it hopelessly, unable to tear my eyes away from his masculine, yet soft looking hand that I wanted to touch so badly. My fingers unconsciously moved closer to his, and I couldn't stop them.

So I lifted my eyes and met Silas' deep gaze...the look in his eyes was smoldering...a longing in them that I found completely irresistible. Oh god, this man was sexy. This man was perfect. I don't know how long I had gone without taking a breath, but I didn't fucking care.

Silas' heart was beating rapidly, and I could hear every thump it made. I watched his throat bounce when he swallowed thickly as his eyes scanned my face as if to memorize every part of me. He wanted to memorize every part of me? Leah Clearwater? He was looking at me like this? Longingly and affectionately and actually with interest. I had no idea that I looked just as entranced as he did at that moment.

There was a strange feeling between our bodies...almost like we were not separate people...but one...feeding off of each other in a way. My energy was his, it stretched between us and tried to pull us closer like...

Oh my god, no. NO, I DID NOT IMPRINT.

His hand inched closer and touched mine, and I gasped at the warmth. He was hot, so hot. His touch filled me with such a fucking desire that I almost jumped over the counter and tore his clothes off; but I had to keep myself under control.

I knew I was breathing heavily now after I had gone so long avoiding breathing in his delicious smell, and I had to get away. My behavior was embarrassing, and this poor, sexy ass man did not need some wolf girl imprinting on him and freaking him the fuck out. If I didn't leave right at that moment, I knew I was going to suck his fine lips into my mouth and grip his firm looking ass without mercy. He would surely call the fucking cops on me.

I jerked away from his touch and ran into the restroom, shutting the door and leaning back against it, panting like a panther deprived of a delicious steak. I swallowed...The gorgeous man had made me salivate to the point of almost drooling.

"Oh my god, Leah, what have you done." I moaned. "He is a stranger, he won't understand, he won't." I went to the mirror and looked at myself. Fucking tears were forming in my eyes. I growled and blinked them away in irritance. "You're damaged. Nobody would want you. Nobody will ever want you."

Calm down. Calm. I'm Calm

"Okay, Leah. Get over it. GET OVER IT. You're going out there, and you're going to act normal, and you're going to fight this, right? Right. Okay, let's go."

When I walked back out into the lounge, he was gone. I was sad he was gone. My heart lurched. The only thing he had left behind was his delicious scent lingering in the air to mock me.

The decision I made that night after I had gone back home, was absolutely crazy and I have no other explanation except that I needed to hear his voice. I took some change from my purse and walked down the metal staircase in the old apartment building. I walked out into the night, actually, early morning, my eyes following the lights of the few passing cars as I made way down the paved walk to the pay-phone.

I just needed to hear his voice.

Bella's POV-

LaPush, Washington-

"You have me. All of me. Forever." He breathed. "Bells..." I felt his chiseled arms wrap around me and squeeze me tight. "I'm made to protect you. I will find that leech and I will make him wish he never existed."

Just as I was becoming lost in his comforting heat, there was a howl from outside. Jacob's eyes narrowed and his hands gripped me tighter. He knew what that howl meant, somehow. He knew and it was scaring the crap out of me.

"What? What is it Jacob, what's going on?"

"There's a vampire."

His fingers were around my arms, his death grip only tightening with each tension filled second that quickly passed. Embry burst through the door, panting and wide eyed.

"Jake!" Embry yelled breathlessly.

My beautiful Jacob looked angry, terrified, and yet so longingly into my eyes and I could see a sheen of sweat beginning to form on his face. He pulled me to him and crushed his mouth to mine again, sighing as he let go. "I love you, Bells. I'll be back."

"Jake." I begged. "Jake, promise me!" Tears unwillingly welled up.

He looked at me with fear shadowing his swirling, mocha gaze and I exhaled when I saw him part his lips to speak, hoping and praying he would say it.

Just say it

"I promise." His soft mouth touched mine one more time, and then he was out the door with Embry so fast, before I could even say goodbye....again. I was frozen and completely terrified. I reached up and touched my lips where his had just brushed so tenderly, feeling the ghost of what could be the last kiss I would ever receive from him. That thought brought such a feeling of grief over me, that I felt a twisting in the pit of my stomach, making me nauseated.

What was happening? Would Edward dare step foot on the reservation again knowing full well that choice would give the wolves right to tear him apart? Could there possibly be some way that Victoria was back from the – uh - dead? Had she ever really been destroyed at all? So many questions I was asking myself and I was filled with a black dread that swept from deep within my stomach and up to my throat as it became too painful to breathe. I heard Jacob's voice shouting and several wolves outside howling their beautiful, yet unsettling music into the night.

These were war cries, I knew, and my chest began to tighten...Panic setting in. Should I have looked out the window and watched my beautiful red-brown wolf running for the trees along with his pack brothers, in eager determination to protect me? What good would that do anyway? I knew...I would have gotten to see his enormous, magnificent wolf one last time.

No...don't say that, Bella. This is not the last time

I did not know what to do, but I knew I couldn't just stand there and do nothing while Jake was out there trying to protect me from the white demon.

Do I go and find Billy? Does he know what to do? What if he is as scared as I am? Should I just sit and do nothing at all? Just wait?

I could feel my heart beating so hard beneath my breast, and I held my hand over the racing muscle. My eyes burned as I thought of what would happen if Jacob did not return to me this time.

"No." I choked out, picturing sharp fangs dripping with venom, sinking into the flesh of my Jacob. "No..." I began to breathe hard and the dizziness was making my mouth water with sickness. "NO." He was mine now, and I'd be damned if one of those disgusting creatures took my life away from me. If something happened to him, I would completely fall apart. I would cease to function or to exist at all. I braced myself against Jacob's bed when my legs shook, daring me to fall to the ground.

I could not lose it now...no...I had to think straight. I had to hold myself together. Jake deserved nothing less than to come back home to a woman with strength and love and shelter within her embrace. I was not a little girl anymore. I couldn't let fear get the best of me...I couldn't let the thought of blood make me weak...I wasn't going to let the thought of a vampire hurting my wolf make me fall into a heap of sobs.

I had to be strong for him. The image of his beautiful, perfect skin glimmering with sweat...His God-like body covered in grass and dirt...blood dribbling from the corner of his perfect lips...It was all making me lose my mind again. So much for keeping it together. Would I find Jacob the same way I had months before? Sure, I had been left with less of him, a different Jacob Black...but this time, would I be left with a dead Jacob Black?

I involuntarily gagged, my stomach convulsing, trying to expel the chicken pot pie Jake and I had shared for dinner. My breaths began to quicken and I clenched my eyes closed, trying to will the fear and terrible images in my mind away. I swallowed the saliva that was pooling in the sides of my mouth and under my tongue, realizing that I could very well lose Jacob and it was completely out of my hands. Completely.

I choked back the vomit that was creeping up and took a few more deep breaths before I stumbled away from the bed. Running a hand through my hair frantically, my body still trembling, I moved my shaking legs to the door and made my way down the dark, narrow hall. I found Billy sitting in his chair in the middle of the lonely den...right where I knew he would be. The sound of the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" was playing quietly from the tv that lit up the room. There was always some holiday movie playing since it was so near Christmas.

I turned my gaze from the tv over to the still figure of Jacob's old father sitting in his chair beside the couch. Billy's eyes were closed, his hands clasped in his lap, head down, and I knew he was praying. It was wrong of me to interrupt him in that moment, but I couldn't help it when I saw the crease between his brow and worry imprinted deeply into each wrinkle. His lips moved silently as he asked the spirits to protect his son.

I found myself walking to him slowly in the darkened room. With my legs like jello, I let myself fall around him...A limp embrace against his stiff body that quickly eased up to hold me. His arms cradled me, and I knew he needed this as much as I did. Knowing that it was okay to cry in front of him, that he would let me and understand in all ways...I let it out. Knowing that he needed me to be there, and I definitely needed him just the same, I let him comfort me. We were family...in some ways, we had always been. Billy's flesh and blood, my world, was out there, facing the enemy for the first time since his accident and we were both completely helpless. All we could do was pray...pray some more...and wait.




Jacob's POV

The smell was sickening...making the walls of my nostrils burn and my throat hurt. I held my breath for as long as I could before I had to finally inhale the air that was slightly heavy with dampness from the night's earlier downpour. With Embry and Quil flanked at my sides and Sam and Jared and the others just yards away, creating somewhat of a perimeter, we stalked slowly through the dark forest silently, listening for any sign of movement.

Bella was on my mind at all times, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I never needed to remind myself that I was doing this for her...Going after some demonic, parasite-thing, so that she would be safe. I just wanted her safe. I didn't question it, or ask where it would get me. I knew I had no choice, and that it was my duty and expectation to be Chief. I didn't care at all. My beautiful Bella was my world, my entire being, the reason I never killed myself when I was in the throes of misery and confusion. It was not like that now. With Bella, I would never hurt again...and I swore to myself that I would never let Bella hurt a day in her life. She had taken care of me, and I her. She taught me what living was for with just the twinkle in her eye when she smiles at me.

Just us living together those few months had made me fall in love with her more every single day. I didn't know if I had always felt that way, but I was utterly whole with Bella...And I was positive it was not just the imprint talking. I was so in love with her.

Slowing to a walk and lowering my head between my shoulders, I directed my pack brothers through the woods. I wasn't sure what to expect from a bloodsucker, but the fact I had probably done this a hundred times in the past was one thing I had on my side. I was experienced, whether I could remember or not, and I knew how to lead those giant beasts like I was born to do it. I was a born leader and I had no choice but to face whatever was hiding in the black forest, and I was not backing down. I knew that If I could survive the shit I had been faced with after the Newborn incident, then this was going to be a piece of cake.

'Jake.' Paul's voice pierced my thought activity and I was too focused on the disgusting stench to be startled. "Jake... Sam and Jared sensed movement and it was in the direction of..."

'I know.' I snapped. 'I'm aware of what they see and hear, Paul.' Had he forgotten that I could hear everyone's thoughts just as well as he could if not better?

'Right. I was just trying to...well, I just thought...since...' Paul's thoughts were quiet and hesitant.

'Stop treating me like I am stupid.' I growled. "Wait, did you hear that?"

The wolves stood still, waiting for it again. They had all heard what I had. It was a faint rustling of leaves, but there was no wind to have caused it. The sound was not coming from the ground, but high above us in the trees.

'It could be an animal or something.' Embry cut through the silence.

'Right.' Quil snorted. 'Animals in La Push always smell like candy and shit...!'

'Quiet!' I shot before stepping a paw forward, cracking sticks underneath. "It's up there." My sharp eyes scanned the trees through the darkness, but I didn't see anything. There was nothing...Only that sound again. This time it was to the right of us...and our heads followed the shaking branches.

'Whatever it is, it's getting away.' Quil shouted. 'Jake...!'

'Move. Now.' I darted out before them, rushing toward the fast moving thing in the trees. The wolves moved in swiftly behind me and they formed almost a beautiful, uniformed line as we were closing in on it.

Why can't you turn and face me.

I growled and huffed heavily through my muzzle. I was grateful to have my strong, muscular wolf legs that easily pushed me fast through the woods without effort.

Coward. Turn and face me!

I dug my claws into the dirt and pushed my body forward, forcing every muscle in me to catapult my huge body into the air.


'Shit, Jacob.'






Bella's POV

Billy's big, wrinkled hands caressed my hair as I hiccuped in his lap. We had prayed for almost an hour until our words became whispers and then nothing. I don't know how long I had sobbed in the poor old man's lap, but it had been long enough to drain me of all the tears I contained. Billy had begun humming a song I had never heard, yet it was so comforting, and if I hadn't been so worried for Jacob, I would have fallen asleep.

I gasped and lifted my head from Billy's lap when something, a noise outside, broke the quiet hum of Billy's song and the television. Just then, a bunch of sweaty, exhausted, and furious looking guys bulldozed through the front door. I immediately leapt from the floor and ran into Jacob's arms.

"Jake..." I pressed my face into his dirty chest. "Jake." His lips descended upon my head as I chanted his name. " You came back in one piece." I cried and sighed as I felt his rough fingertips slide against my skin.

"Whatever the hell it was, whoever the hell it was..." Jacob growled angrily and I looked up through my watery eyes to see him. He was looking over me and directly at his father...His eyes were alive with rage. "They're gone. They got away." Jacob's arms were crushing me to him again, and he rocked me gently, his chin planted on the top of my head. It felt so good to be in his embrace again, knowing he was alright.

"As if Jake's balls could get any smaller..." Paul slapped Jacob on the back, a sarcastic smirk splayed on his face. Jacob rolled his eyes and looked down into my mine. He was so handsome and he was alive. When I smiled, he returned it and kissed my nose. "...The Chief here decided it would make the night a little more exciting if he busted a crazy-ass pounce into pale face territory. Genius, I tell you, genius..."

"You what?" I screamed. Jake's eyes widened.

"No, I almost had it. It was a damn black shadow, but If I was just this much closer, the thing would be history."

"So you didn't go into Cullen territory?"

"No, I didn't" He sighed. "That stupid treaty is really annoying. You realize I could've had it if it weren't for that fucking treaty? Do I need to have a talk with the Cullens about a "shared territory"..."

"NO! Please, just...avoid them, PLEASE." I pleaded with Jacob, afraid of an encounter between the he and Edward. The rest of the guys were shouting and arguing. They didn't like the idea of sharing anything with a vampire.

"I'm not going to let something hurt you because I can't get to it because of some damn territory law..."

"God, you're all sliced up, Jake." I whispered, trailing my fingers across his chest, noticing the shallow marks on his skin.

"Just be happy he's not worse off, hell, usually when someone leaps off a cliff onto sharp rocks, they don't come back as pretty as Jake looks." Quil stated with a smirk.

I stared at Jacob in disbelief. "You jumped off a cliff? What...are you crazy!" I shrieked and slapped his arm.

"I was in wolf form, so I knew I would survive it, Bella."

"The motherfucker came back, and we chased it straight into the Pacific." Paul said excitedly. "Jake here couldn't help himself and went for the bloodsucker again..."

"Don't you ever do that again, Jacob!" I was furious. He had no business jumping off cliffs. Was he trying to kill himself?

"You're one to talk, Bella." He said, very seriously. I was shocked.

I didn't know what to say, so I just continued to stare at him like a brainless twit.

"Did you see who it was?" Billy asked, trying hard to cover his pure elation and relief that his son was alright.

"No, but it was probably a Cullen." Embry stated solemnly from his stance against the front door.

"No." I said loudly. Jacob seemed interested in what I had to say, so I continued before another guy had the chance to speak first. "The Cullen's would have no reason to come here...to play games and run around in the woods. I mean, it would have to be someone else. Like maybe...maybe the Volturi."

"Fuck the Volturi. They're stupid as shit to think they can come around here after they saw what we did to all those Newborns."

"We had help from the leeches, remember, Paul?" Quil yelled from the kitchen where he was helping himself to some O.J. straight from the bottle.

"Yeah, well we did most of the work!" Jared proclaimed proudly, sticking his chest out.

"You boys go on home, Jacob should probably rest now." Billy said calmly, sounding tired.

"Dad, I'm alright." Jacob assured him, but the guys took it upon themselves to leave anyway. They were just waiting for the go ahead.

"You can go." Jacob told them. "It's late, and I can take care of the tick if it decides to show itself again." Jacob grinned and began to lead me to his bedroom. I smiled, knowing I was definitely safe with Jacob guarding over me.

"Goodnight you two. Bella, I expect you to let my son get some sleep tonight." Billy said with a serious tone, yet everyone knew he was teasing.

"Yeah, yeah." Jake turned around. "Don't you worry about that, old man."

"See ya." Paul was first out the door.

"Well, I'm out. It was fun, guys." Quil patted Billy on the shoulder.

"I promised I would stay at Seth's tonight. He's still not doing so good." Embry looked upset, but he smiled nonetheless. "Bye guys."

"Call me next time you wanna play fetch with a leech or something." Jared followed the other boys out of the house while scratching his butt and laughing. They slammed the door hard enough to make the house shake.

Jacob yawned and shook his head before climbing into bed next to me.

"Jake...?" I couldn't hinder the thought, and so I decided I would go ahead and ask whether I would get an answer or not. "How was it? I mean...how did it feel?"


"To chase after a vampire again."

"Oh...uh...well..." He stumbled over his words as if he didn't know the answer himself.

"Nevermind. You can ask to kiss me now, if you want. Then later, you can tell me how it felt to run after the leech." I tried not to smile.

"Who says I was gonna ask?"


"Ah well...I don't think I'm gonna ask."

"Ha! And why not? You think you can just kiss me whenever you want?" I asked with an alluring tone.

"Damn right I can, Swan. I can kiss you how I want, when I want, and you know why?"

"Why?" I gasped, my eyes wide, waiting for his answer even though I knew it already.

"Because you want it...Bad." His voice was deep and his eyes sultry. He licked his lips, making them look so plump and juicy. Then he moved in for it.

"Uh...Jacob?" I whispered just before our lips felt what they were dying to feel.


"You are gonna shower first, right?"

He laughed before taking my face in both his warm hands.

"Am I too dirty for you, baby?"

"Ugh!" I pulled the pillow from under my head and hit him with it...Hard. "Just go! And I'm still mad at you for being so reckless tonight. I worry about you."

"Hey, alright, alright. I'm going, I'm going." He complained as he got up from the bed. Just then, the phone began to ring through the house. I thought it was an odd time for a phone call, but what the hell, nothing was weird in my life, after all.

"I got it!" Billy called from down the hall. The poor man never slept.

Giggling at his sexy -purposeful -swagger, I watched Jake walk away from me, seeing the small nicks on his sides and his back healing fast. He stopped once he reached the doorway and turned to look at me. He looked down, but then his face softened and a small smile met the corner of his lips.

"It felt good, Bells."