Hey everyone! Welcome to my first ever DemyxXZexion fic! Now, before you read, there;s something VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: The basic concept of this fic is not mine. It belongs to MuffinPirate ( With the EPIC name ) for her fic I Bought These Skittles On Ebay. I was looking for fics to read and came across it and, totally won over by the name, couldn't help but read it. So I did. And laughed a lot, and fell in love with the basic idea. And so I wondered what I could do with this idea, and while this fic will be essentially mine ( Having a lot of scenes that her's doesn't and possibly going off in a different direction after the beginning) the plot idea was totally her's. So go read her's.

That being said, Please enjoy:

Chapter 1


Roxas blinked, wide eyed, staring out across the classroom and desperately wishing to disappear. To run away, or at the very least to go sit down, merge into the crowd. He'd never liked being the center of attention. The teacher's hand on his shoulder however, was keeping him firmly in place.

"Class", the woman began, her voice loud in the room, unusually quiet for a crowd of second graders. It would probably never be that quiet again. But as it was, they were all staring, wide-eyed at the new kid. As a general rule, Twilight Town didn't get many newcomers, making Roxas somewhat of an anomaly. "I'd like you all to meet Roxas Strife. His family just moved here and he'll be joining us. I'd like you all to make him feel welcome."

There were a few whispers around the room, blended with murmers of agreement and the shuffeling of feet. Fidgiting noises, some supplied by Roxas himself, and he was greatly relieved when she began speaking again, pointing to a desk in the corner. "It looks like we have a free spot over there, next to Zexion. Roxas why don't you go sit over there?"

Nodding, he all but ran to the seat, so single-mindedly focused on getting out of the spotlight that he didn't hear the whispers increase, or notice their sudden, negative, inflection.

Sitting down, he shoved his backpack under the desk, and glanced up at the boy across from him. He was quiet, reading, his gray hair falling down around his face like a curtain, and for a moment, Roxas couldn't help but think that it looked like he was hiding. But he shook the thought off as soon as it arose. That was just stupid. He probably just needed a haircut.

"Hi" he whispered, glancng back at the teacher. She was still in the front of the room, making little marks on a clipboard. Probably taking roll. Either way, she hadn't heard him whisper.

Unfortunately, neither had the boy. What had she said his name was? Something with a Z?

"Hey", he tried again, a little louder. "Pssst."

Blinking, the boy finally looked up, his eyes wide as if he'd just realized he was there. When he didn't say anything, Roxas smiled a little.

"Hi. I'm Roxas. What's your name?"

The boy blinked again, and his eyes changed a little, though Roxas wasn't sure how. He wasn't old enough, had far too little life experience, to be able to read the subtle difference, but he'd caught that there was one. Unsure of what to do, he just smiled some more and waited.

"Zexion." He replied after a moment, his voice soft.

"Okay. Hi Zexion."



Roxas waited again, to see if he'd say anything else. Instead, he just went back to his book. Frowning, Roxas looked around the room. All around him sat children who'd known eachother forever, all chattering happily to their friends, quiet enough as so not to get fussed at. Kids were smiling and giggling. There was a blonde girl with funny hair – She reminded Roxas of a bug- shooting rubber bands at the ceiling behind the teachr's back, and two boys playing tic-tac-toe. Others were just talking about T.V, or drawing pictures, but they were all doing something. Having fun. And Roxas wondered why he couldn't have been told to sit next to any of them. Anyone else but this quiet, boring, Zexion kid.

Then suddenly...

"Dischord; A lack of agreement or harmony."

Roxas turned, startled, to stare at Zexion. The other boy was looking down at his book still, but every now and then his eyes would flicker up to Roxas.


"Strife. That's your last name right? That's what it means."

Roxas blinked again. Confused. His name? He'd never thought about it meaning anything...It was just his name. And besides, words like 'dischord' and 'lack of harmony'? He frowned.

"I don't know what those words mean, but they didn't sound good."

"It's when things are uncomfortable because people don't agree."

Roxas's frown deepened.

"Well now I know it's not good!" he replied, indignantly. "Why tell me that? You're not very nice, are you?"

Zexion opened his mouth to reply, but was cut off by the teacher,

"Demnyx! Axel! What have I told you about throwing paper!"

Looking over, Roxas saw two boys, one with dirty blonde hair, the other with the craziest shade of red, getting scolded. The teacher was standing over them, frowning and amidst the giggles and the chorus of "ooooooooooh", he couldn't help but smile, despite the rude, quiet, weird boy at his table.

Behind him, Zexion pulled a bag from his pocket and hid it under the table, discreetly popping skittles into his mouth, one by one.

Zexion frowned, sinking down in his chair as the children's laughter rang out around him, for once directed elsewhere. Slipping another skittle in his mouth he wondered what was wrong with him. Why he was such a screw up. Such a show off. He should have just kept his mouth shut.

He hadn't meant to be mean, hadn't done it intentionally. Actually, he'd been going for just the opposite.

He'd watched Roxas come in the room, seen how he'd fidigited, how uncomfortable he'd been up there. He saw a lot of things, more than people thought he did. They were always so quick to assume that the boy staring at a book behind his hair, wasn't paying attention to them. That they could say whatever they wanted without him noticing.

Say things about him, without him hearing.

Granted, those were preferable to the people who went out of their way so that he'd hear, but it still hurt.

When the teacher had told Roxas to sit by him, his first thought had been to hide, bracing himself for his flat out refusal. He'd heard the murmurs that had erupted throughout the room, the giggles. Poor, poor Roxas, having to sit next to him. Would he be okay? He wasn't going to end up like Zexion was he? Someone should warn him.

He'd fully expected Roxas to argue, to ask to sit somewhere else, or to maybe throw something at him. Call him a name. And when he didn't, it had completely thrown him for a loop. He'd...introduced himself. Tried to start a conversation, as if he'd actually wanted to be...friends. Had he? Zexion hadn't know. All he knew was that suddenly there was a person who didn't hate him, who didn't seem to find him weird or creepy, and that this might be his last chance to have a friend in quite a while. And he wanted a friend. Roxas had to like him, he had to!

Unfortunately, he'd had no idea how to do that. He was just sitting there, frozen, unsure of what to say and had thought, suddenly, that he probably looked stupid. And it was in a futile attempt to convice Roxas otherwise, that he'd blurted out the first thing he could think of.

Zexion read a lot. When one has no one to play with, nothing else to do, they find themselves with a lot of free time, and he'd found that reading filled the space nicely. And it was from this that he had acquired a rather large vocabulary. It was the only redeeming quality he possessed, the one his mother showed off to family and guests. She never carried around his pictures, or shared funny anecdotes about his adorable behavior. He supposed he just wasn't cute. But he was smart. He could spell, thread big words naturally into a conversation, sounding much older than seven.

That had to count for something, right?

But apparently, he sighed, watching the frown he'd put on Roxas's face turn up as he looked away, big words and intellegence did nothing for him here. Nothing good anyways. No, rather, it had just alienated him yet again.

Disheartened, he reached into his pocket, closing his fingers around the small bag in his pocket, felt it crinkle reassuringly in his hand. Tearing open the paper, he made sure the teacher wasn't watching before slipping a few round candies into his mouth, letting the sugary taste disolve on his tongue. Focused on the fruity taste instead of wondering what was so wrong with him.

His own juvinile little escape.

This class, Roxas decided was weird. They were alright he supposed, no worse than his class back home, but still. The teacher was friendly, almost overly so, and looking around he couldn't find a single, normal, kid to be friends with. Hayner, Pence, Ollette, they had all been fairly average, and it was starting to dawn on him that replacing them- in a sense- wasn't going to be easy.

Not that he thought he could replace them exactly, they were still his friends. His mom had taught him how to address an envelope, and he was going to write to them all the time...but you couldn't hang out with letters at recess.

Now the only question was, who could he hang out with?

The answer came as the bell rang, setting them free to run around the playground and fight over the swings. He was scooping up his crayons – They'd been drawing picture books- when all of a sudden two shadows had descended upon him.

"Hiya! I'm Demyx!"

"I'm Axel."

"What'cha drawing?"

"Is that a pineapple?"

"Or an anteater?"

"It sorta looks like a muffin."

"Or an oven?"

Roxas glared. "It's a dog!"

"Oh." They blinked, meeting eachother's eyes. Simultaneously, they shrugged. Watching them, Roxas couldn't help but stare for a moment, too amazed by their synchronization- Didn't things like that only happen in cartoons?- to recall his irritation. It was only for a moment however, and his frown soon returned.

"So what do you guys want?"

"Nothing." The redhead – Axel- replied, his grin returning, and Roxas couldn't help but think that it made him look a little crazy. His eyes got a little wider, and especially with his bright hair, it gave off the appearance of a seven year old psychotic clown.

"Just saying hi." This time it was the blonde who spoke. He was standing on Roxas's other side, him and Axel having him suitably surrounded, and while he didn't remind him of anything found it an evil circus of some sort, he was hesitant to call him...normal. For one thing, he was smiling just a little too big, all but bouncing on the balls of his feet. And then there was his hair... It was blonde, Roxas could tell, but it was also a light blue in some spots and kind of stiff looking, all spiked up in the middle. When he caught Roxas looking it, his grin widened.

"D'ya like it?" He asked, patting at his hair affectionately.

"What did you do to it?"

"It's Kool-Aid! It took me all morning and my Mom's hair dryer, but it's all cool now!" He paused. "And blue!"

"Sort of."

Demyx sent Axel a look. "Shut up!"

"So what-" Roxas began, but he was cut off as Axel's attention was suddenly captured by something outside the window.

"Look!" He exclaimed, his already larrge eyes getting a little larger. "The swings! They're empty."

Immediately, all eyes were turned towards the rare phenomenon. Even Roxas's, because even at his old school, the swings were never empty. Sometimes the teachers had even had to stand out there, making sure no one hogged the swing the entire recess, though more often they didn't bother. Something about teaching the kids to compromise on their own.

Either way, it didn't take a genius to spot a golden opportunity when it was swinging casually in the breeze before them.

"Hurry!" Demyx cried, the three of them bolting out the door, eager to reach the swings before anyone else could.

And from the window, Zexion watched them go. He'd been putting away his own crayons in the cupboard, had frozen when he'd seen Demyx and Axel approach Roxas. He'd slipped back into the corner, trying desperately not to be seen. Not by them. Not now.

He'd been trying to think up a way to befriend Roxas since that morning, and had finally decided to try one more time, at recess. Roxas was new, hadn't made any friends. Maybe if he'd offered to hang out with him, he'd give him another chance. He'd been about to ask when they'd moved in.

Out of everyone in the class, Demyx has to be the worst. He had no idea why. He couldn't recall ever doing anything to the boy, but for some reason is was af if the boy had it out for him. Every push, every shove, every mean, dirty, name spat in his direction, could all be traced back to Demyx, because even though second graders had very little social hirearchy, Demyx was what could be described as "popular." He was friends with everybody...except Zexion. For some unknown reason he'd decided that Zexion was his mortal enemy, and as his friends, the rest of the class had followed his example.

And he was positively sure that by the end of recess, Roxas would be the same...

"It sucks about your seat."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean about you sitting next to that freak Zexion."

Demyx and Roxas were swinging back and forth, their swings moving in the complete opposite direction of each other, so that the only time they were next to each other was in the middle. Axel was leaning against the pole of the swingset, watching, and waiting for Demyx to jump off so he could have his turn. He'd sacrificed his swing for Roxas, in the spirit of new-friendship and all, but it was only a matter of time until Demyx would jump, flying through the air to see how far he could make it. And while he was busy soaring, his swing would be up for grabs. He knew he'd do it, he always did. Now the only question was when?

Roxas's face wrinkled a little at Demyx's words, his eyes drawing together, lips pressing just a little tighter, thoughfully. "What do you mean 'freak'?"

Sighing, Axel rolled his eyes.

"We mean he's total weirdo. He's all quiet, doesn't talk or anything. He just sits there reading books all day and eating candy."

Roxas's eyes blinked owlishly. "We can eat candy in class?"

"We can't." Demyx scoffed, frowning. His legs pumped the swing a little harder, angrier at the thought of the boy. "He just gets to because everyone thinks he sooo smart. He gets these super good grades and the teacher thinks he's all amazing. She lets him do whatever he wants." His legs were moving quickly now, propelling him further in the air and throwing off the swing's unintentionally synchronized rythem. "It's not fair!" He spat. "He's not cool. He's thinks he's all better than us but he's not! He's just a stupid, smart, freak!"

Roxas could have mentioned that that didn't make sense; That you couldn't be stupid and smart at the same time, but it didn't occur to him. Actually, he only thought it for a moment before the notion disappeared, blown away by the boy's actions. His last word was emphasized as his swing reached it's highest point, as he shoved off the seat out into the air. Axel only grinned, waiting for his swing to come back down - having seen Demyx do this countless times before- but Roxas hadn't. Roxas was in awe, amazed at both his bravery and stupidity- he was sure to get hurt.

He was only hurt a little- Just a scraped knee- but what hurt more was the tongue lashing administered by the teacher afterwards. Her frantic screeching in her previously plesant voice, turned shrill as nails on a chalkboard, and no obe was safe from her wrath. Along with scolding Demyx on the dangers of his actions, Axel and Roxas also got pulled into the maelstrom. By the time she was through, running off to examine a cluster of children gathered around something, Roxas felt as exhausted as if he'd been the one lecturing- the flurry of hand motions and what-not. For a moment, the three of them were quiet. Shell-shocked.

Finally, the silence was broken by Axel.

"Man she's loud."

"It was just a swing", Demyx muttered. "I'm not hurt."

"Your knee is bleeding." Roxas pointed out, pointing towards the small smear of red, visible through the missing knees of his jeans. They had been a whole pair of pants once, but just a week with Demyx and the knees had disappeared without a trace. His mother had tried patching them before, but had eventually just accepted defeat, surrendering to the fact that ever pair of her son's pants were destined to have holes in them.

Demyx just shrugged. "That's nothing."

"Yeah!" Axel grinned, "You should have seen when he fell out the tree in his yard! His whole knee was one big scab. And his hands were all scratched and everything. He was crying!"

"I was not!"

"Were too!" He replied, sticking out his tongue.

"Was not!"

"Were too!"


Suddenly a loud commotion came from across the playground, punctuated by a screech from the teacher. Looking over, they saw that it came from the huddle the teacher had hurried off towards.

"What's going on?"

"Who knows?"

"Let's go find out."

And so, their argument disregarded with the carelessness of children, the three started off towards the crowd.

"So...you really hate Zexion huh?"

"Well duh." Demy rolled his eyes. "What was your first clue?"

"Why do you care so much?" That came from Axel, who was currently walking backwards, just a little in front of them.

"I dunno", Roxas muttered. That was a lie though. He just didn't understand why Demyx hated him so much. Sure he was weird; He definitely said weird things. But watching him, he didn't seem as bad as Demyx had said. He certainly didn't seem like he thought he was better than everyone. He was just this weird kid, but he didn't seem...bad. "He didn't seem too weird."

Demyx stared at him like he was crazy, Axel's expression mirroring it perfectly.

"Are you nuts! He is so weird! He always has been!"

Roxas frowned. "What do you mean?"

"We've known him for a long time." Axel answered. "He's like my cousin or something...only not. It's weird. But trust me. Zexion is creepy."

"How can he be your cousin but not?"

Axel shruged. "I dunno! He just is."

"I don't get it."

"Me either." Demyx replied. "But I don't care. It doesn't make him cool or anything. I just have to watch Axel's mom make a big deal over him."

"She treats him like he's the king of the world", Axel grumbled. "She's always ' Axel, why can't you get good grades like Zexion', or 'Axel, stop getting in so much trouble. Be good like Zexion.'" He dropped the falsetto he's been using to impersonate his mother. "I wanna puke."

"And don't get me started on his mom."

"What about his mom?" Roxas wondered.

"She's as weird as he is!" Demyx threw out his arms dramatically to emphasize his words. "She keeps talking about his grades and everything in this gross, sweet, voice, and touches his head and back and arms and stuff. She pets him like a cat."

"And she smiles all the time, really big. And says she loves him like, eight time a sentence!"

"Yuck", Demyx groaned. "Now I wanna puke!"

As they approached the crowd, they realized that the sound they'd heard rising was laughter and chatter. The teacher was trying valiently to fight her way through to the center of the crowd, but the children weren't making it easy. They were clustered so tightly together, each one trying to get a closer look at the spectacle within.

"Hurry!" Demyx cried, "Before she makes it!"

Quickly, the three of them slipped into the fray, sliding under and between in ways that granted their much smaller bodies more success than their teacher. A few girls squealed indignantly as they pushed their way in front of them, but they couldn't care less. Especially not as they reached their goal.

There, in the center of the circle, was Zexion, surrounded by three other boys from their class. Roxas had seen them this morning, but didn't know their names.

"Hey", he whispered to Axel, "Who-?

"That one's Xigbar" he replied, his voice light, obviously amused with their findings. He was pointing towards the boy in a black jacket, with black hair pulled back into a small pony tail on his head. His eyes were slightly golden and slanted, evidence of his at least partial asian heritage. Moving his finger, Axel pointed to the blonde boy. He had straight, pale, hair, hanging to his shoulders. "That's Vexen." His finger moved yet again, this time to the third boy. He too had black hair. His hair was as black as Xigbar's, but it was loose, hanging like a curtain down his back. "And that's Xaldin." His lips twisted up. "This is gonna be good."

A quick glace at Demyx showed that he was even more excited for this than Axel- The red head was just smirking, his eyes glinting. Demyx was all-out bouncing on his feet, smiling evilly. Roxas frowned. He didn't know these guys too well, but he liked them. They seemed nice, had been friendly, and funny. This side of them however...he didn't know how much he liked this. It seemed... mean.

Turning his attention back to the spectacle at hand, he noticed that the three boys were in an odd triangle around Zexion. The blonde one was holding a book over his head, swaying it in front of Zexion like one does with a red flag to a bull, keeping it just out of his reach. Taunting. When Zexion gave a futile leap, Vexen tossed it- With great care. It was still a book, and Vexen did like books.-to Xigbar. Catching it, the boy cackled maniacally.

"Ya want your book?" He mocked, smiling evilly. "Let's see what you're reading!" Turning the book around he gave one look at the cover and pulled back. "What the- what kinda weirdo book is this?"

"A Wrinkle In-" Zexion started, but Xigbar ignored him.

"Xaldin! Look at this thing!"

Turning the boom around, he showed the book to Xaldin. The bottom of the cover had mountains, a giant blue ball rising from them with a floating, green, head inside. There was a centaur flying over the orb with giant white wings, the sky behind it a drab gray-blue. All in all, it painted like, the world's freakiest picture.

"What the heck?" The other boy exclaimed. The three were laughing now, as were many others. The girls Roxas had shoved past were murmuring to themselves worriedly, suddenly afraid that Zexion was crazy. What kind of person read a book like that?

"Dude", Axel muttered, "He always reads stuff like that. The last book I saw had this giant worm or something and a bunch of sand."

"Who read's that stuff?" Demyx shook his head in disbelief.

"Who reads at all?"

Roxas frowned again. "I read."

Demyx and Axel both stared, looking as if his next words determined whether or not they could be friends.

"But not stuff like that" he added in a hurry. With a sigh of relief, the two relaxed again

"Xigbar! Xaldin! Vexen! When I get over there-" Nobody paid any attention to the teacher.

"He is such a freak", Demyx muttered, to no one in particular.

"Is that a head?" Xaldin exclaimed, peering over and squinting. He didn't have the best eye sight. His mom had gotten him glasses, but he refused to wear them. After all, he couldn't very well tease Zexion if other people were teasing him, and he was sure they would. Glasses just weren't cool. If anyone was going to wear glasses, it should be the little geek with the weird books.

"Yeah! Check it out!"

With no regard for the book itself, Xigbar tossed it by the spine, leaving the covers to fly open in the air, the pages splaying all about, and before it reached Xaldin, several papers slipped out, fluttering to the ground.

Roxas looked at Zexion curiously, in time to catch the look of abject horror that crossed his face, watched him dive hopelessly for the papers, but Vexen beat him to it.

"What's this?" He asked, lifting them to his face.

"Don't read that!" This time he lunged right at Vexen, his hands grabbing futilely, but coming up with only air. With one shove, Vexen had him on his butt on the ground.

"Shut up and sit there!" He lifted the papers again. Zexion cried out again, trying to get up, but Xigbar and Xaldin arrived just as he'd scurried to his feet, holding him back. Xigbar was smiling like a loon.

"Read them! Read them!"

"No! Don't!"

Vexen paid no heed to Zexion's pleas, instead lifting the papers in the air.

"Do you want me to read them?"

It started off low, the chanting, but soon grew until the whole crowd was chanting for them to be read, Zexion begging him not to. The teacher was almost there, so Vexen got to the task quickly. Scanning his eyes over it, he frowned.

"What the-? Listen to this. 'Once upon a time, there was a prince. He wasn't locked in a tower or guarded by a dragon, but he was still very sad and lonely. The queen wasn't very nice at all and more than anything he wanted to go somewhere else. Maybe she was not his real mom. Maybe he was switched by faeries and his real mom was somewhere out there looking for him.'" He burst out laughing. "Is this what you do by yourself all day? Write fairy tales?"

"Is this you?" Xigbar laughed. "A sad prince?"

"No." Xaldin corrected. "He's a sad princess."

"Stolen by faeries!"

Axel and Demyx had dissolved into laughter, leaning against each other, so they didn't notice that Roxas wasn't laughing. No, instead, Roxas was watching Zexion. He'd stopped struggling, barely standing on his own, slumped, held up by Xaldin and Xigbar as they "held him back." He was staring at his shoes, his face bright red, and once again Roxas was wondering why it was that Demyx hated him so. He didn't seem so arrogant now, so full of himself, or even so weird, despite what they'd just read. No, now he just seemed like a sad little boy and Roxas couldn't help but think that perhaps he had actually had based the character in his story off of himself.

It was at that moment that Xaldin and Xigbar felt the cold clasp of the teacher's hands upon their shoulders. Dropping Zexion, he fell to the ground, soon followed by his book and the papers. He was soon scrambling about in the dirt collecting them, tucking the story back into the book and holding it tight against his chest. Smoothing the pages crumpled from it's abuse.

"You two are in big trouble. All of you!" She snapped, "This kind of behavior is completely unacceptable! You should all be ashamed of yourselves!"

"Here it comes", Demyx grumbled. "Telling us all to be nice to wittle Zexy."

"Well yeah."

"You two are coming with me." She looked up towards Vexen. "And you too mister. Get! To the principal's office with you!"

She knelt by Zexion for a moment, apologizing and making sure he was okay before scurrying off to make sure the three found their way to the office. Some of the crowd had dispersed- recess was ending soon anyways, and besides the fun was over. Some had remained, and it was partially for them that Axel moved in until he was standing right over Zexion.

"So is it true? Do you really think you were switched with faeries?"

"What? No-" he scrambled trying to stand, but didn't get very far.

"Maybe if we're good, the faeries will take you back."

Smirking, Demyx gave a final shove, knocking him back to the ground to the chorus of laughter.

As the bell rang, the children began to file into the classroom. Roxas, however, was still, watching Zexion re-gather his things, dusting himself off.


Turning, Roxas found Axel and Demyx, now a ways away, looking towards him expectantly.

"Come on!" Axel waved him over, "We're gonna be late!"

They were back again, the two that he had found himself liking. The ones that joked around and grinned and were nice. They were waiting for him, even though they might be late themselves. It was as if they'd never had any part in the previous scene, as if they'd never changed, and Roxas found himself running towards them, following them into class and parting with high-fives and chatter, like real friends.

The teacher arrived back shortly and he saw Axel run over to talk to her, but Roxas wasn't paying attention. He was watching Zexion, as the boy carefully slipped through the door and snuck over to his desk, trying his hardest not to be seen. He didn't appear to be hurt, Roxas noticed. Not physically. But as he slid into his seat, he seemed more hunched over than before, his head down further, his hair covering more of his face. It seemed even more as if he were trying to hide, with his book and papers clasped tight against his chest. Guarding his once secrets with his life.

Frowning again, Roxas looked back towards Axel, to Demyx, and the leaned over.


Wincing, Zexion looked up in surprise, his gaze wary.

"Are you okay?"

Zexion blinked, a careful surprise creeping into his face. Slowly, he nodded. But he was still clinging to the creepy book like a lifeline.

"Is it any good?"

He blinked again, tilting his head.

"The book. Is it any good?"

He got that shocked look again, but as comprehension dawned- He was actually having a real conversation. A nice one- he nodded more energetically than before.

Roxas frowned. He wasn't speaking. He wasn't sure why Zexion wasn't speaking, but he wasn't. He'd heard him speak before- though that hadn't turned out too well- he knew he could. But he wasn't. Trying again, he asked, "What's it about?"

Zexion was quiet for a little longer, until Roxas thought that maybe he wasn't going to answer at all. Maybe he didn't want to. Maybe he blamed him for the scene out there, for Axel and Demyx's part in it. After all, he'd been with them and had just stood there. He hadn't tried to help or anything. Just watched, and then they'd skipped away in a happy little group.

"I'm sorry."

"What? I said-"

"No...I heard you. I'm sorry...for your name. What I said...before..."

"Oh." It was Roxas's turn to blink in surprise. "Um...that's okay...I guess. Just don't say things like that to people. It's not nice."

"I'm sorry."

"Huh? I said it's-"


He turned to find the teacher walking over towards them, smiling serenely. "I've talked to Demyx and Axel and they want to know if you want to go sit with them. It's fine with me. After all, I'm glad you've made friends so quickly. But it's up to you really. Would you like to go sit over there?"

Roxas's eyes followed the teacher's pointing hand across the room. The two boys were sitting there, watching less-than-discreetly. Catching Roxas's eye, Axel winked, Demyx giving a little wave. They were still the good guys, the people he liked. The type of people he'd wished just this morning that he could have been seated by. People who talked, and had fun. They were definitely fun. People who weren't Zexion. He'd wanted nothing more than to sit at a table like that with people like those. Now however...

He moved his eyes between Zexion and his new seat, back and forth, indecisive. He didn't notice Zexion's fingers crossed beneath the table. The hand in his pocket, fiddling with the candy packet. The hopeful look in his eyes that maybe, just maybe, he could have a friend. Maybe he could be chosen for once, for something good.


Across the room Axel and Demyx jumped up, high-fiving each other. Roxas smiled, gathering up his things, and Zexion sat there, eyes glued to his book, popping skittles into his mouth, one by one.

He was never mean. Zexion had to give him that. He didn't taunt him or rub things in his face. He never pushed him, or called him names. In fact, at time he could be considered nice, and friendly. They weren't...friends...exactly. Roxas had friends, cool friends. Other people to hang out and play with. But when they got put together for projects, or if they met on the bus, he would smile and chat. And when that happened, Zexion could sometimes believe that he had something like a friend. At any rate, it was more than he'd had before.

And so, things went on like that for the next seven months. Seven months of their not-quite friendship. Demyx and Axel still hated him, and things hadn't gotten any better with the other children. But things were maybe...better? Just a bit. In general.

And then one day Zexion was gone. Nobody knew where he was or why he'd gone, but he wasn't there. It wasn't until three days later that Axel had the answer; That Zexion's parents had just up and moved with no warning whatsoever. Just a call a few days later, from Zexion's mom to Axel's, from a payphone in another city.

And so time passed. The hype wore down and people moved on. Zexion bacame nothing more than that weird kid from second grade. He was mentioned once or twice in conversation, mentioned by Axel's mother sometimes, and lingered in the back of everyone's thoughts. But he was nothing more. At least not for the next ten years...

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