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Slippin' and a Slidin' Emmett Cullen Style

Chapter 4 – LA PUSH BABY – Part 2

Esme's POV

I heard Carlisle explaining Count Dracula to everyone. I had to laugh, that Emmett, he never ceases to amaze me with the things he comes up with. My son has a serious imagination. Now if he could only put it to good use and not drive us all crazy that would be nice, but definitely too much to ask for. He mostly drove Edward and Bella crazy. Although, my poor baby boy Edward always had a more difficult time dealing with things.

When I heard him ask about cliff diving and Nessie's response, I knew right away that this wasn't going to be good. Maybe just maybe Emmett wasn't stupid enough to actually take her.

Just hearing Edward scream, "EMMETT, you have a two second head start before I chase you down and rip you to shreds." And then seeing Emmett take off with Edward hot on his heels, I knew someone had to intervene otherwise the two of them would take out half the forest. I flew over to Carlisle's side.

Carlisle's POV

I can't believe that Emmett would do that. What in the world was he thinking taking a child up on the cliffs, not to mention that with Bella's history it would be looked at unfavorably. Okay, HUGE understatement there.

I leaned over to Sam and said, "Sam, I'll trade you those two for the entire pack. What do you say?"

"I'm no fool Carlisle; I know a bad deal when I see one. They're all yours." Yeah they were mine and even when they were like this, that thought still made me smile inside.

Just then Esme flew over to me. "Carlisle, sweetheart, please go after them before they take out half the forest or one of my babies gets hurt, like Edward." Edward may be fast and be able to read minds, but sometimes Emmett can get over on him and it's never been pretty when that happens. I don't want my sweet wife to be upset that her Edward would be hurt in some fashion. He truly was her baby boy.

"I guess I should," I sighed. "Don't worry my love, nothing will happen, I'll bring them back so we can talk this out rationally."

"Yes, but bring them back to me I want to have a word with my sons." Oh, they were going to be sorry now, Esme wanted a word.

"Of course dear." And, off I flew after the two five year old vampires.

I caught up to them deep into the forest. Emmett was sitting high atop a pine tree while Edward was down below. Every time Edward would start to climb Emmett moved to another tree.

"Emmett I'm going to kill you."

"Dude, it's not what you think." Is it ever with Emmett?

"How could it not be? There's only one thing to think. You're a crazy, immature vampire with no common sense whatsoever."

"I am not and how about you. You're a hot headed, ill tempered vampire that should have been a wolf or maybe you were one in a prior life."

"Alright, ENOUGH! Emmett, get out of that tree now. Edward, step back and let him down, no fighting. We will walk back in a civil fashion and discuss this rationally."

"What? There is no way I'm letting him get away from me. I'm going to kill him for endangering Ness."

"Edward would you listen to yourself, where do you think he's he going? He is coming with me and that's that."

"Emmett, get down here now."

"No way, not until he promises he's not going to do anything." Oh good lord, I'd rather be dealing with wolves.

"Really Carlisle, the wolves? You'd take them over us?"

"Yes Edward, the wolves, at least they are reasonable, unlike you two. Now promise him so he'll come down and we can sort this all out."

"Okay, Emmett I promise I won't do anything until after we get back and discuss this together. Happy now?"

"Yes I am." Emmett proceeded to come out of the tree and we started walking back.

"So what's this about the wolves?" Ever the curious Emmett.

"Well, Carlisle would rather be dealing with the wolves. He even offered to trade us two for the entire pack."

"Daddy-o, come on, we're not that bad. We just like to have fun."

"Fun, are you insane, this isn't fun." I couldn't believe he thought this was fun.

"But, wait a minute, so we're going to live on the rez now? Wow, that'll be totally cool, Emily is a blast."

"Actually, you're not, Sam turned the deal down recognizing he had a good thing going with the pack and how much trouble you guys were."

"HEY," they both yelled, "we're not that bad."

"Ahh yeah, sometimes you are." How did they miss the obvious was beyond me.

"But we don't mean to be," I heard them mumble.

"I know you don't and honestly, I really wouldn't have traded either of you. I love you both." And I truly did, even though they were a pain in my ass at times.

"I love you too Pops." Emmett said. He seriously had more names or made up names for 'dad' than anyone I knew, but I didn't mind because I really liked that I was someone's dad.

"Dad, I love you too." Edward said and that made me feel ever so good. He rarely ever called me that and I relished any time he did it.

I guess now was good time as any to impart them with the good news. "Oh and incidentally, some good news for you two, your mother wants to have a word with both of you when we get back." That put a smile on my face when I saw both of them gulp.

Emmett's POV

After Carlisle told us Esme wanted a word, I knew right then and there I should have stayed up in that tree. Esme wasn't to be trifled with; she was fierce when it came to us fighting.

On our walk back Edward kept glaring at me. Geez the dude needed to get a grip, but for once in my life I decided it best to stay quiet until I had protection with my peeps.

"Emmett, stop thinking they'll protect you from me because they won't."

"Dude, I don't need any protection, but it's nice to have people on your side."

"Alright you two, that's it, we're running the rest of the way. This needs to be over." Carlisle said.



We arrived back in a few seconds to see everyone standing around laughing. Well that was just weird.

Esme approached us and I took a step back. Mom was scary and she had that look on her face.

"Emmett, where do you think you're going?"

"Ahhh, no place?"

Before either of us knew it Esme grabbed Edward and I by the ear dragging us over to Ness.

"Now, the two of you are going to talk civilly about the situation like you should've in the first place."

"Emmett, you begin. Edward, you listen."

"Well, mom, I love you."

"Stop sucking up Emmett," Edward yelled.

"Edward calm down." Esme instructed and I smirked at him. "And Emmett, get on with it."

"As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted. We went cliff diving yesterday, but it was perfectly safe."

"SAFE! ARE YOU SERIOUS! BELLA…ALMOST…" Mom interrupted him. "EDWARD don't you dare finish that sentence, calm down son." Then I saw mom eyeing Jasper to send Edward some calming waves. Thank goodness, he was about to blow a gasket.

"Am not." You lunatic disguised as a vampire.

Edward's POV

Why is everyone laughing, this certainly isn't a laughing matter. This can't be good if Bella's laughing too.

I couldn't believe Emmett, was he just insane? Could a vampire go insane? If so, he surely had and now Jasper was trying to calm me down. I knew I almost said something deadly about Bella and the cliffs, but he makes me lose control of what flies out of my mouth sometimes.

"Alright, then you explain to me how it was so 'safe'." Emmett was seriously delusional and it looked like everyone else was too from the smiles on their faces.

"Well, we dove from a different level, much, much lower which was perfectly safe."

"I don't believe you. You're just telling me that to get off the hook." I seethed.


"ARE TOO! You're view of 'safe' maybe one thing in delusional Emmett-land, but it's certainly not the same as mine!" What is wrong with him?

"You mean weird-assed Edward-land where everyone should be wrapped in bubble wrap for fear of something happening?"

"Okay, enough!" Esme yelled at us. "Edward, since you aren't going to believe anything Emmett says how about you listen to your own daughter."

"Yeah, that'd be okay," I grumbled.

Bella came to my side with Ness and kissed me on the cheek and said, "Ness, honey, why don't you tell daddy all about your diving and then show him the pictures, okay?" I felt calmer just having Ness in my arms and the fact that Bella didn't leave my side and had her arm wrapped around me helped immensely.

"Sure momma. Where should I start daddy?"

"How about at the beginning." That was always a good place.

"We left the house and came to the beach, built sandcastles, you know count dracula's," she conspiratorially whispered the last part and I had to bite back a chuckle after hearing that story. "Then we went up to Auntie Emily's for lunch where Uncle Emmett ate a bunch of hot dogs because there was no deer to eat. Auntie Emily didn't have one, so he had to eat hot dogs instead. Everyone wanted to see who could eat the most and that was Uncle Emmett. He was awesome, didn't even throw up. He was so happy winning that he started dancing with Auntie Emily to celebrate."

Now I couldn't hold back the chuckle because just thinking of Emmett winning the hot dog eating contest and puking was pretty funny. Not to mention his celebratory dances, which were always epic. He would first drag one of the ladies into one, but if none were present, he was an equal opportunity dragger-inner that I have been party to on occasion when standing too close to him. One time he bet a ton of money on the superbowl and his football team won. I just happened to be sitting right next to him on the couch watching too, when he jumped up and grabbed me into a giant bear hug. Having my arms pinned to my side there was no way to fight him off as he danced us around the living room.

"Then after lunch, we went back to the beach, played in the water and Jake and the guys went cliff diving. I wanted to go too, so I asked Uncle Emmett to take me and he said yes." I had to hold myself together to let Ness finish the story. Bella must have realized this and opened her mind to me 'sweetheart, I'm here, trust me it's not bad, let her tell it, she's enjoying it, and maybe you'll even take her afterwards.' Was she serious that I would take her? But I had to trust her so I focused on my baby girl in my arms and the love of my life's scent with her arm around me.

"See, the thing is daddy, up there," she pointed to the top of the cliffs, "that's where the wolves and vampires can cliff dive. I can't go there because I'm not a wolf or vampire, but a hybrid." Now I couldn't imagine where this was going. "There's a special place where the hybrids, you know half human, half vampires can cliff dive, see over there by that wall," she pointed to a small wall that was no more than five feet high, "that's where I went and Uncle Emmett stood in the water and caught me. It was lots of fun." She then put her hand on my face and showed me everything.

Okay, so I totally overreacted, but I'm entitled to, it's my baby and it was Emmett after all that took her. I knew I had to make some sort of apology, so I manned up.


"Come on bro, spit it out already."

"I'm sorry I overreacted, but you have to understand I worry about my little girl. I can't stand the thought of her getting hurt or doing something dangerous. It makes me crazy, she's everything to me. What did you expect me to think when you just generally said cliff diving."

"Ahhh, I totally get it Edward. I would never put Ness in harm's way, you have to trust me on that, I love her, and she's everything to me too. Besides, we all know you're crazy, don't have to tell us, we're used to you." Yeah, too bad I'm not used to you even after 60 odd years living with your ludicrous ass.

"Thanks Em, you really are a good brother and the best uncle." He really was which was no lie.

"Hey," Jasper yelled, "what am I chopped liver over here? I'm the best uncle too." I had to laugh; those two were always competing who was best.

"Nope, not chopped liver, but her other best uncle and my brother too," I grinned at him and he stepped closer.

"Cool, now that that is settled, time for a Cullen group hug. Come on, give brother bear a hug, he needs one." Why didn't I see that one coming?

He is such a huggy touchy feely person that everything needs to end with a hug-fest of some sort, but it's what he needs from us. Where I was used to not being touched because of the time and way I grew up, Emmett was the complete opposite. Of course, that all changed after I met Bella, then I wanted to be touched all the time by her. I actually crave it and just by that little change, I've become more accustomed to hugging members of my family which has made Esme very happy.

The whole Cullen family formed around us and hugged when I heard Emmett think, 'hey, this isn't enough' what in the world did that even mean? I had my answer right after that thought.

"Hey you guys, come on, Seth, Emily, Sam and the rest of you, get over here and snuggle into the huggle with us. We're all family, 'O'hana,' no one gets left behind." Clearly he watches too much Disney with Ness.

It didn't take Seth, Quil, Embry or Jake all of a second to join in and when the others saw it; they came too, even Paul which was quite surprising. I guess he didn't want to be left out, that or was afraid of Emmett and the guys making fun of him. Maybe he might even be coming around to liking us?

"Now isn't this nice, my O'hana, I love you all." Emmett declared and everyone hmmm-hmm'd in approval.

After about five minutes, Emmett stated, "Okay people, summer huggle is now adjourned, we will resume are beach partying. Everyone, as you were."

I turned and kissed my beautiful wife and daughter, and then asked Ness, "what would you like to do?"

"I'd like to go cliff diving in the special hybrids spot with you daddy, please?" And she jutted he lip out at me. God how could I refuse that face.

"Ness, I know what we're going to do today." I smiled. Cripes, now I was quoting Disney. So sue me, I liked Agent P and got a kick out of Dr. Doofenshmirtz because that was definitely Emmett with all his crazy ideas.

"Really daddy, can we?"

"Really sweetheart, let's go. You show me where I need to stand." She loved showing me how to do things and if it made her happy, it made me happy.

"Right there daddy. Okay, here I come. You have to count to three."

"One, two, three, jump." And I caught her in my arms and spun us around in the water. Hearing her giggling was music to my ears and I could hear Bella laughing too from the shoreline where she was looking mighty hot in that bikini. Alice was right; this was all I dreamed of and more in being able to come to La Push today with my family. It did break my heart that I couldn't go with Bella when she invited me way back when, but this makes everything worthwhile because if she never met Jake and he told her what he did, I wouldn't be standing here today with my precious baby girl and Bella.

We cliff jumped for a bit while Bella continued to watch and then I said to Ness, "how about we go spend some time with mommy?" then whispering very low so no one else could hear but Ness, "we need to give mommy a big hug."

She leaned her hand on my neck and said, "but daddy we're all wet?"

I looked at her wiggling my eyebrows smiling and said, "I know," and she giggled.

We quickly exited the water and tackled Bella into a giant wet hug. We all fell down into the sand laughing.

"Momma, I love you."

"I love you too, but mostly I love you when you aren't wet," she laughed and Ness kissed her and said, "I'm going to play with Grandma now." And got up and ran to Esme who scooped her up with a huge smile.

I couldn't hold back my laughing either, but then Bella turned to me with a serious look on her face and I gulped. "And you mister, should know better than to get your wife all wet." Well that statement made me laugh even harder. ".GOD!" she exclaimed, "Emmett is so rubbing off on you."

"Maybe." I said and then kissed her behind her ear before whispering, "I like you all wet. Well, that's not entirely true, because I like you any way you are my love." And I kissed her soundly on the lips and we were embraced in a heated kiss when I heard the wave crash onto the shore which covered us in water. I didn't care, I kept kissing my love.

"Hey, Burt Lancaster, come on, you have from here to eternity to be doing that," Emmett yelled at us and laughed. I didn't care; I just kept kissing my wife. I was going to have our romantic beach moment no matter what. We had it when she was human on Isle Esme and now we were having it as vampires that didn't need to breathe.

We rolled around on the sand and another wave hit us which caused us to laugh. I reclaimed her lips and continued to kiss her until I heard someone clear their throat.


"Emmett, leave us alone."

"That would be all fine and good, but I'm not Emmett." I looked up and was shocked to see it was Carlisle.

"Oops, sorry Carlisle." I said sheepishly. Okay maybe not really sorry, but sorry it was Carlisle.

"Oh god…did…hear…embarrass…" Bella moaned and hid her head against my chest.

"No Bella, no one but Emmett. However, I thought it prudent to come down here and…well…um…get your attention before someone lost their swimsuits. No need to add anymore to Emmett's fodder collection with you two." I was shocked Carlisle was stuttering. 'Son, I know you were getting a bit carried away when I heard Emmett yell 'Burt Lancaster' at you. I know you two would never want to put on a show like the others, you'd be mortified and not be able to face anyone. You know she'd be beet red right now if she was human. I know you miss that and so do we all, it was quite endearing. Now collect yourselves and come join the barbeque before something does happen.'

I nodded at Carlisle and he thought to me 'I'll see you guys in a bit, it's going to take some time to get Bella settled down enough before you can get her to realize no one saw. Some things will always remain the same and never change.' He smiled at me, turned and walked back up to the barbeque area.

I pulled Bella to me tighter and rubbed loving circles on her back, telling her, "It's okay sweetheart, no big deal, no one saw. Em doesn't count, he always sees." Well isn't that the truth, he always does see. I could feel her relaxing in my arms and thought just a little bit more and she'd be okay.

"Are you sure…but Carlisle," she whispered.

"Nothing happened; he was just worried about us. I'm sorry I got a bit carried away."

"It's not your fault, I got carried away."

I laughed and put my finger under her chin to have her look at me, "how about this, it was both our faults because we love each other so much and we're still living in the honeymoon phase," I smiled and she smiled back. I knew everything was now fine. Yes, some things never change, but for that I'm grateful.

"Yeah, blame it on the honeymoon phase, I like that," she giggled.

"Come and get it, grubs on the table guys," Paul yelled.


"Let's go, we've got to stop the crazy ass from eating before there's a repeat of yesterday."

"I know I don't ever want to have to listen to him regurgitating again that was enough for ten lifetimes."

"Me too sweetheart, me too." So off we ran up to the barbeque to head off the betting of how much food Emmett would be able to eat because we all knew it would be coming.

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